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The Story Continues.

After laying there a few moments I finally got hold of my thoughts. I remembered after I had been in the Adult Book Store with that older guy and the next day thought that if only I could have done more with him. Now I had my chance with Bob to do it and maybe right away before the moment was gone.

I really didn’t want to swim or eat. Just wanted to see what it would feel like to have this sexy older man take me, Break me in. Have real m4m sex. Bob was so sexy. An older man yet toned and firm and virile. Yet the sexiest thing to me even with his body and hard cock was his sensuality. Bob knew how to make me feel desirable. That was what turned me on as much as I was. I knew he wanted to fuck my panty covered ass. Still he was so comfortable to be with. In charge but not dom. I loved it….

“Can we just stay here by the pool Bob?” I asked.

“Sure we can” He replied.

“Wait here a minute boy” he told me. “I have something for you to wear for me.”

Bob got up and went into the house and soon came back with a small box in his hand. “You know I’ve been watching you secretly walking the beach in your panties the last few times so I took the chance I would one day meet you and give you this”…. I opened the box and in it was a beautiful pair of pink silk string bikini panties with a lace bow in the front and lace edges on the waist band and thighs. Wow. A hot sexy older man got me panties he wanted me to wear. To wear for him! I was flattered and so turned on. “Put them on for me now panty boy” he said. He stood there with his shaved head and grey mustache and gotee. Salt and pepper hair covered his chest, arms, thighs and legs. His cock was shaved and stood straight up all 8 inches of it. I could see the veins on his smooth hard shaft up to his mushroom head. “I’m going to get that bahis siteleri cock in my mouth and my panty ass today” I thought to myself.

As I slipped into those panties they fit so tight as Bob was stroking his cock. When I had pulled them all the way up he walked right up to me and sat me in the chair. His hard cock was right in front of my mouth as he looked down at me as said “Suck it baby” “My sweet panty boy” “Suck my cock”…

I couldn’t speak but took my tongue and licked from the base of his shaft to the very tip. Then down again and again like a puppy licking his bowl of water…

“Thats it.” Bob moaned. When I got to the top to the tip of his beautiful dick I opened my mouth and went down on him as far as I could go. The smooth warm hardness of Bob’s cock filled my mouth. “Suck that dick you sweet little panty wearing faggot” He said. I had always thought the word faggot was used as an insult but the way Bob said it to me was erotic sounding somehow..

As my tongue nibbled at the tip of his shaft and I sucked Bob put his strong masculine hands on my head and began to pump back and forth into my mouth.

“Come on panty boy” he told me as he pumped faster and faster. Then all of a sudden I felt a gush of warm cum squirt into the back of my throat. I thought Bob would drain himself in me as his hard dick pulsed. But after the first taste of his cum Bob pulled his dick from between my lips and while holding it with one hand and the back of my head with the other began to squirt his cum all over my lips and mouth. From one side of my face to the other I must have looked like a glazed donut!!! He had fucked my mouth and cum in it and all over my lips and I was just saying over and over “Oh Yes Daddy, Oh Yes Daddy”… The first cock I’d ever sucked. I knew I was not skilled at it but Bob still told me canlı bahis siteleri “Good boy”.

Bob went over the the lounge chair by the pool and laid down. I managed to take my pink panty ass with my lips covered in his cum over to the chair next to him. He threw me a towel which I used to wipe my face and just laid there soaking up the sun and thoughts going through my head.

I must have fallen off to sleep by the pool for a few because after awhile I was awakened by Bob. He showed me to his bedroom. Walking behind me again I could almost feel his eyes on my panty covered bottom as I walked into his room. He turned me around and kissing me on my neck. As he reached around with both hands and felt up my panties I felt wonderful. Long and slow as he cupped my fabric covered bottom. Bob then put his hands inside my panties and rubbed and caressed my naked cheeks.

Just then Bob spun me around so quickly I was almost shocked. Pushing me down on my belly he pulled my panty ass to the edge of the bed. Standing at the edge of the bed right up against my panty covered bottom Bob said.

“I’m going to fuck you panty boy” “Daddy is gonna break in that sexy young virgin boy pussy” he said.

As he lightly smacked my bottom again and rubbed his hard dick all over my panties I told him,

“Fuck me Bob, oh please fuck me”

Show me what its like!”

Bob slowly pulled the panties on my ass to the side of my cheek, but never took them off or pulled them all the way done. He had taken some lube and covered all of his hard cock with it, every inch. Now he poured some onto the crack of my ass under the panties. It felt cool and slippery. Bob began to finger my butt hole. Exploring deeper and deeper filling my hole with lube. I began to push back a bit to enjoy the feeling.

“I’ll take it slow panty boy” canlı bahis Bob said!

Within a moment or so I felt Bob’s hard cock at the opening to my ass under my panties. It was like before when he came on the outside of my asshole but this time Bob pushed more. When he got to the tightness of my spincer mucles I moaned. Bob pushed deeper.

“Relax panty boy” “Relax” Bob told me.

Then deeper and deeper. I’m not going to lie, on the first time I felt some pain. But Bob was so gentle and took me that way…..

When he finally broke through I could feel his dick sliding in and out of me. Slowly at first but then more and more, faster and deeper.

“I want that panty ass baby” “Take it baby” Bob shouted. “Make Daddy cum in your pussy ass boy” Bob said.

I was at the point of no return. This hot sexy older man had sucked me while I wore panties and had spanked me sucked me and made me cum. Then he came all over my panty ass and even on my face and now was fucking my pink bikini panty wearing ass…

Unbeknownst to Bob as he took my panty ass with his hard Daddy dick I was jacking off into the front of my pink bikini panties. I wanted to cum again and while he was fucking me but mostly I wanted Bob to get off!!! To feel desired and taken. To feel like the bottom to a sexy older man. Not love but sensual m4m sex.

Just then I could feel Bob’s cock begin to explode. Throbbing inside of me. Pulsing more and more until….

“I’m cuming boy, Daddies Cuming!! Bob said.

“Fuck my panty ass Daddy” “Cum in my panties, please Bob, oh please….

Bob did! He squirted his load of warm wet sticky creamy cum into my pussy ass.

I could feel it inside of me. As he grabbed my panties and pumped more and more he was spent.

When he did I creamed my cum inside the front of my pink panties… Yes!!!

No doubt I was a bit sore just then and would be tomorrow but for now I had pleased this sexy older man who wanted me wearing pretty feminine panties but not having to be fem, just be a panty boy and he had pleased me too…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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