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We finally turned in and Richard joined me in my bed and Jennifer slept with Lisa.

We could hear the girls talking and playing so we sneaked a peak at the door.

We watched as Lisa got on her back and Jennifer mounted her. Jennifer picked up a huge vibrator, which was thicker than Richard’s cock, that Lisa had out and spread Lisa’s legs apart. We heard Lisa telling Jennifer to stick it in her cunt and fuck her with it.

Jennifer slowly inserted the vibrator in Lisa and started it up as she slid it in my beauty’s cunt. All we heard was a low hum but we could see that Lisa was enjoying the vibrations. It didn’t take long before we heard Lisa moaning as she was having her orgasms. As she was, we could see Jennifer squirting milk from her tits all over Lisa until she had nothing left.

We quietly tip toed back to my bedroom.

Richard and I had huge hard ons as we got into bed. I moved my hand down to his cock and grabbed it and started jerking it. He did the same to mine. Richard then asked me to fuck his ass and he got on all fours. I inched up behind him and angled my cock to his hole and started penetrating it. He kept pushing back until my cock was fully seated.

I started pumping my cock in his ass and reached down to play with his balls and cock. As I fucked him, he started jerking off. In no time, I shot my load in his ass and then my limp cock fell out of him as I laid on my back.

Richard now faced me and aimed his cock at me as he continued jerking his cock. I grabbed his balls and felt that he was ready to cum. He finally shot his huge load all over me, including my face, hair and mouth. As he finished, he fell on his back spent. We both fell asleep covered in cum with our bodies pressed together.

The next morning Richard and I woke up to the smell of coffee. Richard and I jumped in the shower and got all the dried cum off of us then went into the kitchen to the girls.

They said they had a great night and we said the same.

Just then, Richard got a call on his cell phone. We heard him say ok and hung up.

He looked at us and said that his young 18 year old sister, Dina, is coming and he had to go and that he would call us later.

Richard and Jennifer went home and straightened the house out as Dina would be there soon.

The problem was that Dina was not a nudist nor a swinger and this could pose a problem.

Richard got a call from the gate that Dina was here. Richard put shorts on and went to get her as Jennifer put some clothes on.

Richard picked up Dina and brought her to the house and along the way, she saw a few naked people but didn’t say anything.

They arrived at the house and Jennifer met them and helped them with her belongings. They put Dina in the spare bedroom and got her settled in. Dina congratulated them on their marriage and the baby.

Once she was settled in, the three of them went into the kitchen to talk.

Dina started the conversation by saying she missed him and took a leave of absence because she needed some time to think. Richard said Ankara escort he was happy that she came but he reminded her that the resort is a nudist resort and that they don’t wear clothes most of the time.

Dina said she knew and decided to try being a nudist, if that was ok with him. Richard said being a nudist isn’t for everyone but if she wanted to try it out, he and Jennifer would help.

They explained the rules of the resort which she was comfortable with. They also told her they would introduce her to their friends and make her feel comfortable as possible as a nudist.

She thanked them for everything and then asked what was next. Richard looked at Jennifer who told Dina that all her clothes had to come off and he and Jennifer would be taking their clothes off too.

Now, understand that Dina was now 18 and Richard had not seen his sister naked since she was a pre-teen so he was a little nervous.

Jennifer took Dina to the bedroom and watched as Dina removed her clothes. When she undressed, Jennifer let out a gasp. Dina was drop dead gorgeous and so sexy without clothes on. Dina had a perfect pair of tits with full nipples and a beautiful smooth pussy. Jennifer then took off her clothes and the two beauties stood naked.

Jennifer asked her how she felt being nude in front of her. Dina said that it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be and felt comfortable,

The two women came out of the bedroom and saw Richard naked from behind. When Richard turned around, Dina just stared at Richard’s cock and said, Oh my god out loud. She told Richard she never saw anything so beautiful and turned beet red.

Richard went over to her and told he she looked beautiful and was glad she was trying to embrace being a nudist. He also told her that every day she will feel more comfortable around naked men and women.

Once they got everything squared away, Richard asked Dina if she wanted to meet their best friends, John and Lisa. She said she did and off they went with their novice nudist.

By the time they got to Lisa’s place, Dina did not feel embarrassed or self conscience about her nudity.

They rang the bell and Lisa told them to come in. Richard made the introductions and everyone hugged and kissed and sat down in the living room.

I made some small talk and asked Dina how she liked walking around naked for everyone to see. She said she was fine with it and it isn’t as bad as she thought it would be. I told her she should expect a lot of guys and gals to hit on her while she is here too.

Lisa told her that if she ever needed anything at all or wanted to hang out or talk or whatever, she and Jennifer would be there for her. Dina thanked them.

Then Dina said, straight faced, what do you guys when it comes to sex? We all laughed and told her that we do have sex and continued laughing.

Dina then said, “No, I know you do but since there are no clothes, do you fuck all the time or at special times. I don’t want to get in the way of you guys enjoying sex.”

