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Please note I’m not a native English speaker. I’ll appreciate feedback!

All characters are (sort of) consenting adults.


“I’m not going to lie, I have a specific taste. I have yet to find the right one for my wishes.” I looked up from my book at the sound of the deep voice carrying through the room. Mistress entered the common room, together with a huge man. His rich voice carried all the way to where I was sitting, on the other side.

“That’s quite alright, mr. James.” The way Mistress said his name, I knew it wasn’t his real name. She called most of the men mr. James. It was a need to know-thing, the men preferred to stay anonymous. “We have 25 girls here at the moment and I have access to more if needed. You may take a look around before we go to my office to discuss possibilities.” My eyes shifted back to my book and I tried to hide behind the pages. I’m not going to lie, I never came here willingly. I was struggling less than 2 months ago, taking any kind of job to pay for the bills. The month I met Mistress, I was in real deep shit. On the verge of going to the wrong people to ask for money. She took me in, explained the rules and I accepted a month ago. Selling myself basically. Mistress ran a high-end escort service, offering girls (and the occasional guy) to wealthy men for either company or…. well… company. She let me go on a couple of dates, easy ones. Just there to be arm candy and entertain the men. So far, no-one has ever asked me for anything sexual, except for one asking to feel my boobs. I let him and he tipped me extremely well. Money was my only motivation.

Mr. James and Mistress spoke a couple of words before moving to her office. I felt kind of nervous. The way the eyes of the man had shifted through the room. He was on the hunt.

I could never focus back on the book. My eyes were just staring blankly at the words. I just waited for the door to open and for them to come out. It felt like hours, but it was barely half an hour later. Bit longer than usual.

“Girls, gather ’round,” Mistress said in her calm voice. I knew better than to disobey, something I had learned my very first day here. I stood up and placed my book on the table. We all stood in one line in a large semi-circle. The eyes of the man slowly slid over our faces and our bodies and he licked his lips.

“So, mr. James. Based purely on the details we have spoken about, I will select a couple of girls for you to choose from. If you like someone else, just let me know.” He nodded, not looking back at her. Mistress stepped to the first girl on her right. She walked so slow, assessing each girl as she stepped by. I knew this was just a game. An act. She already had her girls selected. She took the hand of a girl and pulled her a step forward. The girl next to her was pulled forward as well. She skipped a couple and then selected the next. I stood in the middle and my heart started beating erratically as she came closer. I looked at the man again. He was tall, broad shouldered and had tanned skin. Like he was mediterranean. Dark curls, piercing black eyes. I had to admit, he was handsome. But something in him scared me. Mistress stepped in front of me and she smiled as she took my hand. She must have known I was nervous. I didn’t smile back as I stepped forward. Three other girls were selected as well.

“Girls, please follow me to the foyer. The others may go back to what they were doing.”

My heart pounded as I quietly walked with the other girls behind Mistress and mr. James. His scent trailed behind him, he did smell nice. He obviously took great care of himself.

“Line up and please undress.” The other girls did what she asked without hesitation. I had to force myself to do the same. This was the first time I experienced anything like this. Normally Mistress would order me to come here, get dressed and explain the wishes of the customer. I would then be picked up, have a night out and be returned here. Apparently Mr James either had a lot of money or a lot of influence for almost all of us to be gathered here and be checked out personally.

“You believe all of these girls are fit for what I have in mind?”

“Yes sir!” Mistress chirped with a proud smile.

“All these girls have also consented to being filmed?” What?! NO! My eyes shifted to Mistress in shock, but she ignored me.

“Indeed. All these girls consented when they signed their contracts.” Now she looked at me sternly. I bit my tongue and looked down. Apparently I forgot to read that fine print. Damn. Mr. James slowly walked down the line, his eyes raked over our naked bodies. I was last in line. Quickly I looked at the other girls. They were all smiling, flirting with their eyes. What did we have in common? We were all slim and young. Or at least looked young. But there were differences. Where I was a short brunette with shoulder-length hair, Elisa over here had a short blonde pixie cut and Jesse was a tall curly redhead. There were small boobs, saggy boobs and even Helen’s fake round ones. I didn’t know what he would choose, we were all so different. I kept my eyes down as Mr. James came to me ankara sınırsız escortlar and I flushed slightly. I had never been checked like this.

“I have made my decision,” his voice thundered suddenly. I looked up, but he was looking at Mistress. I really didn’t know who he chose. She nodded happily.

