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Hi this is my fourth submission to this site but for but those who don’t know much about me here is a small Gist of it all, I enjoy making love with my maid her name is Chhaya and she is 38 years old is a married woman and is very dark has 34c boobs big round and black tits her waist is 30 and has a round butt of 34, I myself am 19 years old and am just average looking with 32d tits and a tight butt to compliment my backside but more than anything Chhaya love my eyes and finds them Intoxicating.

I remember the first day after Chhaya had arrived to work at my house as a Maid and my parents left home I ran back to my room and began to finger myself thinking of me and Chhaya me making Love.

I lived in a locality where there were not many friends of my age and thus in my spare time when I was not in college I always ended up in Bed getting all wet by thinking of Chayya.

Days got converted into Weeks and Weeks into Months and my urge to make Chhaya buca escort mine was increasing with each passing day. I had Stained many a Panties and Bed Sheets while thinking of Chhaya but I was scared to make the first move towards her for fear of her Rejection but one day finally the day came when I heard some noise from her room as I peeped in I found her masturbating violently with 3 fingers into her ‘Honey Pot’, I went on looking I soon came to know from her movement and moans that she was going to CUMM any moment and so gathered courage and entered her room when she saw me she got scared at first but I went in with love towards her and with out saying a word I feel to the ground removed her hands out of her pussy and licked her bare and wet pussy and licked her to what I presume was her life’s most Shuddering and Heavy Orgasm.

My life had completely changed after Chhaya entered my life, it was Sex, Sex and More Sex all the alsancak escort time but as all good things come to an end I got bored of the normal stuff with Chhaya and thus I decided to get Kinky and fulfill a Life Long Dream of YES you guessed it right, ‘DRINK PEE RIGHT FROM THE SOURCE’.

I decided I did not want to miss out on Chhaya and thus I decided to play it Slow and Safe. My first step was to keep her besides me and surf all the possible Pee Porn sites and show her 2 porn Cd’s that I had that contained only videos of Women Peeing into each other’s Mouths and all over their Bodies and drinking each other Pee as if it were the Best Drink in town.

I kept noticing that Chhaya seemed to be Enjoying what she saw and thus next time when I sat with her to view our Pee porn I took 2 glasses of soft drinks with me for both of us and I quickly downed down my drink and then said I had to pee but did not want to move from the bornova escort seat as a hot scene was on and asked Chhaya if she would mind if I relieved myself in the Glass itself and the very Way she smiled and winked at me I knew she had got what I wanted.

The minute I had finished to Pee she picked up the glass and put it to her Lips and slowly and seductively drank all my pee up as if it were the thing she lived to drink.

After she was done she smiled at me just the way she had the first time we had made Love and we got into a rel hot sex session and you guessed it right when the session ended we both emptied our bladders into each others mouth.

Many people whom I know feel that I am a hardcore pervert as I have sex with my maid but I feel that there should not be any distinction in this matter as even she is human and even she needs love. You readers mean a lot to me now so you’ll tell me am I doing the right thing by making love to my maid???

Only Responses sent by Females to my mail box via e-mail will be accepted. I love replying to mails sent to me and will get back to your at the earliest, please note I shall not respond to Anonymous responses and you need to write in your ASL along with your response.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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