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Laura D. was a co-worker. We worked for a field engineering firm and performed field surveys for the building of dams or other water supply or control facilities, often in desert areas out west. I had never teamed up with Laura before, but we had been friendly at work, sharing an interest in Star Trek and science fiction novels. I had never been physically attracted to Laura and she had never been to me. We were both in our 40’s.

Laura was of medium height about 5’6″; she had a rectangular-shaped face and a rectangular body. Her hair was black and being of Italian descent her skin wasn’t pale white; it was a light olive color. She had a cute smile, a giggly laugh and very pretty laughing, brown eyes, but these traits were often hidden by her serious nature and her preoccupation with doing the best job she could. She was married and had had three children with her husband. She was devoted to him and because she was so obviously devoted and so obviously serious, no one at work had ever made a pass at her. And I think she was upset that no one had even flirted with her like with some of the other women at our workplace. She would even mention it when gossip was raised about a couple of folks having affairs, “Why did he never approach me? I worked with him for eight years, and not one flirtation!”

Body wise Laura was small-breasted, and had wide hips and a full waist; she was rectangular shaped. After three children she had a healthy, not overweight figure, but wasn’t someone who would cause you to turn your head. On top of that she always dressed modestly, even at the company picnics when some of the women or dates of the male employees would forego brassieres or even underwear and would become the topic of gossip at the picnic. Laura was never like that. She was always proper and serious in both her dress and her manner.

That’s why it surprises me what happened on one trip to the Arizona desert that we had made together. We were there for a week and the government organization we were supporting hadn’t planned for adequate water resources given how dusty and dirty it was to do the surveying. So near the end of our one week of surveying we were already rationing water. This meant limited showers which made it difficult in such a dusty environment. Most of us were taking washcloth bathes in which you dip a washcloth into a pan of water and simply towel yourself off. This worked for the normal dust that we were all encountering, especially coupled with a change of clothes, which you then wore the next day until they too became saturated with dust. Even one’s underwear was invaded by the fine dust of the Arizona desert. Showers were reserved for those who had become muddied.

Well it was the day before we were to depart and Laura and I had been out surveying a particularly difficult piece of terrain; it was full of gullies. The area was a drainage area for underground mountain streams that came close to the surface in the location we were working in, usually at the bottom of the gullies. We were soon knee deep in mud in some of the locations we were surveying.

At one point Laura slipped on an embankment and the next thing we knew she was in a pool of mud that looked dry on the surface but wasn’t. While trying to free herself she became covered from head to toe in mud. It was dripping from her face; and her hair and her clothes were saturated with it. I ran to the edge of the embankment to help her and in the process of pulling her out I too ended up in the mud as the embankment broke away and I tumbled in right on top of Laura. In fact I think it was how I landed on her that was a pre-cursor of what was to happen later. My face landed right in her crotch, and as I tried to extricate myself I kept slipping and falling back in with my face in her crotch or on her belly. It became downright embarrassing so I reacted with humor and said, “Well that’s exactly where I would like to fall if I was to land on a beautiful Italian woman like you Laura.”

What surprised me a little was Laura’s response, “Well, that would be just the place where a beautiful woman would want you to land,” then she laughed. From there the conversation got full of sexual innuendo about being in a mud bath and that the usual state of dress for a mud bath was to be completely naked so maybe we should take our clothes off and enjoy the mud. It was just talk though. Or so I thought.

Since no one else was around we had to figure out how to extricate ourselves. We finally figured a way up the embankment and out of the mud. In order to get out I had to use my greater height, 6’2″, and strength to stretch out on the embankment, have Laura climb up over me, and then finally push her up the remainder of the embankment by grabbing her butt and then her feet with my hands and pushing her up. Then planting herself on her bottom and using a rope we had as part of our kit I climbed up the embankment and tumbled over the edge of it to safety. Once again, however, I fell over and landed with my face in between Laura’s legs.

Laura laughed this time and remarked, “Mark!!! You seem to really want to be Escort Beylikdüzü down there. Here maybe this will help. She opened her legs so now my nose and mouth were right up against that tender place between her legs. Impulsively and playfully I opened my mouth and grabbed her crotch with my teeth. And then I quickly realized that I may have gone too far and backed off, sat up, and moved away, almost tumbling down the embankment again in my haste to put distance between my mouth and Laura’s crotch.