“Shall we finalise the contract, then? Girls, you may get dressed. I will let the lucky girl know later tonight.”

All the girls were chatty after mr. James left. They were excited. Nobody knew what he wanted, what his wishes were. What he was looking for. Mistress stepped back in the common room and smiled that same smile

“You all did well, girls. Thank you for being here on such short notice. Jalisa, Kathy, Sophie and Jessie, I have jobs for you planned for the coming week. You can find the details in your inboxes. I also have spots open to work the Bar. Sign in on the sheet online.” The Bar was the gentlemen’s club Mistress owned as well. You could either dance or search for company. I had been there once just to check it out. It wasn’t really for me, but maybe I could pick up a couple of shifts if I was low on money.

“And for now, I know you are all curious about our recent visit. I’m glad to announce that he chose Lauren!” A couple of girls squealed and hugged me. I smiled at them, but I didn’t exactly know what to think yet. “Lauren, come meet me in my office.”

It was a week later. I was nervous as hell. I still didn’t know what was expected of me. I was completely shaven, I was wearing a summer dress and a white lace bra and matching panties. I had light makeup and just a bit of lip gloss. I looked so young. I guess that was what he was looking for. A cab had picked me up and taken me to the address I needed to be. I had already rung the bell. It was an old Victorian house in the middle of a suburb. Large windows. Normally I would love this type of house.

Mr. James opened the door and he smiled down at me. I really felt small compared to him, I smiled back nervously. Without saying a word, he took my hand and pulled me to the living room. It looked out on the streets. There were three cameras here, placed strategically so they wouldn’t film each other, but get every angle. There was a couch in the middle of the room. A dining table to the side. A man emerged from the shadows with a camera in hand, stepping closer to get a close up of my face. All cameras were already on.

A large hand angled my face up, towards mr. James and his lips covered mine. Immediately his tongue slid out and he licked me, forcing entry to my mouth. Okay, I could do this. Anything for the money. I closed my eyes and leaned into him, moaning softly. They wanted porn, they would get porn. His hand slid from my shoulder down to my back and ended on my ass. He squeezed, my dress riding up a bit in the process. I fought for dominance with his tongue for a while, as his hands roamed my body.

“You are gorgeous, baby,” he said as he pulled away. I just smiled and looked up to him. Right now, I had forgotten about the cameras. It was just him and me. He pulled my dress up and away from my body, tossing it to the side. I glanced at the open windows. Anyone could just look in and see what was happening. It kind of excited me. He unclipped my bra and pulled the piece of fabric away. He softly moaned as he grabbed my naked breast. His dark hand on my white skin was gorgeous. He moved to my back and my world plunged into darkness. He tightened a blindfold behind my back.

“W-” I started, but he interrupted me.

“Shh, baby, let it all happen. You’re in for a surprise. Just enjoy.” Both his hands kneaded my tits now, my nipples rolling between his fingers. I moaned and pushed my chest forwards to his hands. He used this opportunity to squeeze even harder and my body shook for a moment. It still wasn’t unpleasant. To be honest, being blindfolded helped me to relax. I could do this. I placed my hands behind his neck, giving him complete access to my body. His hands moved down and slid under my panties. I shivered and hissed as his fingers came in contact with my soft skin. I had never been this clean shaven and it felt amazing.

“Your little cunt is so wet for me, baby. I cannot wait to bury myself inside of you.” Instead of pushing the panties away or down, he suddenly ripped them to shreds, leaving me naked in front of two strangers, four cameras and open windows.

He nibbled at my neck as his fingers explored my wet slit. He caressed my clit and teased me by sliding over my entrance. I felt his dick hardening through his pants against my ass. His finger dipped inside of me a couple of times and I moaned frustrated. I wanted him. His hands were like magic. His finger dipped again and I pushed my hips at that right exact moment. He slid in a bit further and I moaned again.

“Hm, greedy little slut, are we? Do you want to be fucked by me?” His words became a bit rougher.

“Yes, please, fuck me.” His finger slid in further and my body started trembling as he started moving. He had found the right spots immediately. I was soaking wet and panting. His finger wasn’t enough.

“What ankara suriyeli escortlar are you?” He grunted in my ear, as he pushed in a second finger.

“A slut, a greedy slut.” A third finger.

“A greedy little fuckslut, please use me.” His thumb pressed against my anus. It was enough to send me over the edge and I came hard, my insides spasming on his fingers. He never gave me the time to recover, as he pushed me to my knees. I heard him remove his clothes, dropping them on the floor.

