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We awoke early in the morning, Linda had her head on my chest and I had a handful of her tit. She smiled at me and said, “that was great last night, can I have some more?”

I told her to suck my cock and get me aroused. She knelt next to me and sucked my cock into her mouth. I wanted to see how much pain she could handle. She liked me twisting and squeezing her nipples and breasts, and she liked a good slap on the ass, so I needed to explore further with her. I reached up and slipped a finger into her pussy, then another one. She was enjoying the attention when I pulled my fingers out of her sopping wet pussy, and squeezed her clit between my fingers and thumb. She almost passed out from the hard orgasm. She slumped down onto my chest as I applied more pressure on that clit. She was moaning, shaking uncontrollably and cumming harder than I had ever seen. Through all of the orgasms, that never stopped, she kept sucking on my cock. She was going to do as told no matter what. I let go of her clit and slapped her hard on the ass.

“Did you like that,” I asked? She wouldn’t let go of my rock hard cock to answer my question, so I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off of me, and repeated the question.

“Oh God, it was the best,” was her mumbled reply. “Don’t stop”

I pushed her head back onto my cock and said, “make me cum you slut.”

She turned that vacuum cleaner mouth up a notch and my orgasm started building deep in my balls. I grabbed her clit again and shoved my cock deep into her throat. My cock erupted with spurt after spurt of hot sticky cum. She swallowed fast and when I finished she lay still.

I smacked her on the ass again and told her to lick my cock, balls and ass clean. She never asked how my ass got dirty, she went to work cleaning me up with her talented tongue and mouth. I liked the way she licked my ass, so I told her “good girl.”

She looked up at me with the biggest grin on her face. She had pleased me and she knew it.

I commented, “There is a new rule for you to follow.”

Rule 6. You will always be nude when we are alone together in a house, motel or other room. As soon as we enter a room you will immediately disrobe.

She nodded her agreement.

She fixed breakfast for us in the nude. I like watching her tits as she went about her duties. Her ass kept twitching as she reached for something, or bent over, so I decided she needed to get fucked in the ass again. Another thought that went through my mind was to visit the adult store in town and get her some toys.

When she finished cleaning up after breakfast I told her she could get dressed for going shopping. I suggested she wear something that I could see her tits in, and grab a handful if I wanted. She wore tight shorts and the same top she wore the day of the block party. I was happy with her selection of clothes.

We drove immediately to the closest adult store. Linda had never been in one and she was shocked to see all of the adult toys for sale. I made her lean over to look at things so I could look at her tits. The female employee caught on and began stocking shelves near us. Linda was unaware of the extra audience and I had fun when she showed both of us those mammoth mammaries. We chose a 6 inch long, aluminum vibrator and an 8 inch long, thick dildo for her pleasure. When we checked out the female employee was very friendly. We ignored her as much as possible and left.

We spent the rest of the day and the Opry Mills Mall and Hotel complex. We went shopping, sight seeing, the typical tourist stuff, for the afternoon. Linda was enjoying herself immensely. We returned to the condo around 4:00 to get ready to go out to dinner and to the Grand Ole Opry. As soon as the door to the condo closed behind us Linda started stripping for me. She shook her tits and ass, swiveled her hips and generally tried to get me hot while she was obeying Rule 6.

“Do you want to try out your toys before supper?” I asked.

She replied, “Show me how to use them.”

“On the bed,” was my response.

Linda wagged her ass at me on her way to the bedroom. I retrieved the toys from the shopping bag and joined her. She was standing next to the bed with a big grin on her face waiting for me. I put my arms around her and gave her a big, deep, wet, tongue kiss. She responded by fondling my balls with both hands. I slipped a finger into her pussy and started finger fucking her while we were French kissing. I needed to speed up the process so I used my other hand to grab her nipple and twist it. Pendik Escort She started to moan so I squeezed it hard. That got her juices flowing. I laid her on the bed and got my head between her legs. I licked her slit from the bottom up to her clit, then back down. She was already wet. I slipped two fingers inside her pussy and concentrated on licking and tonguing her ass.

