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To most people I appear shy in public, although friendly and caring. What most people don’t know is that hidden behind the quiet exterior is a sex addict. I can’t get enough of it! Some days I cannot stop thinking about my cock. Maybe I’m not totally obsessed with it but at least twenty times a day I do think about my cock. I think about what it looks like, what it feels like between my legs, in my briefs or in my boxers. I think about even more how it feels when I get to stroke it. I have been masturbating for most of my life and for as long as I can remember I have been jacking off at least once every day if not more.

Now, as a happily married guy for over 28 years I still have to admit to enjoying some of my most intense orgasms solo. I still usually do it a minimum of four or five times a week; on good weeks almost daily. I don’t think my wife has any problems with my masturbating, but it’s something we’ve never talked about. Although for several years while the kids were still at home it was difficult to find enough privacy for a good, intense masturbation session, it has always continued to be a wonderful part of my sex life. Nowadays I am able to look forward to those times and plan more on how to have a great time with my cock!

Though I’ve actually never kept a true diary on my masturbatory exploits, I thought I’d reminisce a bit and share just how important masturbation has always been to me…

My wife had gone to visit her folks for the weekend but I stayed behind to get some work done around the house. Not surprisingly I woke up Saturday morning feeling rather horny, but my loving partner was not there to share with me in the satisfaction. I knew that if I gave into the urge to go it solo I’d be down at my computer reading Lit stories and looking at porn half the morning.

I knew my perverted self all too well. I’m usually a lightweight of a guy when it comes to sexual arousal anyway, but for some reason I was totally horned out right from the moment I opened my eyes. But I also had chores to do which included needing to mow the grass. In hindsight, what I did next might have triggered the most erotic extended solo session of my life.

Since it was going to be an exceptionally hot day I decided to skip the underwear and just wear the pair of athletic shorts I had slept in Friday night. Hanging loose provided some extra comfort and a lot less sweat build up in the crotch area. I didn’t go commando often outside the house, but since my wife wouldn’t be around to notice and I didn’t expect to see anyone up close while doing yard work, it worked for me.

I’ve always enjoyed doing yard work. When I was young I used to cut a lot of grass around the neighborhood as my summer job. I used an old manual rotary push mower back then. It actually cut grass rather well. However, I have graduated to an eight horse power, self-propelled version that almost cuts the grass for you.

Yes, it has power! Uh-uh!

That morning though I felt a whole different kind of power coming from that lawn machine.

I got the lawnmower out of the shed and started it up. After I had finished the front yard which was mainly in the shade under our two large pine trees, I decided to take my shirt off so it wouldn’t get drenched in sweat when I went out to the backyard where there was very little shade. It was a good excuse to work on my tan, too.

So there I was walking along with my mower wearing my thin shorts and the usual old pair of running shoes I wore for doing yard work. About a half-hour into following my gas-powered mower around, I got bogged down in some thicker grass. I had to push a bit harder and when I did my pelvis pressed into the handle. It was like an instant electric shock went through my groin. The extreme vibration in the handle really shook me, but in a good way. The vibrations went straight to my penis hanging loose under my shorts. I soon found myself letting the handle make contact with my pelvis intentionally. Every so often I held it there just long enough to let it reverberate from the root of my manhood down to the shaking length of the shaft.

It felt ever better with each strip of grass I cut.

I hadn’t been three or four more swipes across the backyard when I knew I was getting aroused from a combination of the vibrating lawn mower handle and the lingering horny feelings that began in bed that morning. I found myself semi-hard in a matter of minutes as my manhood bounced against my damp thigh. Continuing to cut the grass, I tried to think of other things, but the vibrations of the lawnmower could not be ignored. My lengthening and swelling erection was making it tough to push the mower. I had barely finished the backyard, sweating it out in the heat and vibrating my manhood off, when I knew I was ready to take care of other business.

I trotted the mower back to the shed and before I turned to go back out and to the house I looked down to see a huge tent in my shorts. I should have gone on inside the house for some privacy but I made it no further than the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri shed door. My cock was huge and throbbing, it would not relax. I didn’t want to walk back around the house to the garage like that not knowing which of my neighbors might be out and about by then.

