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Big Dicks

Throughout high school all I ever heard was “Stay in school. You’re not going anywhere without that high school diploma.” This was all good advice and I would recommend it to anyone today. I had no intention of dropping out of school. However, what people should have told me was to study while I was there. I graduated with a C average and no ambition to go the route of my classmates. Teaching, nursing or secretarial work was not in my future. My biggest achievement was becoming captain of the girls ski team. My father had me up on skis when I was four years old and it was about the only thing I felt I was good at.

I took the summer off after high school and come fall I couldn’t wait to hit the slopes. My mom and dad were pretty patient with me and didn’t mind me staying at home however they did get on me from time to time about getting a job. I put applications in to a few places but not much came from those. Besides, I really didn’t want a job stocking shelves or working behind a counter.

My grandmother lived in the town of Dover, Vermont. I always stayed there when I went skiing. She had a huge old farmhouse with ten acres of land which abutted the lake. Dover was a big tourist town in the summer and in the winter it was only twenty miles to the good skiing. I remember thinking, when I was little, that my grandmother’s house was haunted. I’d hear noises at night but later found out it was only my grandfather’s snoring. Since then I’m pretty much okay with the place.

It was the end of March and I was driving into Dover after a day of skiing Squaw Ridge. As I drove past the Golden Eagle Motel I noticed the sign out front. It read: See you in the spring! Help wanted. About a mile beyond that I made a u-turn and drove to the motel office. I was greeted by a guy who looked to be in his fifties.

“Hi, I’m Margie Gilday. I noticed your sign out front and thought I’d pick up an application.”

“I’m Lenny Ross,” he said shaking my hand. “How old are you?”

“Nineteen,” I answered.

“It’s a housekeeping job. Usually the people who apply are school kids or old ladies that want to get out of the house. Neither seem to work out too well.

“Well, I’m neither one of those so I’m probably just who you’re looking for.”

“You make a good point,” he chuckled.

I looked over the application. “Do you want me to fill it out here?”

“Nah, take it home and fill it out. You can drop it off anytime. I’ve lived in Dover all my life and I don’t remember ever seeing you before. Do you live in town?”

“I live in Adams.”

“Adams! That’s ninety miles south of here. That’s one hell of a commute and I’m going to need someone every day. It doesn’t pay much and it’s only about fifteen to twenty hours a week.”

“That’s okay. I don’t have any job lined up for the summer and I could probably stay with my grandmother,” I told him.

“Who’s your grandmother?” he asked.

“Mildred Gould. She lives on the other side of town.”

I thought the guy was going to fall over. “Millie Gould is your grandmother? I know her. I’ve mowed that field behind her house every year since her husband, Ralph, passed away. So your mother would be Barbara?”

“Yeah!” Geez, this guy knew my whole family.

“Your mother was a few years behind me in school, but I remember she was one hell of a tennis player. You tell her I said hi. She’ll remember me.”

Needless to say I got the job and started on May first. I have no idea why but I really enjoyed this job. It wasn’t hard and after a while I knew just what to expect when the guests left. Unmarried couples left a wastebasket full of condoms and stained sheets. Married couples left only stained sheets. Families would leave things pretty neat but everything was sticky from their kids grubby little paws. After I was finished for the day Lenny gave me full use of the pool and I got to meet lots of people from all over the country.

It was around eleven o’clock on the fourth of July when I pulled into the motel. I was expecting a pretty easy day as no one goes home on the fourth. There was a parade in town followed by a cookout / fair at the field behind the school and fireworks at night. My plan was to work on my tan out at the pool. I stopped in at the office to let Lenny know where I’d be if needed. canlı bahis I checked the register and noticed that unit eight was checked out. “Well, I guess I can handle one unit before I hit the pool,” I thought.

Lenny’s wife, Judy, came out from the back room. She didn’t have much to do with the business but sometimes she’d cover the desk when Lenny’s out.

“Oh, hi Margie. Lenny went out to get some ice. The machine broke down last night and he’s buying ten bags here, ten bags there hoping to get us through the day. I expect him back in an hour or two.”

“Well, that’s a bummer. Can you tell him I’ll be out at the pool if he needs me?”

Judy wrote a note and told me to enjoy the day as I walked out. I figured I’d clean unit eight first and headed to the laundry room. I pushed my cart down the walkway, dragging the vacuum behind me. When I got the unit I opened the door and there, on the bed, was a guy, stark naked and jerking his cock like there was no tomorrow. When he saw me he jumped up and ran for the bathroom. In my haste to close the door I hit my head on the door jam and almost knocked myself out. I put my hand to my head and and sat down on one of the benches. I wasn’t bleeding and I felt I’d be okay in a minute or so.

Just then the door opened and the surprised guest came out onto the walkway.

“Are you alright?” he asked with concern.

