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Female Ejaculation

[If you like this one, please let me know. There’s nothing in the world more pleasant than being in pen-pal touch with kindred spirits.]


Susan met Rachel at an afternoon wedding party and she fell in love before the day was finished. Rachel seemed spectacular, a tall and elegant advertising executive with a bright smile and penetrating hazel eyes. Her bobbed dark hair accentuated an oval face with a pert nose and full red lips. She wore a clinging white dress, her square shoulders bare. Her large breasts and long legs captivated Susan. Did she like women? Susan had no idea. She hadn’t come to the party expecting to meet anyone interesting. But even if Rachel was straight, Susan wanted to enjoy her presence.

Rachel, far from straight, thought Susan had possibilities. She usually liked her women younger, but Susan had a youthful charm, an innocence in her appearance and body language. And Rachel could see the interest in Susan’s eyes. Could she get Susan to bed after the party? If not later, then maybe another time. She found the party boring, the people dull, and she was thankful she had Susan to distract her.

As they chatted at the party, Susan’s eyes returned again and again to the fullness of Rachel’s breasts revealed by her low-cut scoop neckline. Rachel was a head taller than Susan, her breasts almost at the level of Susan’s eyes. Susan found it difficult not to imagine things. What would the nipples be like? The breasts looked more like a D cup than a C cup. How soft would they be? She loved toying with and sucking large breasts. Susan’s last lover had had bountiful breasts and Susan missed them. She thought her own breasts too girlish. She had nothing bountiful about her. She had a lean athletic body with muscular legs and thighs–appealing to some women but hardly all. She thought she had an ordinary face. She was never too successful with women, at least not successful enough to feel confident.

Rachel was aware of Susan’s eyes on her breasts, aware and pleased. Her breasts had always been an asset in her affairs with women, even with women who had as much as she had. She imagined Susan’s pretty mouth licking and sucking her nipples. It would be nice, indeed.

After a while Rachel smiled. “I guess I’m overexposed.”

Susan looked at her. “Overexposed?”

“My boobs. You keep staring at them. Maybe this dress is too low-cut for this sort of party.”

Susan blushed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize…”

Rachel chuckled. “Don’t be sorry, I like it. Look all you want. You look at me and I’ll look at you.”

“I’m not much to look at.”

“Nonsense. I think you’re very attractive.”

“I’m flattered.”

Rachel gave Susan an up-and-down look. “We should get to know each other better.”

Susan nodded. “Yes, I’d like that.”

In a low voice, Rachel popped the question: “Do you date women?”

“Yes I do.”

“Good. So do I.”

From that moment on their conversation became a flirtation. They learned they were each unmarried, unattached, and with a need to be discreet. Rachel whispered: “You can keep looking at my boobs. Do you like what you see?”

Susan whispered back: “Very much so.”

Later, as the sun set, when Rachel invited Susan to her apartment for coffee, Susan quickly agreed. Of course the coffee was an excuse, and after twenty minutes in Rachel’s lovely home they were on one of the sofas in the large living room. Rachel made the first move, the first kiss gentle and tender. Then they kissed again, and this time the kiss was more passionate. During another kiss, they stroked each other’s arms and shoulders and back, and finally Rachel cupped one of Susan’s small breasts, squeezed it gently through Susan’s bodice and bra, and said, “You excite me.”

“And you me.”

“It’s been a long day. Are you tired?”

“A little.”

“Lie down and put your head in my lap.”

Susan lay with her head in Rachel’s lap as Rachel talked about herself and stroked Susan’s hair. Rachel told Susan how at the party she had immediately been drawn to Susan’s looks. “When I didn’t see you with a man, I starting hoping you might be gay.”

Susan thought it amazing that a woman like Rachel was attracted to her. She was fascinated by Rachel’s natural authority. It seemed miraculous to be lying so relaxed on Rachel’s lap. How had it happened so fast? She felt so comfortable with Rachel, as though she’d known her for years.

As Susan turned her head, the right side of her face lightly grazed Rachel’s left breast, a brief but electric contact. When Susan looked up, their eyes met and Rachel smiled down at her. “You like them, don’t you? My breasts?”

“They’re lovely.”

“You haven’t seen anything.”

“I can tell.”

“Just my tits?”


“You’re naughty.”

“I think I’m old enough to be naughty.”

Rachel smiled and slipped the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders. Then she dropped the front of the dress to reveal her breasts encased in a half-sheer white bra.

“Is kocaeli escort this what you wanted to see?”

Susan’s voice was husky. “Yes.”

