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“I cannot believe I am wed to him,” Gemma thought to herself. “He is more like my brother, he cannot be my husband.” Silently she cursed the marriage their parents had arranged upon her birth. She knew the contract by heart for she had read and reread it trying to find a way out. It said that as soon as both had reached their majority they would be wed. In her mind she was much too young to be wed. Even though she knew girls from the village who had had two children by her age.

Gemma had no experience with men and was dreading what was to come. Her mother had hinted at what would happen but had told her to just trust her new husband. She resented the fact that boys were allowed to experiment where girls were not. He probably knew exactly what would happen even though they were the same age.

Not knowing what to do Gemma stood with her arms crossed and stared defiantly across the bedchamber at her nemesis, her husband.

“I cannot believe I am wed to her,” Caelin thought simultaneously with his bride. “I have known her as long as I can remember. She is ‘the brat,’ not my wife. Caelin was at as much of a loss for what to do as Gemma was. Of course he knew what people did beneath the blankets in the night; he wasn’t deaf and blind.

His father had gone into graphic detail on how to pleasure a woman; hoping to incite Caelin’s interest. But, much to his father’s consternation, he had never acted on the few lustful thoughts he had had. Caelin had always been more interested in learning, both from books and of the art of war. He knew he was different from other men his age but it had never bothered him before.

Now he cursed his lack of previous interest. Caelin did not want to embarrass himself in front of Gemma. The need to conduct himself smoothly was increased tenfold by his long acquaintance with her.

One thought kept running through Caelin’s mind “she is mine.” He could not avoid the persisting thought. He knew he could do whatever he wanted with her. He realized with a jolt that that knowledge was arousing in itself. What he had previously considered sinful thoughts raced through his brain; images of what he would do to her this night.

“Why is he staring at me?” Gemma asked herself. “Why doesn’t he do something?” But Caelin just stood stock-still his eyes burning into her. So Gemma took canlı bahis matters into her own hands. “If he is not interested, I shall prepare for bed,” she told herself.

Turning from Caelin, Gemma walked to behind a screen where she slipped out of her gown. Too late she realized there was no nightdress for her. She made a mental note to scold her maid for the oversight. Only slightly self-consciously Gemma stepped from behind the screen thinking, “We are married, we will live the rest of our lives together, why should I be ashamed?” However as she walked across the bedroom she found he was still staring. Suddenly she felt extremely exposed and rushed to jump under the covers.

Caelin had to suppress a gasp as his bride emerged from behind the flimsy screen. “My god she is beautiful.” He moved towards her unbuttoning his shirt as he came nearer. Without warning he reached for the covers on the bed and flipped them back revealing his pale bride. She squealed and reached for the blankets, but he held them back, drinking in the sight of her.

In his eyes she was perfect. Her milky white body was long and lithe. Her breasts were large and firm, her stomach flat. Gemma’s legs were perfectly formed, long and slender. Her hair was long and curly, a lustrous red. But what attracted him most was her delicate face. She had high cheekbones and a perfect small nose. Her eyes were a luminous brown rimmed with soft lashes.

“So beautiful,” he murmured as he reached out his hand to caress her silky cheek. Caelin was more than excited now. He could feel his rock-hard erection prodding his over-tight braise. Gemma was staring pointedly at it. Caelin felt his cock jerk at her scrutiny. He almost jumped at the intensity of the feelings stirring within him. As quickly as he could he stripped off his clothes; eager for something he could not place.

Gemma stared at his perfect male body. Every inch of him was bronzed and muscled. His chest was covered in a light dusting of dark hair that swept down into a thin line across his hard stomach, then fanned out again at his waist. Gemma had never really considered his male beauty before but she saw it now. His face appeared to her to be glowing in expectation; his unfashionably long hair swept back hastily from his bright blue eyes. He was exquisite.

As his member sprang free bahis siteleri from the confines of his braise Gemma’s eyes grew wide with surprise and more than a little fear.

