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I would soon find out. He remained his friendly, amiable, and naked self, if anything more affectionate than before. He had already been huggy, but seemed to become more so, which took getting used to since he was usually naked. If I was working at my computer, he’d greet me with a squeeze of the shoulder then let his hand casually stay there while we talked. Any comment about a body part during our workouts would be emphasized with a grab. And I gave as good as I got. If I passed him going through the kitchen, I would help myself to a swat to his bare ass or a squeeze of his popped-out pecs. I used my fingers to “draw” on his body when asking questions about a particular exercise, and I continued to keep him company while he showered, then took my time oiling his body down afterwards.

Previously, if one of both of us chubbed up from it, we would acknowledge it jestingly but that’s as far as it went. Now, knowing I had license to do so, I made our contact more sensual, playing with his nipples and dipping my oily finger into his navel. His meat filled out and lengthened, bobbing in front of him.

Meeting his eyes, I silently communicated “Are we okay?” which he acknowledged with a slight nod and a grin, so I continued, exploring his abs while his cock grew to its impressive full size. At least eight inches long, smooth and thick. I really wanted to wrap a hand around it and see what such a big weapon felt like, and I suspected he wouldn’t complain, but another part of me wasn’t ready to cross that line.

He trotted off to his room and I assumed he beat off, but I wasn’t going to ask. I know I did. Later that night, I was watching TV and he came into the room, naked as usual. But instead of plopping in his recliner, he sat on the couch next to me. I was relaxed, my back against the end of the couch, and to my surprise, he leaned back into my chest, stretching Beylikdüzü escort his legs out on the sofa.

“Comfortable?” I asked him sarcastically, but my arm automatically closed around his chest, my hand taking possession of one of his pecs. It felt nice and smooth, the oil having had a chance to blend with his natural texture, and I reached around to put my other hand on his taut belly.

“Yea, this is nice.” He breathed, nuzzling into my embrace. “You’re the best roomie ever.”

“You won’t catch me complaining, either,” I told him, with a squeeze for emphasis. I couldn’t believe he was being so affectionate with me. As we watched the TV, I subtly explored his upper body with my hands, periodically moving around to let my fingers trail over new parts of him. He made no attempt to limit my travels, giving only an involuntary shiver once when I brushed too lightly across his ribs and tickled him. Loving every second of this and not wanting to do anything to stop it, I avoided going much below his navel, but my touch was clearly having an effect on him, because his dick swelled to life not long after he laid down and mostly stayed that way, poking up hard and drippy in the light of the TV. He fiddled with it now and then, but didn’t outright stroke it, and I didn’t want to sound too eager or embarrass him by mentioning it.

Finally, kind of nowhere, he stated matter-of-factly “I need to cum now, do you want to watch, or do you want me to go in my room?”

I appreciated his concern about my own comfort level, realizing I had already taken a big leap that day. But I was also really horny, and wanted to see what he looked like pleasuring himself.

“I want to watch,” I said after a second. Why lie at this point?

“Cool. Keep doing what you’re doing with your hands. It feels really good,” he told me.

So I did, brushing Beylikdüzü escort my fingertips over his nipples and the ridges of his abs as he took his meat in hand and set to stroking it. I gripped the pec which was flexed with his effort and gave it an appreciative squeeze, telling him, “Be careful … if you do this too much, you’ll be asymmetrical.”

“Don’t think I didn’t think of that,” he huffed. “I switch hands sometimes!”

“It doesn’t bother you that I’m watching you do this?”

“It’s a little weird, I guess. I never let anybody watch me before. But you’re helping me out, so fuck it.”

I let him concentrate and kept up my work teasing his skin, and it wasn’t long before he tensed up against me and let out a groan as the first shot of cum shot out of his dick, landing right on his open lips. The next few caught his chin and chest, including some on my hands. He bucked and moaned and swore in my arms, spasming as the orgasm took control of him. It was cool to experience, the first time I witnessed anybody’s other than my own, and it seemed so powerful that I felt a little cheated. I had gotten used to taking care of myself quickly and quietly, not wanting to alert my roommates who were usually just a yard or so away outside the door. Terry totally gave himself to the feelings, possibly forgetting I was there. When he calmed down, he turned and grinned at me with spermy lips. “So how was the show?”

“Pretty intense,” I told him. “You almost got a mouthful.”

“Ah, no worries,” he said, then – to my shock – licked the mess up from his mouth!

“Wow, you eat that?”

“What’s the big deal? It came out of me.”

“I don’t know… just not something I’d ever thought a guy would do,” I wanted to say ‘straight guy’ but caught myself.

“Guys do a lot of shit you wouldn’t expect them to,” he told me. “Easiest Escort Beylikdüzü way to get it off your mouth is to swallow it. I don’t feel like moving just yet,” he told me.

“You’re kinda covered in it,” I reported, dodging puddles on his belly.

“Yeah, I shoulda warned, you, I make a bit of a mess,” he grinned. “Did I get any on you?”

“Just my hands,” I showed him. To my further amazement he pulled my arm closer and licked the goo off my skin, then did the same thing with the other hand.

“You never tasted your own?” he asked me, with an amused expression, “I assumed every guy tried it at least once.”

I blushed and was glad he couldn’t really see me. “Yeah, I have,” I admitted. “I figured I was the only one.”

“When it comes to sex, there ain’t nothin’ new under the sun,” he told me. “Anyway that was awesome. You got good hands. I hope it didn’t freak you out.”

“A little, but it was still fun,” I told him. “Thanks for sharing that with me.”

“No problem, that’s what roommates do. Want to share some of my jizz?” he grinned, swiping up a gooey fingerful and offering it to me.

“Um, I’m good,” In truth I would have tried it in a heartbeat, but I was worried he was kidding and didn’t want to call his bluff.

“More for me,” he shrugged, licking it up.

“You’re nuts,” I told him, but it didn’t stop me from scooping up another batch and watching him clean it off my finger.

“Hey, it’s protein, isn’t it? Besides the bump against my ass tells me you’re not as skeeved by this as you’re acting!”

“It’s fun watching you eat it. Doesn’t mean I have to,” I retorted.

“All in good time, my little pretty.” He told me, pulling out of my arms. “Now I’m gonna get the rest of this shit off me and go to sleep. Come on.”

I trailed him into the bathroom and he was pissing, unbothered by my presence. Then he got a quick rinse off and I was ready to give his clean skin an express rubdown with the oil.

“Ah, now I’m ready for sleep. Thanks again, roomie,” He told me. I daringly initiated the hug this time, enjoying the feel of him, and he let me do it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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