Laura grabbed my hand before I tumbled back and held me fast. “Wow, a little excitement has got me quite flushed and you looking a little embarrassed too. But thanks. I appreciate the flirting. But let’s get back to business, finish this survey and get back to base camp so we can clean up before dinner tonight. I think everyone is heading into the nearby town for some Tex Mex tonight before we pack up and head back home tomorrow.” So we finished the survey by giving the gully a wide berth, packed up our gear and headed back to camp, literally caked in mud.

At camp we were in for another surprise as Laura was told by her tent mate that she was lucky; there was just enough water for one person to shower. Being the nice, considerate person she was, she came and told me, “Mark, I just learned from Amy that there is only enough shower water for one person to take a shower and then that’s it. What are we going to do?”

Still feeling silly from our earlier travails I joked, “Well we could always shower together.”

Laura shoved me and uttered, “Mark, you dirty old man.”

I responded, “Well, yes, after all, look at us…both of us; we’re both pathetically muddy. I paused in thought and then it came to me, “Heh, do you have a bathing suit? Maybe we can do it that way.”

“No,” she responded, “didn’t think I’d be swimming in the desert.”

“Well, then how about the thickest, most concealing pair of underwear you have, one that won’t go transparent in the water. I have dark-colored briefs. Do you have any non-white bras and panties? That way we can share the water and stay relatively modest.”

“Yeah, I do,” and Laura soon returned wrapped in a bath towel and a sports bra and panties, both a dark green color, from her Army days. Even though we both knew it was her underwear it still looked like a bikini. I told her to situate herself in the portable shower stall and I’d be right back. I was already wearing black briefs so I just undressed, grabbed some clean clothes and briefs and a bath towel. Laura was already behind the walls of the stall with her clean clothes and the towel draped on the cloth walls of the stall.

As I stepped in I realized that for two people it was pretty tight but we tried to make the best of it. Still, standing there in our underwear just inches apart from each other we were both nervous and blushing, and I for one was wondering what my wife would say if she knew the circumstances. Well I for one wouldn’t be talking about it; I hoped Laura wouldn’t mention it to her husband, Kevin, either.

“How do you want to do this?” Laura asked, “I suggest we stand close under the water for a quick soak and then soap up; then finish with another quick rinse.” Logically this all sounded good to us so that is what we did. But in order to both be under the water we had to be up against each other so taking a chance I wrapped my arm around Laura to draw her against me and with the free hand pulled the chain on the water. We got thoroughly doused with a warm shower of water. The water had been thankfully sitting in the sun and warming up.

As soon as we were wet we nervously separated. I had to admit that Laura’s soft, feminine body and her mouth breathing hot breaths on my chest and throat had aroused me. I was unfortunately showing it below. So I faced away from her and lathered up as best I could. I especially lathered up my hair. Fortunately for Laura she too had short hair and was able to lather up.

“Are you ready to rinse, Laura?” Due to the soap which had gotten in my eyes I couldn’t see too well.

She sounded a little distressed, however, when she answered, “I can’t get clean down there. If you know what I mean?” It took a second but then I knew what she was talking about. The mud and dirt had worked its way deep into our respective crotches and trying to wash while still wearing panties or briefs was proving very difficult. I had no answer. It was Laura who finally suggested, “Don’t look. I’m going to remove my underwear. I’ll be naked but it’s the only way. Don’t look. Keep turned away. If you have to, do the same. Face away from me.”

After dropping my briefs and soon realizing I was standing within inches of a nude woman it had the obvious effect. My erection came back with a vengeance. I tried to not think about it by focusing on getting cleaned up down there.

“Mark…are you getting aroused?”

“Laura, I thought we agreed to no peeking,” I tried to turn further away so my back side was all that was facing her. In the confined space and with a full erection this was difficult. Escort Bahçeşehir Then the thought struck me: how the hell were we going to rinse off. We were now nude and would have to be against each other under the stream of water. We couldn’t very well put our muddy underwear back on and I didn’t want to get into my dry clothes and then soak them while rinsing. What had seemed like a practical solution in order to get clean now had some unexpected side effects.

