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I seem to be cursed with having young, gorgeous female teachers.

My gym teacher was a very young woman, probably only five or so years my senior. She had shoulder-length, thick brown hair, wide, innocent eyes, and the deepest, cutest dimples I had ever seen. Those dimples alone would’ve had me panting after her. She was short, shorter than my 5’3”, but very fit. Her strong suit was swimming, and I spent eight long weeks staring at her lithe body streaming effortlessly through the water – every single day.

It was painful.

“I want to fuck her,” I complained to my best friend.

She only laughed at my predicament. “Good luck with that.”

After a particularly frustrating day – we were learning dives, and while as she gracefully entered the water, my attempts were abysmal, and when she laughed at me her dimples were irresistible – I lingered in the hot showers as the rest of the girls took their leave. Therefore, it was a dream come true when she walked into the room with me. I was next to naked, having shed my irritating bathingsuit top, my bare breasts out and my nipples standing firmly at attention. A blush crept up my cheeks and I broke into an apologetic smile as I turned toward the wall, so as to not subject her to staring at my nudity any longer.

I busied myself with my hair, though I’d already washed it, and tried to keep myself from staring at her in my periphereal vision. The red and black one piece she wore clung to her perfect, izmit escort bayan petite curves as the water splashed down over her.

Shaking my head as if to shake the thoughts of her away, I turned off the water and started to leave.

Then I felt her touch my hand.

I immediately turned back, meeting the gaze of her sparkling brown eyes. One second passed. Two. Three. “I saw you watching me,” she murmered. Her lips were very close to mine.

Denial was my first instinct. “Well I- No- I mean, I wasn’t.” Very smooth. Real confident.

“You were,” her voice didn’t shake like mine, but it carried the same hesitant tone.

I’m no poster child for self-control, so my mouth was on hers before the thought even registered in my mind. But I didn’t want her to pull away, not until she at least knew what I could do. So I didn’t give her the chance, my hand firmly on the small of her back. Her soft lips were heaven on mine, my tongue gently sliding into her mouth. The hot water still pouring down our bodies from her shower made the whole experience incredibly sensual, unreal, like a dream.

Just as I was going to press my luck and see how far I could go, she escaped my embrace. “I have a class,” she told me. But she was just as windswept as I.

I nodded my understanding, still in a trance, as she hurried into the other room. Stunned, I leaned against the wall, trying to process what had just happened.


“You whore!” izmit eve gelen escort my best friend exclaimed the next day.

“Shut up, shut up!” I said frantically, trying to keep her voice down. We were again in gym class, and I didn’t want my teacher to hear.

My friend almost didn’t believe me at this point. Hell, I hardly believed it myself. Being that it was only a month ago that my ‘relationship’ (if you could call it that) with my English teacher had started.. well, I could understand her disbelief.

“I’m gonna try again today,” I told her quietly.

“You know she has a class after this.”

“No. At the end of the day, I’m gonna come back. I saw her in here yesterday at three, doing laps.”

“I better get details tonight,” she huffed.

“You will,” I said, smirking.


Luck was with me. She was indeed there again, perfecting already flawless strokes. I slipped into the locker room and changed without her noticing me. Taking a deep breath to steady my wildly beating heart, I climbed down the ladder into the lukewarm water.

It took her awhile to realize she wasn’t alone. When I finally caught her eye, I made my way towards her, hoping maybe these weeks of practice had improved my swimming skills a bit.

A smile played around her lips as she leaned against a wall leisurely, but I wasted no time once I got to her. Pressing my hands on the wall on either side of her, I pressed izmit otele gelen escort my body to hers and met her lips again. Clearly more comfortable with me this time, her hands were first around my neck and then massaging my breasts, and her tongue darted out to meet mine. She had my pussy pulsing in excitement within seconds.

I brought my hands to her sexy, feminine hips and lifted her out of the water onto the side, part of her legs still dangling in the water. (I’m not very muscular, but she did help a bit, and she was so petite this was easy!) Thankful that she was wearing one of her rare two-piece suits, I pulled the bottoms down without waiting for permission. Standing in the three-and-a-half foot water, her shaven, swollen pussy lips were almost eye-level. I smiled at her before lowering my head and kissing them gently, then pushing my tongue out in search of her clit. I hit some other hot spots along the way, as she wrapped her legs around me and I heard her soft, sexy moans. But nothing was so gratifying as the shudder in her body once I got to lick her sensitive clitoris. I sucked it into my mouth teasingly, letting it go gently and thoroughly enjoying her pleasure. She tasted so sweet, as I discovered when I pushed my tongue inside her wet pussy. I lapped it up eagerly before returning my attention to her clit. Soon, her chest was heaving and her hands twisted my hair. “Don’t stop, don’t stop, ohmygod don’t stop! That feels so good.. mmm I’m coming!” she cried out as her legs shook around me and I felt a gush of liquid into my mouth.

Satisfied, I took a step back and let her slide back into the water. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed my hair. “Mm, thank you,” she told me sweetly.

“Anytime,” I replied sincerely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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