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The following is a continuation of the Lost Creek Wives’ Club (LCWC) series, and since it’s been so long between this installment and the last one, I highly recommend reading the prior one first.

Comments are always welcomed as long as they are constructive. Thank you.


As I was sitting on the commode perusing through the directory on my cell phone to see if I had Nancy’s phone number, Maureen called. While it was just my imagination, she always seemed to catch me on the toilet when she did lately.

As soon as I answered… “Hello Sweetheart.”

“Good morning Maureen, and you’re up bright and early.”

“You too, but what else is new. What are you doing?”

“Do you really want to know?”

“Of course, or I wouldn’t have asked. And the way you asked, leads me to believe you’re masturbating.”

“If I was, I wouldn’t have answered the phone. I’m on the toilet relieving myself of the cumload Jim deposited in my ass.”


“Seriously. He left this morning on a business trip, and as we usually do when it’s going to be an extended one, we had sex.”

“After Saturday night, I can appreciate you’ll be on the toilet for a while. Where’s he off to this time?”

“Anchorage. Alaska Airlines has a maintenance facility there. Now what do I owe this honor for such an early morning call?”

“I wanted to thank you for getting the second video to me last night. As late as it was, I still appreciated it. And it turned out better than the first one. Or maybe the reason I liked it so much is because it’s me fulfilling one of my fantasies. It’s not often someone does and gets a video of it.”

“You’re very welcome. But I’m sorry for getting it to you so late. I thought I was nearly done with it earlier, but when I went to finish it after dinner, I decided to make a few minor edits and one thing led to another.”

“Well I couldn’t be more pleased with it. John too. And we fucked like rabbits after watching it. I’m surprised he was able to go to work this morning as worn out as he was, and from what little sleep he got. As for me, soon as I get off the phone, I’m going back to bed. What about you, what’s on your agenda today?”

“I’m meeting Julie for coffee.”

“I guess that means you’ll be tied up for the rest of the day. Even tonight maybe since Jim’s conveniently on a business trip?”

“Not likely. She has a steady friend.”

“When did that come about, and male or female?”

“Fairly recently, and female. Anna who works with her.”

“You must be disappointed she has a steady something or other?”

“Just the opposite. I’m happy for her. Couldn’t be more pleased for her sake. Both of them actually. And we’re just going to meet so she can tell me how it came about.”

After she yawned for what seemed like the umpteenth time… “It’s time for me to get some sleep. Have fun today, and if you don’t feel like cooking since Jim’s away, you’re always welcome to have supper with us.”

“Thank you, but I’ll be fine since I don’t mind cooking for myself.”

After the call ended, and after I had my morning cappuccino, I tidied up the house before I took a leisurely bath for a change. Normally I’ll masturbate when taking a bath, but I was pretty well sated from the ass-fucking earlier. I did finger my clit, but more out of habit, and not enough to induce an orgasm.

When it came time to dress, I decided on a peach-colored short-sleeved ruffled hem smock sundress that came down to just above the knees. Since it had a plunging v-neck neckline, but a high waist, I decided not to wear a bra. Fortunately with the high waist, what sag there is with my full breasts wasn’t unappealing as it could be braless in the wrong dress. And with the ruffled material my normally perky nipples didn’t stand-out. But only as long as they didn’t get aroused for any reason.

For footwear I wore a matching pair of peach Kelly & Katie Gwennan espadrille wedge sandals. Jewelry was limited to a multi-colored beaded necklace and two matching bracelets on one wrist along with a matching anklet.

After I checked myself in the mirror and felt pleased with myself, I made my way to the Electric Percolator.


I arrived early and when I entered the coffee shop I didn’t expect to find Julie. After I sat at a corner table by the front window, our favorite barista came to greet me.

“Hello Lacey, and it’s nice to see you again since it’s been a while. And you look fabulous in the pretty sundress. But you always do.” She then leaned over and after putting an arm around my shoulder, gave me a big squeeze and a kiss on the cheek. And in all likelihood, took the opportunity to look down the top of my sundress, which I welcomed if she did.

