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Author note: This is the first story submission of LAgirlSeattleboy! The (inspired?) story was penned by LAgirl after a late nite chat with Seattleboy about how they should start writing together! The final draft was edited and submitted by Seattleboy. Please feel free to leave us feedback, we both love to hear what you have to say about our stories

“Like Old Times”

I guess what they say is true, “Old habits die hard” I never fully got over Rob, and although we both agreed we’d just be friends, I respected that. But there is some things that my new boyfriend can’t do as well as Rob did. Don’t get me wrong…. He is everything I could ever want in a man. It’s just…. Rob could get me off in ways no man (so far) ever could. He knew just how I liked it. He knew just how to lick me; he knew just how to make me have the most powerful orgasms. Just thinking about us gives me shivers…yes it was that good. But that was then and this is now.

Veronica dabbed the last bit of polish on her pinky before she sat back into her couch, grabbing her phone to check her messages while she waited for her toe nails to dry

“Hey babe, I hope you’re having a nice time with your family in L.A, I wish I could be there with you, but my family wants to be in Aspen for the holidays, I would have taken you, but my family is really uptight over me bringing girls on vacation, but ill make this up to you…promise! Call me back when you get this. Bye!”

Veronica sighed and shook her head at Michael’s pathetic excuse. They’d been dating for over half a year and she was starting to realize that that his family wasn’t taking kindly to this commoner girl for their rich and spoiled son. She didn’t care, she was determined to have a great Christmas holiday without Michael.

She needed some moral support – whom else to call but her nearest and dearest sister Sarah? Surely, she’d empathize with her situation.

“Why aren’t you with Richie Rich?” – Sarah quizzed Veronica.

“Well he’s in Aspen with his snooty folks – who give me the impression that they aren’t really fond of me. I’ll see him next year I guess, ” Veronica said while flipping TV channels, finally stopping at Oprah.

Sarah gave her a perplexed look. “Next year! Why?”

Veronica shook her head at her younger sister’s lack of sharpness. “2006…. Sarah,” Veronica laughed.

Veronica’s phone started beeping – she had another call coming in. She told her sister she would call her back before switching calls.

“How’s my future wife doing?” A male voice said with a playful laugh.

“I wouldn’t know….” Veronica shrugged. She suddenly placed the voice…it was her old flame Rob!

“How are you? I miss you,” he asked.

“I’m great Rob, I miss you too, what have you been up to these days?”, Veronica asked waiting for his response.

“Work, all work, I’m finally getting Christmas break alone, but none the less a break, ” Rob remarked.

“What do you know? That makes two of us. My boyfriend ditched me for Aspen,” Veronica laughed, her voice trailing off a little at the end in sadness.

“I know we are just friends, and that’s fine, but I was thinking maybe we could spend Christmas together? No one should be alone for the holidays, you come down here and we’d have fun…not like that, you have a man, but just to chill?”

Veronica found it nice of him to offer for them to spend Christmas together. But it wasn’t the best idea. She missed Rob and he probably missed her, but she had a boyfriend.

“I don’t know Rob…. I…” Veronica began to fumble for her words.

“Just say yes! And Merry Christmas!” Rob laughed. His laugh was always so full and hearty, it always made her smile.

“Okay…. but you better not try anything.”

Veronica packed her bags to make her trip to Dallas. She was excited and scared to death to see him, but it was purely innocent. She wasn’t going to bring up anything that had to do with their past. She grabbed her keys and suitcases and made her way to the car.

After the 2 1/2 hour flight had landed, Veronica grabbed her luggage and dialed her phone.

“Hey I’m here, where are you at? I don’t see you anywhere..”

“I know you look delicious too!” Rob said inching towards her through the throng of travelers. Veronica looked up surprised.

“What! Where are you!”, she laughed turning her head trying to scan the large arrival area, trying to find the familiar face in the crowd around her.

“I’m right here!” Rob said grabbing a hold of her hips. Veronica jumped, his hands were firm as she’d last remembered them.

