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Writer’s note: Arin and Tawny are from my “Greenbird” writing. Andynes are people with bird wings, and Tawny is a genetically-engineered human, and a “true” hermaphrodite, meaning that she has both male and female genitals — a futa, hence the futa tags. 🙂


Tawny walked beside the Captain up a long corridor and into a small elevator near the stern. She’d come to Arin’s airship for her first assignment from the organization. Her stomach twisted: she couldn’t even think its name. She inwardly chided herself for being such a coward.

“So,” said the Captain. She was an andyne, a head taller than Tawny with dappled brown wings. Tawny knew her, but only on paper: Arin Ardalae, captain of a small but productive interworld delivery airship. She was slightly older than Tawny’s mother, but looked to be in her mid to late twenties from years of interworld travel. “What time did you arrive?”

“I um…” Tawny squirmed. She hadn’t expected the captain to be so pretty, or to…well…do any of the things she’d just done at the pool. The whole incident had had an equally unexpected – though all too predictable – side effect on Tawny, which made her grateful that her school clothes were so baggy. Arin had given her the bag of donuts in the hallway, and she held it protectively in front of her crotch. “Half past ten, I think. I caught a ride with a soap shipment from Redwater.”

“Soap? Oh, good,” sighed Arin. “I was starting to think it was lost.”

The elevator chimed and the door opened, silencing both of them. There was a long, awkward pause in the conversation while Arin led Tawny up the corridor toward her quarters.

Arin’s door was a relatively plain, unmarked door around the corner from the elevator. “Please excuse the mess, I haven’t been home in a couple days,” said Arin, opening the door.

The captain’s quarters were about the size of an average two-bedroom apartment. The front door opened to a living room, with a long, low-backed couch and overstuffed chairs placed around a large, cluttered coffee table. A large closed cabinet sat against the wall opposite the couch. There was a hallway off to the right, and a little kitchen off to the left. Other than the ruffled stacks of paper strewn about the living room table, Tawny couldn’t see any of the mess that Arin had apologized for.

“Hold on, I’ll change and grab you some blankets,” said Arin. “Make yourself at home.” She hurried up the hallway.

Tawny sat down on the couch. It was a relief to finally be able to sit down. It would be much easier to hide her body.

“Would you like tea or anything?” Arin called through manisa escort her cracked bedroom door. She strode out, bringing with her a pillow and haphazardly-folded blankets, and wearing a fluffy set of pajamas. She’d taken off the big cokebottle classes that had previously held her hair back, and half of her bangs were still sticking straight up.

Tawny replied, “Water would be great.”

“Coming right up,” said Arin. She dropped the blankets onto the couch and strode into the kitchen. Tawny took the brief moment of privacy to adjust herself; it had been almost a week since she’d “taken care of” herself, and she’d been frustrated and horny enough before Arin smashed her way into the pool, hiked up her skirt and…Tawny pushed away the thought. The bulge in her pants was getting too hard to hide.

Arin called from the kitchen: “What did you do with your luggage? Did you get a storage locker?” Thinking quickly, Tawny pulled the blankets Arin had left over her lap. Arin entered the room with a glass of water in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. Tawny floundered.

“I…I um…didn’t bring any.”

“Really?” Arin scoffed, sitting down next to her. “It says in your file that Lisse was your handler. That is so typical of her. I’ve got a few spare changes of clothes, if you’d like them.”

“You’re a little uh…taller than I am, though,” Tawny pointed out meekly.

Arin laughed. “Not my clothes. They were my husband’s. He’s where I got my taste in pajamas.” She gestured to her clothes.

Tawny bit her lip; she’d read in Arin’s file from the organization that her husband had died just over six months before. She didn’t think bringing it up would help anything though. “I…um…sure.”

Arin took a sip of her coffee. “If you’d like to change right away I can give them to you in the bathroom.”

Tawny nodded. “That sounds good.”

Arin took another sip of her coffee, stood up, and motioned for Tawny to follow. “Come on, I’ll show you where the bathroom is.”

Tawny closed the bathroom door behind her and slowly approached the mirror over the sink. In the fluorescent lights of Arin’s bathroom, she looked bedraggled and tired from days of travel. Her long pink braid was a tangled mess, her clothes were dingy and wrinkled, and her face was pale and drawn. She unbuttoned her shirt and dropped it on the floor. Her plain beige uniform trousers were tied up around her waist. She untied them and looked down; the reddened, engorged head of her penis was poking up out of her plain blue panties, and there was a wet spot spreading further down, where her maraş escort pussy was.

