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The best anal I ever had happened the same afternoon Maestro fucked me in the stairwell.

We returned to our hotel room, a bit tired and weary from repeated bouts of fucking and eating. The pool party scene continued on, but we skipped the drinks and dance music in favour of a little SNAP. Sex and a nap – that’s what one of our former work colleagues called it. We crawled back to the room with a singular goal – naked in bed.

Our sweaty clothes dropped to the floor as soon as we entered the room – Maestro beating me to the bed, as usual. “Mmmmm … come over here, Marie, what’s taking you so long?” Maestro sighed, stretching out to reveal his sleek, tanned body. “I’m naked and horny.”

I carefully laid my bikini over a chair and placed a stack of towels at the side of the bed and jacuzzi. “Almost there, I just need to get a bottle of water.” I checked out my new tan lines as I bent over to grab a couple of bottles of fizzy water. SLAP!! Maestro never missed an opportunity like that – my bare ass, bent over the bar fridge, pussy barely peeking out – to give me a quick spank. “Ouch, you just couldn’t resist, could you? Can you see your handy work from last night? My ass still feels a bit tender.” I turned around, taking a sip of water, to see Maestro’s enormous cock, ready to play.

“Not fast enough, Marie. I told you to get in bed before you messed around with the towels and water. So I’m in charge now.” He reached over and grabbed my hand, pushing me onto my stomach and kissing the back of my neck and shoulders. His baby kisses continued down my back, stopping only to comment when he reached my tan line on my lower back. “Here looks a bit pink, and here … and here,” he laughed, running his finger tips over my ass cheeks. “But I’m not going to spank you this afternoon. Not that much anyway … and not unless you ask for it! I’m giving you a break so you can recover.”

He casually threw his leg over mine, pushing my legs apart. “I’m going to play with your asshole this afternoon, and give your pussy a rest. I’ve got to take care of you, and make sure your pussy isn’t tired and sore so you can’t fuck. I love your cute pink little pussy, baby. It’s just about the prettiest I’ve ever seen.”

“Mmmm, Maestro,” I sighed, “You love my pussy more than I do, you know that. It’s like you’ve resurrected my pussy and my dormant sex life, my love.”

“Hahaha … I do love your pussy more than you do. I’ll always take care of it. So you trust me, right Marie? You trust me with your pussy? And your ass too?” I rolled over on to my side to see him grinning at me, wickedly, intently. “Because when I’m done with you, your pretty pink little asshole isn’t going to be so little.”

I shivered slightly before responding. “Oh Maestro, I trust you. But it’s been a few weeks since you fucked my ass. Go slowly, OK?”

I couldn’t see the expression on his face as he rolled over on top of me, pulling my hair aside to nibble on my ear lobe. “I’ll do what I want with your ass, Marie. It’s mine too,” he laughed, “You know who’s in charge …” Maestro’s talented tongue and lips meandered their way down my back again more insistently, leaving a trail of kisses, nibbles, and bites.

“Hmmm … You’re teasing me, Maestro.” His bites bursa escort sent jolts through my body, anticipating what his insane, creative genius mind would conjure up for me. I didn’t have to wait long. He cradled my right foot in his hand like a newborn baby, before biting down hard on the bottom, his front teeth scraping my instep. “Ooowwwwahhhh!!” I gripped the side of the bed while concurrent streams of pain/pleasure traveled the length of my body.

“That was to get you nice and wet for me,” Maestro purred, “and this … and this too.” His mouth traveled up leg, biting just above my ankle bone, and the inside of my thighs.

“Oh shit! Ouch that hurts!”

“I said I wouldn’t spank you, Marie. But I know you like a little pain. And you’ll get some nice bruises, Marie, just the way you like. With my teeth marks. You’ll get to show them off at the pool tomorrow.” He grabbed a couple of pillows, slipping them beneath my hips. “That’s better, much better,” he murmured as he caressed my ass cheeks, forcing them apart to display my pussy and ass to him. He llicked my pussy around and around my outer lips, squeezing my clit between his fingers. I writhed and squirmed, lifting my ass toward him even more. Begging him to lick harder, deeper. I needed to feel his tongue in my pussy. “I’m just getting you nice and warmed up. Remember that today isn’t about your pussy!”