Sandra looked fabulous, but she always does with her hair in a ponytail.

An attractive woman with her hair in a ponytail stirs up my imagination since kaçak iddaa someone with long hair will usually tie it in one prior to having sex. Especially if they have any intentions of going down on you.

But what was unusual, was she was wearing shorts instead of the usual black slacks I’ve always seen her in along with the standard black polo shirt with the Electric Percolator’s logo. Not short shorts, mid thigh, but very form fitting.

It was the first time I ever saw her legs and they were beautifully shaped and nicely tanned. They looked as smooth as could be and I could only imagine what they would feel like draped over my shoulders, or against the sides of my face as I went down on her. Something I’ve often fantasized about.

“What’s with the shorts Sandra? It’s the first time I’ve seen you in them, and you have legs to die for.”

“Thank you, and the few of us girls who work here were finally able to convince the owner to allow us to wear them during the summer months. Thankfully she relented to our wishes as they’re a lot more comfortable. Are you alone today or are you expecting a certain someone else?”

“Yes I am. Have you missed us?”

“Hard not to, with you two being my favorite customers.”

I almost informed her after today that we probably wouldn’t be visiting the Electric Percolator together as often as we have in the past, but decided against it.

“That’s nice to know…” And even though I had a good idea why… “but why would that be since we only get here together on Mondays when we can.”

“To put it simply, as loving and affectionate as you two are towards each other makes you rather special.”

“I didn’t know we were that obvious. Hopefully you’re the only one who’s noticed.”

“You aren’t, but being of a particular persuasion, I have a certain advantage over others. Plus the fact I’m the only one who usually waits on you.” Just then a couple walked in and sat at a nearby table. As a result, she quickly became very business-like… “Do you want your usual, or do you want to wait until Julie arrives?”

After looking at my watch… “I think I’ll wait since it’ll be a few minutes before she does.”

As she walked away to tend to the new customers I couldn’t help but watch her and keep myself from staring at her incredible bum. Not being as discreet about it as I should have, she caught me when she looked back over her shoulder. Catching me as she did, she gave me a cute and knowing smile. But in spite of it, I still couldn’t help but be embarrassed.

While waiting for Julie, I decided it would be a good time to call Nancy.

As soon as she answered… “Lacey, how nice to hear from you.”

With no hello to see who was calling… “How did you know it was me, Nancy?”

“Clairvoyant I guess, but maybe it was because I was just thinking about you.”

While I didn’t buy the clairvoyant thing… “I’ve been thinking about you too and was wondering if we could get together one day soon? Be nice just you and me alone for a change instead of only seeing each other at a company function.”

“I’d love to, and you must be a mind reader as I’ve been thinking the same thing. Just name when and where and I’ll be there.”

After we chatted briefly, and set a time for this Thursday at the Electric Percolator, the call ended. I found it interesting she was also thinking about us getting together and wondered if it was just a coincidence, or if she had something in particular she wanted to discuss with me.


As I was checking my phone for any messages, in particular from Donna, who I had plans to have lunch with tomorrow, I noticed Julie’s car pulling into the parking lot. After she parked and got out, Anna much to my surprise exited the passenger side. I wasn’t expecting Anna to be accompanying Julie, and there had to be a reason she was.

They both looked terrific in pretty sundresses. Julie was a bandeau style sundress in a green and white floral pattern that came down to just above the knees. She looked fabulous in it, and being well aware I find a woman’s bare shoulders extremely seductive was most likely the reason she wore it. Plus the fact, you typically go braless with a bandeau style sundress.

As for Anna’s sundress, it was more traditional with wide shoulder straps and a deep v-neck with a buttoned front. It had a bold geometric pattern in different shades of red and she was very eye-catching in it. Like waving a red flag at a bull. Not that she needed to wear something to attract attention as attractive as she is.

She was also braless, which was clearly evident from the way her tits nicely “bounced” as she walked towards the front door as full busted as she is.

But what really caught my attention was her usually long straight hair was permed with long curls. Almost “corkscrew” style, but more relaxed. She looked terrific with it that way and it made her look ten years younger.

