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Adriana Chechik

Things just continued to get stranger and stranger for Mary. If she thought the idea of Professor Black raping, then seducing her into compliance was hard to wrap her mind around. What happened between her and her Godfather made it impossible for that to happen.

Not only was she confused to how and why she kept being caught in these situations that she hadn’t asked for. Along with how she practically begs to be fucked. It made any sane thinking next to impossible.

But in the light of day, with no one touching her in those places that will not be denied, once touched. She questioned herself. What kind of person could be so easily used and abused and love it?

Should she wear a scarlet letter? Should she accept that she might really be whorish and give in to the shame of being so? Should she continue to meet with Professor Black, and now her Godfather also?

Which she had since learned was Sirius Black. Professor Black’s cousin. At least she was keeping it in the family. She thought snidely. Seriously, how had she gotten herself into this position, and what was she supposed to do now that she is?

Not getting enough sleep wasn’t doing her thinking abilities any favors either. Luckily she had free time, being her last year and having many of her required classes completed. She quickly made her way to back to bed for a much needed nap.

But instead of sleeping, she lay there, thinking of the things that she had done, and what had been done to her. The previous night by her Godfather. He had owned her, even having her call him daddy.

Her cunt still tender and sensitive, began juicing up with thoughts of it. She was alone in the shared sleeping quarters. She knew the girls she shared it with all had to classes for the next couple of hours. So she slid her panties down and off, keeping kızılay escort her skirt on.

Though unlikely, if someone were to show up she could easily hide her naked pussy under her skirt. She slid her fingers down between her legs. Sliding her fingers over her slick clit.

She began to pinch and work it between her fingers, she could feel the juices in her cunt leaking out. She ran her fingers through the juice and continued to tease her clit.

Surprised that she could make her own self just as mindless as the men did. Well almost anyways. She closed her eyes and fantasized about both her professer and godfather.

She then began to finger fuck herself. Slowly, learning how to please herself as she went. Building in speed and force as she continued. Giving herself her first orgasm by masterbation.

So caught up in the sensation of giving herself an orgasm, she did not hear the 3 boys come in. Ron, and his twin brothers George and Fred.

They weren’t allowed in the girls sleeping quarters after hours. But during the day, with reason it was allowed. They had come today to set up a Halloween trick to scare the girls later with that night with.

The trick completely forgotten as soon as they saw Mary, with her pussy exposed to them, ferociously fucking herself with her own fingers. They saw her juices squirting out all over her fingers and hand.

Spent, she lay there for a moment, then for some reason, she knew she was no longer alone. Her eyes flew open, seeing the Weasley brothers. Fred and George were known to be cheeky, didn’t disappoint.

Fred was the first to speak. “Please, don’t stop on our account. Do go on.” George being just as cheeky added. “Actually, we could give a hand, or whatever else you might need.” Ron just stood and stared, kızılay escort bayan completely transfixed by Mary’s still very exposed dripping pussy.

Mary was all at once horrified, and completely turned on by the obvious erections they each had. She started to cover herself. Then she heard Ron ask simply, “Please don’t.” Those words worked like physically being coaxed.

Instead of pulling her skirt down to cover herself. She lifted her knees up high, and spread her legs far apart. Giving them a better view of her tight, hot, wet cunt.

Not needing any further encouragement, the brothers moved in, to give her a hand, mouth, finger and dick. Everything she was needing. The twins were not virgins, but they did not have the expertise that the Black cousins did. Ron, was most obviously a virgin.

But what they lacked in technique, they certainly made up for eagerness to touch kiss and fuck her good and vigorously. She had both the twins practically ripping her blouse and bra away. Eager to get to her tits.

She one on each tit, sucking and pulling on her nipples. She had gotten up onto her knees, as they continued to tease her nipples there hand exploring the rest of her body.

Mary let out a deep, guttural moan. Ron unsure of himself. Tore his eyes from what his brothers were doing to her glorious tits. Looking Mary in the face, asked what she wanted him to do.

“You can put your fingers in me, fuck me with them like you saw me doing to myself.” Ron was reaching for her slick slit before she had even finished saying it.

He was rough, and fumbled in his touch. But Mary found that incredibly arousing.

She offered him some guidance and soon he was working her pussy like a pro. “Can I kiss it?” His answer was a primal growl from her. Dropping escort kızlay to her hands and knees giving him better access to her ready cunt from behind.

This had displaced the twins who had still been on her tits, running their hands over her body. She brought them around to her front, where she could take turns sucking their dicks. As she licked and sucked on one’s dick, she jacked the other one off with her hand. Going back and forth.

As they continued to feel her every where at once. Ron was proving to be quite the quick learner sexually. He was using his tongue now to fuck her. She felt her orgasm explode. Squirting all over his face.

After licking as much of her juice up as could handle. He pulled away letting her know he was about to come. She stopped sucking on George’s cock, to tell Ron to put his dick in her pussy and cum as deep inside her as he could. Then went back to the sucking.

She felt Ron bury his dick, she cried out, but it was muffled by George’s fat cock. She could feel the family trait. They all three had fat, huge cocks. Ron thrust fiercely 3 or 4 times. Then she felt him shudder as he filled her with his semen.

Fred jabbed his shoulder, don’t be greedy mate, move over.” He then started driving his fat cock deep into her over and over. As she continued to lick and suck George’s python. Gagging once here and there. George grabbed her by the back of her hair, and held head still. Telling her she was going to make him cum.

“Too late Mary, here it comes.” She felt his semen squirt down her throat, into mouth, she had to pull back, or gag from the amount. He continued to squirt all over her face.

Fred seeing this couldn’t hold his orgasm back either. And began pumping his semen into her. Mary reaching another orgasm with him.

She had Ron’s, Fred’s and her own juices dripping down her legs. And George’s dripping down her face. She licked some from her lip and swallowed it down.

Leave it to the twins to break an awkward moment. George was the first to speak this time. “Well that was fun.” Fred quickly adding, “What should we do now?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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