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My Dearest Wife,

I hope you are well. I miss you and the kids very much and think about you every day. I know me being locked up hasn’t been easy for you, but I also know that you are strong and together we will get through this. After all, “For better or for worse.”

Anyway, I need to talk to you about something very important to me, which will come as a shock to you, but I love you, and you always told me you loved me for my honesty.

So here goes: I am forefitting my parole hearing next month. I’ve already told my lawyer to not bother.

I know it sounds crazy, but the fact is I haven’t repaid my debt to society yet, and I think me leaving prison early would deprive me of a real learning experience and my newfound purpose, which is to be the very best cock slut I can be. Yes, you read that correctly.

I’ve been reborn, honey. Your husband is now a prison cockslut. A bitch. And I love it. And my fellow inmates love me. And so do the guards.

It started on my first day, when I met my cellmate, Spider. He’s 6’5, 200 pounds of muscle, covered in tattoos, and has a facial scar given to him by a rival biker gang leader he killed. He also has a fat, delicious cock and the most glorious set of balls you’ve ever seen.

Spider made me feel so comfortable and welcomed that within thirty minutes of meeting him I was on my knees with all his manhood in my mouth. He didn’t have to threaten me in the least.

I had never thought of men sexually outside of prison and yet here I was, not even an hour into my sentence and I was gagging on one. He told me I was a natural, better than any women that had sucked him on the outside. I was shocked at how much I was enjoying myself. That compliment got me especially hard.

After what felt like fifteen minutes Spider pulled out my mouth and blew a load like a shotgun onto my face. I felt humiliated. Used. And I had cum in my pants. Spider laughed and assured me we were gonna have Beylikdüzü escort fun. And did we ever.

I was about to wipe the cum off my face and eat it until Spider ordered me to wash it off in the shower instead. I assumed he wanted me to walk there with his cum all over my face as a way of marking me as his territory to other prisoners. Sounded good to me.

As I walked the shower I was met with catcalls from other prisoners. It was funny. What I had initially feared before coming to prison was now flattering to me.

The showers were empty. I swallowed as much of Spider’s cum as I could as it washed off my body. I thought about how much I missed our shower, our home, and our bed. All the plans we had before my sentence. But I was also thinking about what had just happened, and how different I felt. It was like an awakening.

My deep thinking was interrupted by the sound of whistling. I turned around and saw eight tall, muscular, Black muslims. Their leader, Kareem, informed me he was a friend of Spider’s, and that he had highly recommended my mouth. I didn’t think these guys were that big on homosexual acts, or White guys, but they certainly made an exception for me. Soon they were lined up and I sucked off every. Single. One. Most of them were even bigger than Spider was.

They took turns slapping me in the face with their mammoth cocks, making me sniff and lick them all over. Slobbering on them like the bitch in heat I was. I gobbled them up until they soaked me with their seed, making the shower I had just taken entirely pointless.

Have you ever gotten cum in your hair? No, of course you haven’t. You were always very vanilla in the bedroom. Especially when it came to blowjobs. In fact, I think the main reason I’m so good at what I do is by doing everything you never did for me. You know I love you, honey, but fellatio was never your forte.

Anyway, after my newfound friends finished fucking my face, I was left Beylikdüzü escort on the shower floor exhausted and soaked. I took a second shower right before it was bedtime. But as you might have guessed, I didn’t get much sleep that night. Not because I was nervous, far from it. But because Spider introduced my ass to the wonderful world of gay sex. He started by turning my into a human hand puppet. It hurt at first, but eventually it fit like a glove and I was immediately enamored with the feeling of him inside me.

He pulled his hand out of me before pulling his big hard cock out. He didn’t even need to tell me to suck it. After what felt like half an hour his cock was soaked in my slobber, lubed up and ready.

He took his time inside me. Grunting like an animal, whispering in my ear how I was his property, his to do with whatever he pleased. I loved it. He gave me little spanks, hits, slaps, and bites, but it was all out of love. It was welcoming. I knew I would be safe with Spider by my side. Or rather, inside.

Word spread pretty fast about my abilities. Soon everyone wanted a piece. The Muslims, the Latinos, the other bikers. Spider was more than happy to oblige them.

I’ve sucked nearly everybody in here, honey. Members of Spider’s biker gang, the rival group he eventually made peace with, some members of MS-13 (who are actually very polite young men, despite what the media might tell you), not to mention one of the oldest prisoners in the yard, who’s been locked up since 73′. I didn’t think he’d be able to get hard, but he sure showed me. Oh, and don’t worry dear, I’ve stayed true to our liberal sensibilites and refuse to do anything with the Aryan Brotherhood. They don’t care for that, but with Spider’s protection I have nothing to worry about. I also have the protection from the guards because they all get a turn with me every Sunday night. One of them even said I could show his wife a thing or two!

Prison is truly doing Escort Beylikdüzü its job in rehabilitating me. I can’t wait to be a better person once I’m outside. But I can’t do that until I serve my full sentence. Again, me getting out early would only deprive me. My body might leave this place, but my mind wouldn’t. I would spend every night next to you, staring at the ceiling wondering if Spider was getting sucked off enough, or if Tony, my favorite guard’s balls were getting played with regularly. I can’t do that to these people who mean so much to me. Like any good soldier, I refuse to abandon my mission.

I know it must be hard to read this, but I hope in the end you’ll be proud of me for committing like this. I know you must miss me as much as I miss you, and I cannot wait to go back to our normal lives; PTA meetings, Christmas mornings, barbiques at your parents’. That will be so much sweeter after I’ve served my full term. We can still communicate via phone (provided my mouth isn’t full) and letters like this. I also think you should come visit me sometime. I can tell you about my exploits in person, and you can tell me about your life at home.

We can finally make love again. That is, after the boys are done with me. I want you to watch me, your high school sweetheart, your husband and father of your children, take multiple cocks in both holes. Watch him surrender to his fellow inmates as they completely ravish him.

In fact, you could even get in on it. My boys would absolutely love your pussy and ass, and I know for damn sure they’ve never taken cocks as big as the ones in here. Trust me, honey, you’d love it. You’d get the fucking of your life. You would be in such deep ecstasy that you would never wanna leave. You’d know exactly how I feel.

Anyway, I have to go now. Spider just got back from a work out and needs someone to lick the sweat off his balls. I love you, honey, and I know you love me enough to understand. I look forward to your next letter and your next visit. Give my love to your folks and the kids.

Love, your husband.

P.S. When you visit can you bring some of your famous tuna casserole? I told Spider all about it and he is just dying to try some.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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