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“Beer,” Maggie said. “My usual, Shiner Bock. No, make that Bourbon on the rocks. Oh, Hell, bring them both.” Maggie felt used and degraded. The “audition” was nothing more than a scam to get local women for sex. “We’ll call you,” Bill had said. But the “talent scouts” had not taken their phone numbers. Enough alcohol might ease her sense of shame.

On the other hand, the experience of being fucked for the first time in over three years had reawakened her womanhood. After half a dozen orgasms she felt like a sexual being again. And yet, she had been paid forty dollars as an “audition fee.” That made her no better than a common whore. She would need more than a beer and one Bourbon to calm her shame. Her awareness came back to the café.

“Yes Ma’am,” said the pretty little waitress. “And for you?”

“I’m good,” said Lily. “Or maybe a glass of white wine.”

“I’ll have to see your ID, Miss. I know I’ve asked you that before, but I have to do it. It’s the rules.”

Lily made a big show of digging through her purse. “I don’t know if I brought … oh, yes, here it is.” She brought out a fat pink wallet with tiny rhinestones and lavender curlicues at the corners. “No, that’s not it. That’s me and Jimmy at the Senior Prom. Here you go. See? I’m twenty-two, going on twenty-three come August.” It boosted her ego to have to show her card. It proved she was a grown adult woman, and that she looked younger than her age.

The waitress came back with their drinks. “Shiner Bock, Bourbon on the rocks, and our best house white wine, chilled. You don’t usually order wine. Is this some kind of special day?” She was slim and petite, barely five feet tall, with hazel eyes and light brown hair done up in a ponytail. She moved with a willowy grace. Her badge said “Jessie.”

“Thanks, Jessie,” Lily said. “Today we’re starlets, actresses. We’re going to be in a movie.” Her smile was effervescent.

“Congratulations,” said Jessie. “That’s great. Can I get you anything else?”

“We’re good for now,” Maggie said. “But keep an eye on me. I’ll need another Bourbon before long.”

“Yes Ma’am. Call me when you need me. Enjoy your drinks.”

Lily was glowing. “Mag, I don’t think you’re right. I know I was good in that audition. And you were too. They got my first virgin blood on film. They each fucked me twice.”

“They fucked me twice too, and I wasn’t a virgin. Lily, Honey, don’t be dumb. That was no audition. It was a set-up, a scam. I feel like a whore.”

“Well I don’t. I feel like a starlet, a porn starlet, just staring out. You wait. You’ll see.” Lily was fairly bouncing in her chair. Her braless breasts jiggled under her dress. “I’m gonna be in movies. A movie star.”

“They didn’t take our addresses, or even our phone numbers.”

Lily’s perfect white teeth flashed as her smile grew brighter. “I wrote my phone number on the sign-in sheet. They’re gonna call. I just know they will. I’ll call you when they do.”

Maggie signaled for another Bourbon. Little Jessie brought her drink to the table. “Last call for the bar,” she said. “We’re closing in a few minutes.” She looked around the room. Maggie and Lily were the only customers left. Jessie pulled out a chair and sat. “I heard what youall were saying, and I think you’re right, Ma’am. That’s men for you. That’s how they are. They’ll lie, and make all kinds of promises, and do anything to get in your pants. They don’t care about girls, about how we feel, or what we want. All they care about is getting a piece of pussy. I was just a piece of meat he could stick his stinking dick into.”

“I just got fucked by two guys,” Lily said, “For a movie. A movie audition. We’re both going to be in a movie.” She was irrepressible. “I liked it when they stuck their dicks in me. When they fucked me. Damn but that felt good. And I came too. A big one.”

“Just because you had a big orgasm, that doesn’t mean a rat’s ass,” Jessie said. “Your mom’s right. They’re not gonna call. They never do. They just waltz off down the street and screw that damn blonde bitch. And her goddamn slut sister!”

Hey, Jessie,” a man’s voice came from behind the bar. “It’s time, past time. We got to close. Lock the door behind you.”

“Yeah, all right, Phil. I’m sorry, ladies. I have to lock up. You heard the man.”

“Say, wait,” Maggie said. She knocked back the last of her drink. “I want to hear your tale of woe. I’m only half drunk enough. Can we go someplace and talk? Just girl talk?”

Jessie smiled wanly. It gave her face a look of deep, hidden beauty. “Go where? All the bars are closed.”

Maggie took control of the situation, “Lily, you’re driving. Here’s the keys. We’ll go to my place. OK, Jessie?”

“Sure, why not? I haven’t had a drink in days. And I don’t have to work tomorrow.”