I also didn’t want to wait. I quickly decided to free it and let my cum fly right there in the shed. I dropped my shorts and noticed pre-cum all over my thighs. I leaned back with a smile on my face and started stroking my ever-hardening cock.

The door of the shed faces the backyard and not the road so I didn’t risk getting caught by anyone driving by. I decided to leave it open and stroke myself off in the fresh air. All I could think of was how this was something so new and fun. I didn’t need an image of my wife or even a hot story on Lit to get me off this time as I was just reverberating from the sensation I had been feeling that whole hour or so of mowing. I stood there and pushed my hard-on through my sweaty fist. Instantly waves of pleasure swept through my body and I got dizzy.

My cock strained to find release. I could feel the orgasm building from deep in my balls…

“Donnie?” A voice shattered my tranquil moment.

I nearly yanked my cock from my body as I jumped and pulled too hard on the up stroke.

“Donnie? You in there?” I recognized my neighbor’s voice. It was Jean who lives next door. She’s a forty-something year-old, divorced school teacher. I cut her grass and do other odd jobs for her around her house. Whenever she needs help with anything she always calls me. I never complain as she is a pleasant woman to be around and she can bake some mean chocolate chip cookies. Oh yes, she’s very pleasant on the eyes, too, which doesn’t hurt.

Needless to say, I scrambled to pull my shorts back up and quickly turned to the back of the shed just before she came to the door.

“Hi Donnie, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to bother you…” She said to my bare sweaty back.

“No, no. Hi Jean.” I interrupted her as I pressed my groin into my wooden work bench. “Uh, hot morning, huh?”

“Yes, and much too hot to be doing yard work.” She replied and I looked back in time to catch her giving my backside a glance.

I grinned inside and out as I also saw her standing on the doorstep of my shed wearing a very short red skirt and a tight white top. At that I instantly tensed again and my cock bulged back down the leg of my shorts. I had not had any real sexual attraction to Jean before that day, although I had noticed her very womanly figure on more than one occasion. That morning I could definitely see what an excellent curvy body she had. In my aroused state I was admiring it much more. Her firm, large breasts pushed against the thin white material and I could even make out her nipples standing up some.

As horny as I was at that moment I almost caught myself wanting to say ‘the hell with it’ and spin around, pull out my cock and just start stroking it in front of her. That wasn’t going to happen, but keep in mind as Jean was talking I was only hearing half of what she was saying. I was too busy trying to hide the excitement in my fully extended seven and a half inch circumcised cock from her. I fumbled around with a couple of things on my work bench as if I was deep into working on something. If she only knew it was a hell of a hard-on I was working on!

“I didn’t really have any particular reason to interrupt you this morning. I just came over before I went to play tennis and thank you for cutting my lawn last week. Oh and for fixing my screen door, too. I forgot to tell you when I saw you out the other night,” she said.

“Uh, no problem.” I replied and eased into the work bench a little further. “The way it’s supposed to rain this week I may have to get back to it by the middle of the week.”

“Oh, Don, you are such a good neighbor.” Jean said and took a step toward me. She reached out and her fingers brushed my left forearm. “Really, thank you.”

I held my breath and tensed so much my body pressed too hard into the bench. It was actually painful for my erect member pressed hard between it and my thigh. But it may also have been a good thing as it stemmed any possible flow of something unexpected.

“Sure.” I somehow spit out. “Glad to do it.” I couldn’t look back at her right then as I was sure I’d ease back and the cum I was holding back would stream all down my leg.

She did say a few more things that I don’t really remember, until I heard…

“Okay, I’m off. Tell Mary Ann hi for me.” I did finally look back in time to see her walk out of my shed and give me a little wave as she headed off through my backyard to her house.

That was way too close!

