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Warning – this story contains some male to male contact.

Cathy woke up slowly with the memories of the previous day putting a smile on her face. She has two wonderful guys with big hard dicks and fantastic tongues that, so far, have done everything she’s asked of them. She thought that no woman could want more than that as full consciousness came to her. She opened her eyes and was surprised to find herself alone in bed. She didn’t think that both of them would be able to get up without waking her, or wanting her. She looked at her chest to see if there were any recent deposits of sperm there. It wouldn’t be unexpected if one the guys, or even both of them, jerked off on her when they first woke up. But there was no new cum on her, just a few dried spots that Carl’s tongue had missed in the middle of the night.

Cathy prepped herself for the day, put on a bathrobe over her naked body and followed the smell of fresh coffee and the sound of the guys talking in the kitchen. She liked what she saw when she got there. Mike and Carl were both wearing bathrobes and getting breakfast started. What really drew her attention was that both bathrobes were open, displaying their engorged dicks. She was glad that they were comfortable exposing their cocks to each other even when she wasn’t in the room with them. If she had bothered to wonder why the guy’s dicks were erect, she would have thought it was because they were talking about having sex her and she would have been half right. They were also talking about how far they would go with each other for her benefit.

Mike woke up first and was putting his robe over his naked body when Carl opened his eyes. “Morning,” whispered Mike. “Up for some coffee?”

“Yeah,” Carl whispered back. “We have some things to talk about.”

“Sounds good,” replied Mike as he headed for the kitchen to get the coffee brewing. A few minutes later they were seated across from each other at the kitchen table savoring the first cup of coffee of the day.

Carl looked at Mike and wondered where to start. “Cathy’s quite a woman,” he said.

Mike smiled and said, “Yes, she is. I hope she didn’t freak you out yesterday. We did some wild stuff, things I’ve never done before, and she’s probably going to up the ante today. It’s easy to guess at what else she’s going to want so we should decide how far we’ll go for her.”

“I did things yesterday that I’d only fantasized about and some other things I never thought I’d do but being with Cathy made everything cool,” said Carl then paused for a moment. “Some of that stuff was new to you, too? It seemed so easy for you.”

Mike chuckled. “It didn’t look like anyone was forcing you to do anything, either. But, yeah, it was the first time Cathy and I had a three-way. I’ve had a few in the past but never touched the other guy or jerked off in front of him. Touching your dick was a first for me and I know what you mean about Cathy making it so easy to do.”

“She sure does. When we were masturbating for her I was almost expecting for her to ask us to jerk each other off. And at that moment, I would have.”

“I would have, too. Like when she asked me to guide your dick into her, I reached for it right away. That felt so weird having your hard dick in my hand. I hope you don’t mind that I started jerking you off. I just wondered what it would feel like and you should have seen the look on Cathy’s face, she loved it. And I think that when I was eating her out while you were fucking her that she got off as much on the fact that my lips and tongue were touching your shaft as she did from the feeling of a dick and a mouth working on her at the same time. I bet that if I sucked your dick that she would cum without being touched so that’s something she’s going to want to see and we should prepare our response for it.”

Carl thought for a moment then said, “No offense to you, I’m sure you’d give me a great blow job but I don’t think I want to go there. And I think the only dick I’ll suck will be Cathy’s, but I do have to admit that I did get a kick from eating Cathy out while you were fucking her. Weird, huh?”

“Well, then I’m weird, too. I got a kinky thrill from eating Cathy out while your dick was in her, too, and I agree with you about not wanting to do the cock sucking thing. I wasn’t offering you a blow job, I was just saying that Cathy would love to see it happen. Theoretically, it might be interesting to try it once but then Cathy would want to see us do it again and again and I don’t think I’m into that, either. So, that much is settled. We’re both good with eating Cathy out while the other one is fucking her but no actual cock sucking, right? And we’ve been jerking off a lot in front of each other, so we’re good with that, too, right?”

Carl nodded his head. “Sounds about right to me.”

“Good,” said Mike. Seated as they were, they couldn’t see each other’s lap but Mike suspected that Carl also had a hard on as he reached down to wrap his fingers around his own throbbing cock bursa escort and began stroking it. “My dick really needs some attention at the moment.” He let out a slight moan at the pleasure he was giving himself.

