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This is the fourth episode in the “Lucy and John” series. It is recommended that you read the previous episodes for context.

Warning 1: A note to those familiar with the series: the previous episodes centred on Lucy and John’s mutual induction into watersports. The story now takes another turn. If you’re desperate for a watersports story, this is not the one for you. Hopefully, you are game to read on…

Warning 2: This is a slow burn episode because of the developments in Lucy & John’s relationship. If you’re looking to get off quickly, this might not be the episode for you. At a pinch, you could jump forward to the “action” parts, so long as you don’t mind not knowing how things got there.


“Mark, can I ask you about something?” ventured Lucy. They were naked in bed, and Mark was eager for some action.

Mark stopped his advances, curious. “Sure,” he answered easily. They always had a relaxed manner between them and were always ready to hear each other’s thoughts. In the bedroom, they were also happy to indulge each other’s fantasies and little kinks – the exception recently had been Mark’s refusal to consider watersports. It was one of his rare refusals.

It had only been two days since Lucy and John had continued their watersports-filled affair and discussed Lucy’s plan for potentially removing the guilt that both she and John felt about their extra-marital activities and secret lust for each other. And love, Lucy admitted to herself. She loved Mark dearly, but it seemed that there was space in her heart for two men.

Lucy timidly approached the subject. Some of her demeanour was an act, but her heart was also truly in her mouth because there was a lot at stake. “What do you think about having a threesome?” she finally managed.

Mark paused, and slowly a smile crept across his face. “You mean like with another woman? Yeah, I could go for that! Is it because you want some woman-on-woman action, or do you want to see me with someone else? I’m happy with all of the above!” Mark responded enthusiastically.

Maybe a little *too* enthusiastically, Lucy thought to herself. “Well, yeah, we could do that,” said Lucy carefully. Mark had in fact made it much easier for her, because having another female present was a big part of her plan.

“You sound unsure. You mean ‘no’ to me fucking another woman, right?”

“No! It’s not that. I think that would be super sexy to watch. I know that you love me and wouldn’t leave me for anyone else. I think it would make me super horny! And yeah, I could definitely get into some ‘woman on woman action’ as you put it.”

“Oh! Well, there’s a revelation! Sign me up!

“But… what? Why did you pause like that?” Mark concluded with a puzzled look.

“We could definitely do that,” Lucy repeated, “but I’d also like to have you and another guy at the same time.” There, she’d said it.

Mark thought about it. “You mean, like, one after the other? Or both of us in you at the same time?”

Lucy was amazed that Mark hadn’t hit the roof. He actually seemed to be entertaining the idea. “I’d love it at the same time!” Lucy blurted out. “You in my pussy, and another cock in my ass. Being filled up like that!”

Marks eyes widened. “God I’ve never done that, and you told me you haven’t either, right?”


“God.” Mark paused again, lost in thought for a while. He then finally managed, “I think I’d be OK with it. So long as we do the other threesome sometime.”

“Really?” gasped Lucy, somewhat amazed. “But… you can’t just think you’d be OK with it. You have to be sure. We can’t get into the whole thing and then you pulling out.” Lucy suddenly laughed at her unintended pun.

Mark realised the joke too and laughed a little. Then, steeling himself for his own answer, “OK, then. I’m sure. Anything for you, Babe. And I trust you not to run off with someone either. Like you said, I reckon it’d make me horny. Look at my cock right now!”

Lucy looked down at Mark’s raging erection. This was going way better than she had hoped. She reached down and grabbed his cock giving him a few playful tugs. Some pre-cum squeezed out. Obviously, Mark was super excited by the conversation. In less than a minute, he was completely fired up.

But there was much more ground to cover, Lucy thought, and released her grip. “So? Who would you want to be with?” she asked. “I promise I won’t get jealous.”

Mark thought for a while. “I don’t know – maybe someone on Tinder or something like that?”

“God no!” cried Lucy. Her plan was working so far. “I’m sorry – it would have to be someone we know. There’s no way I’m letting a stranger fuck me up the ass, and I don’t really want to see you fuck a stranger either. I know that sounds weird. But it has to be someone I can trust. That we can trust. And I don’t want condoms. I want to be filled up by both of you and have cum dripping out of both holes! We have to trust whoever to not have any diseases.” Lucy wasn’t quite sure where all of that came from. It maltepe escort wasn’t in her pre-arranged mental script.

