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“I don’t know about you Marj, but life’s boring these days. I’m bored with washing, I’m bored with my husband being away all the time, I’m bored with feeding the cat and I’m bored with the kids.”

“Well I’m not really surprised Doris. It’s all very well to have peace in our time and all that bullshit, but I agree. As the song goes, ‘Those Were the Days My Friend, We Thought they’d Never End…’ but even though the bomb and bullets were bursting around, we had fun in those days. And remember all those lovely nervous boys…?”

“You always surprised me, Marj, there was I, the infamous stripper at the Pink Pussycat Club, waiting for all those Yank officers to get past my G-String and there’s my sweet little sister screwing the arse off all the Colonels behind my back.”

“Remember, we were the ‘Devine Sisters’ you took your sequins off and I took my Uniform off! ‘Shish Boom,’ darling! Didn’t we wow them, Dot? I always wondered if the Admiralty would find out and I’d get court martialled or something.

“There must have been something in their water, they all had big cocks. Or maybe that was just the officers, Marj?”

“Well darling, I must admit I had a few. The boys all went crazy about my New Zealand Navy uniform and berserk about my officer issue knickers when I took my skirt off during the dance. God they’re strange people, men, aren’t they?”

“I dunno, we go through all that pain, getting fat and pushing the little bastards out and they grow up and spent their time trying to get back up our cunts,” she laughed. “But we were young and desirable in those days, Marjorie.”

“Well I don’t know about you, Doris, but I reckon I could still pull a bloke or two with the rest of the girls. But I know what you mean, having our own men to fuck makes it easy. Trouble is we’re related to them. We need strangers with twelve inch cocks, eighteen years old and able to go all night. I wonder if they still exist?”

“Well Andrew can keep going all night and is eighteen years old Marjorie, but with the best will in the world, his cock is eight inches long, not twelve. There’s quite a difference as you know. Remember Ivan? What am I saying, ‘you know.’ Of course you do! One look at your blue knickers and the boys were trying to crawl up your pussy,” she laughed.

“Same with you Doris, as soon as you dropped the G-String, you had an audience.”

“You know what, Doris, I wonder if we can still compete and beat the bimbos? Let’s face it darling, look in the mirror and with our figures, we could still blow the lot away.”

“The boys or the girls, Marj?” she giggled. “Or both?”

“Tell you what, I’ll call Desmond and see what he thinks, he ‘knows’ us pretty well these days. If he thinks we can do it, let’s have a go! Even for our own esteem.

I got my phone out of my bag and dialled, “Hello Des, its Marjorie. Where are you Des? We’re in the cafe… yes … we need to ask you some questions….. OK… see you in a few minutes.” And disconnected.

“I wonder if they’re licenced, Dot. I feel more like a glass of red than another coffee.”

Doris asked the waitress and she said we could have a glass of wine if they bought a sandwich.

“Sounds OK, we’ll have a bottle of the Merlot and three BLT’s.”

We were getting a bit carried away when Des arrived and grinned when I gave him a glass and a sandwich. But he was obviously wondering what this was all about. We’d both fucked him before, but he thought that unless the girls were particularly horny, very horny, he was surely quite safe in the cafe? Wasn’t he?

I said, “Des, you know us well and we’re getting a bit pissed off with getting old. You’re a young bloke. If you saw us in a club, would you ask me or Doris to dance.”

He said, “Only if I thought I had a chance of getting into your pants, ladies,” he smiled.

We looked at each other. We were obviously both on the same page of the hymn book.

“Des, when you go out raving at night, where do you go and next time, could we go with you?”

“What’s this all about ladies, you don’t have to seduce me, I’ll be right into both of you at a twitch of your little fingers, as you know.”

“Tell him what we’re looking for Marj. You’re better at words than I am.”

I thought for a second and said, “Des, us old ladies are looking for a couple or even a few bad boys around eighteen years old, with cocks like yours and with the stamina to bang us all night. Do you know anyone like that?”

Desmond laughed and nearly choked on his wine. “Dozens, girls! Get on the dance floor, wiggle those incredible assesof yours and they’ll crawl across barbed wire to get into you. You might even need to take on a few at the same time!”

Doris said, “Now that’s something we hadn’t thought about, a gangbang. Right Des?”

He smiled and nodded.