Tawny’s mind went straight back to the half-darkened pool room, with Arin pulling her panties out of the way. At first, Tawny had tried not to listen, but Arin’s small, mewling moans still got to her. Tawny’s neglected member had begun to harden, and she could feel her soaked underwear becoming even wetter. Watching herself in the mirror, Tawny reached down into her pants. She pulled the hem of her underwear down first, moistening her fingers in the soaked folds of her labia before moving back up to her throbbing shaft. She was overwhelmingly sensitive as she grasped it: her body jumped, and a drop of precum leaked into the material of her pants. She was about to move her hand again when the bathroom door opened and Arin barged in. Tawny squeezed herself in surprise, and it felt better than it had any business doing. It swayed Tawny to the brink of orgasm, and she gasped.

“Blue or yellow?” said Arin, walking in with three different sets of fuzzy pajamas. “Or purple with manatees in hats?” She stood behind Tawny, not seeming to realize what she was doing. Tawny moved her hand back down her cock; she needed to come, and she almost didn’t care if Arin knew-

“Ohh…this is a bad time, isn’t it?”

Tawny moved her hand again, and this time she kept going. It felt too good. She didn’t stop; she couldn’t. “I’m sorry, I can’t-…Nnngh!” Tawny felt the semen dribbling hotly on her hand right before the long-overdue release. She blasted right into her pants, spattering her legs. The orgasm was so intense that her knees gave out briefly. A strong pair of arms caught her from behind: Arin. Tawny had just blown her load in front of the Captain. The thought triggered another jet of cum and a large squirt from her pussy.

Tawny’s orgasm subsided quickly. Her knees felt like water, and somehow Arin was still holding her up. Shakily, she put her weight on her feet, and Arin let go of her. Tawny knew she needed to address Arin, standing behind her, but she didn’t know what to do.

“I’m…I’m a girl,” Tawny ejaculated. The words came out thin and strangled, and not as loud as she’d intended. Adrenaline coursed through her, and to her horror, she was hard again. She felt Arin’s hand touch her shoulder.

“I make it a policy not to question people’s genders, miss Rae. Nobody gets to pick how they’re born, especially WS-bred humans.” Arin’s voice was quiet, but her tone was soothing. “I’m sorry for walking in on you. I’ll give you some space — I’ll just leave the clothes on the clothing rack by the door.”

“That’s mardin escort alright,” Tawny gasped. Part of her wanted to panic, but she was too worn out from her first orgasm, and partially focused on the renewed erection. Tawny wasn’t as sensitive as before, but she knew it wouldn’t just go away if she left it alone. She heard Arin’s wings flutter out of the bathroom and dropped her soiled pants. She watched her small breasts jingling in the mirror as she pumped at and fingered herself.

Tawny felt the urge to come creeping up on her, and yanked up her panties just before shooting her second load to keep from splattering it all over Arin’s bathroom sink. It drenched what dry spots were left on her panties.

There was a knock on the door, and Tawny jumped. “Would you like a change of underwear?” Arin called through the door.

“S-sure,” Tawny called back.

“And if you’d like a shower you can have one,” Arin added quickly. Tawny got the hint. “If so I’ll grab you a towel.”

“Yeah…I mean, thank you,” said Tawny.

After her shower, Tawny chose the manatee pajamas. When she exited the bathroom she found Arin sitting on the couch, which she’d made up like a bed. The cabinet on the wall was open, revealing a television set, and she was watching a romance film about cowboy vampires. Tawny hadn’t caught the film’s name, but heard the word “cowpoke” uttered in a thick Austrian-sounding accent at least three times as she awkwardly crossed the living room to sit down. Arin was drinking coffee again, and had another glass of water waiting for Tawny.

“Well you look squeaky clean,” commented Arin, yawning. “Feel better?”

Tawny’s face heated up, but she pushed through the embarrassment and plopped down on the couch next to Arin. “Much better. Thank you.” She briefly met Arin’s violet eyes. “I’m sorry you had to see that-“

Arin yawned again. “That sounds familiar,” On the screen, a cowboy in a vampire cape kissed a doe-eyed, strangely generic young woman underneath a large, campy paper mache crescent moon. The screen faded to black to slow a slow techno/country love ballad, and the credits rolled. “I told you, it’s okay. Wanna stay up and watch a movie? Your pick.” Arin handed Tawny the remote. Tawny took it shyly and scrolled through Arin’s library before settling on Quarknado 3: Morn’s Return.

Tawny leaned on Arin as the film’s previews started, feeling some of the fluffy down feathers that stuck out from her shoulder. Arin pulled away, sitting up and reaching back to adjust some of her feathers.

“Sorry for uprooting you when you were comfortable,” said Arin, smoothing her feathers. “It’s okay to lean on me again, I was just moving my flight feathers so they can’t poke you.” Tawny leaned on Arin and they watched the beginning credits to the movie. Half an hour later, they were both asleep on the couch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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