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All Natural

(The characters in this story are all fictional and have no connection with any person living or dead.)

Lindsey’s face was so close to mine in the hug — I realized I didn’t mind her acne at all. It was just part of her wholeness.

I smiled too and said, as we parted by briefly holding hands, “Next week, Top Dog, my place, OK?”

“Wouldn’t miss it,” she said as she exited through the darkness.

This time, she provided the eats — some delicious takeout Chinese from Szechwan Planet. She brought the wine too, and naturally, the weed. The meal, the extras, and the program, were just superb. I was in a great mood, and I think she was too.

I was wearing a very slim and thin, almost oriental, long red skirt, with a cami top, which nicely displayed my excellent tits, along with elaborate filigree earrings and subtle black necklace. With just a touch of my favorite perfume and subtle lipstick!

She wore different leggings, as provocative as before, with red and blue highlights, along with a white man’s sleeveless T-shirt that was so tight it was practically painted on her. On her wrist was a man’s hunky wristwatch.

We sat on the couch again, thoroughly enjoying her favorite crime show. This time I sat closer to her, until we were almost touching. When I eventually looked at her, she looked back, and without thinking I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her to me. She slid closer yet. It was the damnedest goodest feeling I’d had with anyone for years.

Eventually my hand snuck around to cup her tiny tit, and she moaned just a little. And that’s the way we remained until the end of the show.

“Louise,” she said, “you make me feel so good. I really, truly enjoy being with you.”

“And I, you.”

For the first time, she brought her face to mine and we ever so slowly brought our lips şişli escort together briefly. Then her hand began to explore my tits, both massaging them and teasing my nipples. We had crossed the line into eroticland, and our ships were plowing into unknown seas with abandon.

I was breathing heavily. “Lindsey, I do like you a lot. For everything you are.”

“You like my boyish qualities?”

“Yes, so much; I have fantasized about you.”

“And I, you. I’d probably love to fuck you.”

That enticing comment hung in the air a little.

We soon found ourselves on my expansive, king-size bed with all the extra pillows and ruffles and frills. A real girly-girly bed.

The wine and pot were still holding sway as we undressed each other in the near darkness.

Here was I, standing in just my frilly panties and bra, and Lindsey, standing in her tight boy shorts, with sweat glistening off our skins. She reached down and touched my cunt and clit briefly, and then we climbed into bed and lay alongside each other. I felt I was next to a half man, half woman creature, and the feeling was exhilarating.

“My, my,” I said, “do you want to be the Top Dog? You don’t bite, do you?”

“Don’t count that out, you’re getting me going.”

With that, I both began to suck on her nipple and reached down to touch her privates. I was quite surprised to find, instead of a diminutive clit, something that reminded me of a small penis.

“What?” I asked.

Lindsey laughed a little. “This is a little extra benefit you get with me. I have a really large clit, dear; when it gets excited it decides to become a little penis. It won’t get you pregnant, though.”

“My god, it’s four or five inches long!”

“At maximum, 4.2 inches as I measure it,” said Lindsay matter-of-factly.

I made my way down to explore mecidiyeköy escort it. Of course, it wasn’t very thick like a man’s, but it was firm and erect. In the dark, mostly under a sheet, Lindsay impulsively began to pump it into my mouth. I loved it! Just the perfect size for a woman’s dick!

I held her firm, muscular buns in my hands and helped her push into me. Shortly, she came, big time. I ran my lips along her shaft and she spasm-ed frequently until she begged me to stop.

“Well, I never heard of this before,” I exclaimed. “How does it feel to have a small cock?”

“Well, it means I could fuck without a strap-on. You do know what a strap-on is, don’t you?”

“Never used one, but I’ve seen them in porn videos.”

“Susan and I loved to clit-fuck. I mean, my little penis isn’t like most guy’s dicks, but it will penetrate.”

I replied, “Some guy’s dicks are actually smaller than yours, from what I’ve seen.”

“You must watch a fair amount of porn, Louise.”

“A necessity.”

With that, Lindsay moved belly to belly with me, with her woman’s hard-on against me. She began to suck on my nipple while reaching down to find my clit, with outstanding results. I began to writhe against her, and my lips found her throat and then we kissed madly, trading tongues and getting wild.

“Oh god,” I said.

And then just as we were getting into a frenzy with her thigh up against my clit, she lay me down flat and mounted me, and inserted herself into me.

I squeezed my legs together to get maximum friction and rolled my body a little back and forth to enjoy her entry to the max. She was smiling again, hovering above me as she fucked away, inserting every inch into me.

We had gone beyond being partners. We were snakes, coiling like boas against each other, tightening, loosening, pushing. To reach the goal line, I reached down to provoke my clit, and I came, and then she came again.

A little later, this woman, who had boundless energy, did my asshole as well — definitely a first for me. A whole new territory of sensations. There were a lot of firsts that evening.

As a result, we became somewhat bound to each other. About half the evenings, we slept together. God, I loved that woman, and I told her so. She never told me she loved me, but I knew she needed me. She needed my feminine closeness. She needed a little mothering.

I called her mini-penis “Thompson” for some reason, maybe subliminally after the Thompson submachine gun!

I loved buying guys’ underwear, and socks, and shirts and trousers for her. I loved the soft hairs on her arms and legs and face, and I loved cooking for her.

And she, not as often, but for special days, bought me some lovely bras, panties and hose and other nice lingerie, and nice lipsticks and dresses.

I told absolutely no one about “Thompson,” although my family learned soon enough that I had a relationship with a woman with some manish qualities. They eventually accepted her and that was that.

Once, just for kicks, Lindsey bought me a strap-on and had me fuck her. She said she missed being penetrated just a little, but only once in a great while. Seeing a big dong dangling in front of me was mind-blowing, and I actually attained orgasm using it, once. She offered to do me with it, but I said I was perfectly happy with her version.

Two years ago Lindsey and I married. She wore a tux and was absolutely handsome. I did not agree to take on the married name of Thompson!

That evening, being fucked by her again, and bringing her into my mouth, had a special resonance, and we went to sleep, happy campers, kinda man and wife.

Lindsey finally convinced me to release the hawk, which hung around for several days before finally flying away for good. In its place, we bought two lovebirds.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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