That scare was surprisingly enough to distract my thoughts from sex back to my chores. As much as I knew it could wait I knew my yard chores were not over. I still had the trimming to do. I looked back down and found my penis had comfortably deflated enough not to be a hindrance or güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri a spectacle for the rest of the neighbors. So I pulled the yard trimmer off the wall and reached for the orange electrical cord. It was then I remembered I had used up all the plastic trimmer cord on Jean’s yard last week. I had planned on buying some during the week but outright forgot.

That meant a trip to my favorite home center.

I wasn’t about to shower and then come back and get sweaty all over again. It was the home center, not like I was going shopping at the mall. It was a man’s store, sweat and dirt was at home at the home improvement store. So I put my dry t-shirt back on and grabbed my keys that hung in the lock on the shed door.

By the time I pulled into the parking lot I felt as if I had finally lost the urge to scratch that erotic itch between my legs. That was until I turned off my engine and spotted a young woman getting out of her car just ahead of me. She came around the front of her car, went to her passenger door and got out a big box. As she came back around she made eye contact with me through my windshield and she smiled.

Let me stop here and make a very masculine observation…spring brings out the best in women and their attire. It is always a visual treat early in the spring season as so many women leave their drab winter clothing behind and dress for the warmer new season. They seem to be liberated by the opportunity to wear softer, lighter clothing. I’m very sure many of them may even realize the effect their skimpier spring wardrobe has on us men.

Well, this particularly lovely woman had on a very short pair of shorts and a halter top. She also had very perky breasts and must not have been wearing a bra as they were bouncing all over the place over top of the box she was carrying. I found myself instantly turned on as she walked past the front of my car.

It was almost unbelievable as quickly as I rose to the occasion. My hand fell to my crotch and I squeezed my swelling member through my shorts. I couldn’t believe I was sitting there in the middle of my favorite store’s parking lot getting a hard-on. Of course, I wasn’t wearing underwear and I had been hard half the morning without having done anything to relieve it.

What did I expect?

Before I consciously knew what I was doing I had my hand up the leg opening of my shorts and stroking as I watched the pretty woman carry her box across that parking lot. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she walked on and I ogled her tight shorts snuggly carrying her sashaying bottom.

My heart raced.

Then, THUD! A car door slammed.

I looked over to see another car had pulled up and parked beside me on my driver’s side. I immediately stopped stroking myself as I looked into the car and saw another woman. She didn’t acknowledge me as the first younger woman had. But my heart raced still more wondering if she had any idea what I had been doing in my car.

But for the second time that morning the shock was enough to defuse the erotic chemistry in my body. It also made me realize I couldn’t relax and enjoy myself in the middle of a busy parking lot. I had to safely get inside the store, get what I needed and with any luck at all not be noticed for how horny I was then get back home to take care of it in private. I’d get my trimmer line, get home to my bedroom and jack off like crazy then get on with the day and the rest of my chores.

My hard-on dwindled as fast as it had swelled.

I smoothed my shorts down and got out of my car.

There were a lot of customers around the home center that Saturday. A great spring day to get work done for a lot of other folks I saw. I tried to put the sexual thoughts of the morning out of my mind, but as I walked through the store and back to the garden center, my heart was still beating a bit too fast. On that particular spring Saturday all I could notice were the women shopping in this bastion of testosterone. I wasn’t actually getting hard at that point but I could feel my penis dangling noticeably between my legs under my shorts.

Even though I wasn’t fully aroused physically I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so desperate for an orgasm!

I finally found the trimmer line in aisle four of the outdoor garden center. Only there was an array of different brands and styles of line. As I perused my choices I heard a voice behind me ask…

“Hello. Can I help you with your selection?”

I turned around and there was a young woman, athletic looking and maybe college age, with her baby blue eyes looking up at me.

“Uh, no I think I’ve got it. Thank you.” I replied and swallowed hard.

Besides her piercing eyes she my eye from the deep tan she had. She must have gotten a jump on the season in a tanning bed and it sure looked very nice on her. She was wearing a denim skirt under her orange store smock. The skirt rested several inches above her knees and I caught myself staring at her long slender brown legs.

“If güvenilir bahis şirketleri I can be of any help, please let me know.” The young woman added.

