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“You can put it in my ass if you want,” she said. If I want? Of course, I wanted to, but let me go back first…

It was a Saturday morning during a cold New England winter. I was supposed to be at a Bar review course, but it was one of those mornings when you just didn’t feel like moving. Instead, I snuggled close to my girlfriend under the covers. I silently slipped out of my boxer shorts, and began tugging on her panties. She began to stir, “Not now, sweetie, I’m tired.”

“Let’s just lay naked together, I’m tired too.”

So there we were, snuggled under the covers, her back against my chest, my arm around her breasts, and my penis tucked between her legs. I could feel her warmth, and the expected happened: my penis started to grow. It was a nice comfortable feeling, holding her close. As I was enjoying the feeling of just being there, she started to move her hips, my rising cock slipping between her lips, sliding over her entrance and clit, slick with her secretions.

“I thought you were tired?”

She brought her hand down, and grabbed my cock, rubbing it over her clit several times.

“I am, but this hard penis between my legs is getting me excited”

Who was I to argue? My excitement was obvious as she continued to rock her hips, my head teasing her entrance. This was definitely more fun than the Bar review course.

“I’m really excited, look how wet you are making me.”

It was true, my girlfriend was always very wet, but this time her juice was soaking my cock, and I hadn’t even entered her yet.

“You can put it in my ass if you want.”

We had discussed anal sex on a number of occasions, both of us had experimented with others, but her experiences were not pleasant. Regardless, she had confessed she was willing to have anal sex with me, but told me she had to be “really” in the mood. This morning seemed to be the day. I torbalı escort reached over to the end table on my side of the bed, grabbed a condom and lube, and was ready to begin. I had decided that I was going to make this experience enjoyable, more about her pleasure than mine. If all went well, we could repeat this another time. After all, I was going to enjoy this, so I was going to proceed slowly, and gently.

We were still in the same position, her back to my front, and I pulled away enough to slip my hand down to her ass. My fingers, covered in lube, circled her ring, and slowly my index finger slid in. She moaned softly. I asked her if she was alright, and she said that she was fine, and it felt good. I removed my finger, applied more lube, and slowly inserted my index and middle fingers, all the way in, and began rubbing her walls, coating them with the lube.

“I want YOU in me”

Okay. I tore the foil off the condom, and slipped the condom on my shaft. She spread her legs, and I took more lube, and liberally coated the condom. She took hold of my shaft and guided my head to her puckered hole. I remained still, while she pressed back, with my head entering her ass. She was very warm, and tight, extremely tight. As she settled back onto me, only my cockhead entered her, and I waited. And waited. Finally, she spoke:

“I can’t get you in…”

Needless to say, I was disappointed. Here I was hard, lubed, head in her ass, and this was supposed to end now? I was not so willing to scratch this plan. I had an idea.

“What if I try the vibrator?”


So I sat up, took the lube, spread more of it on my fingers, and entered her once again with two digits, recoating her walls. I stood up, leaned over and kissed her cheek, “I’ll be right back” and entered the bathroom, lube and vibrator in hand. Carefully, I removed escort torbalı the condom, and placed it over the vibrator, taking an elastic to secure the bottom of the condom. I then lubed up the vibrator’s condom, and then thoroughly washed my hands.

I returned to the bedroom, slid my girlfriend into the middle of the bed. I placed a towel on the bed, with the lube and vibrator, and crawled between her legs. I saw the look of anticipation in her eyes, and I leaned over and began by placing a light kiss on the hood of her clit. Her head rolled back, and she moaned her agreement to continue…”Mmmmmmmm”

“Let me know if you want me to stop”

I licked from the bottom of her pussy to her clit. I have always enjoyed oral sex, and at times, do not know whether I prefer giving or receiving. But as my tongue entered her pussy, and I tasted her sweetness, I was VERY content to be giving. I reached over as I continued to probe her with my tongue, and took the vibrator in hand. I placed the tip at her puckered hole, and felt her tense. I let the vibrator stay there, and removed my tongue, and took her clit between my lips. Another moan let me continue, and slowly, I applied pressure to the vibrator.

The vibrator is turned off at this time, and it is about 7 inches long, but slightly thinner than my cock. Slowly it entered her ass, while I continued to play with her clit. Before I knew it, only the end of the vibrator stuck out of her ass. I pulled back and saw my girlfriend, legs splayed, head back, and vibrator sticking out of her ass. I was not surprised to feel my cock twitch at the sight. I crawled up the bed and kissed her on the lips. She tasted herself on my lips, and began passionately wrestling with my tongue. I took hold of the vibrator, slowly sliding it out until only the tip remained, and then slowly slid it back in. I broke the torbalı escort bayan kiss.

“How do you feel? Does it hurt?”

“Mmmm, nnnn” she responded, eyes closed head back.

“Does it feel good?”

“Mmmm, hmmmm” she moaned.

“GOOD” I said my throat thick, my voice very husky. I actually felt a tug at my heart, as I watched the woman that I loved enjoying what I was doing to her. I cannot describe the feeling of looking at her, hair over the pillow, biting her lower lip, eyes closed, breast rising, glistening with her perspiration, and the vibrator still in her ass. I crawled back down and began sucking on her clit. I slid my index and middle fingers of my right hand into her pussy, reaching up to press on her G spot, while my left hand slowly moved the vibrator in and out of her ass.

“NNNNNNNN” she exclaimed. I was alarmed, and I stopped. “Are you okay?” I was afraid I had hurt her. But she looked at me, lust in her eyes, “Don’t stop!!” she commanded. Yes ma’am. I went back to work, enjoying the moans I was causing in her. At this point I wanted to up the ante, and so I turned the vibrator on.

Here I am, thrusting the humming vibrator in and out of her ass, fingers in her pussy, nibbling her clit. It was not a big surprise when she tensed, and let loose a lazy moan.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” … “I don’t think I can cum again right now”

I turned the vibrator off, removed it, and climbed on top of her. I slipped into her pussy, and began to thrust slowly.

“Why don’t you cum in my ass?”

“Because, I want us both to enjoy it, together.”

As I continued to thrust, I took her head in my hands, kissing her deeply as my seed flowed into her womb.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Slowly I began to shrink and slip out of her pussy. I rolled off her, and resumed the position from earlier, with her back pressing against my chest. I was relaxed, and happy that our first attempt at anal play resulted in a small orgasm for her. This bode well for future exploration. As we began to drift off, I couldn’t help thinking that this experience was definitely worth missing Bar review class.

The end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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