“Yeah. I’ll be okay. My God, I’m so sorry. The register said you were checked out. If I had known I never…”

“Don’t worry about it.” he injected. I was suppose to be out of here but my friend couldn’t get here today so I signed in for another night. The girl at the desk made a note of it.”

“Damn it!” I barked. “If she put it in the register instead of making notes, this wouldn’t have happened. I am so sorry. I always try to be careful when I…”

“Hey, it happens. Don’t worry. I’m not going to report you. Let’s just pretend it didn’t happen,” he smiled.

I thanked him for his understanding and he went inside. I was still pissed as I put my supplies away and thought I would tell Lenny to make sure Judy registers any guests that are in a room. I felt it best to skip over the part about finding our guest jerking off.

I was out at the pool enjoying a quiet day without a bunch of kids running around when a deep voice broke the silence. “Looks like we’ve got the place to ourselves.”

I peered out of one eye to see our guest from unit eight standing over me. He was around six-two with light brown hair and was in great shape.

“You mind if I sit here?” he asked, pointing the the chaise next to me.

“No. Go right ahead,” I said with a sort of embarrassed smile.

“I’m Bob Wallace. Everyone calls me Rob.”

“Margie Gilday,” I smiled, thinking that the hand I was shaking was wrapped around his cock about an hour earlier.

We talked for over an hour. Rob was a salesman for some granola bar, trail mix company that was expanding their business. He was from New York and said he enjoyed his work as he got to travel all over the country. I told him my story, that took about five minutes, before he started rolling up his towel.

“How come you’re not over at the town cookout?” he questioned.

“I’m not too big on hot dogs,” I laughed.

“Well, you have to eat at some point. How ’bout I take you dinner tonight? You know a good restaurant?”

“Hmmm. Two questions at once,” I thought. “The Elk Horn’s good but I don’t know if I should be dating the motel guests.”

“It’s not a date. I’m just making up for all the trouble I caused you this morning. Knock on my door around six thirty. And make sure you knock first.” he laughed.

I laughed along with him. “Alright, I’ll be there.”

I got back to my grandmother’s around three and told her I had a date and that I wouldn’t be home for supper. She seemed pleased that someone had their eye on me and that I’d be out having a good time. “Just let yourself in. I’m going to bed early,” she told me.

I got to Robs unit right on time and knocked as loud as I could. “Any louder and you would have knocked the door down,” Rob laughed, inviting me in.

“It occurred to me on the way over, I hope we can get a table. It’s a holiday and some places might be mobbed.”

“Not to worry. I made bahis siteleri reservations and was lucky to get a table at the Elk Horn’s back deck. And they’re having fireworks tonight on the lake at nine thirty so we should have front row seats.”

The Elk Horn was crowded but we got escorted to our table with no problem. Rob ordered drinks for the both of us and I was very surprised they didn’t ask for my I.D. The night was perfect. Great food, great conversation and the fireworks going off over a calm lake topped it all off. On the way out Rob took my hand and led me onto the dance floor for a slow waltz before we headed to the car.

“That was a nice evening. I hate to see it end,” I told him, as we pulled into the motel.

“Well, it’s only a little after eleven o’clock. I’ve got a bottle of sherry inside if you’d like to top it all off with a nightcap. Unfortunately we’d have to drink it out of a plastic cup,” he smiled.

“I don’t think plastic changes the taste any. Let’s go for it.”

We got inside and Rob went straight for the bathroom as I sat on the edge of the bed. I don’t know why but while waiting for Rob I turned on the TV thinking there might be a Fourth of July concert or some fireworks. Instead, on came a video of a well-endowed blond taking on two guys. I was staring at the screen as Rob came into the room.

“Oh geez,” he mumbled as he took the remote from my hand.

“I didn’t know we got that channel up here,” I laughed.

“Well, when you’re on the road a lot one has to bring their own entertainment with them,” he told me while holding back his laughter and turning off the tape.

“What did you turn it off for? I didn’t get to see the end,” I kidded.

Rob poured two plastic cups of sherry and handed me one. “Don’t feel bad. I didn’t get to see the end either,” he smiled.


“Well what?” he queried.

“Well, turn it on and we can both see how it ends.”

He stared at me for a second then raised his eyebrows. Picking up the remote, he aimed it at the TV and on came the video again. I stayed seated on the bed while focusing my attention on the threesome on the screen. Rob was sitting on the other bed but soon he propped up a pillow and got more comfortable.

I remember in high school my friend Paula and I got hold of her father’s adult videos while her parents were at work. For some reason I love watching people having sex. I guess it’s some little voyeur quirk I have.

I finally got up and walked around to the other side of the bed that Rob was reclined on. I propped up the other pillow and sort of half lay down next to him.

“So, is this the video you were watching when that rude cleaning lady interrupted you this morning?” I grinned.

“Yeah, it is,” he smiled back.

I glanced down at his crotch and could see he had a hard-on. “You know, there’s not much sense watching it when you could be doing it,” I whispered.

