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Big Tits

The frilly skirt she was wearing rode up the back of her thighs, as she stretched to reach a difficult spot beneath her boss’ bed.

The final inspection of his room, after a thorough vacuuming and dusting, had left her satisfied with her job. She’d just started to make his bed, narrowly restraining herself from face-planting on the thousand-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets, when a gleam from the back of the headboard had caught her eye.

Being a maid this certainly wasn’t the first time she was contorting into weird positions to keep her boss’s humble abode spic-n-span. She had lost count how many times she had found rotting Cheetos behind his work desk or empty-condom-wrappers shoved into weird places in the guestroom. After finding pens inside the toothbrush mug in his bathroom she’d stopped asking questions. Not that he was there to answer for himself anyway… He’d never seen her in person, with her working her magic only on weekdays and only when he was out and about. She had received specific instructions from one of his security guards to try to avoid running into him. Emphasis on “try”. Apparently, good cleaners work in silence and anonymity.

Finally, after doing some ninja finger-maneuvers, she felt the cold metal of the mystery object in her palm.

“Aha!” She shouted out in victory.

Big mistake…

“Is somebody in there?”

She snapped onto her back in shock, hitting her head on the bedside cabinet. A whine escaped her lips, as she rubbed her bruised head with her free hand, one arm still wedged beneath the bed.

“Jason, is that you?”

As her boss’ voice drew closer, she panicked. Imitating a dead body was an option that crossed her mind, but before she could evaluate its pros and cons, the bedroom door was being pushed open. Her wedged arm coiled back like a spring in reverse and in the next instant she was on her knees beside the bed. The door thudded against the opposite wall.

“What are–” David froze, her alarmed eyes meeting his startled ones.

He gave her kneeling form an excruciatingly slow once-over.

“Who are you?” His gaze sliding to her right hand, perched atop his bed covers, and he raised a perfectly-shaped eyebrow. “Is that my Rolex?”

Her neck jerked to look at the mystery object in her hand.

“Oh shit!” She dropped it on the bed like it was a live snake about to bite her.

Rushing to explain to her oblivious employer, she failed to notice that he had stepped inside his room, now standing mere feet away from her.

“It’s not what you’re thinking! It wasn’t… I wasn’t…” She swears she saw a tiny, amused grin flicker across his lips for a second. She finished speaking, pathetically. “I-I wasn’t stealing!”

“Who said anything about stealing?” He bit his plump bottom lip, giving her a look she couldn’t quite decipher. “Don’t put words in my mouth.”

“I’m really sorry, Sir!” She spluttered out a quick apology, but he seemed to not be listening.

Extending his hand to help her get off the floor, she gladly accepted. Her palm tingling at the feel of his strong, firm grip, while she stared at his veiny forearm. Out of nowhere, her brain supplied lewd, X-rated images of obscene things those hands could do to her.

“Are you Giselle by any chance?” At the mention of her name, she glanced up at him in surprise. He smirked. “The cleaning lady that visits my place every week and makes my life a lot better.”

“How do you know my name?” She was surprised and flattered.

“I have my ways…” He shrugged nonchalantly while giving her a wide grin. “Besides, we had to put a name to the cleaning fairy.”

She scrunched her brows. “The cleaning fairy?”

“Jason, my secretary, came up with it. He really likes the elephant origami-towels you leave on his bed.”

“Oh…” They knew her name. And appreciated her silly towel-art. She didn’t know what to say. “Thank you, Sir!” She was really bad at accepting compliments.

“Call me David.” His mesmerizing eyes peered down at her, betraying thoughts not quite as innocent as his eyes appeared to be. It made her heart do weird flutters inside her chest. “I have to say though, I was expecting an overachieving, uptight old lady and you are…” His hand slid down her arm with his appreciative gaze. She shivered. “…anything but that.”

He was flirting with her. But she wouldn’t take the bait so easily. “You think I’m an overachiever?”

He raised a brow, as if to test her. “You arranged all the books in my study alphabetically…”

“It’s not a big deal.” She shrugged.

“And Jason wanted to thank you for finding his missing Star Wars figurines.”

“They were stuck behind the refrigerator. I couldn’t just leave them there!”

He blinked slowly. “I’m not even gonna ask how they ended up there.” Smiling mischievously, he tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear, her heart going into overdrive at his unexpected move. “The mugs in the kitchen are all arranged according to our height. Jason was seriously erotik film izle offended when he found his’ mugs on the bottom shelf.”

