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Note: I am aware that the characters in this story are lacking in description – this is deliberate, hopefully making it easier for the reader to imagine himself/herself in their place. And I am away that my shying away from crude terms might be amusing to some – I hope it does not detract from your enjoyment of the story.


I was at the bar of the conference centre, killing time. It was maybe 9 p.m., and I was just hanging around rather than go back to my lonely hotel room.

I couldn’t help but steal glances at the lady sat next to me. Dressed in a business-like skirt and jacket, she projected an aura of authority from the tips of her high-heeled boots to the tightly coiled bun of her hair.

She caught me looking, and smiled. We started to chat, and as the time passed, she became more and more suggestive, leaning forward and smiling sexily.

I looked at the ring on my hand, a sign of several year of happy marriage, and decided I had better make my excuses and leave before this went any further. Catching the attention of one of the bar-staff, I charged my drinks to my room and slipped away apologetically.


Tomorrow I would have to be up and away early, so I decided I should shower before bed instead of in the morning. After the shower, I towelled off and slipped on a white hotel bathrobe. My head was filled with plans for the next day’s lectures, and I really was miles away. That probably explains why I didn’t stop to think when there was a gentle knock at the door. Even though there was no reason for anybody to be dropping by my room. My mind overflowing with other things, my body was on full autopilot as I opened the door.

There she stood the lady from the bar. She put a hand on my chest and marched me back into the room and gently pushed the door closed with her foot.

“I overheard your Escort Esenyurt room-number when you paid for your drinks…” she said, with a predatory smile, slipping her hand around the back of my head. I started to protest but she pulled my head down for a kiss and as her tongue darted sexily into my mouth I was lost, and returned her kiss, and passionate embrace, enthusiastically.

With a husky chuckle, she pushed me backward onto the bed, sitting me down. She sat down beside me and kissed me again, her lips smothering mine as her hand snaked into the open front of my bathrobe and coiled around my rapidly hardening member.

“Mmm, just the right size…” she murmured, sliding of the bed and onto her knees. She pulled the bathrobe open and flicked her tongue over the tip of my hard member, then grasped the base of my shaft firmly with one hand and slipped her lips over the top.

The sensation was incredible as she used her lips and tongue on me. She stopped briefly to peel off her jacket, revealing a tight navy-blue blouse that, from my vantage point, was showing a fair amount of cleavage. Then she resumed her efforts, adding low moans to her activities, low enough to send a tingle right through my straining shaft.

She kept going, pausing briefly every now and then to pop open another button on her blouse, until her high breasts in her smooth black bra were revealed. Soon it was obvious that I wasn’t going to be able to hold on much longer, and she increased her pace, sucking hard until I cried out and shot my load into her willing mouth.

“There…” she said, swallowing and licking her lips. “Now when we get to the main event, you’ll be able to hold on long enough to really give me what I want…” She stood, and discarded her unbuttoned blouse, then pulled her skirt off in one smooth motion.

“Now Escort Avcılar it’s your turn to use your mouth!” she commanded, lying back on the bed, her arms above her head and her legs hanging over the edge of the low bed, knees bent, her feet on the floor.

With her smooth black underwear and her black, knee-high boots contrasting with her pale skin, she was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I lost no time in kneeling between we spread legs, and tentatively went to work.

I started with some teasing. I caressed her gently with my fingertips, along the side of her body, the outside of her thighs, and across the top of her smooth stomach. Then I bent forward, and traced patterns over the material of her briefs with my tongue, probing to see if the material was loose enough to slip into the folds of her sex. It was, and soon the material was damp from the combination of my forceful licking and her own juices.

“Pull them off, now!” she ordered, lifting her buttocks off the bed. I quickly complied, and went back to my explorations, the scent of her sex filling my head like an intoxicating vapour. At the same time, she pulled off her bra, and began to play with her beautiful breasts.

I licked and probed with my tongue, delivering long strokes until I could taste her moistness flowing freely, then concentrated on her swollen bud, flicking my tongue over it rapidly as her breathing grew faster and heavier. She pushed her pelvis upwards into my face, and pushed my head down to meet it with her hands entwined in my short hair, exhorting me to keep going, to not stop.

I continued my oral ministrations, and slipped a finger inside, probing deep, looking for the right spot to bring her the most pleasure. Palm upwards, finger pushed as deep as it would go, I coiled my finger upwards as if beckoning, stroking the inside of her sex and bringing renewed cries of joy. I kept going, bringing her to the very brink, when she shouted for me to stop.

“Now! Right now! If you are hard, push him right up inside me!” she commanded. I was in no position to argue, and so I slid carefully up her body, pausing only to flick my tongue over her hard nipples, before positioning my rock-hard member at the entrance to her swollen sex.

I gently pushed, slowly but not stopping until I was as deep as I could go, at the same time bending down to kiss her. I withdrew all but the tip, before sliding in again, going slowly to maximise the feeling of depth. She broke the kiss, and gave me new orders.

“Oh god, yes! Now, harder! I’m so close, ride me hard!” she cried, pulling me mouth down to hers.

I began to thrust faster and harder, spurred on by the way her tongue mimicked the actions of my member, darting in and out of my mouth. A few more strokes and she moaned deep into my mouth as her orgasm took her, and, thanks to her earlier ministrations, I held out and kept riding her through a second climax.

Pausing for a rest, but with my stiff member still held firmly by her tightness, I licked her gorgeous pale breasts, laving my tongue around and over her nipples before taking one between my teeth and gently but firmly biting down whilst rapidly flicking my tongue over the tip. She moaned in approval, and it was not long before she was exhorting my to ride her again, plunging her into her third climax, the throbbing of her sex around mine bringing me to the brink of my second.

“Are you ready, baby?” she asked, huskily. “Keep going, don’t stop!” She started talking dirty, telling me exactly what she wanted and how she felt, and soon my second load was shooting up inside her, eliciting a deep groan of satisfaction and the trembling of a fourth, if minor, climax.

I rolled over, and she sat up and unzipped her boots before lying down again in my bed. I snuggled up behind her, and with us both exhausted and sated, we drifted off to sleep…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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