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Carolyn and I had met on line and had been exchanging emails for some time. Although we hadn’t even chatted, let alone met, we were becoming friends. She expressed such warmth and tenderness, that I had no problem opening up and baring my soul. After exchanging emails for a while, we decided to take a big step and meet for a simple, no-strings lunch.

When we met at the restaurant, I was taken aback by her loveliness. She was dressed in business attire, her make-up was impeccable, her eyes were alluring and her smile was stunning. Instantly, I was nervous all over again. “What does this beautiful creature think of me?” I thought. But my apprehension quickly faded when she took my hand, lightly shook it and said, “Ed, it’s so nice to finally meet you.” I was so relieved; everything was going to be alright. Even if the relationship never went any further than this lunch; I would always remember it fondly. And it was great. We laughed and talked about family, work, our childhoods and more. I was smitten by this woman.. her voice.. her mannerisms and her laugh. In no time at all the hour was over and we had to leave.

As we walked to our cars, I wondered if I should attempt to kiss her or not. Those lips had been tantalizing me all throughout lunch. In the end though, discretion won out. Neither of us could afford any public displays of affection. Besides, I knew that one kiss would never be enough and I still didn’t know how she felt. We shook hands and parted, agreeing to continue our correspondence by email.

Our online communication continued, but now it meant even more to me. In one note I sent her, I mentioned how tempted I was to kiss her in the parking lot after lunch. She replied, “I wish you would have. I wanted you to.” Upon reading this, I got up from my desk, went over to the door to my office and started banging my head against it. Three words kept going through my mind; ‘coulda, shoulda and woulda’. I thought, “I could’ve kissed her. I should’ve kissed her. She would’ve liked me kissing her.”

When I was finished banging my head against the door, I went back to my computer and read the rest of her note. She was suggesting another lunch and said, “This time leave the afternoon open so that we can spend more time together.” Did she mean what I hoped she meant? Maybe not, we could easily spend the entire afternoon just sitting and talking and laughing. That prospect was enticing as well, so I quickly replied, “Just say when and where.”

As I drove to our next lunch date, I wondered what the day would hold. I wasn’t nervous this time. Even if things went no further than last time, I was certain it would be a good afternoon. When I saw her in the restaurant foyer, I almanbahis couldn’t help but notice that she looked even better than the last time. When we greeted each other and shook hands, Carolyn said, “I’m not really hungry. Would you like to go somewhere a little more private?”

“Sounds good to me. You lead and I’ll follow,” was my reply.

As I was following her, I wondered where and what she had in mind. I didn’t have to wonder for long. She pulled into the parking lot of an out-of-the-way, cheap, little motel. I silently said, “Thank you Jesus, thank you.” I parked the car, jumped out and hustled over to the office and got a room. As I was returning to my car, she was giggling at me, apparently enjoying my enthusiasm. I motioned for her to follow me and we drove around back to the entrance to our room. I had a bottle of wine in my car, ‘just in case,’ and brought it with me to the room. When we entered, we were both a little nervous at what we were about to do.

We sat on the sofa, enjoyed a bit of wine and laughed and talked for I don’t know how long. Then there was a lull in the conversation and our eyes met. We both instinctively came together for a kiss. It was a soft and closed mouth kiss at first. I sucked the edge of her bottom lip in between my lips and gently nibbled on it, and then we were kissing some more. Slowly I started to kiss her face, from the corner of her mouth, along her cheek to the little spot behind her ear and then back to her mouth again. Our kisses were becoming more passionate and suddenly, our mouths opened and our tongues met. My hands were massaging her sides, shoulders and back. We were both carrying on like 2 teenagers in the backseat of Dad’s Chevy.

Time seemed to standstill as we enjoyed each other’s taste. I leaned back momentarily and gazed at her. Her mouth was slightly open with a seductive smile and her eyes were somewhat glazed over. I could see the fire smoldering in her as I gently started to rub her tummy. Then we were at it again, kissing each other’s lips and cheeks. Eventually I slid my lips down under her chin and started kissing her there. Her breathing became more ragged and her chest seemed to rise and swell. I continued kissing down her neck and brought my hand up along her ribcage until I was rubbing that area just below her breasts. As I kissed my way down her neck to her chest, she instinctively reached up and undid the top few buttons of her blouse and then I kissed and nibbled and sucked my way into that heavenly valley between her breasts. The sides of her breasts were pushing out from the bra and I kissed and nibbled on each.

