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Sam tells daddy her secret

I am 18 years old and in my last term at school. I live with my step-father; I have known him all my life and we get on very well together. Over the past two months I have been getting caned by my teacher at school for being late, just three strokes over my skirt each time, but this last time I was foolish enough to tell my step-dad. He asked me to show him the marks, pretending to be outraged at the teacher for caning me. I didn’t really want to, but he insisted, so I went to his den and there he made me bend over — he lifted my skirt and told me to lower my panties. I did, and I felt him put his hand on my ass and rub it over the cane strokes. He announced that the marks were very faint and not to worry about it; clearly it was a token caning, he said. He suggested that I learn from the experience and not be late to school again but to inform him if I was caned again.

The following week it happened again. I was five minutes late to school and got another three strokes from the same lady teacher. I told my dad when I got home. He was in his den. My mum left us about six years ago so it is just us two in the house. Once again, he asked me to show him the marks. I bent over his chair, expecting him to lift my skirt but he said no, to take my skirt off altogether. I was embarrassed but did as he asked and I stood facing him, his eyes at the level of my panties. He told me to turn around and bend over the chair which I did. Then I felt his hands at the waistline of my panties and he pulled them down, not just over my ass but all the way to the floor. He ordered me to step out of them and I kicked them away.

I was bent over the chair with my naked ass facing him. Then he asked me to spread my feet apart about 18 inches. I guessed this would give him a perfect view of my asshole as well as my pussy lips but I didn’t want to disappoint him by disobeying so I did it. Again, I felt his hands on my ass, rubbing the cane strokes and he told me there were three easily visible marks on each cheek but again, they weren’t serious. I was embarrassed but he told me to get up and dress again which was a bit of a relief. Then he sat me down for a talk.

“Sam, my girl. I am your step-dad and you are eighteen now, so technically you are an adult and I have no legal authority over you anymore. As such, you are free to make your own decisions and to do whatever you like. However, you know that I love you — always have and always will. I want what is best for you. I used to be like you, thinking that poor timekeeping didn’t matter, but it cost me a contract once, a very big one, being late for an appointment, and I knew that it was my own fault. I took steps to learn never to do that again. Quite serious ones at the time. I don’t want you to think, like I did back then, that it isn’t important, and I think your teacher believes the same. She is trying to get you to understand that good timekeeping is the best policy, as well as a politeness, and her use of the cane to instill that in you is, in my opinion, a great idea. It may actually be against the law now, and I’ll bet she is being discreet about these punishments that she is giving you, isn’t she?”

“You’re right, daddy. She keeps our conversations private, canes me alone in her office and has in fact suggested that I don’t talk about it with the other students. So far, I haven’t. But actually, she mentioned that by me consenting to her caning me, it isn’t against the law because I’m 18 now; I could just say no and she would have to stop. So you think it’s okay for her to punish me for being late? I haven’t told you before, but this is the fourth time she has done it.”

Daddy looked at me. “You have bent over for her four times already for the same reason? Haven’t you learned anything? Or maybe you enjoy it. Would you like her to continue caning you?”

“Well, it doesn’t hurt, daddy. She canes me over my skirt and I barely feel it. I thought it was just kind of symbolic, what she was doing. So, no, I guess I haven’t learned anything, have I? I don’t mind when she does it, although she seems to have singled me out for it; I guess if I want to be late, I’ll accept her punishment. In fact, I do quite like it when I have to bend over for her. She is very domineering.”

Daddy sighed. “Oh, Sam. I think it is time for us to take this more seriously. We need to put you on the right path and as I said, I think your teacher has the right method of doing that. As it happens, I have a cane in my desk and I wonder if it wouldn’t do you some good if I were to cane you too. Four canings means you have taken twelve strokes so far, right? I propose that I give you another twelve strokes, to catch up with what your teacher has given you. You are allowed to refuse, but if you accept you should know that I would have two conditions. Would you like to hear them?”

Daddy wants to cane me? I didn’t know he had a cane. Am I really falling into bad ways? Should I trust him to teach me better? The teacher clearly isn’t strict enough with me. Why am artemisbet yeni giriş I getting that funny feeling in my lower stomach? Am I finding this proposal a bit of a turn on? I think I am. Would I let daddy cane me? I guess I would. Am I going to let him? Let’s hear his conditions.