Carl smiled, grabbed his own cock and also began jerking off. “I’m glad you’re horny, too. I was wondering if this conversation was making you hard, or if it was just me being a bit weird.” It felt good to be masturbating out in the open.

“Like I said, I think we’re both weird in the same way and that’s good for all three of us,” Mike said as he enjoyed the sensations that his hand movements on his hard dick sent throughout his body.

For a few moments they both sat in silence and enjoyed the pleasure they were giving themselves. Then Mike said that they should start getting things ready for breakfast ready so that when Cathy woke up they could start cooking right away. Carl agreed and they got to work getting out the cookware and prepping the food while still giving their dicks the occasional stroke.

When they were almost done, Mike asked, “You’ve noticed how much Cathy gets off on us licking up our own cum, right?” as he leaned against the counter and gave his dick long slow strokes.

Carl laughed at that. “Yeah, can’t miss that about her. It’s one of the first things she asked me to do and it’s obvious how wild it drives her. Almost as wild as when we get a taste each other’s cum,” he responded as he also gave his hard cock some more attention.

“That’s what I was going to ask you about,” said Mike. “You got a mouthful of my cum from Cathy after she sucked me off yesterday and I know she’s going to kiss me after you cum in her mouth sometime today. I’m sure she’ll want us to lick up each other’s cum from other parts of her body, too. And I’m okay with that. Heck, I’ve had plenty of my own cum in my mouth and considering how much Cathy will get off on me tasting yours, I see no reason not to. Are you up to having more of my cum in your mouth today or was yesterday enough for you?”

Carl stroked his cock as he listened to Mike, he’d decided yesterday after seeing how wild Cathy was when she kissed him with her mouth full of Mike’s cum that he would do it again. “I’m up for more,” he replied. “Like I told Cathy yesterday, I’ll do anything for her. Her paybacks make it all worthwhile.”

“Sounds good,” said Mike as he continued to masturbate slowly. “But today you might want to change that to you’ll do almost anything for her. After all, you don’t want to suck this, do you?” He stopped stroking his dick, held it by the base and pointed it at Carl.

Carl smiled and said, “Good point.”

Then the discussion moved to Cathy wanting to watch them to jerk each other off. They decided that they were okay with giving each other a few strokes for her benefit but thought it best if they didn’t make each other cum. Mainly because then Cathy would probably want them to do it a lot for her and they didn’t feel like they would be into it that much.

Just as they heard Cathy running water in the bathroom, Carl told Mike about jerking off on Cathy during the night while Mike was sleeping. Mike enjoyed the story and together they quickly came up with a plan for them give Cathy a thrill.

“Good morning,” Cathy said as she entered the kitchen and gave each of the guys a kiss. The guys responded in kind and Mike handed her a cup of coffee.

“Sleep well?” he asked.

“Very well,” she answered. “How about you?”

“Like a rock. You did a great job of wearing me out yesterday,” Mike replied with a smile.

Cathy returned the smile. “You guys did a good job on me, too. Both of your fine dicks and tongues gave me more orgasms than I’ve ever had in one day. Actually, I thought that one, or both of you, would want to get an early start on today so I was surprised that I woke up alone.”

“That thought did cross my mind,” said Mike. “But then I figured I’d let you sleep. I think we’re all going to need as much energy as we can get for today.”

“You’re right about that,” Cathy said with a smile. “I want to have my way with both of your nice hard cocks all day long.”

“Your wish is my command,” Carl said as he made a graceful bow to her. “My dick and tongue are here to serve you.”

Cathy giggled. “That sounds so hot to hear you say that, especially since I know you mean it. The first thing I’d like is for both of you to serve me some breakfast.”

“Have a seat and breakfast will be ready in a few minutes,” Carl said. “We will give m’lady all she desires.”

“To start, I think we’ll sit at the counter,” Cathy said. “The view is better. I can’t see your dicks when we sit at the table.” She thought of how lucky she as she watched as the guys make breakfast with their hard cocks in view. She sipped on her coffee thinking of what she was going to do with them.

Soon the plates full of food were set on the counter and the guys sat on either side of Cathy, making sure that their robes were fully open for her bursa escort bayan viewing pleasure even though their dicks softened while eating. Breakfast was consumed amid cheerful conversation and finally Mike cleared the dirty dishes away and refilled the coffee mugs.

“Cathy, aren’t you going to give us something to look at?” Mike asked as he sat down facing her. “After all, you’ve been enjoying the sight of our dicks since you got up.”

