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The birds were singing outside, waking Lord Roger. With a smile he reached for his robe before quietly entering his wife’s room, next to his. He sat in the chair by the window and admired his wife by the growing dawn light. It was warm and his wife was sprawled across her bed naked, her dark hair falling over her shoulder. He enjoying studying his wife while she slept. He loved the curve of her side as it rose and fell from bosom to buttock. He loved the hint of plump breast hidden from view. He imaged himself squeezing them. He felt movement under his robe as his cock grew.

His eyes slid down her length to her buttocks which he loved to grab hold of as she rode on top of him, grabbing at his cock. He wanted to run his hands over all her body and feel her moan from his touch.

His cock was now hard and was demanding he do something with it. He pulled his robe off as he strode across to the bed. Gently he clambered on to the bed so as not to disturb her. He lay along side her. He ran his hand kartal escort bayan up her leg and between her thighs. She stirred. He kissed her bare shoulder as his hand rose over her flat stomach to her breasts to cup and then squeeze. As he did he pressed his crotch into her buttocks. Her body moved to press against him more and slowly run his cock between her buttocks. He moaned into her back, “you whore.”

“Who can’t live without it?” She murmured as she turned over to receive a kiss on the lips from him. He pulled her close and ran his hands down her back and grabbed at her buttocks.

She giggled as she lay back to allow him to adore her. Sometimes she wished he did it more often. He kissed her lips again as his fingertips stroked down her stomach, over her bellybutton and down between her thighs. As for his kisses they moved over her chin, down her neck and to her breast. His mouth found her nipple and he gently tugged at it with his teeth causing her to moan and arch escort maltepe her back.

His hand was between her thighs, dipping his fingers into her sex to moisten their tips before rubbing at her clit. She rolled on to her side and pressed her buttocks against his hard cock. His fingers slid in and out of her sex, catching at her insides. She began panting as she felt his fingers inside her moving faster and faster. She squeezed at her breast until with a final moan she became still.

Lord Roger didn’t stop just because his wife had come. He lifted her leg up so he could nudge his cock into her. With uncontrollable desire he shoved his cock deep into her and his wife moaned. She pushed her buttocks against her husband. They moved together as he thrust in and out, pushing deep into her each time. He held tight to her thigh, digging his fingers in as he moved.

Feeling himself on the verge of coming he withdrew and threw her on to her back. She giggled and arched her back. pendik escort She grabbed him by his hips and pulled him forward and into her. She wrapped her legs around him, ensure he couldn’t leave her. He exclaimed, “you whore! You’ll make me come.”

“Then you’ll have to do just that, and then fuck me again. I know you have good stamina. Do you think I never hear you with my maid. It arouses me, and then I have to play all by myself, because you only want me once a week.” She hissed back and grabbed Lord Roger’s buttocks with her fingers and dug her nails in as she forced him deep into her.

“Witch.” He hissed back, “you’ll be punished for this.”

“Go on then.” She gasped as she arched her back and squeezed at his cock. He fought back, pushing away from her and throwing her over. No woman got the better of him! His cock was wet with his wife’s sex liquor. He found her arse hole with the point of his cock and pushed in. She moaned, but he ignored the protest. He went deep in. It was so tight that he came. He dropped on top of her, “like that bitch.”

“Oh yes husband, oh yes.” She replied between gasps, “put me in your whorehouse and then you can have me whenever you want.”

“No chance.” He answered with a small smile as he rolled off her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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