“Okay, daddy. I think I might allow you to teach me how to behave better. What are your conditions?”

Daddy relaxed back into his armchair. “The first condition is that when a punishment is awarded, it is carried out to the full.”

Hah! That isn’t too serious! “Okay, daddy, that sounds reasonable. I would accept that.” I was beginning to get into this talk of punishments and from my dabblings on the internet I had certainly seen enough pictures and read a few stories about girls being naughty and their daddy punishing them for it. I felt a tingling in my pussy. Wow! I’m beginning to feel horny.

He sat forward, looking me directly in the eye. “The second condition is that when a person receives a punishment caning, they will be completely naked, to show their submission to the caner. The humiliation, and obedience to the caner’s rules are important parts of the punishment.”

I gasped. Why am I not surprised? Every picture I have seen on porn sites shows the person being caned is naked. I hadn’t thought of that when we started this conversation. But, daddy has just seen my bare ass, twice now. Actually, probably many more times than that as we live together, but these last two times have not been accidental, and I gave him permission to look both times. The more I think about it, the more I want to do this. I am getting horny; I can feel it.

“So daddy, what you are saying is that you would like me to take all my clothes off for you and to submit naked to twelve strokes of the cane. And you think this will help me to learn better timekeeping?”

“Yes. that’s right. I believe it would do you a lot of good. I suggest that as it is now Friday evening, you think about this, and if you would like me to help you, you can tell me tomorrow. You can be a brave girl and take your medicine, or you can carry on with your slack attitude. Over to you.”

I already know the answer, but I’m going to let him stew on it, because I think he actually wants to do this to me and I don’t want him to think he’s won. I’m not that easy, not yet anyway!

Saturday evening. 5.30 p.m. Time to have a lovely chilled glass of Blanc de Noir with my daddy, as we settle down for the evening. Dinner is cooking in the oven, and all is well in the world. Apart from the churning in my nether regions, the swelling of my pussy, my raised pulse as I toast daddy.

“Daddy. I have thought a lot about what we discussed yesterday and I have come to a decision. I believe you told me tardiness cost you a job once and I don’t want that to happen to me. You asked me if perhaps I enjoyed submitting to my teacher and I think maybe I do. You say I need to learn to obey the rules and I agree, I should. Therefore, daddy, I have decided that I will submit to your conditions for helping me. So if you want me to, I will strip naked for you right now so that you can give me twelve strokes of the cane, to equal what the teacher has given me so far. I don’t know if it will help, but I am ready to give it a try.”

He stood up and went to his desk. Returning with a cane in his hand, that I had never known he had, after all these years of living with him, he gestured for me to strip and I made a bit of a show of it for him — in for a penny, and all that. I am not especially shy and we have seen each other in various states of undress in the house before but this was different. This was deliberate nakedness. This seemed sexual. Maybe that was why my pussy lips were swelling up. Shoes and skirt first, then slowly I unbuttoned my shirt, turning away from him to remove it, and my bra, and then lowering my panties with my back to him, I kicked them off and turned around with my hands spread to present myself totally naked for my daddy.

I couldn’t help feeling proud of my body; I’m 5′ 5″ and 50 kilos, flat stomach and 34B young, firm boobs and with my shoulder-length straight black hair, I know I am attractive to most males — and some females! He looked at me with an expression of pure lust for a moment, and I could feel his eyes all over me, particularly taking in the fact that my pussy was completely shaved and my nipples were hard and tight. I suddenly felt myself not a little turned on by the whole scene.

“Very well then, my girl. You have asked me nicely to give you twelve strokes of the cane and that is what you will get. Because you begged me politely, I will cane you gently. Now, go to the armchair and climb up with your knees on the arms of the chair and your hands on the headrest.” I meekly obeyed, knowing that in this position he would have a totally unhindered view of my pussy and anus, both of them exposed to his gaze. I felt my pussy lips part as I adopted the position and knew that I was getting wet. Am I an exhibitionist? I wondered artemisbet giriş to myself. But first I had to take twelve strokes of the cane. He had promised to be gentle but what does he think is gentle? “Ready?” he asked and positioned himself directly behind me, looking directly into my glistening pussy. “Yes, daddy. Please give me twelve strokes with your cane. I deserve your punishment and thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn from my mistakes.”