Cathy opened up the top of her robe exposing a fair bit of cleavage. “How about just this for now?” she said, being coy.

“That looks nice to me,” replied Carl. “Very nice.” He paused for a moment, looked Cathy in the eyes, and was amazed again at how she could make him open up so he decided to just say what he thought. “That view,” he said and indicated with a downward glance towards her chest, “reminds me of the first view I had of your cleavage at the lake yesterday. And that brings back many fond memories.”

Cathy smiled and said, “Thank you.” She couldn’t help but notice that Carl’s cock was pulsating and growing larger.

“And seeing you in that bathrobe,” Carl continued, “Reminds me of the first time I saw you in it and when you took it off to show me your strap on. That was amazing.”

“So, you like my dick, don’t you?” Cathy asked. Even if she already didn’t know the answer, Carl’s fully hard cock told her all she wanted to know. It excited her to hear the guys talk about sex, what they liked, what they wanted, especially when she knew that they were pushing their boundaries. And she wanted to see how far she could push those boundaries.

Carl gulped slightly, his answer was both embarrassing and exciting to him. “Yes,” he said as he looked into her eyes. “I like your dick. Are you wearing it now?”

Cathy smile grew even larger. She leaned towards him, put her hand on his naked thigh and said, “No, I’m not wearing it now but it excites me to hear you say that you like my dick, even though I already know you do. You were very enthusiastic when you sucked my cock yesterday and I saw you masturbating when you watched Mike give me a blow job. And I could tell from the look on your face when I was sliding my dick in and out of your ass that you were really enjoying it. But most of all I saw how much you came while I was fucking you. Gawd, I love watching you cum. I’ve never seen such big loads that shoot so far and I’ve seen quite a few. Your cum landing on your face sent me over the edge and then you still had enough left in you to cover my tits. Your dick is incredible.”

“Thank you,” replied Carl. “So is yours.” His excitement level was heightened and his embarrassment was gone.

Cathy turned to Mike and said, “You like watching Carl cum, too, don’t you, Mike?”

Mike was expecting some type of question like that and he knew the answer that Cathy wanted to hear. “Yes, I do,” he replied. “His cum shots are as good as any porn star I’ve seen and seeing it live is even better. Especially when it lands on you.”

Cathy smiled. She knew the guys were doing things at her request that they never would have done otherwise but their dicks stayed hard while they were doing those things so it was obvious that they enjoyed it, too. She also knew not to push them too far, at least not too quickly. She was also aware that if she didn’t get the guys to do everything she wanted that she would not be disappointed, they were already pleasing her far beyond anything she’d previously experienced.

She turned to Carl and said, “That sounds like quite a compliment coming from another guy, isn’t it?” She raised her eyebrows and gave him a questioning look.

Carl knew what that meant, she was wondering if he had told Mike about jerking off on her last night while Mike was sleeping. He was glad that she didn’t ask him the question directly because he didn’t think he could lie to her. Here was the opening for the plan the guys had to thrill Cathy.

“Ah, yeah,” Carl said, stammering a little to play it up. “Ah, Mike, I hope you don’t mind but I jerked off on Cathy last night while you were sleeping.”

“Wow,” said Mike. “Sorry I missed it.” He looked at Cathy and said, “I hope that you were awake for it.”

Cathy smiled, this was going just like she imagined it would. “Not at first,” she said. “But I woke up just when he started cumming on me. At first I thought it was you jerking off on me, like you’ve done a few times, but I opened my eyes to see Carl’s hand pumping his dick and feel spurt after spurt of his cum landing on my tits. Gawd, that is such a nice way to wake up, to see one of you guys jerking off and to feel your hot cum on me. Carl was such a gentleman about it, too. He offered to lick me clean while I masturbate. That was an offer I couldn’t refuse so I fingered myself while he licked up all his cum from my tits. Then I had a fantastic orgasm when he kissed me with his mouth full of cum.”

“Dang,” said Mike. Even though he knew the story, hearing Cathy tell it made his dick escort bursa harder. “I’m sorry I slept through it, that would have been hot to see.”

“I can do it again if you’d like to watch,” Carl said. He looked at Cathy and added, “With your permission, of course.”

Cathy giggled. “I’m glad you didn’t ask for permission last night. Yes, of course, you can cum on me anytime you want.” Her eyes were drawn to Carl’s rock hard cock as he wrapped his fingers around it and slowly started stroking it. She turned to Mike and said, “Don’t you think it’s nice of Carl to offer to jerk off for you?”