She bit her lip in consternation. “I didn’t mean to make fun of him…”

“But I do. Make fun of him that is. Don’t worry, he’s used to it.”

The way he was talking, it seemed they genuinely appreciated what she did for them. She was glad, though. It was nice to know that her hard work was acknowledged, and her ego had seriously needed some well-deserved boost.

“Than–” Her words of gratitude died prematurely in her throat when she felt his thumb caress her cheek. Her eyes immediately snapped to his.

“You had some dust on your cheek.”

Biting her lip to contain her smile, she gave him a skeptical look. “Did I now?”

It was dangerous territory she were treading on, but his words and flirtatious glances were roping her in. Silence and anonymity be damned!

Soft fingertips brushed down to her neck, after briefly detouring to the sensitive underside of her ear. Goosebumps broke out in places he wasn’t even touching.

“I have dust on my neck too?” She asked innocently.

“Hmm…” He mumbled as if breaking out of some trance. The smirk that appeared on his face bewitched her further. He was well inside her personal space now, one hand circling her throat. She felt no fear, only craving for more. His breath fanned her lips as he spoke. “Yeah. Will you let me clean you up, baby?”

If she said yes there was no going back. She didn’t want to go back, though. So she just whispered: “Yes. Yes, please.”

His mouth crashed down on hers. Whimpering shamelessly at just the feel of his lips on hers, she pushed her hands in his hair, pulling him impossibly closer. When his tongue demanded entrance, she gave in easily, loving the taste of him as she explored him too.

Feather-light touches on the back of her thigh made her gasp in his mouth. He bit her lip as his hand slid up, palming her ass through her underwear. “This pretty maid skirt has been driving me crazy, Giselle. Won’t you let me see what’s underneath? Please let me see that gorgeous ass you’re hiding.”

Without another word, she pushed away from him. Bending down on the soft bed, with her ass up in the air, she pulled up her skirt for his viewing pleasure.

“Shit…” He groaned. “I wish you could see yourself right now, baby. You look so fucking pretty.”

She felt him move behind her, before his hands started to fondle her ass-cheeks, gripping one in each hand roughly. “You’re so wet already. You’re soaking your panties.” He rubbed her slit over the lacy underwear, making her whine shamelessly. “Tell me what you want, baby.”

“Your fingers.” She moaned, reaching behind herself to push down her panties. “I want your fingers inside me, please.”

“No!” He swatted away her hand. “I’ll take ’em off when I want.”

Giving her what she wanted, his fingers slid inside her underwear, dipping into her drenched cunt and spreading her slick all over her pussy.

She leaned back onto his fingers. “Put them in me, please.”

A hand landed on her ass in a harsh slap, making her whimper.

“Look at you being this impatient.”

But he complied anyway, pushing one finger first, and then two fingers up to his knuckles. Immediately he found the soft, spongy spot deep inside her cunt, probing her inner walls till she jerked in pleasure.

“Fuck!” She couldn’t control the noises she was making when he started a steady rhythm of in-and-out, repeatedly brushing her g-spot, while keeping his fingers embedded deep in her.

“Rub your clit for me, baby.” He commanded, aware that she needed more than just inner stimulation.

She rushed to obey, immediately finding her neglected bundle of nerves, and drawing fast circles on it. His fingers felt like heaven inside her, stroking her inner walls with a practiced precision, taking her closer and closer to her high.

“Shit, I’m cuming! Oh, I’m almost there! David, please don’t stop!” She begged, close to tears.

But he stopped.

“No!” She cried out, rubbing her clit even faster, that high peak of pleasure slipping from her grasp by the second.

He grabbed her hand, pulling it away from her pussy. “You’re not cuming till I allow it. Now turn on your back.”

She obeyed, giving him a betrayed look as she lay sprawled on the bed with no underwear on. She looked like he had killed her puppy.

He chuckled in amusement, leaning down to peck her lips. “Don’t pout, baby. You’ll be limping by the time I’m done with you.”

Pulling the top of her maid outfit over her head, he quickly unclipped her bra, 40D breasts bouncing loose as he dropped both useless pieces of clothes somewhere behind him. Leaning back, he eyed her down like she was literally a doll he was considering buying, eyes lingering especially on her breasts and her wet, needy pussy on display for him.

“Spread your legs for me, baby.”

She did as he asked, hiking the skirt out of the way, before film izle splaying her legs wide open. His focus was directly on her parted cunt and exposing the inner pink walls. He licked his lips, making her blush. She felt bare, in more ways than one.