“Would you like to suck awhile?”

“Very much so.”

Rachel unsnapped the front clasp of her bra, and her freed breasts dropped over Susan’s face. Holding her left breast, Rachel fed the nipple into Susan’s mouth. “Go on, baby, suck it.”

Susan sucked the dark nipple with her eyes closed. Rachel stroked Susan’s hair as Susan tenderly sucked the extended teat. After awhile, Rachel slid her hand down to Susan’s thighs, pulled the hem of Susan’s dress up to her waist. When Susan opened her thighs, Rachel gripped and squeezed Susan’s sex through her pantyhose and panties. The rhythmic gripping with Rachel’s thumb on Susan’s clitoris soon brought Susan to a peak, and she had her first orgasm of the evening with Rachel’s breast filling her mouth.

After that they became frenetic. Rachel took Susan to her bedroom, quickly removed Susan’s clothes, made her lie on the wide bed and used her fingers to work Susan’s core. Susan melted under the attack. Rachel had a marvelous aggressive way of using her fingers, grinding her knuckles into Susan’s sex as Susan groaned with pleasure.

Still dressed, her eyes feasting on her prize, Rachel kept her fingers moving. “Such a juicy pussy. Come on, honey, let go and come for me.”

Hearing Rachel call her pussy juicy did it for Susan. She heaved her belly and came with a loud groan and a series of shudders.

Rachel was pleased. She pulled her hand away and sucked the juices off her fingers. Then she made Susan pull her knees back and she bent down to suck Susan’s drenched cunt. She gorged on the wet pussy. It was rare that she had a hunger to suck at the source like this. Her usual preference was to have her lovers suck her instead. She liked her control to be complete and explicit. But this one seemed so sweet, Rachel had to sip her juices.

Susan soon came again, this time with her thighs wrapped around Rachel’s head.

When Susan relaxed her thighs, Rachel rose and finally removed her own clothes.

“Let me lick you,” Susan said, her eyes on Rachel’s swinging breasts and white thighs and the neat dark triangle of Rachel’s pubic hair.

Rachel smiled and moved onto the bed. But instead of lying down, she straddled Susan’s body and shifted forward to get her sex over Susan’s face. “Let’s do it this way, okay?” Without waiting for Susan’s reply, she eased her wet cunt onto Susan’s mouth and nose. Holding onto the headboard, she gently rocked her hips back and forth. When Susan seemed to accept the movement, she applied more pressure and worked her hips more quickly.

Rachel was happy. This was what she needed. She gazed at the younger woman’s head. Not much of Susan’s face was visible, only her forehead and closed eyes, but Rachel could feel Susan’s nose as she rubbed her clitoris against it. She rocked her hips and groaned down at the younger woman. “Suck it up, baby. It’s all for you.”

* * *

As the days passed, Susan felt as though she’d stepped into a dream. They saw each other nearly every evening for several weeks, nights of intense lovemaking that left Susan breathless. She loved Rachel’s body, adored sucking her breasts and sex, thrilled whenever Rachel rode her face to orgasm with Rachel’s cunt dripping its juices into her mouth. Susan loved the way the older woman controlled the sex.

But Susan was afraid it wouldn’t last. What in the world did Rachel see in her? Was she really pretty enough for Rachel? Was it her youth? Rachel was in her late thirties and Susan only twenty-eight. But twenty-eight was far from young. If Rachel wanted younger women, she could certainly find plenty of them in the bars and clubs. Susan argued with herself about it. Meanwhile, she craved to be with Rachel whenever the older woman wanted her.

The only trouble with Rachel was that she could be moody, a pensive preoccupied attitude that Susan never asked about. Was it irritation? Something about her workday? Whatever it was, Susan decided it was best to avoid talking about it. She always did what Rachel wanted, always went down on Rachel whenever she had the chance, or let Rachel ride her face when Rachel wanted it. But Susan was certain that in the end it wouldn’t matter and Rachel would toss her away.

Rachel had complete control. Susan could never push a relationship. She was too diffident for that, too indecisive. She was always content to have her lovers control any relationship. It was the loving that mattered most, wasn’t it? She needed love. She was attracted to strong successful women, women with naturally assertive personalities, so how could she expect them not to be strong with her? Susan knew she was too easy. An aggressive woman with fabulous breasts and a welcoming smile easily made her knees weak.

