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My name is Rasika and this is the story of how the lockdown caused me and my father in law (daddy) to become lovers. Daddy was much better endowed than my husband and far more imaginative and aggressive as a lover.

I was always curious about sex, perhaps from my teenage time. I used to see some porn movies, but never had the courage to have sex, due to the conservative nature of my family, but I never shied away from pleasuring myself in bathroom or while taking shower.

Mine was an arrange marriage. My father and my husband’s father were childhood friends and therefore I had seen my husband and father in law since childhood.

My husband Junaid Rahman is a very romantic, caring and open minded person. I enjoyed each and every moment of love making with him. He was the one who deflowered me and took my virginity on our honeymoon. He satisfied me from all angles. I was only 22 when I got married.

At the time of Wedding, I was like a hot doll. My first night, was very successful, and my husband was very pleased to see blood came out of my Vagina, which proved that I was a Virgin, and had never been fucked before.

Since I was having sex for the first time, I was very horny, but my husband got tired after ejaculating twice and slept. Anyways our honey moon, was full of lust and sex, and most of the times, whenever my husband put his fingers inside my pussy, he found my juices only.

It was all going on fine, till them time my husband left for an office trip, just 5 months after my marriage. I felt as if some lightening had fallen on me. It was tough but somehow, Junaid convinced me let him go for his job, promising to return in a month. But suddenly the Indian government imposed the lockdown and my husband was stuck away from me, unsure when he would be able to meet me.

Our house belonged to my father in law. It was nice independent building with a small open garden in the rear. The ground floor consisted of a sitting room, kitchen, dining room and a guest bedroom. The first floor had two large bedrooms and a big balcony which could be approached through either bedroom. Our bedroom was adjoining my father in law.

Here I was, a young hot wife, who was recently married, who was recently deflowered and now I was separated from my husband, due to the lockdown. To divert my mind, I started taking special care of the house and household work. I took extra efforts to make the life of my father in law comfortable.

When he was suffering from some viral infection. I did my best to take care of him. This taking care, made him really admire me, and we became closer as buddies. He was very strict with my husband, but with me he was an affectionate father.

Anyways, life continued for few days, and taking eryaman arkadan veren escort care of my father in law, I was able to help me control my lust to some extent, but I had feelings………. Basic human feelings and soon desperation and uneasiness overtook me. I needed a dick! I wanted to fuck my husband, who was so far. I felt a vacuum in my life.

Chatting over internet or skype did not compensate for a real dick. Moreover, living in the shadow of your father in law, you could hardly explore other avenues. Not that I wanted to be unfaithful to my husband, but somehow, I felt unsatisfied. I did not know what to do! My husband would often call me, but it was very difficult for me to sleep alone! Masturbating and porn did help me to an extent, but it cannot compensate a real dick.

My father in law was a very strict and my mother father in law had passed away a few years before my marriage. He never married again. Though father in law was about 50 years old, he looked a lot younger, due to his fitness regime.

Many times, people confuse him to be the elder brother of my husband. He has done is best to maintain a strict diet, and strict routine. I often thought, how can he survive without sex!!

One afternoon, I was unable to sleep due to lust and I woke on hearing some noise from my father in laws, room. It was unusual as there would be none in the house other than me, my father in law and our maid, who would sneak in during the curfew hours and do our housework.

Concerned about his health, I started to walk towards his room. I heard a female voice coming from his room, which surprised me. My heart was racing as I walked close. The sex noises got louder. The door was locked and I tried to peep in from the key hole and the shock of my life was waiting for me.

Our Maid, was fucking my father in laws. The maid seemed to enjoy the fucking she was getting. I immediately wanted to knock the door and confront him, but, the slut inside me stopped me from doing it!!

The sight was both erotic and depraved. Our Maid was completely naked and her body was folded up with her ankles next to her ears. The huge figure of daddy was on top of her. His huge buttocks flexed as he drove his organ down into her. But gently. There was a gentleness to his deep thrusts.

She cried out as daddy took his dick out. It was sizeable! I was surprised she had been able to take it. He pulled her on top of him. Her boobs pressed against his toned chest. He grabbed her waist with both hands and raised it. I watched his dark flagpole slowly disappear under our maid’s ass. It did not go all the way in, but most of the way.

“Ohh…….ahhh……!” The maid started hollering as daddy then started pounding sincan escort her upwards. Daddy was clearly an artist in bed. He varied his pace and tempo beautifully.