The three went out together. Jessie locked the door behind them. Stepping off the sidewalk, Lily missed her footing and stumbled against the smaller girl. “You’re walking a little funny,” Jessie said. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. My casino siteleri pussy’s still raw from that guy’s humongous dong. And from that other guy poppin’ my cherry.”

“Oh, Good God!” exclaimed Jessie. “You gave away your virginity? Just tonight? And two guys screwed you? No wonder you’re sore. My first time hurt like a bitch, when Greg took my cherry. I cried a lot, but he just kept on fucking me. There was blood all over.”

“Well, it didn’t hurt all that bad.” Lily answered. “And if felt so good with his cock in me. He kept it in me, without fucking, for a few minutes, and then when he started screwin’ me again, the hurt kinda faded back, like.”

“Well, when Greg popped me, the hurt didn’t fade at all. He didn’t care. He didn’t give a damn! He just stuck it in me and kept on fucking until he came. I cried all the way home. I’d like to cut his nuts out.”

Lily started the motor and waited while the other two climbed into the car. “Oh, Jessie,” she said, “Maggie’s not my mom, you know. We’re just friends. We work together. And I’m Lily.”

“I’ve been seeing y’all in the café regularly for maybe a year now, always together. I just figured. Well, it’s good to have names to put with the faces.”

Maggie hadn’t spoken for several minutes, just listening to the two girls. “Here we are,” she said. “Come on in.” She unlocked the door and locked it again behind them. “Lily, get us three glasses with ice.” She opened the cupboard under the bar. She poured a generous amount of vodka in each glass and took a healthy swig from her own glass.

“Girls,” she mumbled, “I’m half drunk already, but I have things to tell both of you.”

Lily took a tentative sip of her straight vodka. She was used to wine, but this was her first taste of hard liquor. She shuddered. “Ooowhhhoo,” she gasped. “That stings.” She took another sip.

Jessie took a swallow, then another. While not a seasoned drinker, she was no stranger to alcohol. “Okay, tell us,” she said.

Maggie said, “You’re both young. You don’t know a Hell of a lot yet about men, or about sex, or about getting fucked. Sex—fucking—can be a very romantic thing. If it’s done right, there’s nothing sweeter on this green earth. You give yourself to a man you love, who truly loves you; and if he knows how to make you ready, he’ll make love to your heart and mind, along with your pussy.” She poured herself another vodka. “Anyone else?”

Jessie took the bottle and poured herself another shot. “Right,” she said. “I know. It’s called foreplay. I heard about it, and read about it. But they don’t do it. They just pat your pussy a couple of times and then jam their dick in you and rip you open.”

Lily went to the sink. She filled a glass with water and drank it down. She refilled her glass with ice and water and set it beside her vodka on the table. “Some guys do,” she said. “In high school there was this one boy that kissed my pussy. He used his tongue a lot and got me real wet and all. I was pretty hot, but he wanted me to suck him first. So I sucked his peter. That was nice, like sucking a live lollipop. I liked that. He came real quick, and then he couldn’t get hard any more.” She smiled. “Hee hee,” she giggled. “His name was Peter.”

“My first time,” Maggie said, “was really sweet. I was just barely fifteen, and I hadn’t even had a date before him. He took me to a movie and we held hands. After that we walked in the rain. It was so romantic. I thought I was in love with him. Maybe I was. Maybe I still am. Anyway, he took me home and kissed me goodnight. In the rain. It was so romantic.”

She put down her glass. “I think I’m ready to switch to, let’s see now…” She opened the liquor cupboard. “Rum … , or maybe whiskey.” She put both bottles on the table. She put some ice in her glass, opened the rum, and poured herself a generous amount.

“Gee,” said Jessie, “he sounds all kinds of nice. I didn’t know boys could be like that. Boys or men.”

“Oh, sure,” Lily said. “Peter was real nice to me. He bought me a bouquet.” She got a glassful of ice cubes and poured a little rum over them.

“I had three dates with Tommy before he made love to me,” Maggie sighed. “And it wasn’t just fucking, it was lovemaking. He knew how to handle a girl. Look, all guys are the same. They all want to get in your pants. But there’s some of them that are nice. They think you’re a person, and not just a walking piece of pussy. Tommy was like that. They’re not all the same.”

“Tommy,” Jessie was interested. “Was he your first one? The boy you were romantic with?”

“Yeah. He brought me flowers, gave me a sliver bracelet. My mom liked him. I didn’t want to tell her he broke my cherry. He was so sweet. We were kissing and cuddling, He kissed my neck, my throat, my collarbone. Then he put one hand on my twat, and the other on my right breast. That was the first time he’d ever done that. It just felt so right. I started to get wet down there.