He was as good as his word. The first six strokes were so mild I thought he was just aiming and tapping, so when he told me I had six to go, I was rather hoping the final six would be more like punishment, not just a game. What was happening to me? Now I wanted to be caned harder? He asked if I was ok and stupidly I said that if that was the best he could do, I wasn’t going to learn much from it. “Oh, you want me to cane you harder?” he asked, sounding surprised.

“Well, if you don’t, I will start to think all you wanted to do was look at my pussy.” I replied. That seemed to help. The next six were harder, enough to have me gasping slightly at each one, but confusingly, I didn’t feel suitably punished. However, I was happy it was all over and he told me to get dressed.

Over dinner that evening, daddy is quite a good cook and he had made something special that he knows I love, we talked about my punishment. He asked if I thought it would encourage me to make it to school on time from now on. I told him that the worst part of the punishment had been having to strip naked for him and the embarrassing position I had to be in when he caned me. He told me he knew that; being naked in front of people who are clothed makes us feel humiliated and inferior, and more ready to submit to degrading actions hoping to reduce the severity of what might happen. He kindly added that he thought I have a beautiful body — he was pleased to see that I shaved my pussy and he had noticed that I have nice thick dark brown nipples — well suited to clamps.

“What? What are clamps?” I asked and he told me that they are special devices used to pinch the nipples. When they are clamped over the nipple, the pain is exquisite even though it hurts. I asked him how he knew that. Had he tried them on himself? “Most people don’t do it to themselves,” he told me, “they have it done to them when they usually have no option to refuse. Sometimes people hang weights from them to add to the pleasure and the pain as the nipple stretches.” I wasn’t quite sure where this was going. “So, has someone done it to you?” I asked him, genuinely interested. “Why didn’t you have any choice to say no?” He fidgeted a bit, and looked at me in what seemed a shy manner. “Yes. I have had clamps put on my nipples. More than once, when I couldn’t prevent the person from doing it to me.”

He seemed to have embarrassed himself so instead of pressing him on who, and how, where, when and why, I reverted back to the previous topic, my caning. “I was really embarrassed when I had to kneel on the armchair. I knew you could see everything — my pussy and asshole were obviously on display for you and it made me feel a bit strange. I think now that I quite enjoyed submitting to you and exposing myself like that. You were kind not to cane me hard, but I really was surprised at how gentle the first six strokes were. Were you scared to hurt me? I could have taken it harder, you know.”

He smiled. “Let’s just say that if you are caught again being late for school, I will cane you again and you will receive 18 strokes. Does that sound more like the punishment you deserve? And more importantly, would you object to being punished like that? By me? Do you think you could take that or would you prefer to get to school on time?” I agreed that his system would probably have me at school on time from now on, but I could feel that familiar wetness and a fluttering in my stomach. I was imagining myself naked with my knees spread wide taking a hard caning and begging for more. I just couldn’t picture if it was my daddy or my lady teacher caning me.

I went over it in my mind so many times. Had I enjoyed what happened? Yes! Was it the naked humiliation? Was it the caning? Was it because it was my daddy and I trusted and loved him? Did I want my teacher to make me strip and cane me naked like daddy does? All of the above?

Ch. 02

Sam submits to teacher and daddy again

I made a point of dawdling on my way to school again some days later and was ten minutes late. The teacher was very predictable and she took me to her office where I took my three strokes over my skirt but this time it was different. She told me she had been counting and this was my fifth caning. Clearly I wasn’t learning. Next time, she warned me, the number rises to six strokes, without the skirt to protect me; I would have to submit to her in my underwear only! She asked me if I would consent to that. Dutifully I thanked her for the caning, and told her I would try to be on time in future.

“But, Miss,” I added, artemisbet güvenilirmi “if I let you down again, I know I will deserve harder punishment, so yes, I give you full authority to tell me how many clothes I should remove, and to give me the number of strokes you believe I deserve. I promise I will obey you without complaint.”