When she was getting close to cumming I pulled out my fingers, stood up and reached for the vibrator package. I opened the package, inserted the batteries and turned it on. Linda was watching me with a very quizzical look on her face. I turned it off.

I reached down and put the vibe up to her lips and said, “get it wet.”

She sucked that 6 inch vibrator into her mouth so far I thought she would swallow it. She licked it until it was covered with saliva. I pulled it out of her mouth and moved it to her sopping wet pussy lips. Slowly I slid it into her pussy until it was completely inside of her. I then turned it on and watched her face. Disbelief, followed immediately with a huge grin. She began to buck her hips, grab her tits with both hands and cum. She kept on cumming until I turned it off. I managed to get it out of her pussy.

I made her put her legs up in the air, over my shoulders and slowly slipped that soaked, 6 inch vibe into her ass. She squirmed a little at first because it was hard and unyielding but soon relaxed with it. I turned it on and shoved my hard cock deep into her pussy. I fucked her as hard and deep as I could. Faster and faster I worked my cock in that velvety pussy as the vibrator hummed away. I could feel the vibe through the thin membrane that separates her ass from her pussy and it felt good. Linda had started cumming before my cock hit bottom the first time and now was moaning, shaking and trying to scream. I didn’t want to cum yet so I pulled out of her pussy and turned the vibe off. She lay very still on the bed for minutes before coming back to earth.

Linda asked, “why did you stop, you haven’t had your cum?”

I replied, “Get on your knees you have another toy to play with.”

As usual she sat up and got on her knees as I instructed. She did grab my sock and suck it into her mouth for a second. I reached around, gave her a hard smack on the ass and told her, “You can do that after I cum, I haven’t given you permission to do it now.” She looked hurt, but turned around on the edge of the bed.

I got out the package with the big dildo in it. After I opened the package I slid the head of it into Linda’s wet pussy. She immediately started pushing back against it which caused me to smack her on the ass again. “Stay still”, I demanded, “or I will put all of these toys away.”

She obeyed and I returned to pushing that fat, 8 inch monster into her drenched vaginal canal. She never moved a muscle as I slowly worked it into her cavity. When I had most of it in I said, “now you can fuck this monster.” In seconds she was moaning and mumbling. I smacked her on the ass again and she was ready to orgasm. I stepped up behind her and buried my still stiff manhood deep into her ass. She started to fall on the bed, but knew better, and she withstood my assault on her bowels. The second stroke of my cock in her ass brought about her orgasm. She buried her face in the pillow so no one could hear her and the noise she was making.

I pumped her ass hard and fast, and smacked her ass, for what seemed like an hour before I felt my orgasm starting to build. When I got close I smacked her on the ass again and told her to turn around and suck me off. She jumped at my command and had my cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked until I exploded in her mouth. She kept lightly sucking the head of my cock until I had no more cum to give her. When I finished, she pulled my softening cock out of her mouth and cleaned it up with her tongue. When she was done she looked up at me with those big blue eyes of hers and said “I love you”

After a short rest we jumped into the shower. She wanted to play but we had to hurry to get to supper before the show at the Opry. She dressed in a country outfit she purchased earlier in the day, and I wore jeans and a tee shirt. At the theater we waited for an usher to seat us when up walked the clerk from the adult store. She didn’t notice who we were, just asked if she could help us find our seats. Her name tag said Bridget, so when she got us to our row I asked her if she remembered us from earlier today.

She looked puzzled for a minute then she recognized Kurtköy Escort Linda.

“You were in my cousin’s store today.”

I told her to meet us outside the main entrance when the show is over.

She responded, “It will be about 15 minutes before I can be there.” I told her we would wait.

The show started before Linda could question me about my conversation with Bridget. There are commercial breaks every 15 minutes during the 2 hour show. Linda wanted to question me about Bridget every time they broke for commercial, but I put her off.