I did return my gaze to her pretty blue eyes long enough to say, “Yes, thank you, I will.”

Then I found myself staring at her equally gorgeous backside as she walked by.

She was so sweet wanting to help me and all, but unless she was willing to lift up her skirt and expose herself to me, I don’t think she could have at that moment. I was going out of my mind I was so horny!

The pretty brunette walked a few steps away where I watched her out of the corner of my eye as she squatted down to arrange something on a lower shelf. I stood there half looking through the selection of trimmer line and half looking down still admiring this young woman.


Damn! Had that girl read my mind? My eyes bulged when I realized I could see up under her skirt!

Her panties were white.

I nearly fell into the shelf before me when she suddenly but casually scratched her inner thigh as she rearranged some boxes.

My erection came back with a fury!

I was so turned on and glad I was leaning forward against the shelves by then. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her as I only feigned trying to find the right size trimmer line. I knew if the woman had looked up at me she would have seen the hungry look on my face.

At that very second she shifted in her squat, which only gave me an even better view!

I could see a distinct line where her undies creased up her womanly sex. I could swear I saw some dark pubic hairs escape the elastic to curl enticingly into view. Her bush must have been untrimmed as the dark patch shaded through her white under pants.

I used to joke that visiting a hardware store was almost as good as having sex for most men. I had never actually had a hard-on in that store, but right then my imagination was taking me places I’d never been in public before. By then I had a raging hard-on and had banged it into the metal shelf several times. I grimaced at the slight pain and wanted to stick my hand down there to adjust myself but I also didn’t want to be obvious about it. I had finally come to a dilemma on my horniest of Saturday mornings: ‘Do I stay there and continue to discreetly look up this pretty young woman’s skirt, probably getting caught if I did or take a deep breath and go on about doing what I came here to do so I could get my yard work completed?’

Part of the question was answered for me. My friendly neighborhood home center sales clerk abruptly got up and walked down the aisle and out of sight.

I stood there for another couple of minutes trying to focus on my selection, but the more I tried to ignore the erection that had returned with a throbbing vengeance the more my loose shorts rubbed against my hard-on making me more and more aroused. That wasn’t good because it was impossible to hide an erection in those thin shorts. There was no way for me to walk back into the store or out through the busy garden center exit without being seen.

What I really wanted to do was sneak away and relieve my aching cock!

I chose a package of trimmer line and held it down in front of me as I walked toward the register.

But as soon as I rounded the end of the aisle I stopped in my tracks. The package in my hand swung back and hit my hard-on. I winced at both the sudden pain and the realization that I was not leaving this store right away. The line at the register was at least ten people deep!

There was no way I was going to stand in that line and be able to hide a raging hard-on. And it was not going away this time. As I was pondering my fate and pushing my erection down, someone came up behind me.

“Excuse me.” Came the soft voice.

“Uh, sorry,” I replied and turned to the side, once again bumping the trimmer line package against my shorts and hardened cock underneath.

Another wince, but also another eyeful, as this woman was also wearing very short skirt.

What was it with these women and their short skirts today! It really was a young man’s spring dream. And now this older man’s too.

This woman, although not as nicely tanned as the young sales clerk, had a pair of legs with very defined calf muscles and a very taut looking butt. She was a woman that obviously worked out a lot. She walked by me and sat down in a chair in one of the outdoor furniture displays a few feet away.

By then I’m sure if anyone was to pay attention to me I’d have looked pretty stupid as I just stood there at the end of the aisle with a package of line trimmer poised in front of my crotch. But I was surely confused on what my next move was to be. If I took my intended purchase or my ‘shield’ and put it back on the shelf I’d have nothing to cover the very obvious tent in my shorts. I also wasn’t going to grab myself and walk out passed all these people. I thought maybe if I stood there a couple of more minutes the extreme horny condition would subside.

That was not going to happen.

For as I looked ahead of me I saw the woman in the short skirt was still sitting there opposite me. I also noticed more as she uncrossed her legs and talked to her boyfriend or husband. My eyes had to have bulged out of my head as I swore I saw…well, saw nothing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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