“Suck me, bitch.” The tip of his dick touched my lips and immediately I opened my mouth. He pushed himself in and I had to use my hands to steady myself. He was huge! Carefully I moved one of my hands to his shaft. It didn’t fit. I had to use my second hand to be able to get around this monster.

“You like that? This is a real cock. I bet you never had one as big as this one.” I just moaned as I tried to push him in further. I wanted him to fuck my throat.

Wait, what? Were those my thoughts? Ah fuck it. One time opportunity. I pulled back a bit and licked him as well as I could, coating his cock in my saliva. His hips flexed, a couple of times, pushing himself in further, but the angle wasn’t right. I wanted him deeper. No matter how hard I pushed, it didn’t work.

“Fuck my throat,” I heard myself say. He pulled me up by my arm without saying a word. We took a couple of steps before he suddenly lifted me up and placed me on something cold. The table. With his guidance I turned around, laid down and rested my head just over the edge of the table. I immediately opened my mouth again and stuck out my tongue. My throat was now one straight line. He pushed his cock in and he started fucking right away. Long, deep strokes. He let me get a couple of breaths in between, but he was relentless. My throat hurt but I moaned anyway. I could feel he wasn’t all the way in yet. So I placed my hands on his ass and pulled him in when he re-entered my throat after a short breather. His balls hit my nose and he moaned deeply. He kept it there for a couple of seconds as his hand wrapped around my throat. He squeezed as he pulled back and thrusted harsly back inside. His other hand had found my pussy, which he suddenly slapped two times. It was overkill. I didn’t know what to do. I was dizzy and for a second I really thought this is how I was going to die. Choked to death by a dick in my throat and fingers in my pussy.

He suddenly pulled back completely and I coughed, happy for the oxygen to flow back to my lungs. He turned me around, so my pussy was now lined up with his slick cock. He pushed the tip in and grunted deeply. I felt my insides stretching, trying to accommodate his incredible girth. Even if I wanted to, I could never stop him. His cock was slick from my saliva and to be honest, I was wetter than the ocean itself. He slid in and pushed hard. It felt like I was split in half and I screamed as a new orgasm flushed over me.

“That’s it, whore. I knew I chose right. I’m going to fuck you all night long. I’m going to fill your pussy with my seed.” I moaned at his words as my body rocked with his movements. He was rough. I loved it.

He stepped back from the table and I felt his cock flop out of me. Wait, did he just say he was going to fill me with seed? Wasn’t he using a condom? I didn’t have time to respond as he pulled me from the table and dragged me in front of the couch. He pushed me on my knees on the floor, pushing my head down and hollowing my back. Without missing a beat, he thrusted back inside of me and I moaned. I couldn’t help but slide my hand between my legs. I could feel his dick entering my pussy. But not the rubbery feeling of a condom.

“You feel that? I’m breeding you like the bitch that you are.” I stilled at his words. He pulled me up against his body, his hips kept slamming against my ass, forcing himself deep inside. His fingers found my clit and with quick movements he made me a whimpering mess again. Who was I even kidding? I leaned back against him as a new orgasm took control. It wasn’t until long that I felt his movements slow down and he stilled. HIs cock pulsed inside of me and I felt how he filled my body with his seed.

He pushed me forward, hollowing my back. I knew he wanted this on camera. So I opened my legs slightly, pushed my ass up and grinded for a second against his softening dick. He pulled out and for a second I almost felt cold without his warmth inside of me. I felt his cum slowly dripping out of me. He scooped some of it up and pushed it back inside, before slipping up. He used his cum as lube as he forced his finger inside. He wasn’t the first there, but I would be in trouble if he decided to fuck me there. I pushed back against his finger and moaned. He pushed a second one in and started to stretch me wide. He was relentless as a third entered me. He was definitely preparing me. He used his fingers to widen my hole. I was still horny and at this point, my body gave him everything he ever wanted. A cold metal piece was pressed against my ass and I felt a plug enter me from behind. A dick pushed against my sensitive sincan türbanlı escortlar pussy and slid in easily. What the fuck, was he already hard? But it felt different. This one was thinner. I pushed myself up, but my wrists were grabbed from behind. It pulled me slightly up, so I was hovering in the air.