“ROB! escort ataşehir Can you not do that! I’ve missed you!” Veronica said wrapping her arms around him.

“Same here! Let’s get out of here…” Rob grabbed her luggage and lead the way to his car.

The first few minutes in his car were silent. Veronica wasn’t going to deny that he did look amazing. The dark curly hair she loved was now closely shaved. He grew a trimmed goatee, and he definitely looked like he had been working out. She loved his beautiful brown eyes that she couldn’t help getting lost in. She quickly snapped out of her thoughts and made small talk.

“So I see you have a new look, only a girl could do that…. so where is she, your girlfriend?”

Rob smirked but kept his eyes on the road.

“Well Stacey…she wanted serious commitment…I just wasn’t feeling that…” He explained.

“She wanted you to ask her hand in marriage?” Veronica laughed.

“No, but she wanted it to just be us and to move in together, I’m sure she would have started talking marriage soon enough.” Rob put his blinker on to make a right hand turn.

“Well what’s wrong with that? I mean everyone wants a stable relationship,” Veronica chimed in.

“Well its kind of hard to do that when I wasn’t feeling her like that, the only girl I can honestly say that I felt that way for was you…” He said matter of factly.

“Shut up Rob! You know very well what we were and besides I can’t even call that a relationship…all we did was…well anyways, give her a chance” Veronica said pushing back her dark brown hair.

“I’m starving, you wanna grab a bite?” he asked her. She obliged.

They pulled up to a Chinese restaurant.

“Nothing like Chinese food on Christmas eve,” Rob laughed. Veronica smiled and nodded – her Christmas was already looking up! A waiter sat them down and took their orders. They ate and caught up on their lives.

They left the restaurant and quickly made it to Rob’s townhouse. It was already starting to rain.

“I have a spare room just down the hall and if you need any towels or anything they are in the bathroom cabinet to your right,” Rob explained.

“Thank you, we should go out tonight if this rain lets up,” Veronica offered.

“Yeah, definitely,” Rob said making his way to his room.

Veronica dialed her cell phone to call Michael. She got his voicemail so she left him a message.

“Hey babe, hope you are careful on those slopes, give me a call ok? Love you.” she flipped her cell closed.

She slipped out of her clothes to get more comfortable. She put on a vintage “Beatles” t-shirt and black boxers. She put her hair up and made her way to Rob’s living room. She sat down in one of his tan lazy boy recliners and flipped through his wide selection of cable channels.

Rob came in and sat down on the couch.

“You look comfy, do you want anything to drink?” he asked getting up.

“Hmmm do you have diet coke?” she asked.

“No, regular?” he called back.

“Okay I’ll take that then” she landed on a movie with Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Philippe, and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Rob re-entered the room with their drinks.

“Cruel Intentions…. haven’t seen this in a while” Rob said sipping his coke.

“I used to love this movie.” Veronica said keeping her gaze on the flat screen television.

Rob got up and inched closer to her. He moved the loose strand of hair that was in her eyes. He caressed her cheek admiring how simple, but sexy she looked.

She looked up and held his arm.

“Thanks” she smiled back up at him.

“You’re welcome,” he said leaning in to kiss her. Veronica turned her head so that he kissed her cheek. “I’m sorry Rob, I can’t…” She told him although she desperately wanted to kiss him.

He held her chin and slowly turned her to face him. He moved in again this time forcefully connecting his lips to hers. Veronica struggled not returning the favor. Rob forced his lips to part hers. Veronica let out a sigh before grabbing his head and letting his tongue explore her mouth. She moaned against his mouth as they kissed. Their lips were swollen before Rob moved his lips to her neck. He stopped to pull her slightly down into the seat.

He kissed his way down her shirt, lifting it up a little to reveal her flat tummy. He kneaded her breast feeling the firm, perfectly shaped breast he loved caressing. He kissed down her stomach going down to her boxers. He began to slip them down. He was surprised she let him, as she lifted herself up, just long enough for him to slip them down kadıköy escort bayan her ankles.