“Can we get into your club one night while you’re there? If you make sure we’re safe, we’ll reward you in the usual way.”

Desmond laughed, “You want me to be your pimp?” We nodded. He went on, “I can see I’m in a win-win canlı bahis situation here. I agree. Are we supposed to slap hands and say ‘Yo, Desmond?”

“Don’t be silly Desmond, we know you’re a computer programmer at your company. I didn’t know people did that outside the films and who certainly don’t wear pin striped suits?”

“Tell you what,” he said, “you tell me when you’re ready, I’ll escort you and wear a baseball cap backwards to show the boys we’re serious.” He finished this wine, kissed us both on the cheek and left.

“Well that seemed to go well, Dot. A gang bang. Have you ever had one?”

“Marj, I’m a professional stripper and tart. What do you think? You spent the war in the navy. Mind you, that was a few years ago. Maybe we should go shopping and tart up? This might be fun. After all if it comes to the worst, we’ve still got Desmond”

We rashly ordered another bottle of wine and more sandwiches. It was that sort of day. “We must have coffee more often Dot,” I said, “Do you think I should get some weight off my arse?”

Doris said, “If anything Marj, put on some more. It’s your fault that most of the lamp posts in Lewisham are bent with guys looking at your ass and walking into them. You and I are a good team. And we’re still lookers too,”

The next day, we went shopping. Doris took us to a shop where she normally bought her lingerie. It went under the odd name of “Hyacinth’s Bower.” My God, if any male saw us in some of Hyacinth’s gear they would gabble in lust. Hyacinth herself was very amused when I told her why we were in her shop and fitted Doris and I in the most provocative lingerie we had ever seen. “From the top shelf, darlings.” Some of the stuff was even more provocative than my navy blue New Zealand knickers of the wartime years! Hyacinth herself photographed us and said she would use the shots for advertising. I believe she actually did.

Now Doris and I are well served with curvaceous bodies and tits that haven’t yet fallen around our navels. So we equipped ourselves with tight dresses which showed everything and cleavages that admitted more draughts to our bodies than we’d ever experienced before.

As Doris said, looking in the couturier’s mirror,

“Christ Marjorie, I’d fuck myself if I could!” She had, of course.

So we took all our shopping home and planned our next move. We tried the gear out on Andrew, George and Uncle Ron and encountered almost 100% instant erections. So far, so good. The future was beckoning. We shopped for strong, heady perfume, black stockings with seams, camel eyelashes and thick black eye makeup and generally Doris and I transmuted into the fabulous Devene Sister of fifteen years ago. I always love the carmine red lipstick and Doris’ choice of Baby pink suited her. With any luck we would mark those boy’s hard cocks with our colours very soon!

We threw a couple of packets of condoms in our evening bags as you can never be too careful. This was fascinating shopping in itself. Who knew there was such a variety around in the local chemist shops these days? In our time, the boys used to buy plain old Durex in the barbers but now there were shelves of variety. Personally I bought too many packets which I’d never need anyway. Just for the nostalgia, you understand.

In the Pink Pussycat Club days, when all the boys wanted to get into the pants of whichever Devine Sister was available, every guy had pockets full of “skins.” These days, the girls need to get them too, as the Irish would say, “to be sure, to be sure.” We told the guys what we were up to and the three of them said that they’d be at the disco with us to keep an eye on things. Dad used to be a paratrooper in Europe in the war and had taught Andrew to kill when he was being bullied at school. It was never an issue after that, even when he went to the toughest school in England. Ron it seems, and I hadn’t know this, was a combat teacher in India for the duration. He was a Captain too.

To our amazement, they fell right in with what we were doing and went off together “to do their own shopping” they said. Doris and I looked at each other and had a little giggle. It was exciting wasn’t it and kept us all young. With the three guys plus Desmond, I reckoned that any danger that existed was on our side as I reckoned were had even more firepower now.

Well, we had to do the club (and us) in a Saturday night didn’t we, and I phoned Desmond and asked him whether that was a good time. He said it was perfect and he’d come round to our house and escort us there personally. Wasn’t that sweet? The guys were cracking their necks to join in and during Saturday afternoon, we all got a glass of wine and split up to dress for the evening. The boys their way, we went ours and arranged to meet in Doris’s sitting room at 5.00pm. Desmond had told us that these things didn’t start till midnight at the earliest and he’d pick up us at 11.00pm.