“Caelin!” She exclaimed. “I never…” Gemma was shocked by the sight of him but even more astounded by her reaction to him. Something stirred low in her belly at the sight of him.

“Neither have I brat,” he replied in a husky whisper.

Caelin almost ran to the other side of the bed to climb in beside her. He scooted across the massive bed till he was almost touching her. He could feel her heat. Now he had arrived at an impasse. The woman beside him was the girl he had called brat for his entire life. He sensed that as soon as they touched their relationship would be change forever. He was reluctant, frightened of the change.

Gemma solved that problem for him. She reached out her delicate hand and ran it across his lightly furred chest.

“You are so different for me,” she whispered

“Aye, and you from me.”

His problem was solved. Caelin reached out and pulled her close to him, feeling her breasts pressed against his chest. He forcefully claimed her mouth, not knowing exactly what to do but giving into instinct. His tongue surged against her closed lips forcing her to open to him. She soon reciprocated and their tongues moved in a gentle dance, giving and taking.

Gemma could feel Caelin’s hardness pressed against her stomach and she rubbed lightly against him. He moaned softly into her mouth.

Reluctantly he broke their intimate kiss as he recalled what his father had said to him about women. Then Caelin laughed to himself as he realized he should not be thinking of his father as a time like this. He moved lower on Gemma’s body and took her firm breast in his mouth. She keened low in her throat at the feelings he was stirring in her as she twined her fingers in his hair to pull him closer.

He gave close attention to both breasts before leaving them to lick and nip his way down her supple body. His mouth eventually reached her woman’s flesh and he parted her legs, giving his mouth access.

Gemma squirmed, trying to escape such intimacy but he held her still. With great care Caelin placed he mouth against his bride and began teasing her with his tongue. She yelped as he bit and rubbed the bud of bahis şirketleri her femininity. Gradually he picked up his pace, alternating between licking her bud and stroking her insides with his brazen tongue. It wasn’t long before her woman’s folds began convulsing. Gemma hips reared off the bed as she shattered in release. Caelin was amazed at the reaction his ministrations had caused in his petite mate.

Before her orgasm was played out he gently nudged her legs apart to place his member at her entrance. Gemma trembled beneath him in anticipation and a good amount of fear through the haze of pleasure that still clouded her mind.

“I’ll go slow sweeting, this might hurt a little,” he mumbled brokenly. Clumsily Caelin adjusted himself so the tip of his cock pushed into her moist opening. He fought the urge to slam into her with every ounce of will he possessed. Painstakingly slowly he pushed into her inner depths, inch by agonizing inch. What seemed like an eternity passed before he butted up against her maidenhead.

Gemma tensed under him bracing herself for more discomfort. She knew that Caelin would never hurt her apurpose so she put her trust in him completely. Suddenly his turgid member surged through her barrier only to slide in and out a few more times before Caelin got control of himself. He stilled and peered down at her face that was pinched with pain.

“Does it hurt overmuch?”

Gemma could tell he was in pain as well, but a different kind of pain entirely.

“It is fading,” she answered truthfully.

He waited only a few more heartbeats before he began thrusting again, as slowly as he could. Gemma began to feel the pleasure again; it permeated her entire being. She started to gently roll her hips against him. The subtle movement drove him to a faster pace that soon became the frenzied thrusts of the untried youth he was.

Gemma rose to the occasion, bucking wildly under him and grinding her pelvic bones against his when they met. Intense feelings were stirring within her driving her to fulfillment a second time. Without warning she burst apart into thousands of glittering shards of pure pleasure.

Her inner muscles spasmed and grasped at his cock that was deep inside her. A few more wild thrusts and he was finished. Caelin’s hot seed burst into her, filling her completely. He heaved a great sigh and collapsed on top of Gemma.

Aware after a few moments that he was probably crushing her, he gently rolled off and pulled her into his arms. Together, they slept the remainder of the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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