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Mermaid in Love – La Sirena Enamorada

In my garden with my Latino young lover. We were sitting by the pool, and I was wearing nothing but a scanty silk sarong. He put his arm around me and caressed my breasts over the fabric. “Tienes cuerpo de sirena, mi bonita,” he whispered. (Tee- yenes cwer-po day see renn ah, me boh nee tah = You have the body of a mermaid, my beauty)

I want to swallow his voice, his sweet words… and his gaze surrounds me, as caressing as the golden sun, and I feel I am in paradise, having the full attention of this muscled, well formed native of Colombia, with his golden brown skin, his flashing smile, his dark lustful eyes.

A lovely warm day, and my garden is lush with flowers – vines trail from the small trees around the pool, with pink and coral blossoms from bougainvilla everywhere. The air-orchids are hung from the posts of a small gazebo, next to the pool, and potted plants flaunt colors of a variety of flowers, greenery, and bunnies, birdies, kitties, little ceramic animals, peeking at us from every corner.

“Mmm, ay, you smell good!” he continued, his breath blowing my hair against my cheek. I let my head fall against his shoulder, and he played with my nipples, making them hard. I began to feel wet between my thighs, tingles and waves of heat rippling through me.

“You want to swim? I like see you swim desnuda… you will do this for me? Please? Por favor?” He nibbled at my ear.

I laughed. “Ohh Julio! Why only me? Why don’t you swim naked?”

He needed no more that that to stand up and peel his shorts and T shirt off. He had no underwear on at all. His fine brown body glowed in the sunlight. Kicking his flip-flops aside, he wiggled his ass, making his cock swing side to side, hitting his thighs. How lucky can I be to have this gorgeous man in my garden, wanting to swim naked with me! But looking at his body, his perfect beauty, I suddenly felt fat, and I did not want to get naked in the bright sun – not at all. This age thing – it is a painful thorn in my heart. He noticed my expression, sensed my uncertainty, and quickly took my hand.

“Mi amor! No be sad küçükçekmece escort for nothing. I see you, you are maybe thinking piensas malas. (bad thoughts) Stop! Tienes cuerpo de sirena… ” (you have the body of a mermaid) “Ay, mamita, I like you swim with me!”

He got into the water, held out his hand – and I took it. I was still wearing my sarong. He tugged at my arm and I climbed down into the pool. The cool water began to surround me. The silk fabric immediately clung to every inch of me, outlining my large white tits, my big hips and thighs.

Julio was a couple of feet away, staring at me, and he took it all in. He came closer, put his head down under the water, pressing his face against my belly and embracing my thighs. Then he popped up, his shoulders and broad chest glistening wet, and I twisted and rolled about in his arms. Feeling happy now, I held his head, clutching his short black hair in my fingers as he kissed me – long and sweet, his tongue reaching far into my throat. I sucked hard at that tongue and he pulled the sarong off me in one sweeping motion. I actually lost my balance, falling into the water, and he quickly reached out and held me afloat, biting softly at my nipples, my belly, my pussy, his hands under me.

“Tienes cuerpo de diosa, mi diosa del amor! (you have the body of a goddess, my goddess of love) You are perfect woman. Big, round, soft! Oh I love you!”

Glorious talk! I was indeed in paradise! I looked at him in pure joy.

“I need fuck you, mi sirena,” he said, his tone now determined. He stood me up, and pulled my legs around his middle, supporting me with just one hand. Instantly I threw both my arms around his neck and I felt his swollen hardness seeking my pussy – underwater… He put his right hand down and guided his thick, hard cock into the grotto of love, as I cried out softly, “Ohhh Julio! Ohhh!”

He pushed forward and oh, God, oh, yes! Seething hot, I felt that noble tool glide deep into my vagina, and hit home – again and again and again! He crushed my breasts hard against his chest, his head küçükyalı escort kicked back, his mouth open, he thrusted over and over – and with a quick grunt, he came inside me. Oh God, this man is divine, so full of blazing passions, making me swirl in complete ecstasy. I let my head fall onto his neck; he still held me tightly, kissing me many times, and I melted away in his heated embrace.