“You feel that, little slut? I told you I had a surprise for you.” A cock was forced in my mouth and I could taste myself. This was Mr. James. His cock was still flaccid but hardening already. The man behind me had a fast tempo, fucking me from behind. It felt odd, having his dick and a plug stuffing me. I moaned as my mouth stretched as far as it could around his cock.

“You are mine,” mr. James grunted and he pulled the blindfold off of my face. I looked up at him and he grinned. A movement caught my eye and I looked to the side. Four other men were standing in the room, naked, with their dicks in their hands. All were extremely well endowed. Behind me was another guy, thrusting his dick deep inside. By his movements I could see he was close to cumming.

“Make sure you fill this bitch’s womb well.” I dropped my head as the well-known tension started building again, letting me know my own orgasm wasn’t far down. The man behind me stilled and I felt him pushing his seed deep within me. He withdrew and I was flipped to my back. A new man appeared, he grabbed my knees and pushed them up, opening me completely to him. Without any hesitation, he thrusted in. He was way thicker than the man I just had and I moaned as delicious pain shot through my body. He hit the right spots immediately and my orgasm overtook me.

Hands grabbed my tits. I was pinched, pulled, slapped, suckled, nibbled and even bitten hard. A cock was pushed in my mouth. My body was moved around like it was a doll, so my throat was open for any cock.

“Look at this whore. This filthy little slut. Just waiting to be bred by men. As many men as possible. Isn’t that right, cunt?” I was never a big fan of this type of dirty talk, but at the moment, I didn’t care. It just added to the magic, the fantasy. The dick plopped from my mouth.

“Fuck my pussy, fill me up. Breed me. I want your seed in me.” The men laughed at my words, before a new dick re-entered my mouth. The one currently fucking me started stilling as well, pulsating as his sperm mixed with the other in my body. I felt full. I felt dirty. The man moved and mr. James kneeled between my legs. He pushed my feet further up and someone else grabbed my ankles. I was basically folded in half now. He removed the plug. Oh fuck. I was not ready for this. I mewled slightly in fear and the men laughed again. He pushed his rock hard dick in my pussy again, making it slick with the cum before he moved out. He pressed the tip against my asshole and pushed hard. I grunted in pain, but I had no chance to complain, as my mouth was still filled with cock. The head of his cock popped in my ass and he moaned deeply. I moaned with him, but my body was too overwhelmed to register the full pain.

“God you’re tight. It feels like a virgin ass. Are you a virgin?” I had to lie. I had been fucked in my ass once by an ex in a drunken haze, but he was tiny. Microscopic compared to this monster. I had lied to Mistress about it, as I didn’t enjoy anal that time. I hoped I wouldn’t have to if I told her I had no experience. So I nodded. Yes, I was a virgin. Might as well me. He moaned and moved a bit, so he could really start plowing. I was sweating from head to toe as he stretched me wide. His hand pulled my ass apart so he could thrust in even deeper. It felt like he almost came up at the top. I started moaning and thrashing. My hands gripped my own legs and I pulled myself even wider.

“That’s it, whore. Feel me.” I came. I came so hard I almost blacked out. “That’s it. I’m about to cum. Don’t worry, kitten, you’ll still get my seed where it belongs.” Wait, what? Before I could respond, he pulled out of my ass and pushed in my cunt. Within seconds he came, sending new thick streams inside me. The cock in my mouth disappeared. Both my ankles were grabbed by different men and I was pulled up. Mr. James kneeled next to my face, I saw an almost maniac smile on his face.

“You feel that cum inside you, coating your womb? We are not done with you just yet. This was round one.” I just groaned. I wasn’t on birth control. Mistress knew this.

After a couple of minutes, they laid my body back down on the ground. My breathing was calm again, but my body had started to feel sore. I was given a glass of water, which I gladly took.

One of the men was sitting on the couch. His legs were wide and he was stroking his thick cock. They were all gorgeous men, they all looked like they came from the same area. They were all in different states of hardness. Mr. James was flaccid, as he had just emptied himself inside of me. Two, including the man on the couch, were rockhard. I bit my lip as I, surprisingly, realised I was still horny as hell. I pushed myself to my feet and gave my glass to one of the men. I then turned to the man on the couch, straddled him and let his cock slide deep in my wanting pussy. I started moving immediately, bouncing on his member. Yes, this is it! Just feeling this tiny bit of control over the situation was just what I needed. The man slid down a bit, so he was leaning back more and he pulled me to his body. My tits bounced against his chest and I moaned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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