Mark was visibly surprised by Lucy’s directness. “Ahem… OK. Oh…Kay. That’s really hot! Well, how’s that going to work? It could get really weird and make a friendship fall apart if they had a problem with it. Or even if it didn’t go how we wanted?”

“I know, but sorry, it has to be someone we know and trust. I guess we have to pick them well.” Pretending to ponder on it, Lucy said, “We don’t really know any cute singles that we could ask that sort of question.”

“You know what, it would have to be a couple, get their agreement, and have a foursome!”, Lucy said pretending to sound excited about her revelation. “Then we can do both fantasies at the same time!”

Mark thought about it, finally nodding. “What about if we asked Andrew and Meagan?”

“No way – sorry not them. I’m really not attracted to either of them. You like Meagan, do you?” Lucy teased.

“She’s alright, I guess. Fair comment about Andrew, though. We definitely have to agree. Who then?”

Lucy pretended to go through a few couples they both knew, one by one dismissing them. Mark even dismissed a few. “What about Anita and John? They’re certainly close by!” she finally said, making sure that they were far enough down the list not to arouse suspicion.

“They’re right fucking next door!” cried Mark. “And… they’re both about 10 years older than us!”

‘Oh dear,’ thought Lucy to herself. The plan had taken a turn for the worse.

“I don’t really care that much about age so long as there’s not too much flab hangin’ out,” Lucy said jovially. “I reckon John’s cute enough,” she said, trying to sound fairly ambivalent about it.

“Oh, I see!” said Mark, but he was smiling as he said it. Mark had a fairly good opinion of his own looks, having always found it easy to get laid. He wasn’t threatened by John. “Yeah, I guess he’s pretty fit for his age. And Anita’s not too bad to look at either!” Mark threw the last bit in as a bit of revenge. If it upset Lucy, she certainly didn’t show it.

“She is. She’s pretty sexy. I wouldn’t mind playing with her a bit, too!” Lucy declared. All of it, she realised to her own surprise, was the truth.

“And you’d be OK with me fucking her? Or would you only want me to do other things with her?” ventured Mark.

“I’d love to see you fuck her!” Lucy confessed. Again, the truth. “It’s only fair if John’s going to be inside me, right?”

Mark was reeling a little from the turn of the conversation, but smiling and with a continuing raging erection.

“What if John wanted to fuck me while you’re doing Anita?” There, Lucy had finally got the conversation to where she wanted.

“Like you say, that’s only fair, right?” said Mark to his own amazement.

“You’re sure you could handle that?”

Mark paused for a little longer. Judging by his leaking cock, he could only come to one conclusion. “Yeah, definitely. But wait – we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves, right? We have to convince them too.”

Lucy thought for a while herself. Obviously, John was on-board in a big way, but Anita sometimes came across as shy and private whenever sex came up in the conversation. “I dunno. There’s only way to find out, right?”

“I guess,” said Mark.

“You’ll have to ask John,” Lucy suggested. The final piece of her plan with Mark was in place. “I’ll ask Anita. Too weird otherwise. We’ll have to coordinate it so that we each ask them separately at roughly the same time. What do you think?”

“Yeah definitely,” Mark agreed easily. “What if they’re really offended by it?”

“We’re just going to have to tread carefully and put it to them that it’s totally up to them, and if not, we never speak of it again. Or something like that.”

“Haha! Well, I bet you John won’t pass up the opportunity to be with you, even if it means letting me fuck Anita!” said Mark. He knew how sexy his wife was.

Lucy smiled. ‘If only he knew,’ she thought.

“That settles that,” began Lucy, licking her lips. “Now, I think we need to do something with this!” she said as she hungrily eyed Mark’s cock and the saturated sheets that he had been leaking onto.

Lucy felt her own copious wetness as she slid down Mark’s body and swallowed his cock.


“See ya!” John called over with a wave to Mark as Mark was heading towards his house.

They’d just returned from a local bar where Mark had presented the ‘proposal’ to John. John, forewarned by Lucy that her conversation with Mark had gone well, had feigned surprise bordering on shock initially, but allowed himself to (pretend to) warm to the idea. In the end, he agreed to the foursome, but only if Anita also agreed. He quietly congratulated himself on what he thought was a fairly good acting effort. He was sure that Mark had no idea that he was already in on the plan. The problem, though, was being convincing enough for Anita, if Lucy had even been successful in her attempts to persuade escort maltepe Anita. Anita had bags of feminine wiles about her and could spot a lie a mile away. He admitted that he needed his wits about him, so he’d limited himself to one drink at the bar.