And this was the moment that I decided that I must seduce my father in law, to satisfy my desires!! If not his son, why not him!!!! I wanted my father in law’s dick, but the question was how???

Seeing my father in law, fucking that maid, took away all my senses. His dick, was far thicker and bigger than my husbands. The way he fucked that maid, and his big dick, is what any woman would want.

That night, I could not sleep and kept on fingering my pussy, but the juice would not stop from coming out. My thought, my mind was only stuck on one thing, the 8.5 Inches, thick dick of my father in law. I concluded that my husband, his son did not inherit this trait from his father.

There was no peace, I was sweating the whole night. Since I am a newly wed Indian house wife, it is not so easy to start an affair. But now I was determined to sleep with my father in law. Nothing else could satisfy me, I knew it is immoral, but I did not care. Satisfaction of my Vagina was more important than anything else. I could never break the shackles when I was unmarried, but now what better than fucking the father of your own husband, no tension, plus everything will be between the four walls. I already made my decision!!

Next morning, the first thing I did was to fire the maid, as I was jealous of her. She was getting to fuck the dick I want, which rightfully belonged to this household, and I as the daughter in law of this house, had the first claim over the assets of this household. That thick dick belonged to me, and I was going to claim it. Moreover, I also wanted privacy, and if she remained in the house, it was not possible for me to implement my plans.

My father in law had gone for his morning walk in the garden when I fired the maid. She was crying and pleading but I was adamant and eventually she left the house after taking 3 months salary and I assumed control of this house… house. I then started to make breakfast for my prey- Mr daddy – my great father in law!!!

He loved to eat Roghan Josh and I decided to make it for him. It was around 9 am, he came back from his walk and went to his bedroom for his routines. He was particular about timing, and hence by 10:00am, he came back to the dinning room. I was in kitchen when he called our maids name.

I replied- ” daddy, she has gone away. She said that the police surveillance has increased in her slums and therefore, she cannot come to work during the lockdown. However, do not worry, I will manage the house, the cooking, cleaning etc.”

He seemed to get affected by this, as gölbaşı çıtır escort his sex toy had gone!! I was purposefully wearing my sexy see through saree. I came out with his breakfast. He seemed to hardly notice my sexy dress.

“Ok, but you should have asked me, she was working here for long”

I did not reply, and started to serve him food, standing very close to him. He seemed to be taken aback by this sudden change in my attitude. Trying to avoid my touch, ” it is ok beta, I will take my self”

I was little disappointed, as my first step failed. He ate little breakfast and though I was sitting besides him, with my saree, he hardly observed it. He finished his breakfast and left for his room, without saying a word. I was very disappointed.

But I decided to follow to his bedroom, I tiptoed to the door, which was slightly open I had to retain the control of our relationship. I warned him that if he ever revealed any aspect of our relationship, I would accuse him of having raped me. I also berated him about his poor personal hygiene and said that he had to maintain my standards as long as were together,

The next few days established our routine. I moved Daddy to my bedroom as I loved his presence in my marital bedroom. Since Daddy could not use his hands; he was almost totally dependent on me. Every morning, I would brush his teeth and give him his coffee, holding the cup to his mouth. We used to eat our breakfast and meals together, from the same plate. I would feed him with my hands, alternating between his and my mouth. We took our bath together and we became used to nudity. I used to enjoy bathing him and took special care of his cock. His toilet activity was fully monitored as I had to help hold his cock for pissing and clean him after shitting. He would always tell me when he wanted to visit the toilet.

We enjoyed sex. Daddy was an aggressive lover. He was insatiable often coming twice or thrice a day. I would enjoy his big cock pounding up my pussy and cervix. Hubby never used to touch the depths daddy would. I was initially worried that daddy’s big cock may stretch me wide open and my husband may become suspicious. Luckily the female vagina is very elastic and adaptable.

After we both got kinky, I allowed Daddy to enter my ass hole. We even experimented with Fellatio, anal sex and rimming. Daddy is also a breast man. He can never keep his hands or lips away from my boobs.

Although I was very much in charge, Daddy was also getting more comfortable. He would occasionally slip an arm into my dress to finger my pussy, tweak a nipple or insert it into my rear hole. His cock was almost always erect although his testicles would be hanging low due to the frequent milking of their contents — by my mouth, pussy or ass hole. By now Daddy’s hands were fully healed, but I refused to allow any change to our daily life. We would still bathe together, except that now he would also soap, lather and caress my body, cleaning every nook and crevice. Daddy was a pure animal when it came to sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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