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God it has been quite a long time since I have submitted a story, all true, I have had so many naughty panty sniffing episodes as well.

I cannot get enough of having those dirty smelly panties over my nose with the crispy gusset being rubbed over my nose and lips, the aroma and taste is simply intoxicating.

Especially if I know the girl or woman whose dirty panties I am sniffing, it makes it all the more exciting maybe getting caught whilst licking on the creamy slime that has come from her most intimate part. God if only she knew, would she get aroused and make her panties really sticky with the fluid of her arousal or would she be sickened that a panty sniffing pervert was getting off whilst tasting her dirty sweaty cunt? Licking at her juices where she masturbated this morning fantasising about sucking off one of her work colleagues and rubbing her cunt, creaming her knickers!

How would you feel if you caught me round your house where you had invited me, I had gone upstairs and found your linen basket.

I then took out the pair of pale blue lace malatya escort thong panties you had been wearing the day before god they smelled good, crispy with creamy discharge they had moulded to the shape of your very feminine parts tangy and sweaty, I lick them to make them juicy again I am actually tasting your wet juicy cunt god it is so arousing. Your sweat is really strong musky and the taste is really tangy almost acidic I love to lick your dirty panties and then to see you the following day and think to myself I wanked whilst tasting your dirty smelly pussy and shot my load whilst thinking about you.

You are attractive and feminine but have never been a slut only ever had sex with your husband but the thought of dirty kinky sex is what makes that crusty gusset that I love to sniff and lick. Your aroma is pure cum, females slut cum, very pungent, very rich and thick sticky juice that you love to rub over your engorged clitoris.

God your stinky wet panties make me so hard I love to rub your creamy woman-ness over my face, god I want you to walk maltepe escort into the room and catch me sniffing your dirty panties at first you feel defiled. Horrified that I have violated your trust you see my erect cock and realise that I am not only sniffing your dirty panties but wanking at the same time. You are horrified but at the same time intrigued and curious as to why I would be sniffing your dirty panties.

“Why?” you ask me.

I ask you if you want me to stop you hesitate in your response you soon realise that watching me sniffing on your creamy dirty sexy panties whilst pulling my foreskin back and forth is actually arousing you now. You try to hide the fact but you feel that familiar twinge inside your panties and you realise that your tight vagina is actually getting moist at the thought that I have my nose buried inside the crotch of your dirty panties licking and tasting the cunt cream where you masturbated the day before.

You have never been so aroused before in your life this is so dirty you want to put your hand mamak escort inside your panties to finger yourself, you start off by rubbing the front up against your clit you feel like a naughty girl all over again, it takes you back to when you was younger being fingered by dates and making your girlie panties all sticky.

You push the front of your panties against the entrance to your hole making a wet spot, slowly inserting your finger inside yourself through your panties, you feel so dirty you want me to sniff your lacy panties you have on, to rub my nose into your cleft to make your clit really hard.

Why is this turning you on so much?

Having a stranger sniffing your dirty panties while wanking his hard aroused cock all the while you are rubbing your hot wet pussy over my nose so I can smell your arousal. you’re now forcing me to sniff and lick at your wet cunt calling me your dirty panty sniffing pervert finally you orgasm over my face and saturating your panties with your cunny juice, all thick, tangy and sticky girl cum that is the most tastiest naughty treat that I have ever had the pleasure of.

I pull my face from your wet crotch and you revert back to the shy housewife that invited me round to value your house you know my dirty perverted secret but I have tasted your dirty cummy panties. Our little secret!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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