“Let us know! And remember, we all forget about it if it doesn’t work for everyone,” Mark reiterated.

“For sure.”

Lucy and John had agreed that a text message between either of them to indicate success or failure of the conversation would be too suspicious if their spouse saw it. The path to John & Anita’s house was lined by low hedges on both sides. As she was leaving John & Anita’s house, and Anita had gone safely back inside, Lucy had snapped a small young branch from the hedge on the side closest to Lucy & Mark’s house, and left it hanging loosely from the hedge.

As John walked down the path, he saw it. ‘Success!’ John thought to himself. At least he didn’t have an uphill battle trying to get Anita to change her mind.

He gathered his composure, and then took a deep breath to relax himself before opening the door.


“In here,” replied Anita, the sound coming from their bedroom. John wondered if Lucy had discussed it with her there. Unlikely, he thought to himself.

John entered the bedroom to find Anita lounging, fully clothed, on the covers of the bed, her head propped up with pillows. He sat down on the bed near her and held her legs gently.

“So…” John began. “Mark said that Lucy would be having the same conversation with you?”

“Fuck, John! I couldn’t believe it!” she responded. It sounded to be more shock, and less enthusiasm than John had hoped for.

John was trying to gauge her reaction. Lucy’s signal clearly showed that Anita had agreed – eventually, at least. Was Anita trying to do some pretending herself? Perhaps she was more enthusiastic about it than she was trying to let on initially to John? But John then realised that he had advanced warning about Anita’s reaction. Anita didn’t know if John had agreed or not. John admitted to himself that he could totally understand that Anita was being cautious about her response to him.

“You can say that again,” responded John. “It could create issues, right?”

“That sounds like you said yes, right? Because there wouldn’t be any issues if you said no?” said Anita. Wiley, John reminded himself. He mentally kicked himself for not thinking more about his opening lines.

“Well, Honey…”

“Did you say yes or no?” Anita sounded a little mad. John was worried that he was rapidly stuffing this up. Time for some controlled honesty, he thought.

“Yes. I said yes,” he started, trying to soften his voice and the building tenseness in the situation. “But only after lots of thought, and only if it’s something you want to do. Honey, I’d never risk our relationship together.” OK, he thought to himself, that last bit was a lie – he’d already taken some big risks. But the sentiment was the truth – he loved his wife.

But curiously his lie had had the desired effect. It was what Anita needed to hear. Her man was safely with her, regardless of maybe a bit of fun.

“And so… what about you? Did you say yes or no?”

“Pretty much what you said,” Anita began, and then paused. She realised herself that she had to be honest. “I said yes! I can’t believe it, but I did! I don’t do this sort of thing!”

John realised that, after Lucy had obviously broken through Anita’s tough barriers, his wife was fairly damned excited about the idea.

“But only if you’re sure about it,” cautioned John. “Are you sure you can handle me being in the threesome with Lucy?”

Anita gave a sly smile. “So long as you’re OK with Mark screwing me,” she said teasingly. “Lucy told me that he wants to do me.”

John smiled. “You’re a little bit into Mark, aren’t you?”

“Maybe…” she responded coyly, with the obvious meaning of ‘Yes’.

“It’s OK. I’m not jealous. I’d love to watch you fuck him!”

“Really? … And Lucy said no condoms… if we agree. You OK with that? Are you OK with Mark’s cum inside me? She said they don’t have any diseases.”

John couldn’t believe the change in his wife. Lucy had created a monster – much as he himself had liberated Lucy in their shared fetish. “That’d be super hot! What about you?” he said.

“Mmm hmm,” Anita said. “I’d love it.”

“Do you want the same sort of threesome yourself?” John asked. He thought the answer would be no because Anita wasn’t too keen on anal sex. But given her new-found enthusiasm for experimenting, he thought it was worth asking.

“Nah, I’m good without that. I’m pretty keen to watch it, though,” Anita confessed with a wink. “I’d love to play with Lucy a bit, and she said she’d want to play with me.”

“I reckon both Mark and I would love to watch that!” John said excitedly.

“So, it’s a yes from us?”

“Judging by your reaction, it sounds like it’s a big yes from us!” John joked.

Anita smiled. “I’ll let Lucy know.”