Lisa said, “Dina, we don’t go around Ankara escort bayan all day fucking because we have no clothes on. We fuck whenever we want but not all the time, mostly, anyway, except for certain times.” We all laughed.

Dina asked if anything was funny. Richard looked around and said, “Dina, there is something I have to tell you because you are going to find out anyway, so We might as well get it over with now.”

Richard said to her,” Dina, Jennifer and I and John and Lisa and several other of our close friends belong to a swinger’s club here at the resort.”

Dina looked shocked. “You mean you guys fuck each other and strangers?”

I answered her, “Dina, it is not just fucking, it is enjoying the company of others who enjoy sex as much as the rest of us. It is about friendship as well. Lisa and I have sex all the time with your brother and his wife but we also enjoy each other’s company, if you can understand that.”

Richard said she hoped she understood and if she wanted to leave, he would make the appropriate arrangements.

Dina looked around and said if you guys enjoy it, I am ok with it. There is one thing though, she asked, “When can I join this group?”

Richard’s face dropped and told her she can’t join the group. Dina said that if it was ok for everyone here to be in it, she could be too. She told Richard that she isn’t a virgin and hasn’t been for years and loves sex too. She also told him that if she was going to be staying here, she wanted to enjoy everything.

Jennifer tried to explain to Dina that at the group meetings, anyone can have sex with her, men and women and in front of everyone, even Richard.

Dina said she is ok with that and that she loves women as much as men and was willing to prove it now if they wanted her too.

Richard said that wasn’t necessary. Richard then asked her to go outside for a minute and she did.

I told Richard that Dina was determined to get in the club so we might as well see what happens and maybe she will freak out in the meeting.

Richard agreed and said he would call David. He then called Dina in and told her he was going to set it all up for the next meeting. Dina gave all of us hugs and kisses.

The next couple of weeks went by and Dina became more comfortable being nude and made some friends. She felt comfortable seeing her brother walking around nude and, on more than one time, saw his cock hard and it was ok with her. She even peaked in on him and Jennifer fucking a couple of times as well.

The night of the meeting was here and Richard explained the rules to her, especially the part where she had to perform sex acts with anyone in front of everyone. Dina said she understood and was ready.

The group meeting was being held at the two lesbian’s house and we walked over. By the time we got there, everyone else was there.

David and Linda got everyone’s attention and brought Dina up to the front for all to see. He told everyone that she was Richard’s sister and wanted to join the group. Everyone applauded.

As Escort Ankara Dina stood nude in front of the group, Linda went over and put a sleep mask on her so she would not know who she was having sex with in the beginning.

This time, Linda told everyone, she was going to pick the people who would be having sex with Dina, then later on, everyone could have her.

I was watching Richard who looked a bit nervous.

Linda pointed to David as Dina’s first partner.

David took Dina’s hand and helped lay her down on the floor, then pulled her to him. He started feeling her up and playing with her tits. Everyone was silent.

After a few minutes, David mounted her and spread her legs. He guided his cock into her cunt and started fucking her. Everyone yelled their encouragement at David who was fucking her hard.

I could see that Dina was enjoying it and meeting his thrusts. Then David said he was cumming and shot his load into her young cunt.

As he got off of her, Linda pointed to one of the bi guys, who quickly mounted her and started fucking her until he came in her.

Dina kept her legs spread and we could see the cum oozing out of her. Then Linda pointed to Jennifer and she went over to Dina and got along side of her.

Dina started playing with her tits, then sucked them. As she sucked them, she got the taste of milk and knew it was Jennifer.

Jennifer mounted Dina and started rubbing her pussy against Dina’s until they both had their orgasms.

Lisa was summoned and laid down beside her and started kissing her and feeling her up. Lisa sucked Dina’s nipples as they grew in her mouth. Lisa pulled Dina on top of her and started grinding her pussy into Dina’s until they both had orgasms.

Linda then pointed to Richard and he went over to his sister.

He started kissing her and feeling her up. Dina reached down and felt his cock and knew it was Richard. I saw her whisper something to Richard and he quickly mounted her.

Everyone watched closely to see if she could take his whole cock.

Richard spread her lips and placed his cock head at her opening. He started pushing his cock in her as she was pushing down, trying to get all of his cock in her young, cum filled cunt.

We watched as his entire cock slowly disappeared into her until his balls were up against her ass.

He started fucking his sister, ramming his big cock into her. She met his thrusts like a pro and seemed to want more.

Then she yelled out for him to cum in her. He gave a few more thrusts and shot streams of cum into her as she was bucking her hips and having her own orgasms.

She pulled his head down and whispered something to him and we saw Richard smile and dismount Dina.

Everyone applauded. Linda took off Dina’s mask and announced thay Dina was now a member of the club.

Dina looked at Richard and walked over to him. I could hear him tell her that he was proud of her.

I asked Richard what she whispered to him.

He said, the first time she told me she knew it was me and to make sure I got my whole cock in her.

Then he said, the second whisper was that she wanted me and Lisa to fuck her like this every night.

I told my hot sister she can have whatever she wanted after tonight.

Look for Chapter X

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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