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“I want to lock my cock in a chastity cage. And I want you to hold the key to it.”

Like…… Seriously?




OK, OK… It didn’t happen QUITE like that… But, you know, when the words are one thing and the meaning in your head is another….

So THAT’S how I interpreted it. My husband wanted me to lock his cock away.

But WHY FFS?!!!!

Was I not attractive to him any more? Had he lost interest in sex? Was he fucking someone else and couldn’t stop?

So, after I finished freaking out, he calmly explained what he was REALLY saying to me. And the first thing – the most important thing – was that he loved and trusted me. You see, it was not that he had lost any sort of attraction to me. Quite the opposite in fact. He was SO in love with me. Head over heels. Hopelessly. Utterly. And BECAUSE of that he was baring his soul to me. He was telling me his desires, which is something that not everyone does I’d say!!!

My husband craved orgasm control.

He wanted me to take control of WHEN he could cum. He wanted ME to be the one to determine IF and HOW he could orgasm… If at all!!! And to do this, he wanted to wear a chastity cage. This was like his overt symbol of ceding control of his cock to me. And I must say, it was probably a better idea than wearing a badge that said: “My Wife Owns My Cock!”

And because I love him, I agreed to give it a go.

That was years ago now. And we have never been happier!!!!!

With hindsight, it made perfect sense. Before chastity, when we fucked or made love, he would do everything he could to see that I was satisfied. It was sometimes annoying when he wanted to ‘debrief’ his performance whilst I was lying there in a post-orgasmic glow, legs spread and cunt sated. But he was doing his research. He WANTED to know what turned me on, what made me cum, and how many times I could cum before I was done.

I’d say I was pretty lucky in that department!!! My husband wanted to explore sex and simply didn’t want to assume that, as a man, he could fuck me and all would be well!!!

And he would always say: “Ladies cum first… And often!!” Indeed, after spending hours gently caressing my body, running his fingers over every inch of me but not quite touching me. Then literally feasting on my pussy with a fervour that made my eyes roll back in my head. Then plunging his cock into me in ways and positions that would make me scream…. After all this he would often not cum himself. I was worried about this in the beginning. Guilt, you see. I was worried that I wasn’t good enough to make him cum. My cunt wasn’t wet enough or tight enough for him. But I see now he was simply holding back.

So when he suggested chastity, my initial thoughts turned back to that guilt. But he assured me that he loved me more than ever. And I trusted him because of that. Hell – I DID marry him!!!!

He now wears a custom made steel chastity device 24/7/365. Steel is MUCH easier to keep clean than a sakarya escort solid plastic or latex tube. It is also just a TAD more difficult to cut!!! It is an 8C model from Mistress Lori, so has an open design. I actually think it’s a beautiful piece of jewellery, exquisitely hand-crafted. It is locked with two security screws and his cock is secured to the device by a pin that locks into the cage and goes through his Prince Albert piercing. For all intents and purposes, it is inescapable. He COULD get out, if he were prepared to use power tools to cut this thing off himself! But….. someone would have to be pretty desperate to go to those lengths. And besides, he doesn’t WANT it to come off! Unless I say so. The secure cage was his idea. He says by knowing there is literally NO escape, it made the feeling of his submission all the more strong. And as he was the one wearing it, I was happy for him to get what he wanted.

Let me say, our brand of chastity is what works for US.

It is not some wankfest Domme / sub She, Her, i, me type shit. It is a LIFESTYLE. And I fucking LOVE it.

You see, one of the founding tenets of our lifestyle from the outset was that he would never pester me for sex.

Men reading this might be thinking: “This guy’s FUCKED up!!!!” But as a woman, I can’t express enough just how liberating this is!!!!! Let’s face it…. Men like to fuck. Perhaps because sex is so… final… for them? They get inside you, thrash around and BOOM! That’s them done. Same thing. Every time. Predictable and achievable outcome.

For me at least, I simply did not feel like it as often as he did. It could be that I’d had a shitty day. Was on my period. Hadn’t shaved my cunt. Or just generally did not want to fuck. But he did. And I felt beholden to him sometimes. Indeed, with hindsight, he was driven by his desire to make ME feel good. And I was driven by a sense of obligation to make HIM feel good. Either way, if I said no, he could crack the shits. And if I agreed, I went through the motions. Not good…

So, from the outset, I demanded that, if this was going to be about ME controlling his orgasms, then he would also forfeit the right to ask me for sex. If I wanted it, I would take it. And if not, there was to be no resentment about this. He needed to understand the Mars / Venus thing. And to his credit, he agreed.

Balance. For us, that’s the key.

If the expectations are unbalanced, resentment can creep in. Then it’s doomed. Our expectations are quite simple really…. I control our orgasms. He is very happy to have this happen. That’s why I don’t swan around the house in leather corsets and PVC stockings, carrying a riding crop and calling out: “Where’s my supper, bitch?” And why he doesn’t wear a French maid’s outfit and wait on his knees by the door for me to get home if I’m working late.

Well, that and the kids!!!

Neither of us have any intentions to explore cuckolding. We love each other and I’m not interested in other men fucking samsun escort me. This is a SHARED lifestyle, not one based on humiliation and imbalance.

