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“All right, that’s enough!” Jackie was pissed off with Andy trying to get her to agree to anal sex. He had been pushing to try it almost since they married and wouldn’t accept that she found the idea both distasteful and scary. Nothing she had said had stopped him from asking again and again. Now she’d come up with an answer which she expected to settle the matter for once and for all! “I’ll tell you what I’ll do. Do you want to do a trade?”

“Possibly.” Andy eyed his wife suspiciously.

“Well, here’s the deal. I’ll let you fuck my arse if you’ll take a strap-on up yours!”

Andy’s face was a complete picture. He had absolutely no idea that was coming, and no idea how to answer it, though his arse screamed ‘no way’ at the very thought!

“OK, you’ve got a deal!” He was bluffing and he knew it, but he agreed in order to give himself time to try and turn things to his advantage, though how he would do that he didn’t know yet.

Now it was Jackie’s turn to look dumbfounded. Was Andy kidding or would he really go along with it? She prayed he would back down; she really found the idea of anal sex repugnant and had absolutely no intention of having her arse invaded, even though an earlier lesbian encounter that had briefly involved a finger had not been unpleasant. She decided to push harder, convinced that Andy would chicken out and she would hear no more about ‘fucking through the back door’!

“Done. I know someone who has a strap-on, I’ll borrow it and we’ll get to it, ok?” She looked at him closely for his reaction. “You now what they say, ‘if you can’t take it, don’t give it’!”

“Yes, all right, ready when you are!” His face was expressionless, but her remark smarted and had exactly the opposite effect to the one she intended.

Both were bluffing madly, each convinced that the other would back down, and each aware that they were talking themselves into a ‘no-win’ if they had misjudged their partner. Alarm bells were ringing, but neither side was prepared to be the one to back-pedal. Then Jackie suddenly thought she had found a way out with honour.

“You’d better go first, because I’m not letting you into my rear and then have you chicken out when it comes to your turn!” He was bound to balk at that, for clearly the same applied in reverse. A welcome impasse, a get-out clause.

Andy seized on it eagerly. “And what about doing it the other way around? I wouldn’t mind going first if I thought I could trust you, but knowing you, you’ll have your fun and then run away like the coward you are.” He was pushing it a bit talking like that, but he was sure that she was trying to renege on her offer and he felt strangely angry and betrayed. The fact that he didn’t want the offer in the first place had conveniently slipped his mind.

Jackie was abruptly livid. Here was Andy, the instigator, the cause of the problem in the first place with his depraved ideas about anal sex, trying to make her out to be yellow. She had had enough of his ability to always appear to be the innocent party. If he thought she’d cop out, then he had another think coming! Without realising it, Jackie was about to talk herself back into the corner she was so busy trying to wriggle out of.

“If I can find a way to prevent either of us backing out, do you guarantee to go through with it?

Andy couldn’t think of any way that she could do this, and agreed easily. The ball would soon be firmly in her court. He might not get to fuck her arse, but in his mind the blame for that would now always be hers. “I swear if you do!”

“I swear too!”

They were both now left with nowhere to go if a way could be found to prevent either being at a cop-out advantage, and Jackie was angry enough to really try to find one!


A week later Jackie had forgotten that it was supposed to be a way to prevent anal sex and had allowed it to become a contest of wills between the two of them. Now Jackie believed she had got the answer, though it wouldn’t be one that Andy could have anticipated, a way to beat him would surely stop him dead!

“Andy, do you remember swearing that if I could solve that problem with our agreement about ‘back door’ sex, you’d be game for it?”

“Yes.” Andy was looking at her enquiringly.

“Well, I’m working on it, but I’ve got to ask, is there any restrictions on how it might be done?” She was trying to work him into a corner.

Andy read that as Jackie unable to find an answer, “No, any way you like!”

“Good, then I’ve got it figured!”

Andy was part dumbfounded and part worried. “Go on!”

“We’ll both take it simultaneously!”

“And just when did you train to be a contortionist?” Andy was scornful.

“Oh, I didn’t need to. Before I tell you how, let me ask. Do you remember Anne who we met with Justin at that picnic spot one evening last month?”

Did he ever! Anne was the pretty blonde who had ended up going down on Jackie while he and Justin watched. “Yes, I’m hardly likely to forget, am I?”