“Mark, sorry about the peeking. It wasn’t intentional; the soap cleared out of my eyes and we’re so close already and frankly you’re pretty sizable,” now she laughed. “But I just thought of something else. How the heck are we going to rinse off without getting up close and personal?”

“We aren’t. I ain’t putting mud-caked briefs back on and don’t think you want to either. And we don’t want to get our clean clothes wet. So let’s do it and never tell a soul what happened.” I stepped forward to position myself under water, forgetting that I had an erection complicating our getting close. But Laura smoothly stepped up, opened her legs a little and there I was nestled snugly between them. I could feel the pubic hair covering her labia and also feel the softness of her genitals. All this succeeded in doing was making me stiffer.

“Hurry, Mark, I don’t think I can do this for long without falling out,” she was laughing of all things. But I think it was a nervous laughter. After all here we were: co-workers forced into a potentially erotic situation because of water problems and some decisions that had seemed good on the surface but weren’t after all.

I tugged the chain and we were doused with water which was still warm. I felt Laura’s hands on my back and my back side then her fingers between my butt cheeks. Again being practical she explained, “You don’t want soap there, do you? And I don’t think just that weak shower of water is going to clean us. So do me too.”

So now I took my free hand and ran it down the smooth, slick skin of Laura’s back and her butt and then between the cheeks of her butt, feeling the heat from between her legs. Again with the jokes, she said, “Heh, big boy, keep doing that and I might marry you.” So I did the only thing that came to mind to shut her up; I kissed her right on the mouth. It was impulsive and done to alleviate my own nerves. But just like that our tongues were intertwined with each other and our hands were moving over each other’s bodies. I heard Laura whimper and then shake. She, like me, had only had sexual contact with her spouse. The thrill of another man touching her so intimately was kind of overwhelming.

We stood there kissing and caressing for a few minutes. The water was now not running because both my hands were all over Laura’s body and head. I held her face, looked into those pretty brown eyes and kissed her again. Now I felt her fingers encircle my erect penis and moving the head just so I was soon inside of her. Ohmigod!!! What a sensation of heat and slippery wetness. I pushed into Laura’s vagina as far as I could. She now shuddered with pleasure and looking up at me cried out, “OOHH!!. Then she resumed kissing me fiercely as we moved against each other.

It wasn’t long, given our state of mutual arousal, before she and I both climaxed. Awareness of our surroundings and guilt quickly kicked in after we both climaxed. The driving power of sexual excitement had been satisfied and we became aware that we were standing naked, in a sexual position, in a shower stall which anyone could come walking up to and see us together. Rumors would fly and we’d never be able to live it down at work. And then it might get back to our respective spouses that we had cheated on them. We quickly dried off, dressed and headed in opposite directions to get away from that threatening location as quickly as possible.

Later that evening we didn’t sit next to each other at the local restaurant or in the vehicles that took all of us from the camp to the town. But as I got ready for bed that evening I heard a tap on my tent entrance.

“Yes??” “Mark, it’s me, Laura,” Laura answered.

“What are you doing here? We might be seen!!” I nervously and guiltily questioned.

“Can I come in so that that doesn’t happen?” I let her in and there she was dressed in an ankle length thick cotton night shirt, which was what I expected from the Laura I had known all those years.

“I feel so evil and yet so excited. You know, Mark, I’ve never been with any other man other than Kevin. I just expected that making love to any man would be the same. But earlier this afternoon it wasn’t. I feel so slutty saying this…I want to do it again with you.” And with that she tugged her night shirt over her head and was now standing in front of me naked and so innocently nervous and attractive at the same time. Her body was shaking with tension. “What guts,” I thought, “to come in here and say that so boldly and then bare yourself literally…not knowing if I would reject or accept her offer.”

Maybe foolishly I opened my arms and receiving her soft, bare body into them. I moved my hands to either side of her face and kissed her again with the passion we had shared earlier that day. As I kissed and caressed her she undid my shorts and briefs and they were soon on the floor. My t-shirt was soon over my head and we embraced bare breast and belly to bare chest and groin. It was as if we were two people starved of sex and we sought out each other’s bodies with an urgency and intense passion.

