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It was the third time that Danny had woken up to find that he was not alone in his bed. The third time in just one month that he opened his eyes, took in a deep breath and smelled the sweet scent of female perfume. The third time his head had gently ached as he racked his brain to think of how the blazes he had got home.

This girl was prettier than the other two had been. Younger, too. Blonde, petite, cute as she lay there next to him on her front, the sheets straggling around her thighs to reveal a tight behind that fair made the mouth water.

The first time, he’d been surprised, but pleased that he’d apparently got lucky. But when she woke, just a few moments after he did, she wasn’t pleased at all. She was horrified. She called him a date rapist and fled the scene as fast as her dainty feet could carry her.

He wasn’t a date rapist. The mere idea of such an act filled him with revulsion. But a couple of weeks later, another girl lay in his bed. He woke her gently, apologising profusely that he didn’t remember a thing about last night, telling her to take as long as she liked to get ready to leave, that he would pay for her taxi, that he was sorry.

“You dumb Klutz!” Ray had told him when he reported the second one the week later in Ray’s bar. “You may not have remembered the previous night, but she probably did! What if you had a great time, you fell asleep tired in each other’s arms, then in the morning you’re hounding her out, telling her you didn’t remember a thing, saying you’ll pay for a taxi, paying for her to leave. What’s that gonna seem like to her?”

“Oh, I never thought of that,” he’d said back, taking a mournful sip of bourbon to drain the glass.

“You probably lost a good one there. Could’ve turned it into something.”

“Damn, I thought I did the right thing! Jeez, Ray, get us another glass, huh?”

“Hey, it’s not your fault,” the barman smiled as he poured another bourbon. “What Cathy did to you messed you up – it’s only natural to make mistakes as you get back into the dating game after so long.”

But now, here he was in bed with another girl. The first time was kind of funny, the second a little weird. Third time must mean he had some kind of problem. Was he an alcoholic? Jesus, that was kind of serious, wasn’t it?

What to do now? The first time, she’d yelled and screamed. The second, she had looked kind of strange, like maybe wondering why he was so keen to shepherd her out of the door. What would this one do? He lay there motionless, the stillness doing some good for his headache – it was subsiding. Perhaps he should wait, wait until she was awake, feign sleep, let her decide what to do. If she was horrified, she could creep out without waking him, gather her things then scram, without leaving a trace of her identity which ataşehir escort could cause her embarrassment later on. If she remembered last night, and felt it had gone a good way, she might wake him up. It was her choice.

It wasn’t long. She moaned quietly, and rolled over. He could see her small but curvaceous breasts, her little pink nipples. Damn, if only the sheets had been thicker. He felt his loins responding to the sight, the blood flowing into his cock to make it expand. Would she notice? He lifted a knee slightly, tenting the sheet to conceal his hardness from her as she awoke.

Looking out from between his eyelashes so that she would think he was still fast asleep, he watched her wake. She stretched slightly, wriggled a little, then nudged into his side. Realising that he was there, she opened her eyes fully quite suddenly, a little jolt of surprise wracking her slender frame. So, she didn’t remember, then. He shut his eyes tight. Best give her some privacy as she pulled on some clothes and ran, it was only right.

Oh, but she smelled so good, that sugary scent really getting to him, making his cock twitch slightly. It had been so long since he had felt the affectionate touch of a female hand. So long since he had been able to worship at the altar of the female form.

“Hey!” he heard her whisper. What? What was she doing? He flinched slightly as a cold hand slipped under the sheet and came to rest on his stomach. “You awake?”

She was waking him up! Surely she wouldn’t wake him up to scream at him. Or would she? Perhaps she would demand to know what had happened last night, wake him up just to scream at him, preferring to express her rage and make him suffer rather than make a dignified exit. Cathy had liked to shout at him. Did all women like to make men suffer?

Better get it over with, then.

He let out a groan and faked a yawn before rubbing his pseudo-sleepy eyes to make her think he was waking up. Her hand was still on his stomach. Warm now, it was… was it? Stroking him, running across his toned abdomen, up past his navel and over his breast. Well, perhaps she could remember last night after all! Perhaps they’d had a great night! She wanted him, wanted to stay with him! His heart was filled with hope and optimism.

“Did we do it last night?” she asked, and his theory went down in flames.

“Huh? What?” he came ‘awake’, feigning the innocent. Well, in a way he was innocent. It wasn’t like he knew what had happened the previous night. “Hey, who’re you?”

With his eyes open, her face the right way up, her looks shot through to his heart: damn, she was gorgeous! A little young, maybe, but damn!

“Did we do it last night?” she asked again, her pretty face creased through curiosity. She leaned up on her elbows, kadıköy escort and he could see down to her breasts.