So at the appointed time, we all gathered to compare notes and Doris and I fell apart at what the guys had bought for the evening. Andrew was bahis siteleri the most contemporary and had had his hair buzzcut and looked a total thug. George was dressed up as a fifties teddy boy and gloriously Ron, in a striped suit, greased hair and black sunglasses, looked like something out of the Godfather.

It was too irresistible and Andrew phoned Susan and Cherry and asked them to meet us at the club as we were going to have an interesting evening.

Susan said, “at midnight Andrew and at what club…” but agreed to meet us there. I explained what this was all about and she said that Cherry and her had just the gear for the evening.

So we were ready. We lounged around in our finery and I couldn’t believe how fucking evil our life partners looked and we all kept collapsing in laughter and Doris took selfies of all of us. Individuals and as a group. We were “going viral” tonight. We were ready when the bell rang and Doris admitted Desmond, who looked at us in astonishment and collapsed in laughter.

In front of him were two absolute hookers dressed to kill, (Doris and Me), a skinhead, (Andrew), a teddy boy combing his “ducks arse” hairdo (George) and Ron, cleaning his fingernail with a flick knife he’d apparently borrowed from George. Mind you, you never know do you? George also had one of his German officer’s Luger’s in his jacket pocket. Doris must have had the same thought as she had a tiny Derringer in her evening bag and I had a sharp nail file. Us old chicks can never be too careful could we?

Desmond, as promised was dressed as a West Indian Rap singer and you could almost visualise the boom box on his shoulder. Naturally he had his cap on backwards. In later life, when Andrew had a couple of boys he told them that wearing their caps backwards made them look like mental retardants! So it was time to go and I hoped the police didn’t stop us for any reason as we’d either get arrested or laughed at.

When we got to the Club, there were all sorts of people there who we’d never met or even wanted to. A couple of them were hassling a pair of bimbos and George and Ron went over to help them. They were Susan and Cherry in flared dresses with bouffant hair styles and eye liner about three inches thick! They collapsed in mirth too when they saw us too and any thought of danger disappeared when they saw our four “bodyguards.”

The doors opened at twelve and we filed in and each received an entry stamp on our wrists. We had a few odd looks from the bouncers and they obviously weren’t used to seeing so many people like us in their rocking joint. But they gave us no trouble, though the Mafia Godfather in Ron obviously worried them and looked like trouble. To be honest I think we ALL worried them but were too chicken to refuse us entry!

So we spread ourselves around the club, Doris and I with Desmond and Ron, and George and Andrew with Susan and Cherry. I realised at this time that what was good for the goose was also goose for the gander and the boys intended to follow the same line as us girls! Shit this was going to be a wild night. If the eight of survived this, we were going to be lucky!

So there we were, at our tables, sipping at our glasses; two Molls, two bimbos, one rap musician and the three wide boys as the music started. We were away! The first cabs off the rank were a couple of guys who asked the bimbos to dance and Susan and Cherry, fluttering their eyelashes hit the dance floor and were soon in the groove. I knew from experience how these girls moved, dressed or undressed and their partners liked what they saw and wondered what they would be like under the flared dresses. I expect they’d find out before the night was out!

Andrew and Desmond asked a couple of girls to hit the dance floor and these sweet things were a lot safer than they had imagined. I looked at Doris and narrowed my eyes and raised my eyebrows. She just shrugged and mouthed “Que Sera Sera”

I leaned over to Doris and said, “I wonder if they were virgins when they got here darling?” and she laughed and nodded. Suddenly it was our turn. To very young guys, obviously obsessed with their Mothers asked us to dance and we joined them in the floor. Doris whispered in the ear of her partner and looked astonished. Doris looked over at me and held her hands twelve inches apart! The ideal dates.

Well the old girls knew how to move better than just about any of the girls dancing and we were beginning to get admiring glances as we sashayed across the floor in our tight dresses and jiggling tits. Well, it was only right, we’d had attention like this for years and we were determined to keep up the action.

George and Ron had been picked up by a couple of Aunties who obviously had the worst of intentions towards our men. The Club was full of dancing, drinking, aggro and loud voices and the eight of us, like the rest seemed to be having a ball. But how many dances would it take before the hard word started? Susan and Cherry were very popular and going through partners like water and I couldn’t help noticing there bahis şirketleri were quite a few hard on’s around on the floor and at the tables. The men liked these pretty sexy older women with enticing hips and we were getting a cross section of the old and the young and our feet were starting to ache.