With maltepe escort bayan that, she typed the single word “YES” into her phone and sent the message to Lucy. She then sat up, grabbed John by the shoulders, and kissed him deeply.

“I’m so fucking horny right now,” she whispered in his ear.

John smiled as they wrapped their arms around each other and began their heated lovemaking.


Drinks with the four of them the next Friday night started out awkwardly. It was to be expected, thought John. Lucy & Mark’s children, Ben and Emily, were safely tucked into bed upstairs. After a little of what approached their normal chit chat, all four of them seemed to struggle with how to kick-start the conversation to discuss the elephant in the room.

After making sure that they’d each had a few sips of their drinks, it was Lucy who broke the ice. “How are you both feeling about it all?” she asked, looking at John and Anita.

Thankful for Lucy’s bravery, John replied, “We’re still keen. Right, Honey?”

“To be honest we’ve talked about nothing else,” agreed Anita.

“Well, that’s a relief!” said Lucy. “We’ve organised that Ben and Emily can have a sleep-over with some school friends next Friday night, if that works for you? Or do you want more time to be sure about it?”

“Next Friday can’t get here soon enough!” quipped Anita, smiling. Her remark caused smiles all around, and the tension seemed to dissipate instantly.

John was again surprised by the boldness of his wife. He had caught her eyeing off Mark in the previous days. He could only imagine what she was thinking about but had a fairly good idea that it involved sex. John thought that it was curious that he felt no jealousy. It was all part of their agreement, he thought, and it had clearly removed that social boundary for Anita. He reminded himself that he would be hypocritical to feel any other way.

“Well, Ben and Emily are upstairs, so we can’t get too crazy, but I think we should check if there’s a spark,” said Lucy. All four of them were sitting on the long L-shaped couch. Lucy stood up and walked over to where Anita was sitting. She gently took Anita’s wine glass from her hand and set it down, and then climbed up onto the couch. She lifted her dress a little and sat on Anita’s lap, facing her, and straddling her with her knees on either side of Anita’s thighs.

Tenderly, Lucy held Anita’s face and gave her a lingering close-mouthed kiss on the lips. Both women immediately felt a delicious tingle in their groins. Feeling their mutual desire, both parted their lips and began kissing passionately, their tongues caressing each other gently. Lucy reached for Anita’s breasts and massaged them. She traced around Anita’s nipples which were so erect that they were easily seen through the top half of her dress. Anita moaned gently at Lucy’s expert touch.

John and Mark had both turned to watch the spectacle. They felt erections begin to press against their pants, and both women felt their own juices begin to flow.

Lucy and Anita kissed for what seemed like minutes. Mark and John now had noticeable bulges in their pants and sat transfixed on the obvious passion that the women were sharing. Lucy could feel that her panties were now wet through.

Finally, Lucy broke their kiss, and said softly, “Yep, OK. That works for me. Anita?”

“I’m so wet now!” admitted Anita. John decided that this would be the last time that he allowed himself to be surprised by his wife’s forthrightness. She had clearly changed her behaviour on expressing her sexuality. John like the change.

“Let’s try with the men,” said Lucy. She was finally able to now kiss John, and more, without feeling even the slightest pang of guilt. She motioned to Anita with her head that she should attend to Mark. Lucy & Mark’s eyes met briefly as she nodded in his direction and they both smiled. Lucy then turned her attention to John and sat on his lap in the same manner that she had with Anita.

Lucy wasted no time in beginning a kiss with John. She thought perhaps that she should pretend to be a bit more tentative to keep up the rouse, but she was now so worked up that she couldn’t hold back. Briefly she thought to herself that if Mark mentioned it, she could explain it away as losing her head a little after her kiss with Anita.

Anita slowly assumed the same position on top of Mark and leant in for careful kiss. Mark responded carefully also at first, but seeing his wife going all out with John gave him the confidence to do the same with Anita.

All four now had tongues busy exploring each other’s partner’s tongue. The energy in the room was bringing them all into a surge of lust.

Lucy inched forward, planting her panties directly on top of John’s bulge in his pants. She began grinding her pussy against it, imagining his hard cock inside her. Her movements caused his bulge to occasionally push her panties out the way, and her pussy lips were directly penetrated a little. An audible slurping sound made it obvious how excited she was, and that John’s pants would be made wet by her grinding. John felt like his cock was going to explode out of his pants and so desperately wanted to fuck Lucy right then and there. But he knew they couldn’t with the children upstairs.

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