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Before I started college I met this girl, Luna. It was weird because we met each other through the internet. I don’t exactly remember where or how but as soon as we started talking to each other we clicked instantly.

She was an artsy, innocent, easily embarrassment type of girl. And me being the perv that I am always took advantage of that. I’d tease her nonstop, to the point where she’d just text lines and lines of dots.

But she never did stop texting.

We continue talking and as time pasted we decided we wanted to meet in person. So after lots of planning and a couple weeks later and I’m rolling my luggage through an Arizona airport.

I furrow my eyebrows, looking around the airport. I smile when I spot the colorful painting with my name on it. Someone’s excited. Getting closer to Luna, I laugh.

“Nice poster.” She blushes slightly, averting her eyes to sign in her hands as if she didn’t even know it was there. I smile, taking in her small figure.

Her slender frame hidden under baggy clothes which make me want to take off so I can see what’s really underneath. After failing to mentally undress her, I look over her face. Her long, wavy hair, big brown eyes lined with dark thick lashes and covered by glasses, a cute little nose, and full reddish lips which match her colored cheeks.

“C’mon, no need to be shy. It’s just me.” Her blush deepens as she glares at the poster. I smirk. Moving forward, I lightly blow into her ear. Both instantly inflame into a passionate red before she takes a sharp breath of air in and jumps back.

She eyes widen, glancing at me for a second before averting again. I smile smugly, patting her shoulder.

“Off to your place we go.”

Setting my things down, I look around the cute little apartment.

“Just you here?” Still avoiding my eyes, she closes her front door before slowly nodding. I slowly shorten the distance between us, staring down intently at her. This causes her to jump when she turns around.

‘..Ray?’ Her voice small and barely heard as she whispers.

“Still have that little problem?” Confusion laces through her features.

‘I- um, huh..’ Her words jumble together as she tries to move back to create some distance.

“You know, your possibly asexual issue.” It was a thing we discussed during one of our chats. Though brief, it gave me the leverage I have now.

She releases a small yelp when her back hits the door. I grab her shaken hand, rubbing over her knuckles with my thumb. Then I bring my lips to her red hot ear.

“Luna, I could canlı bahis help you.” Her body goes completely still as my lips hover over her skin. Slowly wrapping my arms around her waist, I press my lips against the skin of her neck. Lightly, I graze my teeth across the soft spot.

She whimpers quietly, still too shocked to move. Grabbing her thighs, I lift her up causing her legs to wrap around me. She gasps, her hands gripping the fabric of my shirt.

I move down, sucking on her collarbone. Then my hand goes to grab her ass, it feeling soft and firm in my palm.

She jumps, gasping again and I take this opportunity to claim her mouth. Her face is bright red as she squeezes her eyelids shut. I nip, lick, and suck on her bottom lip before my tongue tastes the inside of her mouth.

Her grip on my shirt tightens while her body grows hotter when my arousal pokes at her inner thigh.

A moan slips through causing her to become more embarrassed, if possible. I smirk, through the kiss.

Deciding to take this elsewhere, I begin moving towards the empty hallway. Luckily, her bedroom is easy to find, being straight ahead with the door open.

Her body shivers when I slide a finger up her spine then comb them through her hair. Before I even realize it, my knees touch the edge of her bed. Setting her down on it, I remove my shirt.

Her eyes, which I didn’t even know were open again, widen as they blatantly stare at my bare upper body. I smirk, being thankful for all the sports I played to stay in shape.

“Find anything pleasing?” She quickly closes her eyes, shaking her head. I chuckle, moving onto her.

Plucking her glasses off her face, I set them on the side table before tucking at the belt loops of her jeans.

With my other hand, I grab her chin to force eye contact.

Though she could just close her eyes again she doesn’t. I smirk, knowing the control I have over her.

“Luna.” I sing her name. Removing my finger from her jeans, I go to take off her shirt. Once gone, I take in her perky breasts encased in a plain white bra.

She remains silent, softly breathing. I lower my head and start kissing just below her breasts.

As I kiss down I look at her. Making sure she doesn’t look away or close her eyes. I stop where her waistband is and go back up to her lips. I give her a peck.

Then move away, just before her lips can touch mine again. She tries to hide her disappointment.

Aww, someone’s eager.

Her eyes stay on my lips and I smirk. She looks back at my eyes and her ears radiate bahis siteleri heat. I finally give her what she wants and kiss her. Luna’s eyes close as I run my hand along her thigh. She tries to stay calm when I grip and knead her ass.

