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College Guy

As dorky as it sounds, I guess I noticed her for the first time in band class. I knew her before that, but she dated one of my friends, big polar bear of a guy. I knew her as his unassuming girlfriend, always there but never remarkable. He went off to college though, and all of a sudden Megan looked totally different to me. I always knew she had pretty blue eyes, but it took until I sat across from her in band that I noticed her full breasts, her teasing smile. She was definitely still a girl, even though a rash of birthdays turned us all 18 earlier that fall, but she had the breasts of a woman. Full and heavy, but you could tell they were still perky, straining at the bras she would wear. She would arch her back to play her flute, pushing them at me. I would move my fingers on my sax, pretending to play so the band director wouldn’t notice, but for weeks I didn’t play a note.

My car broke down that fall, and even though she didn’t live near me she started giving me rides home from school. We became better friends, but honestly I couldn’t tell you what we would talk about in those days. I would just be on autopilot, trying not to get caught staring. Her car smelled like her perfume, flowery and a little musky, and my clothes would smell like it after I got out. Once she left a pair of panties on the seat, which she hastily threw in the back before I got in. I wondered if it made me a creep that I got instantly hard. Probably. I was fine with it. She started hanging out at my house a little after we got there, we would sometimes sneak a cigarette cebeci escort together if my parents weren’t home. It was getting chilly when we finally got to an awkward pause after one of those cigarettes, and we edged closer to each other. Her lips were soft and firm, her mouth was the warmest one I had ever kissed. Our tongues found a rhythm, she bit my lower lip as she pulled away.

“I can’t.” She smoothed down her shirt, I could see just a hint of a nipple poling out against the fall.

“I know. Mark…”

“Yeah, he’s your friend, he’s my boyfriend.”

“I know.”

There was a warm day and we were all riding around in my friend Gus’ car. Just driving around, smoking cigarettes, listening to loud rap, pretending we were the shit. Gus was in the front with his girlfriend Amber, maybe they were fighting or something. Megan was in the back with me. We were sharing a cigarette, trying to conserve. She was wearing a little black tanktop, no bra, and I could see her breasts sway every time we turned a corner. I didn’t even try to hide my staring. She stared back. She kicked off a sandal and ran her toe up my shin, I could hardly keep from moaning. She sucked on the cigarette, blowing smoke out the side of her lips, and handed it to me. I sucked on it too, I could taste her lip gloss. We stopped to get gas, Gus and Amber went inside for a coke. I practically jumped on Megan, tasting her steaming mouth again, running my hands across her belly.

“They’re coming back.”

“Ok, ok.”


“I cebeci escort bayan know.”

We went to a movie with some friends, ended up sitting next to each other. Just a half an hour in, a hand was on my thigh, rubbing up and down. I looked over but she wouldn’t look at me. She continued to rub, innocent at first, then straying near my crotch. Then, inside the pocket of my khakis, she touched my cock. I jumped, Gus next me looked over.

“I’m fine.”

The hand in my pocket rubbed down my shaft. I reached over to her seat, started feeling for her jeans, but she slapped my hand. I have no idea what happened in the movie. Gus gave us a ride back to our cars at the end of the road that led to my house. She got in my car.

“We need to talk about some things,” she said.

I had been preparing. “It’s just that I know youre happy with him but he’s not here and I don’t know if that can really make you happy and I just really like you and the couple of times that we’ve…”

“Shut up.”

Maybe we didn’t need to talk. We kissed, she leaned over to my seat and put her hand back on my thigh, I arched my back to draw it to my crotch. I pulled off her sweater, awkwardly banging her hands into the window. She had on a tank top, and I pulled one strap down. She looked at me but didn’t say anything. I unsnapped her strapless bra, still nothing. I peeled down the layer of cotton, her breast was even more perfect than I imagined. Milky-white, the top half sloped down to a slightly swollen escort cebeci nipple that pointed at the windshield, the bottom was perfectly round, and it jiggled when I pulled down the shirt. I lowered my head, breathed on her nipple and kissed her skin in little circles. She sighed, and I licked in little swirls around her areola, making everything get a little puffier. I sucked, flicking to the hard tip with my tongue.

“Oh shit, you’re going to turn me on too much.”

“Too much?”

“I still shouldn’t be doing this.”

I pulled away, but she just sat there, breast still exposed.

“Let me see it.” She said.

“See it?”

“It felt big, please let me see it.”

Always obedient, I unzipped and pulled out my cock. It was three quarters hard, pissed for being in those khakis and being teased the whole movie.

“Jesus, it’s gorgeous.”

I had never been told my penis was gorgeous before. She took it in her grip, moving her fingers up and down lightly.

“It’s…different. Big and different.”

“I’m uncircumcised.”

“What’s that?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

She kept rubbing, reaching down to squeeze my balls.

“I haven’t fucked Mark.” She didn’t stop squeezing.


“That means I cant fuck you.”

I didn’t know what to say, but it didn’t matter. She kept stroking, wrapping her skinny fingers around surprisingly hard. She started pumping, I had never felt anything quite like it. A girl never has the same grip as I do myself, and frankly I usually know what I like, but she felt phenomenal. I breathed in.

“Ooops.” She smiled at me, devilish. “I hope you were going to wash that shirt soon.”

I couldn’t talk.

“I have to go.” She pulled her tank top up, grabbed her sweater, and was out the door.

…to be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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