As for Rachel, her interest in Susan had become more than casual. Susan’s willingness to let Rachel control everything was an aphrodisiac for Rachel. She’d had submissive women kocaeli escort bayan before Susan, but none of them as willing or attractive enough to keep her interested. During the day at her work she had fantasies about Susan, ideas about what they could do together, or about what she could do to Susan. The younger woman seemed willing and ready for anything Rachel might want. Rachel loved sex and needed it often, and so far Susan seemed a potentially perfect solution to her needs–a submissive femme apparently eager to learn what Rachel wanted and please Rachel whenever she wanted it. Of course Susan had to be handled carefully. Rachel was aware that too much control too quickly could ruin everything. A lover like Susan had to be guided gradually. Meanwhile, Rachel thought she was falling in love. They had so many common interests and they enjoyed each other’s company–everything part of a growing bond between them. A long time had passed since Rachel had been this happy.

* * *

One Sunday they were having brunch in Rachel’s spacious hi-rise apartment. They sat near a window overlooking the city. They talked and occasionally touched hands across the table. When they finished their brunch, they rose and clung to each other. Susan felt as though she were clinging to a buoy in a dangerous sea. Would Rachel protect and cherish her? Rachel pressed hard against her and Susan imagined she could feel Rachel’s heart pounding against her own. She was thrilled when Rachel gently moved from side to side to rub her breasts against Susan’s breasts in a tantalizing caress.

Rachel kissed Susan, and as usual Susan melted. She felt Rachel’s hands on her body, Rachel’s palms sliding over her back and waist and hips to finally cup her buttocks and squeeze them through her jeans. She could smell Rachel’s perfume, an intoxicating scent that suited her perfectly.

Rachel pulled her mouth away from Susan’s. “You don’t wear dresses enough,” Rachel said. “I love you in a dress.”

Susan blushed, regretting that she was dressed too casually in jeans and a loose shirt. “All right, I will.” Then she added: “And what else?”

“What else?”

“What else should I wear?”

Rachel smiled. “Heels. You have lovely legs and I like you in heels. Heels, stockings, nice underwear. Be my pretty femme.”

“I’d love that.”

Rachel grazed her fingertips over Susan’s left breast. She found the nipple and pinched it through Susan’s blouse and bra as Susan quivered in response. Then, using both hands, Rachel slowly unbuttoned the blouse and helped Susan get her arms out of it. She tossed the blouse onto a nearby chair and then slid her hands around Susan’s back to unhook the white lace bra and remove it.

Susan had chosen the bra in the morning, hoping Rachel would like it, but now it didn’t matter because Rachel’s eyes were on her breasts and all Susan cared about was that Rachel found her breasts pretty enough. Her breasts were small, almost girlish, but Rachel always seemed pleased with them.

Rachel ran her hands over Susan’s breasts and gently pinched the left nipple. “I love your tits,” Rachel said.

Her face flushed with pleasure, Susan looked down and watched Rachel’s hand manipulate her breast.

Rachel pinched the nipple again, a little harder than before. She pulled at the nipple with her fingertips, tugged it out, pulled at the breast. Then she bent her head to take the stiff nipple between her lips. She sucked gently, flicking the nipple with her tongue. Then she sucked with more force. She nibbled and bit the nipple, pulling it out with her teeth.

Standing straight again, Rachel used both hands to twist Susan’s nipples. “Let’s get you naked,” Rachel said. When her fingers remained holding Susan’s nipples, Susan understood Rachel wanted her to finish undressing. She slipped her shoes off her feet, unbuckled her belt and pushed everything down to her ankles. She stepped out of her jeans and panties with her nipples still captured by Rachel’s fingers and the sunlight that streamed in through the windows making her body glow.

Rachel finally pulled her hands away from Susan’s breasts. “I haven’t seen you in daylight like this. Turn around, honey.”

Susan was suddenly aware of Rachel’s authority, how much she was under the older woman’s control. She wanted Rachel to control her. It thrilled her. She turned to show Rachel her ass. Was it pretty enough? Full enough? What sort of bottom did Rachel prefer?

Rachel seemed to approve. “Lovely,” she said. She patted the cheeks and grazed a finger through the crack. Susan quivered when she felt Rachel’s fingertip pass over her anus. Did Rachel want that too?

Rachel caught her pleasure. “Feels nice?”

Susan could not deny it. “Yes.”

“Does it bother you when I play with you like this?”

“No, I like it.”

“I guessed you would. Want me to do more?”


She stood naked while Rachel, still fully clothed, toyed with her body. She felt Rachel’s hand on her ass again. Rachel’s finger returned izmit escort to the crack, a long caress, this time her finger stopping at Susan’s anus and the fingertip pushing inside the ring of muscle. “Do you like to play here?”