“Well, while you’re bahis siteleri doing it to me, she’ll be doing it to you with the strap-on. Both at the same time. Problem solved!”

“Not a fucking chance!”

Jackie rose from her seat and began parading around the room, leaning forward, flapping bent arm ‘wings’ and clucking. Andy got the message.

“Anyway, how come Anne has been involved in this?” Andy was looking for an exit.

“Oh, I thought you knew that we’d kept in touch? A good job I did really, in the circumstances. I mean, you never told me that you knew Justin before hand, did you?” Actually Jackie and Anne had done more than stay in touch, they had become lesbian lovers!

‘Oh shit!’ Andy had engineered the ‘accidental’ picnic spot meeting to take advantage of Jackie’s unfulfilled exhibitionistic tendencies. If Jackie knew that, then he could hardly use the indignant ‘I’m not bringing other people into our private lives’ defence that he was thinking of. ‘Oh fuck it’, he would go through with it, if Jackie wasn’t bluffing and really could get Anne to take part. After all, he would only need to endure it once, and it might get him a fuck from Anne, always a nice thought. Whatever, it would stop Jackie berating him for his earlier misdemeanour and probably give him access to her arse from then on. He hoped!

“Ok, stop pretending to be a bloody chicken. Let’s do it!”

Now it was Jackie’s turn to be surprised. She really hadn’t thought he’d agree, but now he had she would have to carry it through. After all, she would only have to endure it once. The threat of a strap-on would surely keep him out of her arse from then on! She hoped!

“Right, I’ll sort it!” Jackie looked at her husband meaningfully. “But remember, just because Anne is going to fuck you doesn’t mean you get to fuck her”


The appointed day arrived, and so did Anne, bright and cheerful as always, her toys discretely hidden in an over-sized shopping bag.

She was, however, the only one of the trio to appear at all happy. Both Andy and Jackie were going around like bears with sore heads, the idea of what was to come not sitting at all well with either of them. Neither had believed that things would get this far, neither really wanted it to happen, but neither was prepared to back down – hence a noticeably tense atmosphere. Realising what was happening Anne took the bull by the horns. “Right guys, are you both still up for this?”

Two defiant ‘yeses’ came back without hesitation.

“Ok then, where’s the bedroom?”

Andy led the way and once there all three began to undress while Anne again took the lead. “I was thinking about this last night, and I reckon that, because you two are both novices (She didn’t know, as Jackie didn’t know, that Andy had actually had anal sex with another woman, and recently too!), I’ll have to prepare you both. It’s not just ‘wham bam’ by another route you know!”

“I think we know that, Anne.” Jackie gave her friend a withering look.

Anne was irritated by the couple’s rather childish behaviour and decided to take control. “Jackie, I get pleasure from being arse fucked because I expect pleasure and my arse relaxes. You’re so tense you could probably squash an apple with your sphincter, and I don’t want a friend of mine, or her husband, to hate every minute or to get hurt. So, if you don’t mind, I’ll get you both relaxed, or more so than you are right now. Then at least you have a chance of some enjoyment!”

Anne could be quite assertive when she needed to be and made Jackie feel like a naughty schoolgirl by that telling off. Andy smiled to himself, but there were no further objection from either, and Anne was quietly allowed to take charge.

Following Anne’s instructions Andy and Jackie found themselves kneeling naked side by side on the bed, their heads resting on folded arms and facing towards each other, and their rear ends high in the air. It was a rather humiliating position to be in and they couldn’t help but exchange slightly embarrassed smiles, with Jackie’s being made slightly wider by her noticing that Andy’s cock was totally flaccid. There was hope for her anus yet!

“Just so that you know, I’m going to do the same thing to each of you at the same time, or as closely as your anatomies will allow. So whatever you’re feeling, so is your partner!” With that Anne reached into her bag and took out a tub of lubricating gel and the strap-on dildo.

Whatever Anne had expected to happen, this was not it. She had allowed herself to be talked into helping Jackie out, but had expected two willing participants, not two adult schoolchildren sulkily going through with an unwanted experience just to spite each other. Nevertheless, if it didn’t happen she could see the problem festering and damaging her friend’s marriage, perhaps fatally, so she determined to lead them through it and make it as pleasant as possible. Now the pair were knelt before her with their backsides raised, as if expecting the caning that she was very inclined to give them. It canlı bahis siteleri was a rather surreal experience, having two naked butts displayed in front of her, both waiting for her attention. But shrugging her mental shoulders at the sight, she began her task.