I told her, “There are too many people who can hear us. I will fill you in after the show.”

Linda and I went to the lobby of the theater, after the show ended, and waited for Bridget. I bought Linda a souvenir coffee mug and sweatshirt while we waited. Linda was happy with my thoughtfulness and told me she would thank me later.

Bridget showed up and I asked, “To a honky-tonk or our condo?”

Bridget replied, “To your condo.”

When we got into my car I had Linda sit in the back. She pouted, but didn’t argue. When we started moving I told her to model the new sweatshirt for me. Traffic had thinned out some, but there were still a lot of cars and stop and go traffic. I was surprised when she took off her country top, exposing a sexy bra to Bridget and me, and slipped into her sweatshirt. Bridget commented on her nice, very large tits, and the sexy bra.

When we walked in the door of the condo Linda was not sure what to do. I closed the door and softly said, “Rule 6.”

Linda pulled the sweatshirt over her head, unhooked her bra, did a very sexy shimmy while getting out of her skirt, and yanked her thong down in one motion. Bridget’s eyes were bulging out.

Bridget could not get her eyes off of Linda’s great body. Those huge tits she had seen most of in her cousins store, and Linda’s nice long legs and very tiny frame were more then she had hoped for. I let her look for a minute or two. Linda wasn’t sure about what was happening, but she never moved a muscle.

I looked at Bridget, coughed to get her attention, and said, “Now it is your turn to undress.”

This was Bridget’s moment of truth. After a long hesitation, while she stared at Linda, she started unbuttoning the jacket of her usher’s uniform. I told Linda to help her. Bridget’s uniform wasn’t made to be shed quickly, but the two of them got the job done. Bridget was about 5 ft, 5″, 130 lbs, Brunette, with tits almost as large as Linda’s. Her pussy was shaved, and she had a huge clit projecting from between her lips.

I told Linda to show Bridget the bedroom. She did as she was told. When we arrived in the bedroom I told Linda to kiss Bridget. A very, very slight hesitation before she complied with my request. Bridget was all over Linda’s body, especially those big breasts. Linda was motionless, with her hands at her sides, not knowing what to do. I reached over, took Linda’s hands and placed them on Bridget’s hips.

“Do to her what you like me doing to you,” I told Linda. Again some slight hesitation before Linda started squeezing Bridget’s ass cheeks. Bridget dropped her head to Linda’s left tit and started licking, sucking and biting it. I wondered how Bridget knew that Linda liked pain. Linda started moaning. Bridget had done this before. She expertly backed Linda to the edge of the bed and pushed her down on it. Linda looked surprised when Bridget pushed her legs apart and began licking her slit. Linda needed some attention to her tits so she didn’t freak out. I sat next to her on the bed and sucked a hard nipple into my mouth and bit it. Bridget was licking her clit by now, and Linda had a major orgasm. I pulled Bridget away from Linda and told her to let her be for a minute or two.

Bridget asked me how I knew she wanted Linda. I replied that the way you watched her in the store was a dead giveaway.

“Are you bi?”

Bridget responded, only have men occasionally, but I want you. Hearing that, I undressed as fast as possible. As soon as my cock was free Bridget grabbed it in her hand and started pumping it. You need to suck it, Bridget, commented Linda. Bridget shook her head no. I grabbed her by the hair and said yes. Bridget said she had never sucked a cock before. Linda replied, “I have never kissed a women before you, let alone allow a female to eat me, suck his cock.”

I lay down on the bed. Bridget needed some encouragement from Linda. Eventually she held my cock softly in her hand and touched the tip with her Tuzla escort tongue. Linda told her to lick it like she would a Popsicle. She really didn’t want to do it. Linda pushed her aside and said, “Like this,” and swallowed my cock in seconds. Linda then pulled back and started to do her vacuum cleaner imitation on the head of my cock while she pumped it up and down with her hand. Bridget was watching intently. Linda removed herself from my cock and told Bridget it was her turn.