And with that, Maestro licked two fingers and pushed them up my ass, twisting hard so his knuckles massaged my tender asshole. After getting fingered in the stairwell, my ass offered no resistance. I moaned, remembering the cold concrete wall in the stairwell against my face, while he filled my pussy and ass. “Mmmmm … that’s so good, so good, just like that … I want more, Maestro. Fill my ass!” He pulled his fingers out in one sharp move, leaving my loosened asshole begging for more.

“What did you say, Marie? You know what to say!” Maestro warned me, pressing down on me with his full body weight, his hot breath in my ear.

“Please, Maestro … please!! Please will you fuck my ass now?” I begged, crazed with lust. I reached behind me, pulling my ass cheeks apart, teasing him. “See … I’m ready for you now … see how well you’ve stretched me out? Please!”

“Like this? Is this what you want, Marie?” Maestro pushed just the head of his thick cock against my asshole, really slowly at first, inch by inch. He’s such a nice tight fit, I always need a few minutes to catch my breath after his entire massive head pops in and my sphincter relaxes. “Oh God, oh God, oh God – are you all the way in now? I feel so full …”

“Oh no, Marie … Hahaha … Not even close. I’ve just got my head in. But you’re stretching out for me so well. You’re such a good girl, Marie,” he chuckled, admiring his progress so far on owning my ass. “Now open up for me more!”

I gripped the edge of the bed and the crumpled sheets, desperate to steady myself before he pushed all 8 inches of his thick magnificent cock into my loosened ass. His hands enveloped mine, pulling them above my head at the same time he pressed down on me, his cock exploring the depths of my ass.

“Ooohhh …oh just like that … Ahhhhh,” I gasped, almost incomprehensible with lust. “Oh shit … bursa escort bayan ooooohhhhhh, aaaaggghhhhh … you’re too big Maestro, I can’t take all of youuuuuu, noooooooo.”

“Do you want me to stop, Marie? Really? Is that what you want? Because your ass feels soooooo good now, baby, so loose. And I know how much you love this …!” Maestro pulled out slightly and jerked my hips up towards him, high enough to give my ass a hard SMACK.

“Owwwww oh my ass my ass it stings so … oooooohhhhh Maestro.” My protests disappeared from my lips as my pussy melted, turning into a hot wet puddle. “MORE! Spank me more!” I pried my hands free from above my head and reached behind me to pull my ass cheeks apart. I was oblivious to the stinging pain from getting spanked on my already tender cheeks. I wanted Maestro to own me, to use me. “See how dripping wet my pussy is now?”

“This isn’t about your pussy, Marie! Remember??” Maestro ignored my pleas to spank me, teasing me, deliberately denying me the pleasure jolts I get from his hard open-handed spanks. “Oh no, Marie. No!! I decide where I fuck you! You’re just me little fuck toy. My little play thing … and today, I’m playing with your ASS!” He thrust his majestic cock back into my gaping asshole, pushing his hand on the back of my head.

My screams of pleasure and pain stuck in my throat. I panted, moaned … animal noises the only sounds from my lips, pressed against the pillow. His cock touched me deep inside, into uncharted territory. I’ve had anal with only one partner before Maestro, and he was much thinner and smaller. I’ve had more partners who explored with their fingers, but it’s not the same as a cock. Not the same as Maestro’s thick cock.

“Ugghh … mmm …Maestro oh god oh god oh god … fuck me please … my ass my ass.” His cock stimulating previously untouched erogenous zones, deep in my ass. All of the thought fragments occupying my usually frenetic brain evaporated the harder and deeper he pounded my ass, like a man possessed. Every sensation brought me closer to orgasm. The slight discomfort in my bowels, his fingers pinching my nipples as he withdraws, the film of sweat sealing the two of us together. All of my senses were on fire.