“Yes, it is,” replied Mike. “I’d love to watch him cum all over your tits again.” He knew what Cathy wanted to hear, so he said to Carl, “I’m glad you want to jerk off on Cathy for me. It is so hot to see your cum shoot from your dick and land on her.”

“I think it would be even hotter if you join me,” Carl said, also knowing what Cathy wanted to hear. “We can jerk off together and cover Cathy’s gorgeous tits with two loads of cum.”

“Excellent idea,” Mike said as he, too, started to slowly masturbate. “And then, of course, Cathy will probably want us to lick our cum off those luscious tits.”

“You guys are so hot. I love it that you two enjoy jerking off together,” Cathy said as she stood up, took off her robe and set it on the back of the stool. She moved the stool a few feet away from the counter, grabbed her cup of coffee and sat back down with her legs crossed. “You guys don’t mind if I sit back here a bit so I can have a better view of both of you masturbating, do you?” She thought that about the only thing hotter than watching her guys jerk off for her would be to watch them jerk each other off. She held the warm mug in both hands, took a sip then said, “Oh, I’m sorry for interrupting you, Mike. You were saying something about licking two loads of cum from my tits, right?”

“Yes, I was,” Mike said as he stroked his cock and admired her body. “You do want us to lick you clean after we cum on you, don’t you?”

“You know I do,” Cathy replied. “And when your cum is mixed together with Carl’s cum, will you still want to lick me clean?”

“Yes,” Mike said as he licked his lips for her benefit. He turned to Carl and said, “It seems that Cathy gets really turned on by us licking up each other’s cum. I really like pleasing her so I don’t mind licking up some of your cum if your okay licking up some of mine.”

Carl chuckled as he continued to slowly stroke his cock. “Are you forgetting that last night I got a mouthful of your cum from Cathy when she kissed me after sucking you off?”

“Oh yeah, wasn’t quite thinking about that,” Mike answered. “You seemed to enjoy it, though, didn’t you?”

“It was kinky but pretty hot,” Carl replied as he watched Mike masturbate and continued to stroke his own dick. “I know that Cathy really got off on it and I’ll do just about anything to please her, too. And you’ll find out for yourself what it’s like soon enough when Cathy kisses you after I cum in her mouth.”

“Watching Cathy suck your dick is so hot,” Mike said as he spread his legs open wide, moved his hand a little faster up and down his hard cock and gently massaged his balls with his other hand. “I’m sure that she’ll put on a real good show and will have me so worked up that I’ll be looking forward to getting a mouthful of your cum from her. And with the amount of cum you produce, it’s going to be quite a mouthful, I bet. I have to tell you that I did get a weird thrill from watching Cathy kiss you after I came in her mouth last night. Do you think you’ll enjoy watching Cathy feed me a load of your cum?”

“I know I will,” Carl answered. “I thought about that last night when Cathy and I were sharing your cum. I was enjoying how wild the kiss was driving Cathy, and, like I said, I was getting some sort of kinky thrill from it, too, but I was also getting off on the idea that soon enough you’d be tasting a mouthful of my cum from Cathy.”

The vague plan the guys had come up with to thrill Cathy, and let her know how far they were willing to go with each other, was now in full swing. Actually having the planned conversation, while jerking off together in front of Cathy, was even more exciting than anticipated. May as well keep going with the flow, Mike thought.

“Up until yesterday, I never thought I’d want to taste another guy’s cum, I was quite content to lick my cum from Cathy’s body and kiss her after I came in her mouth,” Mike said as he watched Carl masturbate. “But now that you’ve joined us, I have to tell you that I get a thrill from watching you and Cathy have sex. And I also get a kick from having sex with Cathy while you watch. Cathy gets off on me having a mouthful of my cum and I know she’ll go into overdrive when I get a mouthful of yours and I’ll do just about anything to please her. So, to satisfy Cathy, I’ll lick your cum from her tits. And I’ll kiss her after I’ve watched her suck you off and she has a mouthful of your cum. If she asks me to, I’ll even eat her out after you fuck her and cum inside her pussy.” Mike paused for a moment but his hand still moved up and down his cock. He turned his gaze from Carl’s dick to Cathy’s eyes. “Do you think that’s weird?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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