Helpless, Susan nodded. “Yes, sometimes.”

Rachel removed her fingertip and lightly slapped Susan’s buttocks. “Maybe we’ll play there sometime.”

Susan felt both relief and disappointment. What did she want? Was it so vicious to desire Rachel’s finger in her ass? She would do it to Rachel without qualm if allowed. And more than that too. She now belonged to Rachel, didn’t she? She would do everything.

* * *

Rachel gave Susan money to buy a new wardrobe, dresses, skirts, blouses, and a new collection of heels. It was obvious Rachel wanted a totally femme lover, and Susan was determined to play her part and please the older woman.

Rachel applauded Susan’s new femininity, said Susan was more beautiful than ever. They passed most of their intimate hours in Rachel’s apartment, and whenever they were there Rachel made Susan remain half-dressed, wearing only a blouse and panties and heels, or heels and hold-up stockings, and often with no panties at all. Susan played the dolly, happy whenever Rachel touched her.

Susan had had lovers who liked to use a strap-on with her, so she easily agreed when Rachel suggested it.

“You’re too tight for a large one,” Rachel said. She had two fingers inside Susan’s vagina as she sat on the sofa with Susan standing in front of her. “But maybe we can loosen you up a bit.” She made Susan turn around and spread her legs so she could get her hand between Susan’s thighs from the rear. This time she slipped her thumb into Susan’s vagina, then withdrew her thumb and inserted two fingers again. In a moment, Susan felt Rachel’s wet thumb pressing against her anus. She had no will to resist. She pushed her anus out and Rachel’s thumb immediately slid inside her rectum. “Tight here too,” Rachel said. “You’re my tight little dolly, aren’t you, honey?”

Susan moaned. “Yes I am.” She moaned again as Rachel pulled her thumb out.

Rachel took Susan with a strap-on for the first time that evening, but only in her pussy. Rachel’s excitement seemed keen as they tried every position. She said they would do it often, and so they did. After that evening, nearly every time they were together Rachel used the strap-on. Susan came to expect it and always had at least one orgasm from the fucking. She loved it. None of her lovers had ever pleasured her so much with a strap-on. She liked it best when Rachel took her from behind. Since she was usually half-naked in Rachel’s apartment, it was easy for Rachel to appear suddenly wearing her cock. Sometimes hardly any words were exchanged as Susan merely bent over the nearest piece of furniture to get Rachel’s cock in her pussy from behind. Sometimes the fucking was fierce and quick and sometimes tender and drawn-out. Susan loved it, and she was happy that Rachel apparently found so much pleasure in it.

* * *

The first time Rachel used a strap-on in Susan’s ass was after they celebrated Rachel’s birthday by drinking too much champagne in a restaurant. In the taxi on the way to Rachel’s apartment, Rachel kissed Susan, squeezed her breasts, and whispered that when they arrived at Rachel’s home she intended to fuck Susan’s ass all night long.

“My birthday present,” Rachel said.

Susan quivered as she imagined Rachel’s dildo in her ass. “Yes, my love.”

“All night.”

“Yes, if you want it.”

“Whenever I want it.”

“Yes, whenever you want it.”

They whispered at each other between kisses. The taxi driver could hear nothing, but he probably understood the two women in the back of his cab were more than mere friends.

When they arrived at Rachel’s apartment building, they hurried out of the taxi and past the doorman to the elevator. Once the elevator door slid closed, Susan succumbed to Rachel’s passion as Rachel kissed her mouth and neck and squeezed her buttocks through her dress.

“I won’t hurt you,” Rachel said.

“I know you won’t.”

“Anyway, you’ve had it before.”

“Only a few times.”

“Those women were silly, weren’t they? They ought to have done more with you. You’re a girl who needs it everywhere on a regular basis. Isn’t that so?”

Susan giggled. Did Rachel really believe that?

Inside Rachel’s apartment, Rachel told Susan to get her clothes off and wait for her in the living room. “Everything except the shoes and stockings,” Rachel said. “Your legs always turn me on. You look so wonderful in heels and stockings.”

Susan undressed down to her shoes and stockings and put everything on a chair neatly folded. She wasn’t surprised that Rachel wanted to do it in the living room. They often made love in the living room, sometimes with the large TV screen showing the evening news. Rachel might pay attention tot he news, but Susan had no interest in anything except Rachel. Then Susan remembered what would happen soon and she went to the guest bathroom to make certain she was clean for Rachel. How silly of her not think of that before. She hurried in the bathroom, and she was happy that when she returned, Rachel hadn’t yet reappeared.

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