Rob turned his head and paused. I took the opportunity to lean over and gently kiss his lips. One kiss is all it took as his hand went over my shoulder and pulled me toward him. I guess he felt the same way I did because in no time we were going at it like two animals during the mating season.

My hand slid down his arm and found its way to the bulge in his pants while his fingers unzipped the back of my dress. “This fumbling around will take all night.” I thought. I stood up and dropped my dress to the floor as Rob unbuckled and got his pants off. Freeing myself from my bra, I climbed back onto the bed and let him unbutton his own shirt as I went straight for his manhood. It was average in size but had a healthy girth and my fingers explored every inch before I guided his hardness into my mouth.

Rob gave a groan of satisfaction as my lips worked their way up and down his shaft. I raised my head and applied a slight bit of pressure to the base of his cock with my thumb and forefinger. This seemed to make him even harder and added a nice purple hue to it’s head. “What a fascinating object men carry between their legs,” I thought before returning it to my mouth.

Rob’s hand was all over my ass, caressing, squeezing, and giving a light spanking before his fingers pushed the crotch of my panties aside and found their way to my now soaked hole. bahis şirketleri My head bobbed faster and faster while trying to keep time with his finger fucking. I soon rolled over and removed my panties, throwing them off to the side. Where they landed, I had no idea. My mouth went back to his glistening cock as my legs straddled his shoulders. I gently lowered myself until I could feel Rob’s greedy tongue exploring the wetness of my burning pussy.

With one eye on the video, a hard cock in my mouth, and a tongue teasing my swollen clit, I didn’t know how much more I could take. I started pinching my nipple to the point it almost hurt, then harder as I found the mix of pain and pleasure excited me more. I could feel Rob’s lust getting stronger as his hips started moving up and down beneath me. I knew he wanted more and, at this point, I was more than willing to please. I rolled off him and onto my back and stared into his eyes.

“Oh my God, FUCK ME.” I whispered.

Rob got to his knees and spread my legs apart. Bracing himself on his left hand, he took his cock into his right and parted the lips of my pussy, teasing me at first by running its head back and forth over my swollen clit. The sensation sent an intense elation through my body. My hands grabbed his shoulders and I pulled him toward me. He continued his massage on my clit until I felt his cock head slip down to the entrance of my wanting hole and, with one easy push, guided his hardness into me. His cock tunnelled its way deeper until it could go no further. Then, backing out and pushing forward, he started his fucking motion. Slowly at first then picking up speed as the lust grew within him. I closed my eyes and slightly raised my hips. His balls slapped against my ass as his greedy manhood had its way with me.

I knew he couldn’t hold out much longer and I tightened my muscles around his cock. Rob clenched his teeth, threw his head back and, with a loud moan, he released his milky white sperm. “OH FUCK,” he yelled as spurt after spurt covered my pussy lips and seeped down into my cunt hole.

I hadn’t reached my peak but I laid back with a good feeling, knowing I was able to please him. Rob braced himself on his hands with his head down, trying to gain his composure. I caressed the side of his face and smiled before getting the shock of my life. Rob fell onto his stomach and pushing my legs apart, drove his tongue deep into my cum filled hole. My eyes almost came out of their sockets as I watched this hot action going on between my legs. He gulped his own jism down and hungrily went back for more. I tried to push out what little was in me and Rob responded by licking and sucking up every available drop. Again and again his tongue probed me deeply for more cum before turning his attention to my outer lips.

Just thinking about this would be enough to get me off but seeing it happen took me to an entirely different level. I reached down and pulled my pussy lips apart. “SUCK IT. GET IT ALL,” I ordered. I frigged my clit while listening to the sound of Rob’s mouth cleaning his cum from my messy slit. It didn’t take long for me to peak. I took a deep breath, bit down on my lower lip. Then it hit me. The orgasm was so intense I couldn’t even get the words that were going through my head to come out of my mouth. I reeled and twisted but Rob stayed right with me, gathering up the cum that had now run down to the crack of my ass.

I fell back, trying to catch my breath. When I finally opened my eyes there was Rob looking down at me. A small string of cum was hanging from his chin. I reached out with my finger and took it to my mouth before we both exchanged a few passionate kisses.

Rob helped me sit up and we got dressed. I was at a loss for words but managed to blurt something out. “I guess I should get going. I’ve got a busy day here tomorrow.”

Rob just smiled and nodded.

“Thank you, I had a wonderful evening,” I told him.

“No thanks necessary,” he said kissing my cheek. “I enjoyed our time together.”

I walked to my car and started backing out. I waved to Rob as he stood in the doorway and he waved back. I made the trip through town to my grandmothers and because of the late hour I tried to stay as quiet as I could before climbing into bed.

I went to work early the next day but as I entered the motel I noticed that Rob’s car was already gone. I checked the motel register then got my cart and, dragging the vacuum behind me, headed for unit eight before the other cleaning girls got in.

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