“Then he put his hand inside my panties. I could barely breathe. I felt hot all canlı casino over. He said, ‘Margaret,’ that’s my real name. He said, ‘Margaret, I want you. I love you.’ Well, my knees just turned to butter. I didn’t think I could stand up any more. He laid me down on the grass and started to kiss my pussy. On the outside, outside my panties. He said, ‘God but you smell good.’ I hadn’t ever thought about how my pussy smelled.”

Maggie had a faraway look on her face. She was that little virgin girl again, remembering.

“I didn’t even notice when he took off my panties. He got down between my legs. He said, ‘You’re so beautiful. You have the most beautiful pussy.’ And he blew his breath on it. I was really wet. He kissed me on the pussy. Then he stroked it with one finger. I couldn’t say a word. I couldn’t breathe. He started licking me, and he put his finger inside me. He was licking my clit. I was shivering.

“He pushed his finger in and felt of my cherry. He massaged it a little. I could feel his finger inside my cherry. I wanted him inside me. I didn’t know what fucking was. He said, real softly, ‘Oh Margaret, Maggie, I want you. I want to make love to you.’ I said, ‘Yes. Yes, Tommy. Take me. Take me now.’ I was really ready.

“He was so gentle. He rubbed his dick on my clit a few times before he stuck the head of it inside me. Just the head. He kept it there and kissed me. He used his tongue when he kissed. It made my pussy feel hot and wet. I wanted him to go ahead and fuck me. Then he put just a little pressure on, and pushed his dick against my cherry. I could feel it start to give. He pushed it in slowly, all the way in. It hurt just a little. I barely felt it when it tore away. When he got it all the way in, he just held it there a minute, and kissed me a lot. I could feel his balls on my ass.

“When he started fucking me, I was in Heaven. He really knew how to handle a girl. I didn’t realize it then, but Tommy had fucked a bunch of other girls before me. Now I’m thankful that he had. He already knew how to treat a girl, how to treat her pussy. He knew how to make a girl come, too. He rubbed my clit while he was fucking me and I was just on fire. I had the best orgasm I’ve ever had in my life. The first and the best.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet,” Lily sighed. “So romantic. It made my clit tingle just listening to it.”

Jessie said, “That sounds wonderful. I didn’t know there were guys like that. Maybe one. So what happened after that? Is he the one you married?”

“No. Sadly no,” said Maggie thickly. “I still cry about Tommy sometimes. We fucked … no, I mean we made love, a few more times. I was still just a kid, you know. But he went in the Navy. His ship was lost at sea.”

Lily was still her sparkling self, although she was on her second glass of rum. “Lost isn’t killed. He might still be out there, trying to get home to you. I’d like that.”

Jessie took another drink. “So you lost him.”

Maggie went on, “I thought I was going to marry Tommy. My mom and daddy thought so too. They hung out a yellow ribbon for him. After that I didn’t have a date all through high school. Of course I had sexual urges, female needs. But the memory of those nights with Tommy was too sweet, too precious. I didn’t want to spoil it. Daddy never suspected I had been having sex with Tommy, but I think my mom did. Looking back now, I think she knew.

“After I finished high school, my female needs got the better of me. My hormones started working overtime, so I went out with the first guy who looked at me, and fucked him on the first date. The only date. It was disappointing, but I needed fucking. I went through six or eight men, none of them very good lovers. Only one of ’em ever made me come. I don’t even remember his name. Or any of their names.”

“Gee,” said Jessie. That’s a lot like me. I’ve had a few, just ’cause I had the urge. Damn, just saying that makes me feel like a slut.”

“Well, I’m a porn star … starlet,” Lilly warbled. “And I don’t feel bad about it. I just got done fucking two guys. Two times each. It felt good, those big cocks in my pussy like that, even if it did hurt. I’m going to like fucking, once I get the hang of it.”

Maggie continued as if the other two hadn’t spoken. “Rod was the first man—after Tommy—who made me feel like a woman again, like I was worth something. He took me on dates, picnics and boat rides, and brought me flowers. We were married in a church. I thought I had found someone I could love and stay with for life. But after a year or two he lost interest. We got to where we would have sex only once or twice a month, maybe not that often. And it wasn’t lovemaking, it was just fucking. He’d rub my cunt a couple of times and climb on top. Whether I wanted to fuck or not. Then when he was done, he’d roll over and go to sleep, without saying a word. We never even got around to talking about whether we wanted children.

“One day I came home early from work. That son of a bitch was in the bed—my bed—with two women, both of them naked. kaçak casino He had his dick in one, and the other was playing with his balls. I ran them all out of my house, buck naked, and put all their clothes in the garbage. That was three years ago. I haven’t had a man inside me, or even wanted one, until today.” She looked at her kitchen clock. “No, make that yesterday.”