Firstly she fitted herself with the dildo, adjusting it for fit and comfort while making sure that, at this stage, Andy didn’t get to see just how big it was. She had deliberately not brought her smallest. Then unscrewing the lid from the pot she dipped in two fingers of each hand into the gel and applied it between the cheeks of her two friend’s behinds. She made no attempt at this point to enter their anuses, but just slid her fingers back and forth over the sphincter, applying just very slight pressure with her forefinger as she passed the entrance. Her subjects made no attempt to avoid this massage and indeed, gave every indication that they found the experience pleasurable, even down to a soft sigh from Andy.

Once he had accustomed himself to baring his backside to a relatively strange woman, Andy was indeed finding the contact enjoyable. The soft touch of Anne’s fingertips combined with the slippery chill of the gel was very pleasant. Even so, he didn’t expect the enjoyment to last the whole way. Then, wondering how his wife was taking it he looked across and saw, to his intense surprise, that she had her eyes closed and the merest trace of a tiny smile on her face. So she really was feeling what he was feeling, just as Anne had said. Seeing this he took hope that things might not be quite as bad as he imagined, though he still couldn’t see himself liking what was coming.

Just then Jackie did the strangest thing. She opened her eyes, smiled at him, then reached across and took his hand in hers. He returned her gentle squeeze and smiled himself, pleased that reconciliation was on the cards, even if he didn’t understand why.

Jackie felt strangely proud of her husband. At first she had felt a perverse pleasure from seeing his limp penis hanging there, on the grounds that in that state he could hardly use it on her arse. But then, relaxing a little under Anne’s attentions, she realised that he was soft because of anxiety about their purpose. Even though she found the idea of anal sex depraved, she wasn’t too worried about the physical invasion of her rectum. Women, after all, are used to having cocks inside them, just not through that door! But men – well, straight men anyway – were not used to having anything inside their bodies, and she could see that he was dreading it but still determined to ‘take it like a man’! In an effort to communicate her understanding she reached over to squeeze his hand, receiving a ‘thank you’ squeeze in return.

Anne couldn’t see that the two were now holding hands, or know that it was because they had totally misunderstood each others motives. As far as she was aware, she was still dealing with a couple who were doing this simply to get back at each other and who, if they were to enjoy the day, needed arousing sexually. She wasn’t feeling particularly turned on herself, but then, she didn’t need to be – they did.

With this in mind Anne dipped her fingers back into the gel and went back to work. Ignoring Jackie for just a moment, she pushed her left hand between Andy’s legs to cup his scrotum and massage his balls. Her right hand went around in front of his thigh, searching for, and eventually finding, his flaccid and temporarily useless penis. With their coating of cool lubricating jelly her hands slid easily over Andy’s parts, stroking, manipulating and rubbing as they went. Andy couldn’t help but respond. Anne was a beautiful women and the mental stimulation of having her play with him coupled with the physical stimulation of her expert fingers soon had his cock lengthening and rising. He would, she now knew, soon be ‘up to the job’. Still playing with his cock she now started to lengthen her movements over his balls until her hand was sliding from his scrotum to his anus and back on a slippery film of gel. Then, while her right hand played with the head of his cock, she placed her left index finger at the entrance to his back passage and gently pushed, easing the tip past his sphincter before he had realised what was happening.

To Andy this was unexpected, a bit of a shock, but surprisingly nice. He knew she would enter him at some point, but hadn’t expected it to be so soon. Now that she had he wondered why he had been so worried about it. He could feel her pushing and withdrawing, each time penetrating just a little deeper until he could feel her knuckles against his skin and knew that her finger was full length inside him. The sensation was intimate, daring, and very erotic. Now, with Anne slowly pushing her finger in and out of his anus Andy realised that her other hand was stroking a cock that was rock hard.

Jackie realised that something was happening to Andy. She saw him screw up his eyes and bite his lip, but then she saw his face relax and even take on a look of enjoyment. Guessing, she assumed that Anne had approached canlı bahis his arse but then gone away again. Actually Anne had done no such thing; she had in fact wriggled another finger into Andy and was using the two to accustom his sphincter to expanding. Then Jackie felt a hand on her pussy.