This time with more space in my tent and more privacy since I didn’t have a roommate I pleasured Laura in ways we couldn’t perform earlier that day. While she still stood naked and beautiful in front of me my lips sought each dark nipple, and I suckled them until Laura began to moan. My lips traced down her bare chest and stomach as I knelt down in front of her and cupped her soft, bare bottom in my hands. Her fingers played in my hair as my lips rained kisses on her soft, white skin. I was soon smelling the scent and feeling the coarse texture of her thick, jet black pubic hair. This aroused me further and it also aroused Laura further; her breathing quickened and small spasms of excitement caused her tummy to jerk ever so slightly.

“Laura, lay back on my air mattress and bedding.” I helped her to lie back and pressed her thighs open so my mouth could make better contact with her genitals. Her pubic hair was thick and it had the scent of soap from our earlier shower and the tang of sexual arousal. I parted the hairs covering her labia with my fingers until the pink skin of her labia and the hood over her clitoris was visible. When my tongue touched her tender flesh, Laura started and let out a small cry of pleasure. I flicked my tongue up and down slowly to push the hairs out of the way so I could really make a seal against her labia. Once her labia had flowered open enough and the surrounding hair had been pushed back by my fingers and lips, I sealed my mouth against her genitals.

Now I pleasured her with my tongue licking her labia and nymphae, darting into the tart hole of her vagina, and flicking back and forth against the tiny bud of her clitoris. I would alternate this with a sucking motion over her clitoris, drawing it out tight from her body and flicking my tongue rapidly across it. And soon as her excitement rose and she tilted her hips back lifting her butt off the bedding I lifted her hips further and even tongued her anus.

Soon Laura began a steady moan, which she tried to suppress so our workmates wouldn’t hear her in my tent. And then all of a sudden her belly tightened in a tense mound, her thighs lifted off the bedding and squeezed against my head and her vagina gushed cream. She was climaxing and it was intense. A brief cry of pleasure escaped her mouth and she clamped a hand over it as she continued to rock and spasm from a fairly long orgasm.

Wow!!! What a head trip to make this woman who was offering herself to me feel such pleasure. I paused to let her recover and then began again. This time I varied it using two fingers gently slid up open and creamy vagina to find her g-spot. Alternately my fingers in a regular rhythm against her g-spot while using my thumb to rub her clitoris vigorously and while using my lips to rain kisses on her thighs, the tender skin on either side of her labia, her belly, her navel, and nuzzling her thick pubic hair which now smelled of her sex I soon had Laura shuddering once again.

This time her hips came right off the bedding and even with her hand clamped over her mouth I could hear her cries of sheer pleasure as wave after wave of yet another long, intense orgasm rolled over her body. As she calmed down she said, “Oh my goodness, but that feels so good. But if you do that anymore I swear I’m going to either pass out or let out a scream that will wake the whole camp.

I ignored her entreaties. Instead I drew myself up from between Laura’s outspread legs so I was against her right side. I kissed her on her chest and on her face until her agitated breathing calmed down. My right hand was resting on her groin as it moved up and down to the rhythm of her breathing. As I directed her attention to the kisses I was raining on her face and watching her beam a smile of satisfaction my right hand inched down her belly and was now cupping her hairy mound and her labia.

While I kissed her on the mouth intensely I pushed two fingers inside of her and began to vibrate her vagina up and down quite vigorously. I had seen this on a video in which this produces an orgasm in a woman that can sustain itself for minutes on end. My wife had never wanted to try it not wanting to lose control like that. Well I figured I needed to surprise Laura and not ask. And it worked.

As I palpitated her vagina up and down rapidly she began to shake uncontrollably. When the climax hit her she got the largest smile I’d ever seen on her face and she groaned uncontrollably as her belly, her thighs and legs, and her torso just bucked and bucked and bucked. And when she slowed down I merely pressed on her groin and the bucking ensued once again. For a full five minutes Laura was out of control. Her vagina even palpitated so much that air entering and escaping made a rude noise. But she didn’t care; she was truly having too much fun as her body self-sustained its own long stream of climaxes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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