Her breathing was heavy and she started to moan and as she did, I kissed my almanbahis giriş way back up her chest and neck to her lips. We were in a passionate lip-lock and I moved my hand up and palmed her breast. She groaned and pushed her chest out into my hand. We were kissing each other like crazy again, all over each other’s face. Then I leaned back and gazed again into her eyes. She knew what to do and reached up and undid the rest of her blouse and freed her breasts from the bra.

I leaned in and kissed her again, as my hand enveloped her naked breast. We were kissing passionately now, hard, wet kisses. Her breast felt wonderful and the nipple was hardening. I bent my head down, lightly kissed her nipple and she moaned her approval. I then took her breast into my mouth, as much of it as I could, and gently sucked. My hands were on her back, pressing her chest into my face. Her hands were on my head pulling me to her breast. I slowly pulled my mouth off until only the nipple was between my lips. As I softly sucked and flicked it with my tongue, she shuddered and sighed. I released her nipple and then we were kissing again.

We were both rubbing each other’s bodies and groaning in pleasure. I had to taste more of her. I kissed my way down her neck, her chest and her tummy as I slid to my knees. She knew what was coming and instinctively parted her legs. I slid her skirt up and started kissing the insides of her thighs. She was wearing pantyhose, but that didn’t matter; I could taste her thighs through the hose. My hands were rubbing and feeling the curves along her hips, tummy and sides of her breasts as I worked my mouth towards her center. I placed my mouth over her panty-covered vagina and sucked. She moaned loudly and rocked her hips up to my face. I had to taste more and reached both hands down between her legs, grabbed the pantyhose and savagely ripped them apart.

As I moved her panties to the side, the sight of her wet, glistening vagina greeted me. I slowly licked the length of her slit back and forth and started taking her lips into my mouth and sucking on them. She was gasping for air and moaning loudly and pulling my head to her. My hands were roaming all over her body. I licked between her lips and dipped my tongue into her. She gasped and humped my face hard. I slid my tongue up her slit and kissed her hooded clitoris. Suddenly the hood pulled back and her clit appeared. As I took it into my mouth and sucked, she started gyrating and whimpering. I continued dipping my tongue into her and then running it up her slit and sucking on her clit, back and forth, over and over, bringing her to the edge of orgasm.

As she’s crying out in pleasure, I brought a hand down almanbahis yeni giriş and slid my middle finger into her and started massaging the inside of her wonderful vagina. She tensed up and I took my cue and sucked her clit into my mouth, flicking the tip with my tongue and searching for her G-spot with my finger. I found it just as she started to shake and I gently rubbed it. She exploded into orgasm and drenched my fingers and face with her juice. She tasted divine and I continued sucking and rubbing her until the shaking stopped.

As her movements calmed down, I released her clit from my mouth and lay my head on her hips and gently kissed her lips. After a few moments, I sat up and leaned in and kissed her. She could taste herself on me and she loved it. She pulled back, looked me in the eyes and said, “I need you in me and I need it now.” I stood and helped her to her feet. As we moved to the bed, we were kissing and undressing each other. Once we had shed our clothes, we embraced and reveled in the feeling of our naked bodes pressed together. She released me, sat on the edge of the bed and bent over to take me into her mouth. I pulled her head back up and kissed her, telling her, “Not now honey. You’ve got me so worked up that I’m going to cum much too quickly. I need to shoot inside of your heavenly vagina while you’re cumming.”

We lay upon the bed and began kissing and feeling each other up. I moved to my knees between her legs and bent down to taste her again. As I did she start moaning, “No, no… I need you to fuck me. Her language had gotten obscene now. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head up and told me, “Just fuck me, god dammit just fuck me.” I rose up, held her hands and started to rub my dick up and down her slit. She was humping madly, trying to get me inside of her. She shouted at me, “Put it in, will you… oh god please stick your cock in my cunt and fuck me.” I dipped the head into her and stopped there, basking in the feeling. She was trying to pull me completely into her, but I had other plans. I wanted to bring her to the brink of orgasm and plunge fully into her when the shaking started.

I continued alternating between rubbing my length along her slit and dipping the head inside her. It didn’t take long before she began to cum. Just as she started shaking, I slammed into her fully. I pounded in and out of her as she was cumming and in short order I reached my peak. “Oh shit… oh my god… here you go young lady… here’s your cream.” I started shooting and she went ballistic. We were both experiencing mind blowing orgasms. As the shaking and trembling began to subside, I mumbled, “what a good girl.” and she held me tighter and groaned. We both collapsed in each other’s arms. As we both relaxed, we started to chuckle at how exhausted we were. Eventually we were sitting up, sipping wine and laughing and talking again. After a while our eyes met and we started kissing and the whole episode started again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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