I stop the kiss as I move down to her neck, sucking, licking and kissing. I then notice her trying to cross her legs over each other. I stop her by putting of my legs between hers. I look at her and smirk.

“Is somebody wet?” She keeps her mouth shut, just like she’s been doing this whole time.

I can tell she’s trying so desperately to contain her moans. I chuckle as I move her hands above her. I left go of her wrist and quickly run my finger against her clothed pussy.

She finally breaks and moans. Then I feel myself harden. I want to take all her clothes off.

‘Why don’t we take off those clothes and see what’s underneath,’ I whisper in her ear. She shivers and I can feel the heat of her face.

She doesn’t say anything and just closes her eyes so I take off my jeans and begin taking off her jeans and bra.

Once it’s off I throw it. Luna’s dark nipples are erect and she’s breathing heavily causing her breast to move.

I grab one and put my mouth over the other. She gasp as I begin sucking and playing with her nipples, teasing them with each touch. She moans quietly and fists her hands.

I stop when I notice that I’m poking her stomach. I smirk and rub my erection against her. Her arms move closer to her head.

Kissing, biting, and sucking all over her neck and collarbones, I inch my hand farther down. I open her legs and smirk at how wet she is. I rub my thumb against her entrance.

She moans into my ear. I open her lips and run my finger over her clit. She’s now panting and shaking. I slowly put a finger inside her and she winces and hiss.

I move around a little and after a while her hips move against my finger. I begin with slow and steady strokes then escalate before adding another finger.

Shit, she’s tight.. and soaking wet.

My dick pushes against my boxers, wanting to replace my fingers.

Shit, it’s so hard it hurts.

Moving in and out with my fingers I use my thumb to stimulate her clit. Her back instantly arches, her entire body shaking and quivering at my touch. I smirk.

She’s close.

She whimpers and whines when I increase the speed. Her body tenses, her chest rapidly rising and falling. Finally, I pinch her clit with my thumb and index finger.

“Ray!” She screams, completely falling apart. I let her ride bahis şirketleri her orgasm out on my fingers before slipping out.

Luna’s back falls while she tries to calm down though she’s severely embarrassed by what she just did.

I wink at her before picking up my jeans then take out a condom from the back pocket.

Ripping open the package with my teeth, I remove my boxers before rolling the latex over my erection. When I look back to her she’s staring widen eyed at it like she’s never seen one before. I smirk.

Oh, wait.

Chuckling, I move back between her legs so she doesn’t close them again. Grabbing her hips, I pull her closer before our lips connect.

The kiss lasts up until she losses her breath. So I move down to her jaw, placing light butterfly kisses to it. Her breathing is undeniably heavy and loud as I inch closer to her entrance.

She squeaks when my tip touches her lips. I stop, making eye contact with her.

“It might hurt a little, okay?” She grabs onto her sheets tightly with a flushed face as she averts her eyes. I kiss the temple of Luna’s head as I ease into her.

I’m barely in before I stop. Her breathing has become more labored as she whimpers and whines.

“Luna, you need to relax.” I wipe the few tears that spill out of her eyes. Then I begin placing kisses all over her face.

Cheeks, eyelids, nose, forehead then lips. While I try to ease more of myself into her. She tries to follow my order, allowing her muscles to relax.

This continues until I’m fully inside her. We both catch our breath before I start moving again.

The strokes are slow as I rock into her. Her pussy pulses, squeezing my cock while she moans. I steadily increase the speed while I feel her coming close again.

I groan slamming into her as I feel myself getting close as well. Lifting one of her legs over my shoulder, I’m able to move more easily and faster.

Her cries become louder as my hands bruise her hips. Then I pull all the way out before quickly slamming into her.

It’s the last straw for her as she cums, moaning and screaming my name. Her pussy convulses around my shaft causing me to cum.

Her cunt milks my dick as we both ride out our orgasms. When I finish, I pull out and collapse next to her.

We’re both trying to catch our breath as I remove the condom from my flaccid penis.

Tying it into a knot I throw it into the trash. When I’m breathing more normally I turn to look at her.

This causes me to laugh at her embarrassed and flushed features. She punches and slaps me, her face completely red.

“What? It’s not like you protested.” She frowns, moving away from.

“Cruel.” I chuckle, resting my chin on her shoulder.

“Aww, thanks. And you’re extremely adorable.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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