David swallowed harshly. “Your pussy looks so damn gorgeous. I can’t wait to get my cock inside you.” He grasped the back of her thighs, pushing them back towards her chest. “I want you to pull yourself open for me. Please. I can’t get enough of your gorgeous cunt.”

Again she obeyed. Ready to satisfy his every lewd demand, she brought down a couple fingers to her folds, pulling them apart for him. His eyes devoured her pussy, which previously had been stretched around his fingers and now gaped and clenched around nothing.

“Sir, please fill me up.” She pleaded, feeling so empty.

As if shocked, he jumped into action, reluctantly looking away from her cunt, before almost ripping off his shirt and making quick work of his jeans and boxers. Drooling at the sight, she stared at his chiseled, sculpted chest. He was all lean muscle everywhere, not an ounce of extra fat on his body, and with a hard 6” (15.24 cm) cock that made her salivate.

She didn’t have to wait long. With his knees on either side of her, he grabbed her under the arms, dragging her to the edge of the bed till her head dangled off the side. He smirked down at her, his cock swinging above her like bait. She wanted whatever his deviant mind was conjuring.

“Open your mouth, baby. I want to fuck your throat before I fuck your pussy.” He stroked his cock, spreading the pre-cum from the tip down to the base.

She wanted a taste, so she licked her lips and offered him her mouth to do as he pleased, to fuck it as he pleased. Painting her lips with a bit of pre-cum, he offered her a taste first. Catching the tip in her mouth, she sucked on it like it was her favorite candy, probing her tongue on the underside of his dick.

He almost bent-over in pleasure. “Oh fuck, baby. Where did you learn to do that?”

Ignoring his question, she circled her hands around his waist, before gliding them down, enjoying the feel of his tight ass, as she pulled him closer. He got the message. Securing his legs on either side of her head, he grasped her hair for control, as he shoved his hard cock down her throat. She gagged immediately, before breathing through her nose and swallowing gently around his cock.

“You okay, baby? Do you want me to stop?”

She shook her head the best she could, before tugging at his ass again.

He didn’t waste any time as he pulled back and started fucking her throat, using her hair as leverage, and throwing his head back in pleasure. His thrusts were timed just right, giving her enough room to breathe through her nose and swallow around him.

“Ah fuck. You’re a treasure, Giselle. Why didn’t I seek you out sooner? Fuck it, I’m never letting you go now.”

Pulling one of her hands to his front, she traced down his ripped abs, to his happy trail and downward to scoop his heavy balls, tugging on them gently.

“Shit.” He groaned when she started to use her tongue on the underside of his cock. He increased his speed, fucking her mouth faster. Wet, gagging noises emanated from her throat and saliva dribbled down the corners of her mouth. She couldn’t care less, loving the feel of his hard length down her throat.

Both of them were so far gone, that neither noticed Jason frozen on the threshold of the room, as he watched them go at it. Till he adjusted his obvious bulge and David caught the movement of his assistant out of the corner of his eyes.

“What the fuck, Jason!” He exclaimed, pulling out of her mouth so abruptly that she coughed.

Immediately regretful, he soothed her throat with his palm. “I’m sorry. Are you okay, Giselle?”

You nodded just as the newcomer deemed to speak. “This is Giselle?! Our maid?”

“She is.” Her boss replied, studying his secretary closely. He was clearly aroused at what he’d walked in on.

She looked up at the man when he asked. “May I come in?”

David sought her gaze and consent. She nodded again. Jason crossed the room to peer down at her naked form in awe.

“I’d never imagined you’d look like a fucking seven-course-meal. Why have you been hiding this body of yours from us all this time?”

At his words, her cheeks burned bright, which was really ironic since here she was, naked and spread open, with both of their eyes focused solely on her.

“Fuck is she shy?” Jason cursed when she looked away.

David snorted. “Not when it matters, her whole body is made to take a good fucking.” He gave his close friend a knowing look. “Or two.”

“Hey, I’m right here.” She said, offended.

“I know, Giselle, trust me. I can’t take my eyes off of you.” Jason bit his lip, and she had the sudden urge to do the same.

He seemed to be reading her mind too. “Can I kiss you, sweetheart?”

“Please do.” She breathed just as the older man pulled seks filmi izle away to make room for the newcomer.