“I… I don’t know…” he stammered, still waiting for the torrent of abuse to start.

She smiled, her blue eyes lighting up in the bright summer daylight – damn, she was a heartbreaker and no mistake. But was she out to break his heart?

“Mmm… I hope we did,” she purred, pushing herself close to him now, slinging her arm completely over him. “You’re quite a catch.”

That scent, so intoxicating. He just wanted to roll her over and kiss her, that soft mouth, those pert breasts and more. Suddenly, a distressing thought popped into his mind, causing a moment of pure panic, which shot through his heart like a crossbow bolt.

“Are you… are you eighteen?” he asked her. Waking up with a succession of strange girls was one thing to worry about in life, waking up with someone who might lead to a humiliating court case and a painful stint in the slammer was quite another.

“Of course, silly!” she giggled, and he felt her hand slipping back down to his abdomen. “Had you worried, did I?”

“Well, kinda,” he admitted with a smile of genuine relief. The smile turned to an open-mouthed gasp of surprise as he felt her soft fingers reach down to sweep around his hard cock.

“Mmm…” she moaned quietly. “Hello, stranger.”

“Oh God…” he said as she caressed his stiff shaft.

“You know, if we did do it last night,” she said softly, “it’s kind of a waste neither of us can remember it, don’t you think?”

“I guess,” he said, his breathing becoming a little out of control as her attentions grew in intensity.

“And if we didn’t, it’s kind of a shame, huh?”

She slithered on top of him, kissing one of his nipples as his cock came to rest against her warm mound.

She whispered, “I think we ought to give the occasion some certainty.”

And his rock hard cock slipped inside her tight little pussy, such an incredible feeling, her scent all over him, her arousal only strengthening its affect on him. Her fingers in his hair now, her lips pressing against his. Instinct taking over, need dominating his actions, the need of months of loneliness.

He gripped her tight behind, so perfectly formed as she gyrated her hips with his hot hardness deep within her. He held her firmly, guiding the rhythm of their two bodies so that it suited them both before releasing her to continue the pace without guidance, his hands now moving up to cup her small but exquisite breasts, his fingers fastening around her nipples to pinch and squeeze out her sighs and moans.

“I’m sure I would have remembered if we did this last night,” he said to her softly, and she smiled even while kissing him. “You’re incredible.”

“You’re so bostancı escort bayan big,” she whispered. “You fill every part of me – it’s like you’re scratching itches I didn’t even know I had.”

“I don’t think I’m going to last much longer.”

“Me neither.”

“But do you want me to…”

“Oh no, I’m on the pill.”

He sat up then, with his cock still embedded inside her. He shifted so that he was sitting on the edge of the bed and she was sitting in his lap, her legs wrapped around him, his hardness so deep within her, with pressures slightly different than before, his cock nudging up against a seriously sensitive part of her vagina.

“Oh God…” it was her turn to blaspheme, over and over as the most amazing sensations throbbed inside her.

He held her ass again, pressing her down on his lap so that his cock penetrated so deeply it was if the fires of her heart were being stroked directly. His hands at her velvet breasts were doing yet more damage to her virtue, but such welcome damage! It felt as if her whole body was rippling with electricity, she felt as though she’d never even been properly alive until now.

As she felt the final wave approaching, her moaning turned into wails and cries, and she pushed him firmly back so that he lay flat on the bed, leaving her very much in control to use his huge hardness precisely as she needed. Her cries turning ever more breathless as her colossal climax came upon her, her tight pussy squeezing him forcefully as the explosion of pleasure hit her, drawing out his own orgasm in a kind of domino effect, his hot seed spurting deep within her even as her own juices flooded over him.

They lay there quite a while afterwards, not talking much. Not even telling each other their names. Strangers, exhausted strangers. Satisfied strangers.

The world was wonderful again as Danny headed on into work the next morning. He was going to go up to Ray and buy the guy drinks all night – his advice was invaluable. He had kept his cool, not freaked out over the memory problem, and the most amazing morning ever had occurred.

Sure, she had left before he had remembered to establish her name, or how he might contact her again, but you couldn’t have anything. The point was, he felt confident again, he felt whole, he felt real somehow, the intense fear that he was and would always remain a failure was gone.

Even his work improved: what would ordinarily have taken him two hours to do he completed in half that time. He even received compliments from his boss, Ted. Ted never gave compliments! Around leaving time, as the clock edged its way past five and the enchanting glow of home time was realised, Danny even felt that it might be worth asking the guy if he’d wanted to join him in Ray’s for a tipple or two.

“Hey Ted,” he said as he swung round into his boss’s office.

But he was stopped in his tracks, his jaw hitting the deck, his suggestion fizzling out before materialising.

“Danny, how’s it going?” said Ted with a grin. “You met my daughter, Lizzie?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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