As soon as they made their way into the coffee shop and to kaçak bahis the table where I was, I stood to greet them. Julie immediately put her arms around me and we hugged like we hadn’t seen each other in months before kissing very openly. Not a passionate kiss, but close and it probably wasn’t the wisest thing in public. Although neither one of us cared.

After we separated, Anna then wrapped her arms around me to give me a big hug also. And while I wasn’t expecting it, she kissed me, and not on the cheek. It wasn’t as intense as Julie’s, but it was a lot more than a casual kiss with her mouth slightly open and I thought for sure her tongue was going to dart out.

Plus with us being nearly the same height, and both full-busted, it was impossible not to be affected by the way our breasts pressed against one another through the thin cotton material of our sundresses.

While it was a brief kiss, I couldn’t help but respond to it, which caused my pussy to tingle. I looked at Julie as soon as it ended, and was surprised it didn’t seem to phase her. It was almost as though she expected it.

Finally I had to ask… “What was that for Anna?”

“It was my way to say thank you, which I’ll explain while we’re having our coffee.”

After we sat down, Sandra came over to say hello to Julie, who introduced her to Anna.

“Nice to meet you Anna, and you couldn’t be keeping better company than with these two. Now what can I get you lovely ladies?”

After she left to make our cappuccinos we chatted briefly about Julie’s business and how well it was doing. Simply booming. I couldn’t have been happier for her with being one of her first customers when she opened her shop. She struggled initially with just being able to pay the bills until by word of mouth her clientele rapidly expanded. Now she was having trouble keeping enough merchandise in stock. A good problem to have versus the alternative.

When Sandra returned with our cappuccinos she gave me a quizzical look, which almost caused me to shrug my shoulders in response as I’m sure she was curious about Anna being with us. Then after she placed my cappuccino in front of me I noticed she had made a number three in the froth with the crema from the espresso with a smile under it.

I noticed my cappuccino was the only one with her creative handiwork, but I didn’t give it much thought since she’s been “artistic” in the past with the crema. The first time was after the three of us got to know each other, including the fact she was gay and the intimate relationship Julie and I had. It was the lesbian symbol. Then one day when she could see Julie and I had all we could do to keep our hands off each other, she made a very nice depiction of a vagina in both our froths. No doubt she sensed we would be entertaining ourselves with each other’s vaginas not long after we left.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to ask her about it, and what it signified, since a customer at another table waved to her and she left to attend to them.

After I added a little sugar to my cappuccino and stirred it before taking a sip… “Now that we have our coffees, I need to ask you Anna, what was with the way you greeted me? Not that I didn’t enjoy it, very much so. You said it was to thank me, but what for?”

After she looked around to make sure no one was sitting close enough to overhear her… “When I learned you and Julie were meeting, and the reason why, I convinced her to let me be the one to explain how we got together. I felt it would be better to hear from me since I was more responsible for it than Julie.”

After she took a sip of her cappuccino… “I’ll try to make this brief as possible.” Then after taking a deep breath… “After I lost my husband in the terrible car accident on I-70, and grieving about it for months, I finally realized I needed to get my act together before I turned into a hopeless basket case and a total recluse, which I already had in some ways.

Even though I could well afford not to work due to my husband’s investments, and the insurance settlement from the accident, I realized I needed to get out and interact with other people again. Needless to say, it’s how I ended up working for Julie.”

Julie then jumped in… “I never told Anna this until recently, but I almost didn’t hire her because of my concern about her being able to connect with customers because of how despondent she seemed when I interviewed her. But I could sense she needed a job, although I didn’t know the reason why at the time. Thankfully I did as it worked out beautifully for all concerned.”

After Anna gave Julie’s hand a loving squeeze, she then continued… “I can’t tell you how grateful I was she did. Having a job and interacting with other people immediately began working wonders on my frame of mind. Eventually I stopped feeling sorry for myself and looked forward to the days I worked. That’s until a strange thing occurred. Something I never experienced before. Let alone ever imagine it would.”

Without waiting for her to explain… “What would that be?”