When we both began to recover, I realized I was fully nude! Somehow that silken sarong had melted off me! We laughed and he let me go, diving under to find the piece of clothing. Still laughing, he flung it onto one of the pool chairs. He got me a towel and led me to one of the air-mattresses in the shade of the gazebo.

“Mamita, te amo! He began to nuzzle my wet hair, licking my ears and I giggled. He smiled and pushed my hand between his legs – ohhh – whoo! He was all hard again! He lay beside me, chuckling. “Come, bonita, now you sit on mi palo de dulce – my candy stick!”

I gasped, giggling even more. Oh the things he says! And happily I climbed aboard, rocking to and fro, as he reached for my swinging tits and raised his upper body to suck at them. Riding him, my hips rising and falling, seeing his passion, loving every moment, I felt that throbbing cock deep inside me and it completely made me come. I cried out, the thrill making me grab onto his body as my pussy clamped his cock and he came too. I fell against him, and his arms locked around me. He began to kiss me, many little kisses. My hair was all crazy in tangles, a complete mess, and he caressed the strands away from my face, gazing into my eyes with a look of sweet love. My eyes fell shut, I was totally satisfied, wanted nothing more… Nothing more at all.

But he was not done! He was so amorous, still! He poured his love words all over me, like honeyed drops, full of divinely sweet compliments — telling me anew how beautiful I am, touching every inch of me, praising my face, my body and kissing every place again and again. Ahhh! Latin lovers! And he began his game of compliments, which always works maltepe escort so well.

“Mi doncella de agua, mi sirena, mi encantadora, usted es tan sedoso con dulzura… Quiero comerte como caramel.. mmmm, si, te chupare’, te tragare’ como ostras, come let me do it one more time!”

(my water maiden, my mermaid, my lovely one, you are so silky with sweetness… I want to eat you like caramel candy, I will suck on you, I will swallow you like oysters)

I am surely in dreamland! Not on this planet at all. What a poetic guy! Then I felt it — his cock was like stone — oh, no! I just couldn’t believe this! We went indoors to the bed, where I pretty much collapsed among the pillows, not at all sure if I was able to start everything over again. I mumbled, “Julio, no mas…no mas…”

“Mi bonita, mi dulce corazon!”

Words to the wind! And his tongue and lips and teeth devouring me everywhere, licking, nibbling, sucking, biting… his hands pinching, rubbing, squeezing, caressing… And I can’t say no, I simply cannot. My mind evaporates, I am gone! Nothing matters, nothing at all. Then he starts this gloriously sweet stuff — he holds my legs wide apart and begins back and forth kissing each and every part of both my legs, my feet, my ankles, calves, knees, thighs — till he reaches my pussy. He sinks his lips on me, licking and pulling the labia into his mouth, rolling his tongue all over everything.

Letting myself float on air, I am in another world, my sweet-as-honey Latin lover is once more in a poetic mood, humming to me and telling me words of love. He is enjoying my obvious happiness and caressing me delicately all over my body. Just a perfect lover! Fantastic! And now he’s in me, thrusting hard and fast — he is bound to come quickly, I think… but no, he switches speeds, playing it slowly, and I? I am transported! I can feel every inch of him sliding slowly into me and pulling out – a flurry of zappy sensations. My vagina is throbbing and thrilling and I am going to come… Yes! I am screaming. His mouth is open, he is so hot, he loves to see me this way and he relishes my wild passion. I am out of my mind in pleasure. Now he is speeding up – and wham, wham, wham! He is done.

Many more little kisses: “I need go, mi amor, I love you.” And he’s out the door. I keep picturing him, feeling his body again and again, those beautiful lips on mine, his breath, his words of love swimming through my mind… I cannot possibly be in the real world. I don’t want to be anyway!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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