“Come here, Marie. I want you on your knees. Lean against the bed frame here. Let’s see if I can get even deeper like this.” I grabbed the plush, padded headboard and leaned against it while Maestro gently whispered in my ear. “Spread your legs wider, baby, let me see how you’re doing. Mmmm … so nice, such a pretty asshole. Are you ready for more? Marie? Are you??”

“Yes Maestro … I want more, more of your cock. Please Maestro please, I’m a good little fuck toy. Keep playing with me!”

“OK, like this?” He instantly found a better angle. His cock was like a piston firing into me. I squeezed and squeezed but I couldn’t close my asshole. I reached behind me, running my fingers around the rim, amazed at how easily now he fucked me. My ass will never close properly, I thought. He’s wrecking me, claiming me as his own now. “Oh yes, yes Marie, now you’re nice and loose. Just like your pussy, so juicy and wet. See how easily my cock fits all the way in now!!”

“Yeeessss!! Oooohhhh … yes oh yes Maestro … please escort bursa baby I want your cock more more more!” I’d never lasted this long having anal before. But his cock from this angle stimulated my pussy and straight up my spine to my brain. Maestro’s keen awareness for my body’s movements – every combination of sighs, shifting hips and legs, fingertips gripping, toes curling – is why he is an amazing lover. No detail is lost to him. He is meticulous when it comes to fucking. And this time his attention to detail was focused on fucking my ass to orgasm. The bed frame shook and squeaked with every one of Maestro’s thrusts. The music and party scene sounds drifted up from the pool, and a breeze wafted through the open balcony doors, and I could feel the sweat dripping down my back. “Maestro … Maestro … “

“Now you’re going to get fucked, Marie. Just the way you like it … I know how to make you cum hard. Don’t I? Don’t I Marie?” Maestro deftly pushed my legs together, squeezing them between his, using his imagination and strength to constantly find the best position to maximize my orgasms. Sticky sweat from us and his pre-cum coated my inner thighs. I changed my grip on the headboard to steady myself as his thick beautiful cock disappeared into my ass. The bed shook and inched away from the wall with every thrust now as Maestro threw his weight against me, ravaging my ass. Over and over he pulled almost all of his cock out, admiring my gaping hole, before plunging back to claim my ass as his territory. “Oh Marie, oh yes oh yes oh yes, that’s right baby, now you’re mine, now I own your ass!”

His cock plunged into my ass relentlessly. Loud slaps cracked across the room as our bodies crushed against each other. Every inch of my battered ass, my bitten and spanked body was alive as his thrusts reached a crescendo. “I’m cumming Maestro!! Oh fuck fuck fuck my ass, yes please fuck my ass!” Maestro grabbed my hip with one hand and braced the other against the wall.

“Like that, Marie, oh like that! Do you feel that? Oh fuck do you feel my hot cum? “Ohhhhh Marie!” His cum shot up my ass and coated my insides with three body slams. At that moment, Maestro pinched my clit, sending a huge orgasm rolling from my ass up to my brain.

“Aaaaagghhhh, oh Maestro, like that!!” My entire body tensed and relaxed as jolts of lightning, lightning cum set me ablaze. My ass slurped as he withdrew ever so gently, teasingly. I trembled and shook as I peeled my white knuckles off the headboard. Slumped over, exhausted, I rested my head against Maestro’s arm and saw sweat pouring down on to the mattress. “Maestro, oh Maestro, oh god I can’t move! I’ve never had anal like that before.” I sighed, slowly emerging back to reality.

“Just rest, baby, just rest here,” he whispered into my ear. “Lean back against me.” I complied, falling backwards as he enveloped me in his arms.

I felt cum dribbling out of my gaping ass, tricking between my legs. Maestro peeled my hair off of my face, turning my head slightly to look into his eyes. He kissed me sweetly, lovingly, and massaged my hands and arms, still tense from gripping the headboard. Then he smiled and laughed. “You are a true anal superstar, Marie! I’ve never fucked anyone in the ass as hard as I fucked you this afternoon.” A wicked grin crossed his face as he chuckled, “And it’s only afternoon! Let’s go down to the pool and relax. Because tonight I’m going to have my way with you again.”

“Mmmmm, oh yes Maestro.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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