“But Maggie,” said Lily, “you had it good today, I could tell. Uh, yesterday. Both of those guys made you come. I saw that. You came a whole lot. I only came one time, but whooowee! That was the best part of it. Those guys were good fuckers. I like fucking, even if I am still sore and raw. I’m gonna like fucking in the movies. “

“Three years,” Jessie said. “No sex for three years. That must hurt.”

“After what that bas … bastard Rod did, I just didn’t want a ma … a man near me. Oh, I took care of my sex needs on … on my own. Your own fingers can do a pretty good jo … job. I can give mys … self a come anytime. A cucumber’s maybe better than fingers. A coocumber at least fills up your cunt. Filled up cunt. That’s good. And a cumber won’t screw a couple o’ cheap blonde whores when you’re not loo … lookin’.”

“I got to try that,” said Lily. “I’ve seen cucumbers in the store as big as Rod … um, that other Rod … that cameraman’s cock. I wonder if I could give myself a come with a cucumber.”

“There’s better stuff than that,” Jessie mumbled. “They’ve got all kinds of toys to make your cunt happy.”

“Makin’ it happy don’t … doesn’ make you come,” Lily said. “I used to rub my pussy an’ my clit a lot, but I could never give myself a come. I never came until today … yessterday.”

“Not only,” Maggie spoke slowly. The liquor was creeping up on her. “That one guy, the ‘camera man,’ he had a dick like an elephant. It was at least a foot long. And thit … thi … thick. I felt like he was goin’ to tear me open.”

“Uh huh,” Lily nodded. “It was bigger than a horse.” She took another sip of rum and chased it down with ice water. “But once he got it in me good, he was a real good fucker. He made me come. He gave me the Big O. I never came before.”

“You never got fucked before,” Maggie said. “You didn’t know how to use your pussy.”

“No,” Lily said. “I didn’. That other man, Bill. He fucked me first. He’s the one that broke my cherry. I’m a real woman now. But a sore one.”

“You poor little thing,” said Jessie. “Let me see.”

Lily pulled her dress up around her waist and sat down again. She spread her knees. “Okay,” she said. “Take a look.”

Jessie knelt between Lily’s open thighs, gently pushing them wider apart. “Hmm. You’re still kind of red, and a little swollen. But that’s a pretty little pussy.” She leaned forward and planted a light kiss on Lily’s slit. “That might make it feel better. No wonder you’re sore. Four times in a row. That’s enough to make any girl walk funny for a day or two. My pussy hurt for days and days after Ronnie broke my cherry. I was scared to death my mama would find out. I would have just died. And no telling what my pop would’ve done.”

Lily stroked her pussy. “I guess I’ll be okay after a while.”

“Wait,” Maggie said, “If you’re still that sore, I’ve got some cream we could rub on you. It ought to ease the pain.” She put her glass down and disappeared down the hallway.

Jessie stroked Lily’s crotch and made soothing noises in her throat. “Poor little pussy,” she said. She kissed it again.

Maggie came back with a red and white tube. “This should make it feel better.” She squeezed out some of the analgesic cream, knelt down beside Jessie, and rubbed the cream gently on the lips of Lily’s slit.

“Yeah, that helps,” said Lily. “Oooh. That feels good, rubbing like that.”

Jessie put a finger in her mouth and wet it. She probed Lily’s open vulva until she located her clitoris. She eased back the clitoral hood and rubbed the tip of the other girl’s tiny clitoris. “I bet that feels even better.”

Lily shivered. “Oh, you bet it does. Keep doin’ that.”

Maggie said, “What your problem is, your clit is so little it stays hid back there. Now if you just do this,” she pushed the hood as far back as she could and rubbed her fingers across the tip of Lily’s clit. Lily shuddered. “Ah ha, I thought so. That’s why it took that eleph … , elephant cock to make you come. Your little clit’s so far back it needs special handling, a different angle.”

Lily was fascinated. “You mean I could of given myself O’s, all by myself? I could’ve made myself come, if I just knew?”

“That’s how it looks.”

“Oh.” Said Lily. “Peter could of given me a come,” she said. “When I was just a girl.” She brightened. “But now I know. I could come right now. Poor Peter. Poor little Peter.” She giggled. “He could’ve …” She giggled again.

“I’ve got an idea,” said Jessie. “Le’s find out. Maggie, have you got a cucumber in your refrigerator? A really big one?”

“Let’s find out,” Maggie echoed. She opened a drawer in the refrigerator. “H’mm. No, that’s the egg bin. I’m almos’ out of eggs. Over here maybe. Well, look. Here’s a coocoocumberr. But he’s not near as big as that man’s prick. “Whado you think?” She waved a cucumber at the two girls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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