He rubbed between her legs, through her soaked black cotton underwear. He smiled and rubbed for a minute, watching her squirm. Hearing her light breathy sighs let him know she liked what he was doing. Just knowing she was excited for him, was almost too much for him. He didn’t think they’d ever be together like this again.

He slid down her underwear to reveal her beautiful tan line and her smooth shaven mound. He kissed around her tan line before licking down her mound. He spread apart her pussy lips and sliding his middle finger in with ease. He heard her catch her breath. He moved his finger slowly in and out of her pink fleshy center, and then began to speed up as he fingered her. He took his free hand and rubbed her hard, engorged clit. She began to moan softly at his eager touch. He pulled his finger out and licked up her slit before finding her stiff bud with his tongue. He knew she loved this, but he was going to tease her. He teased her clit with long strokes of his tongue feeling her quiver with each stroke.

She moaned biting her bottom lip to stop her cries of bliss. She was momentarily lost in the hot, suckling sounds Rob was making and her pleasing moans, when her cell phone went off to the familiar sound of Michael Jackson’s “Beat it”

She reached for it despite Rob begging her to ignore it.

“I…. I have to answer…” She breathed.

Rob continued to stroke her clit with his tongue, despite the fact that she was answering her phone.

“Heh…hello….” She breathed.

“Hey baby, sorry I missed your call, its boring here without you” Michael told her.

“Ohh…I …can imagine…” She gasped.

“What’s wrong baby, you sound out of breath are you ok?” Michael sounded concerned now.

“Mmmm …ohh…no I’m ummm…shit,” she put her hand over the phone and moaned while trying to pull Rob away from between her legs but he wouldn’t budge, besides she loved it.

“Veronica?” Michael called out. She brought the phone back to her ear.

“Yesss…. I’m here…sorry…I’m getting a back massage, I and my sister are at the spa…. mmm it feels great,” She moaned.

Rob smiled and began to lick her clit faster with shorter strokes.

“Ohh…well call me back when you are done baby, have a good time with Sarah, I will check in later” Michael replied happily.

“Ok bye!”

She quickly hung up tossing the cell phone feeling herself on the verge of orgasm. She grabbed Rob’s head so that he couldn’t go anywhere. He flicked his tongue on her clit before he began to suck on it. She raised her hips as he held her up with his hands under her asscheeks.

“Don’t stop…. don’t stop….” She cooed. He heard her begin to moan with shorter breaths. ” ahh ….ahh…ahh” she let out before she came all over his mouth. She panted as she began to breathe normally after her orgasm.

She saw Rob sitting on his heels grinning from ear to ear. She suddenly felt guilty. She looked at him. He came to her and kissed her lips softly. She pushed him away.

“Rob, I didn’t want to do this…” She said getting up slipping her boxers on and grabbing her underwear and cell phone.

“What do you mean? You sure as hell let me!” He said, becoming agitated.

“Don’t talk to me like that, you can be so forceful you know that!” she said walking out the living room.

“You know you wanted it, don’t try to deny it, you know I want you and I know you want me too!” He yelled watching her leave to her room.

“Hah! I have a boyfriend now. We agreed! We both agreed we weren’t just going to have casual sex when we felt lonely, you moved to Dallas, I thought this was settled, you can go finish yourself off!” she yelled before slamming her door.

Rob shook his head. He didn’t want to have casual flings; he wanted her. He did want earth-shattering sex, but he wanted her for more than sex. He had missed her terribly and it wasn’t that he missed just the sex with her; he missed her for just being her. How she would crack jokes at the oddest times, how she would burp after meals, how she yelled at her favorite baseball team the New York Yankees to win every game, he loved her. But she was right; she did have a man now.

Rob stood thinking before going after her. Rob knocked on the door and waited for Veronica to answer.

“What?” she said grabbing a towel to go shower.

Rob opened the door. She was standing there giving him a “what now?” look.