This time Bridget licked up and down the sides of my cock and tried to get all of it into her mouth. She sucked hard on the tip as Linda had showed her. Linda was either a great teacher or Bridget was a great learner, because it felt super. I warned Bridget I was going to cum. Linda told her to suck harder and swallow as fast as she could as soon as the first blast hit her mouth. In seconds Bridget was swallowing her first load of warm, sticky cum. When I finished spurting in Bridget’s mouth Linda pulled her off of me and used her tongue and mouth to clean up all of my cum. She gave my ass a little lick for good measure. When she was done I moved to the side of the king sized bed and told the girls to show me a hot 69.

Linda was on Bridget in a flash. Linda had her down on the bed with her tongue licking her pussy in a split second. Bridget responded by shoving two fingers into Linda’s pussy and sucking on her clit. I knew when Bridget found Linda’s “G” spot by the way Linda was shaking. I slapped Linda on the ass real hard to help Bridget make her cum.

Before long Bridget and Linda were both trembling and moaning and sucking each other and having orgasm after orgasm. My cock got rock hard watching all of the action on the bed. Linda finally collapsed on top of Bridget. She was shaking violently and mumbling under her breath. Bridget was having a hard time catching her breath. Finally Linda rolled off of Bridget. She saw my hard cock and motioned to Bridget and said, “Now it’s your turn.”

Bridget gave me a weak smile and nodded her head. I pushed her legs apart and got my tongue to work on that oversized clit. It was as sensitive as I thought it would be and she was cumming again in moments. I wanted her to remember me for a long time. I slipped a couple of fingers into her drenched pussy while I licked her clit. Her “G” spot was easy to find. The combination of two fingers massaging her “G” spot and my tongue giving her clit a good licking caused her to start shivering and moaning loudly. Her orgasm went on and on as she flooded my mouth with her pussy juices. She became very still and quiet. She had passed out from her orgasms. I pulled away from that sweet tasting slit and waited patiently while she regained her senses. Linda leaned over and kissed her gently on the mouth and tits to help her come out of her trance.

When Bridget had fully recovered I moved back between her legs. I lifted her legs up in the air in front of my body, spread them apart a little, and plunged my stiff cock into her sloppy pussy. I gave her a nice slow, easy fucking. I reached down and found that big clit as I was fucking her. I massaged her clit and slowly moved in and out with my cock. Bridget loved it without having another orgasm. I grabbed one of her tits with my other hand and started to pick up the pace with my cock. I leaned forward putting all of my upper body weight on Bridget’s legs and rammed my cock deep into her pussy. I must have hit bottom because she began cumming at once. Now I stroked deep and slow into that wet vagina, making her cum more and more. Linda leaned over and kissed her hard on the lips. Bridget responded to the kiss by pushing her ass up off of the bed to meet my thrusts. I let go of the tit and clit, wrapped my arms around both of her legs and pounded her fast and deep. Linda had Bridget’s torso pinned to the bed and I had control of her legs so all she could do was squeeze my rock hard cock with her pussy muscles and keep cumming.

I could feel my orgasm starting to build. My cock seemed to get harder than ever. I pounded that fine pussy until the semen started rushing up through my hard on and spurting into Bridget. Stream after stream filled her pussy and mixed with all of her juices to create a sexual love potion. I finally released her legs and slumped next to Linda on the bed. Linda quickly cleaned up my cock and balls, and the crack of my ass, with her delightful tongue. I motioned to Bridget and said, “Do her too.” Linda immediately moved in between Bridget’s legs and licked up all of my cum and Bridget’s pussy fluids. Bridget was so exhausted that she could only moan. When she was finished with Bridget, Linda looked at me and said, “that was awesome. I love you.”

I kissed her good night and we all fell asleep in a tangle of arms, legs and bodies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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