Anne had taken more gel and was massaging into her, so that Jackie’s whole cleft was cool and slippery and she was soon beginning to feel horny under Anne’s attentions. It was not the first time Anne had touched her, her finger had once before been slipped into Jackie’s arse, but not in Andy’s company and certainly not as a prelude to a greater invasion. But nevertheless, Jackie liked the feel of Anne touching her, and was almost, though she wouldn’t admit it, looking forward to Anne penetrating her anus once again. Nor did she have long to wait, and again Anne used two fingers. Initially though, she just slid one finger into Jackie’s pussy, knowing that this would help her arousal, and then, a few strokes later, she inserted the other into her arse. Jackie groaned, but it was from unexpected pleasure rather than distaste. She too found the experience erotic, especially in with Andy’s presence causing her exhibitionist tendencies to raise their heads once more.

It wasn’t long before Anne was using more fingers, with three sliding in and out of Andy, and two each in Jackie’s arse and pussy. She kept this up for several minutes, until she felt their arses gradually relax and accept her. Her fingers were small and slim, unlikely to distend either sphincter painfully, but the fact of using more than one would psychologically prepare them to accept a greater intrusion later. At least, that’s what she hoped, and it seemed to be working, for she could tell from their reactions that they were both becoming more and more aroused and that they were far from objecting to her presence. Now, she believed, it was time for the main event.

Anne withdrew her hands from the two people in front of her and wiped them on a towel to be rid of excess lubricant, then affectionately stroked their buttocks, contrasting the feel of the skin of the two sexes. She was not quite sure which she preferred.

“Jackie, move up onto the middle of the bed, please honey.”

Jackie did as she was instructed, kneeling facing the headboard and waiting nervously.

“Ok Andy, kneel behind her, but don’t do anything for the moment.”

Andy also followed instructions, except that he did do something. He bent forward and planted a loving ‘thank you’ kiss on his wife’s back. He was not to know it, but that simple show of affection did more to make Jackie receptive than anything else.

“Jackie, I’m going to help him. I’m going to guide him in to make sure you’re ok, but one thing you can do to help is when his cock is knocking on the door, push down as if you were going to the loo. It’ll let him in easier, ok?”

“If you say so, I hope your right.”

“I am, honey, I’ve been there, it’s nice if it’s done right, you’ll see.”

Jackie was still doubtful, but she mentally squared her shoulders and got ready, while Anne applied a little more lubricant to her entrance and to Andy’s cock.

“Move forward Andy, and put the end of your cock up against her arsehole, but don’t push yet.”

Andy shuffled forward, until his cock was his right up against Jackie’s behind. He had been in this position just once before with Helen, but he had always dreamed of doing it with his wife, and now it was about to happen. He was so excited at the prospect that he had almost forgotten that he too was soon to be taken from the rear!

Anne took hold of his shaft and pointed it directly at the entrance to Jackie’s anus. “Ok Andy, ease forward, and Jackie, remember what I said.”

Andy pushed slightly against his wife’s sphincter, praying that he could enter without causing her too much discomfort, knowing that if he could give her pleasure then he might get the chance to repeat the experience. Jackie was working on a slightly different idea. She wanted it to happen to fulfil her husband’s dream, but didn’t expect to get anything from the experience, so she followed Anne’s advice to minimise her expected pain.

At first Jackie’s sphincter resisted, trying automatically to keep out the intruder, but then as she overcame her instincts and received him his head slid into her with no pain and hardly any effort. As soon as they felt Andy’s cock slide into Jackie, they both froze, each wanting to come to terms with the strange feeling in their own way and neither daring to move in case of discomfort for their partner. Anne was still gripping Andy’s shaft, making sure that he couldn’t thrust deeply into Jackie until she was ready, but now, as she saw them adjust to the feeling she let go.

“Take it easy now, just let it go in gently, don’t rush.” Anne was watching them carefully.

After savouring the feeling of finally, at long last, having his cock enter into Jackie’s arse, Andy began to move, very slow gentle thrusts, getting slightly further in with each one, holding her hips to steady himself and to keep her from making instinctive movements. Soon he was full length inside Jackie’s rectum. He could hardly believe it had actually happened and that Jackie was not trying to pull away.

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