“I’m sorry…” He said going right up and taking her escort bostancı in his arms. He hungrily kissed her lips. He knew she wanted it, if not more. He lifted up her shirt and threw it to the floor. He took the pin out of her hair and let it fall freely to her shoulders. He sucked on her neck as she threw her head back, reveling in his touch. To his surprise she helped him take off his shirt. They moaned and grunted trying to remove their clothing and devour one another with hungry kisses.

“I want you!” Rob moaned pushing her against the wall. She began to loosen his belt while he continued to nibble at her neck and collarbone.

She frantically unbuttoned his jeans and gave them a hard tug so they would slip past his waist. Rob saw the nightstand desk and needed to lift her on top of it. He took his free hand and knocked the magazines and cute elf ornaments Stacey had decorated it with and the small lamp. He picked Veronica up and propped her right on top.

She reached and tried to pull down his boxers but he was already beginning to rub his hard on against her boxers. They kissed hungrily for a few seconds before he grabbed her off the desk and pulled down her boxers so that she was fully naked.

She led him to the bed. He pulled down his boxers to expose his fully erect cock. He was bigger than she remembered, rather huge to be exact. She laid him down and kissed him, slowly inching her way down. She put her hand on his shaft and stroked it. He moaned slightly. She licked his purple tip and moved her lips around his cock head. She moved up and down making sure her tongue would touch his sensitive areas. He closed his eyes sighing each time she moved down while squeezing his balls. He moved her off his cock and began to stroke himself.

“We have to stop, I’m out of condoms.” He sighed. Veronica leaned over the bed and rummaged through her suitcase, until she found the gold wrapped Trojan she was looking for. She opened it and handed it to him.

“You came prepared? My goodness…. are you sure?” he asked her.

She nodded and kissed him lovingly. He put the condom on and laid her back. He rested on top of her for a while kissing and nibbling at her lips, and stroking her hair. She could feel his cock on her stomach, warm and throbbing. He moved his hand between her legs and rubbed her clit, while still running his mouth all over her upper body. He felt she was more than ready and positioned himself between her legs. She felt his tip, and then more of him eased in. She groaned at the feeling of him feeling her up.

He began to move in and out of her at a slow, but steady rhythmic pace. She moved her hands on his firm ass and squeezed. He began to move faster and faster until he was pounding her.

“Ohh you feel good” Veronica moaned concentrating on the feeling, she could feel him hitting her G-spot perfectly, Michael never could. She heard him grunt with each stroke. She didn’t want to cum yet, but he was going to make her. He pulled out and told her to get on her hands and knees. She obeyed and felt him enter her roughly from the back. He pulled her hips to and from him with each stroke. She could feel his balls slap her thighs.

“Ooooh ooohh” she moaned, although muffled in the blankets on the bed. She held on to the bed post for dear life as he continued to plow into her.

“Yesss, make me cum” she told him through a series of short breaths. He reached around and found her clit. He took two fingers and massaged it while keeping his pace, quick yet hard. He could feel her tighten up around his cock. He heard her moan into the covers loudly. He rubbed her clit fast and pounded away at her pussy that he had missed. He felt her tense up before cumming all over his cock. Her walls clenched and loosened for what seemed like an eternity. He continued his pace almost feeling his hot seed rise to his tip. He began to moan, he usually never made much sound during sex, only when he was extremely hard and needed to cum. She only made him that excited.

“Yess…fuck…” He breathed beginning to speed up his pace. He felt her tighten up again and cum once more, that’s when he lost it and began to cum. He pulled out and stroked the condom off cumming all over her back.

“Mmm mmmm” he moaned as each spurt landed on her beautiful back. He stopped stroking until he was too sensitive and lay next to Veronica.

They didn’t speak. He grabbed another blanket and covered them with it. He snuggled next to her with her back facing him. He put his hand around her naked waist.

“Don’t say anything just let me say one thing…” veronica told him not facing him.

She turned over so she was now facing him.

“I don’t want to hear you say, ‘Oh you still wanted me and you were trying to deny it!'” she spoke softly.

“You were right, but at least I got what I really wanted for Christmas…”

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