“Are you sure, Sam? That is quite a step you are taking with me. I wonder if you rehearsed that little speech, it sounded rather practiced. You know this could go further than just taking a caning on your panties, don’t you? And let’s face it, receiving just six strokes is not a very serious punishment, is it?”

“No, Miss. I agree. I don’t think it is enough to really teach me, but it’s a start. You are awakening something in me that I want to explore further, and it is you I would like to do that with, so that is why I give you authority to punish me as you see fit.”

“Thank you, Sam. I shall do my best to keep you in line for the remaining weeks of this term. After that, you will leave school and go off into the world, but remember, I do not live far away and I may decide to keep an eye on you in case I see your standards slipping!”

I spent the entire day thinking about the influence the teacher had over me, picturing myself in her office in my bra and panties, taking a beating from her cane. She lives nearby. Maybe she will want me to visit her to make sure I am behaving myself. Would I do that? Probably. I also wondered if I should tell her about daddy and how I had already stripped naked for him, and exposed myself lewdly while accepting his punishment. What would she have to say about that?

And what about daddy? Should I tell him, or not, about today’s little challenge I had put to my teacher, and her response to it — and my response to that? I’m behaving like a punishment slut! Mmmm, delicious!

“Hello, my lovely girl,” daddy cried out as I opened the front door, “how was school today?” He was in a good mood and it seemed a shame to spoil it, but I had to confess. “Daddy, I’m sorry. I was caned again at school for being late, just three strokes again today, but the teacher told me she will give me six if it happens again.” A big smile came across his face — he wasn’t at all angry as I had worried he might be. “We left home on time, so I assume you were late deliberately.” He could see straight through me. “Yes, daddy. Something strange is happening to me. I wanted to be late, and to be caned by the school mistress so I could compare it with being caned by you.”

He looked at me amazed. “And which do you enjoy more, may I ask?” I knew the answer now, and it excited me to say to him, “Daddy, the mistress has power over me and I have to obey her; I find that exciting. I enjoyed submitting to her, and next time I am late she will make me take off my skirt to be caned on the panties. I think I want her to do that, and I have told her she can and I won’t resist, but I think I loved it more when you told me to strip completely naked for you. I loved placing my knees on the arms of your chair so that I was totally exposed to you, and I want to do it again for a harder caning than last time, like you warned me. This evening I want to be punished, disciplined, by you, please. You promised me eighteen strokes this time.”

He reeled back and let out a sigh. “So, like father, like daughter.” He whispered, more to himself, but loudly enough for me to hear. “Very well. Go and have a shower, and then go to my den and wait for me there in your dressing gown only — no other clothing is allowed!” He instructed me.

When he entered, he was carrying a small black leather bag. “You want me to discipline you this evening? You have volunteered to submit to me. You didn’t have to tell me about your experience with the school mistress today, but you did, so I assume that you are looking for an altogether tougher experience than last time. Well, I shall be pleased to help you live out your wishes, as I hope one day, you will make me live out some of mine. Firstly, I want to see you naked. Remove your gown!” I slowly removed it. “Place your hands on top of your head and spread your feet wide, facing me.” Exposed, naked, freshly shaved, nipples throbbing, feeling excited but nervous too. He approached and asked if I would let him place his hands on me. I nodded assent. He took my breasts in each hand and squeezed them gently, thumbing my nipples making them stiffer and harder than ever before.

“We discussed nipple clamps the other night. I am going to attach some now. You are not given permission to make any sound, nor to move your hands from your head. Like I told you before, there is no refusal when you lose control of the situation. You are here to obey me tonight. That may change, but not this evening.” What was he talking about? I couldn’t follow at the time, but there and then he was certainly the one controlling events and as I watched, he produced a pair of strange metal devices which he squeezed in the centre and I saw the ends open up. Squeeze and release, they opened and closed. Then he took my right tit and squeezed the clamp placing it over the nipple and released. Ooh! Exquisite pain indeed. No time to recover, he did the same to my left nipple. Pain coursed through my nipples and I let out a gasp. “No sound permitted.” he reminded me.

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