“After illegal bahis working with Julie for a couple months, I found myself attracted to her. And I don’t mean in a friendly sort of way. I couldn’t imagine what was happening to me as I’ve never been attracted to another woman before the way I was to Julie. Or ever even thought about another woman in the same way. To the point I started masturbating again for the first time since my husband’s tragic death, and when I did, all I thought about was Julie. I thought I was as straight as any woman could be and here I was fantasizing about having sex with another woman.”

“For what it’s worth Anna, you’re not the first woman it’s happened to. Maybe not under the same circumstances with you trying to get your act back together, but it occurs all the time. While it’s more common when younger, many middle-aged women find themselves suddenly bisexually curious and fantasizing about it. It happened to me. God knows I never imagined it would, but it did. But what I don’t understand is what it has to do with me.”

“You will.” Then after she paused… “Once I realized my feelings for Julie weren’t going to change, I had a dilemma to deal with. As hard as I tried to get her to notice me beyond being someone who worked for her, Julie didn’t seem to feel the same way towards me. To make matters worse, I didn’t have an inkling of how to make my feelings known without potentially making an ass of myself. Or even worse, offending Julie if I did. My predicament got so bad, I made the decision the best thing to do was to simply quit. In a nice way of course since Julie was kind enough to give me a job when I needed it, and treated me very well. But I just didn’t see any other option.”

“I can understand your predicament as more than one relationship has ended when someone found out someone they liked personally wanted to be more than just ‘friends’. Especially when that person was of the same sex. But obviously you didn’t quit, so what changed your mind?”

“After taking a few extra days off from work to make sure I was making the right decision, I returned with the intention to tender my resignation. But when I did and first saw Julie, she looked as though she went through a complete metamorphosis. Like a caterpillar does and turns into a beautiful butterfly. I couldn’t believe it was her until she spoke to me.”

She paused to finish her cappuccino, and since we all had by then, I waved at Sandra. After catching her attention I simply displayed three fingers, which indicated exactly what we wanted.

Anna then continued… “Since you’ve known Julie longer than I have, you know how conservatively she used to dress. If conservatively is even the right word. And how little effort she put into her hair or make-up.”

She then looked at Julie… “No offense Julie, but you could have easily passed for a Pastor’s wife, and made me wonder at times why I was so attracted to you.”

“No offense taken Anna, and I wondered about it too.”

With that said, Anna looked at me and continued…”The biggest surprise was not only did her appearance change, so did her personality. She was always sweet as could be, but in a very guarded way. Suddenly she seemed like a different person. A lot more outgoing and more confident with and about herself. With the unexpected change, I thought there might still be some hope and decided to hold off on giving my notice.”

Her comments about Julie and how she changed not only brought back memories of the “old” Julie, but the first time I realized there was more to her than the false façade she developed after her divorce.

It was when she offered to give me her opinion of how I looked in a bikini I just purchased in her shop. It was the first time I bought a bikini to wear in years, and had left it on under my clothes after trying it on since I was going straight to Maureen’s house to use her pool.

When she saw me in it in one of her changing rooms it seemed like she had all she could do to keep her hands off me. Not forgetting how she looked at me and all but praised how I looked in it. While “modeling” the bikini for her, I was also assessing her more closely in ways I never had in the past, and it’s when I realized there was a lot more to her than first impressions or outward appearances would indicate at the time.

It wasn’t long after we were alone together in the changing room that she reverted back to the person she was before her divorce. Not long after she did, it’s when the intimate relationship between us developed. And as with Anna, she was more the aggressor than I was.

“I don’t want to interrupt your train of thought Anna, but I remember very well when the ‘new’ Julie ’emerged’. Like you, I couldn’t believe it was the same person either. So what happened next?”

“After deciding to hold off on giving my notice, I noticed a change in how we interacted with each other. Almost to the point she seemed interested in me as much as I was with her. Way more personal when alone together, and more complimentary about how I dressed, looked, and even the perfume I used. Finally I decided to go for broke. Not that I knew anything about how to make my feelings known when it came to another woman. Didn’t have the slightest idea how to go about it.”

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