I’m not regarded at the thinker of the group without reason. It was obvious that if we sat with our original partners, the punters would think we were wives or girlfriends with our partners or something, so as we moved around, I dropped the word to Cherry and Susan that we should share a table when the interval came on. I dropped the same to the guys.

When the music stopped, Susan and Cherry were sitting with their well meaning but naive Aunties and the Mafia and the Rap singer were glowering at the girls from their own table! What amazed me is that the men still passed notes to us girls and doubtless the men were getting their own too! I hadn’t seen this since Doris and I were crumpet at the Pink Pussycat Club.

So we chatted with the girls who were having a ball and said that their various partners were worried that their Auntie’s might prevent them from getting laid! They were! We were more concerned with us getting laid! Soon after a couple of scotches, the music started again and we were away. Things were starting to sort themselves out. The boys who were dancing with Doris and I seemed to be getting younger, the girls were now getting older men (and obviously preferring them by the look at it). To my surprise, the old chicks seemed to have had an early night and the four guys were attracting the young bimbos now (“age is just a number, they say).

By my estimate, Doris and I were going to be screwed by well endowed boys, Susan and Cherry were about to be fucked by handsome adult men, (with or without large cocks?) and our four men looked like they were going to spend the night with their daughters? Be careful here guys. I danced near George and slipped a couple of packets of condoms into his pocket and he looked at me with surprise when he say his new presents. He raised his eyebrows at his hip wiggling wife and I nodded at him. It was going to be on for one and all. The rave up was running out of steam. Cherry and Susan were being extensively being felt up by their soon to be lovers, so I can cross them off my list. They’re both old enough to look after themselves, preferably as a foursome.

Doris and I had scored two delicious young men and they were about to find out why older women are so fucking spectacular in bed. We’ll do a foursome as well, probably at our house as we don’t want to creep around secretively at their houses in case Mummy was awake. We wanted to make our own noise without interruption. I think the guys will each go their own way, but I can see Andrew and Desmond (boy is he going to impress them. I wish I was a fly on the wall). George and Ron seemed to be pretty well settled on a couple of teenagers who’s ambition seemed to be to screw their fathers. But no gangbangs. So far.

Daryl was my own young chicken and Nigel (Nigel? For goodness sake). Well Daryl came over to me and said that he and Nige would like to have both Doris and I and “hoped I didn’t consider him rude if it wasn’t something out of the ordinary for us.” Is the Pope fucking Catholic? Our “daughters”, about to be extremely fucked by their young men, were climbing into a BMW four wheel drive and I didn’t even spare a thought about whether they had condoms. They probably had dozens between them. And knowing our girls, would need all of them.

Andrew and Desmond had taken their partners off somewhere and George and Ron, it seemed, were eager to commit adultery with these two young things who would either make them of break them while clutching their teddies and dollies. Whichever way. Right now, it was just Doris and I with our ardent, large cocked studs to think about. Daryl, who seemed, not to my surprise, the leader of the pack asked us “our place or theirs.” Doris and I had been through that and Nigel, retrieved his Merc and Doris climbed into the passenger seat with Daryl and I in the back. I feel sorry for Nige, he only had one hand for Doris (otherwise we’d crash) by Daryl has using both of his on me. He seems pretty keen my ass (as most of the world does) and I’m looking forward to getting home with these two delicious men. I hope they’re into oral too?) They were.

I don’t know what these delicious boys had been up to all their short lives but they haven’t yet enjoyed the Moll Brigade and it’ll be an experience they’ll write about for the rest of their lives. So we’re home and there time is coming and so are ours. Cumming I mean.

Daryl says, “So whose house is this then?

Doris says, “This is our house Daryl, and Marjorie has another flat upstairs.”

He is immediately interested, “And do you have husbands, girls?”

I’ll leave this to Doris. I’ve done enough work for the evening.

“Yes guys, we both have husbands but they’re away at the moment and we needed some young cock to ease our frustrations. I hope you’re up to looking after these two old ladies for a while. You look like strong young men, Marjorie and I are looking to be occupied by two eager young cocks in all our orifices, all night.

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