If I want sex, I’ll take it. Sometimes it could be weeks before I want it. Yes people…. it DOES happen like that!!!!!! Life is shitty and busy. And when I’m ready, I might want him to watch me as I rub my clit and fuck myself with my hand or a dildo. If he’s lucky, he might get to lick it clean. If I want penetration, I might make him wear the strap-on and have him fuck me. I really get a buzz out of this!!! My record is seven orgasms in a row as I ground myself against the fake cock. Then I had to push him off me because I could barely move. And all the while, he feels absolutely nothing. Indeed, I often feel his cage bumping against my ass, which spurs me on to cum harder. When I want to feel him inside me, I’ll get him to take the cage off. But let’s be realistic here…. If he’s had no action for days, weeks or even months, he’s not going to last long when he’s finally allowed out… Is he? So this is where I have the opportunity to play. Remember, I get to say HOW he cums too!

When he’s released I have plenty of options. I can get him to wank for me at the pace I determine while we mutually masturbate. I can suck his cock or stroke him as I please. I can have him inside me and then push him off before he cums. I can fuck him with his stroker – a fake cunt that slides over his cock like a sleeve. The choices are endless!!!! And all the while, he can’t cum without my permission. It all depends on what mood I’m in. Here, a ruined orgasm is a girl’s best friend too!!!

If he’s been locked for a while, he’ll cum quickly. Especially if I allow him inside me. That’s good sometimes. I love sex (when I want it!) and sometimes I simply want to feel full of cock and to have his spunk dripping down my ass crack after he’s dumped it in me. That really makes me feel like a woman. I love having my cunt full of cum….. Makes me feel powerful that I can get my man off. And then the devil inside me takes over and more than once I’ve quickly put my sopping cunt over his mouth and watched some drops of his come drip onto his lips. He doesn’t like this, as men tend to quickly drop off the sexual plateau after they’ve spunked. So letting him see my open hole with his cum dribbling out is REALLY powerful… And I cum VERY hard when I drop myself onto his mouth and simply say: “Eat.”

But sometimes I want it to last. So I’ll ruin him the first time to set up some endurance. Hell, he might not even get to cum the second time if I’m satisfied. My favourite way to ruin him is to have him edge for me a few times. It doesn’t take long. Squirt some lube on his hand and watch him stroke himself. He ALWAYS tells me when he’s close, so I make him stop. Maybe I’ll let him eat my cunt for a while or watch me as I slowly rub my clit. Then he can start again after he’s calmed down. I find that after three edges he’s really sensitive and stays quite close ankara sarışın escort to the edge. Then I make my move. I’ll crawl over to him and put my mouth straight over his cock while I look him in the eye. He can see his rod disappear into me. I’m not a porn queen, so I can’t deep-throat him. But by this stage, merely blowing on his dick could drive him over the edge!!! So I let him feel my hot, wet mouth slide down his aching shaft. I fondle his balls. I swirl my tongue around his head as he’s inside my mouth. Ladies, it’s the quickest blow job you’ll ever give!!! Don’t get me wrong – I love having his cock in my mouth when I want it. But I’ve never liked the expectation that I should suck a cock for all I’m worth either.

When he’s gonna cum, he will wail and tell me. At that point I’ll quickly lift my mouth off him and stop all sensation. He will thrash and buck as he tries to get some feeling on his member, but he never does! He cums, but it’s not a full release because that sensation is removed. Sometimes his moaning is pitiful as his jizz trickles out and his cock jumps and twitches looking for fulfilment. But once he’s done, I know then that his cock will be mine and I’ll be able to use it for as long as I like because he rarely ever cums twice in quick succession. Hell, he should count himself lucky he gets this!!!

Remember…. Balance. He wants me to control his orgasms, but sometimes this can become quite a burden. I love having the control, but the pressure of it sometimes builds up. My husband doesn’t pester me, but it is clear sometimes he wants out. So we have chastity holidays. We both picked this idea up from the Web. Sometimes the cage disappears into the bottom drawer and we forget all about it. Then, anything goes. It’s nice once in a while to let go of the pressure of being in control and let someone else take the responsibility. It’s good to be pulled to my hands and knees and have a cock rammed up my cunt or ass with no say in what’s going to happen. I wouldn’t want to LIVE that way…. But I enjoy just being fucked like a slut sometimes too.

It hasn’t all been a bed of roses either! We struggled in the beginning because he would often “suggest” some ideas to me. I would sometimes give in as I was still learning to cope with the “guilt” I felt. But I also did my research. It seemed I was letting him “top me from the bottom.” He was wanting to be submissive, but was actually the one in control because he was making the suggestions AND I was assenting. We argued about this, and in the end I simply told him that he could have his key back and that I didn’t want any further part of this. Well…… THAT did the trick!

We probably work well because I naturally enjoy being in charge and he is naturally submissive. But remember….. as the saying goes: Assumption in the mother of ALL fuck-ups! Communication and trust are necessary in ANY relationship.

And I’m NOT spouting our model as the be-all way of enjoying a chastity lifestyle either. We still argue like bitches and life can be shitty. But we have found what works well for US.

And with that, I can feel my cunt as wet as all hell. Good job I have a loving face that I can go sit on right besides me…. That’ll do it for me! But the cage is not coming off tonight…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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