Clutching the back of her head, his soft lips swooped down on hers in a heartbeat. She bit down on the bottom one, something she’d wanted to do ever since she’d first seen him wandering about. Imagination didn’t come close to reality, though. When another set of lips trailed open mouthed kisses up her inner thighs, she jerked in surprise.

“It’s just me.” David’s breath tickled her soaked cunt. “You didn’t think I was going anywhere, did you? We’re both gonna show you a good time, baby. I hope you’re prepared to leave in a wheelchair tomorrow.”

With that said, his head dived between her legs, pushing her thighs back so he could eat her out harder. Her empty pussy longed to be filled, and she pulled away from the younger man’s lips to voice out her want. “I want your tongue inside me, please.”

“Fuck, she’s so needy. I love it.” Jason murmured, moving down to her throat to shower her with open mouthed kisses, before he palmed her big breasts and held them up like an offering. “So pretty.” Taking one hard nipple in his mouth, he sucked hard, making electric-current shoot down straight to her clit. The same clit that David was circling with his thumb while he probed his tongue deep inside her cunt, swallowing every drop of wetness like a parched man in the middle of the Sahara desert.

The amount of sensations the two men inflicted on her, made her lose her mind, as she squirmed on the bed in pleasure. “Aaah shit, I’m gonna cum!”

Jason bit her nipple and pulled, before switching and repeating the same with the other. David pushed two fingers inside her cunt, searching and finding that spot, before rubbing her inner walls into submission. He raised his palm and brought it down on her clit, smacking her pussy into an orgasm.

“AAAAAHHH FUCK!!” She shouted, waves of pleasure sweeping her under, as she jerked around from the feeling. Long after she was done, aftershocks still made her squirm on the bed. David lapped all the juices, not missing a single drop. She pushed away his head in overstimulation.

Jason stood up, taking off his shirt before quickly ridding himself of his jeans and boxers. His 4.5” (11.43 cm) cock bobbed against his stomach, as if welcoming her, and she looked at his dick with hungry eyes. He chuckled, caressing her lips, before leaning down to give her a kiss. “I’ll let you suck my cock some other time, sweetheart. Right now I wanna be inside of you or I’ll explode.”

She didn’t dwell on the implications of his words, instead wondering how they were going to go about this unplanned threesome.

David pulled her attention back to him. “Will you let one of us have that pretty ass of yours, baby? Or do you want us both inside your pussy?”

“Both. On my pussy.” She replied immediately. She hadn’t tried anal before and she was sure her ass wasn’t ready for it, especially when there were two thick cocks involved.

“Good choice.”

“On your hands and knees, sweetheart. I need to prepare you.” Jason instructed, coming behind her as she assumed her position. He palmed her ass in awe. “I’m a breast man, but fuck sweetheart, your ass could convert even a monk.” He dipped one finger in her cunt, then two, working them in-and-out, scissoring to stretch her walls open for two cocks. The third finger came easily too, her pussy was drenched from her previous orgasm, so much that squelching sounds echoed throughout the room. She was past the point of caring.

When he inserted the fourth one, she whimpered, not in pain though, just slight discomfort. He patted her ass-cheek. “Are you okay, Giselle?”

“Yeah.” She breathed just as David came in her line of sight, with a panicked frown on his face.

“What happened?” She asked him.

Unbeknownst to her, he’d been searching around the house for protection. “We’re out of condoms…”

Jason continued to stretch her out, not at all worried about this recent discovery. “Search the closet in the guestroom. I always keep some in there.”

“I already did. The box was empty.”

Giselle frowned. She wasn’t allowed to touch their closets, or no empty box would have escaped her thorough cleaning. One particularly deep shove of Jason’s fingers made her bury her head in the pillow. She couldn’t believe she was thinking about cleaning while taking four fingers up her cunt…

“It’s okay. I’m on the pill.” Her voice came out muffled, so she looked up at them. “I’m on birth control. And I’m clean, there’s a picture of my recent test result if you’d like to see.”

“We believe you, sweetheart. We’re clean too.”

She nodded as David sighed in relief. “Thank fucking God! I was worried you wouldn’t let us inside of you now.”


Jason gestured for his friend to come closer. “Come here, dude. Come see how fucking wonderful she looks stretched wide open for us.”

David was beside him immediately and she tried not to think about the view they were getting of her stretched pussy. “Wow fuck, you look so damn beautiful, Giselle. Do you want both of our cocks inside you?” He whispered, entranced by her cunt sucking in Jason’s fingers like a black-hole.

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