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My wife is making me write this story for her. She is sitting beside me telling me how she wants this story to be written. So enjoy!

It’s early Friday night my friend texted me “I need to get out of the house! I need to get drunk!” I replied “Let’s go!”

I tell my husband that I am going out with my friend. That she is having a tough time and needs to unwind. He asks “Is everything alright? Is there anything I can do?”

I smile at him and say “She just needs a friend to vent to! Plus it sounds like she wants to get drunk!”

He laughs and says “I will stay awake so I can come get you two. No drinking and driving!”

I say “You can stay awake if you want to, but I am not drinking, she is!”

Looking at my husband for a second I ask him a question “Please do me a favor. Don’t give her a hard time please. She is very emotional right now, so just treat her with respect tonight please.”

He smiles and replies “Yes Master!”

I turn around and head to the bathroom for a shower. Thinking to myself “Why did he say yes Master? He only says that when we are having sex.”

I took a shower. Dried my hair. Did my makeup and put some comfy clothes on. I walk out in my jeans and nice black blouse. I ask my husband “How do I look?”

He says “My Master looks beautiful!” I smile back at him.

I wanted to ask him why he is saying master, but I heard a knock at the door. I open the door to let my friend in. I give her a hug and kiss on the cheek. She twirls around and asks “How do I look?”

She looks stunning in her dress. I have never seen her wear a dress before. I reply “You look stunning! It’s all about feeling comfortable. Now I feel like I need to change.”

She grabs my hand and said “No you look great! You look comfy. I love it!”

Holding her hand I drag her to living room to tell my hubby goodbye. We are both standing in front of him and I ask “How do we look?”

He smiles and says “You both look so beautiful! One looks very comfy, and the other looks like a Queen!”

I watch him slide out of the chair and kneel in front of us. He looks up at her and says “May I kiss your shoe my Queen?”

She squeezed my hand tight. My jaw just hit the floor. I told him to be respectful, but I did not expect this. She sticks her foot out and says “Yes you can!”

I watch my hubby lean down and kiss her shoe. Then I looked at her face. She is looking down at him with a huge smile on her face. It almost seems like she needed that. How did he know that? Not wanting to be left out I decided might as well go with it and I say to my hubby “Kiss mine too!”

He looks at me and replies “Yes Master!”

He crawls to my foot and kisses it. I looked down at him and smiled. She squeezed my hand as I look over at her. She is smiling at me. I shrug my shoulders. She whispers at me with a question “Master?”

Noticing my pussy is getting wet and tingly. I pull her hand and told the hubby “Goodbye! See you later! Love you!”

We get in the car and she says “Master? What is that?”

I smile and say “Nothing. It’s complicated. Tonight is all about you! Let’s just go out and get you drunk!”

She smiles and says “Ok let’s go party!”

We head to the club. A live band is playing tonight. She orders her drink as I order a water. She looks at me and says “Water? Hell no! You’re drinking too!”

I looked at her and said “Ok I will do one shot of Peachtree for every two drinks of yours! Someone has to drive home and I am here to get you drunk remember!”

She smiles and orders my shot. We make a toast then drink. She takes her drink to a table. She grabs my hand and we head out to the dance floor. We are dancing all night to the fast songs and drinking during the slow ones.

She is about six or seven drinks in feeling really good. I had just three shots in the past three hours. I can tell she is ready to go home. When all of a sudden a slow song that she loves starts playing. She grabs my hand and pulls me to the dance floor.

I put my arms around her as we sway. She puts her head on my shoulder. I feel her warm breath on my neck. She whispers “This is exactly want I needed! Thank you Master!” As she giggled.

I am thinking “What the? She is so drunk!”

Getting towards the end of the song I say “I think you are too drunk to go home tonight. You’re spending the night with me!”

She lets out a moan. I feel it rumble on my shoulder saying “Yes I agree. That’s a good idea!”

Song is done. Holding her hand I kiss her on the cheek. She smiles and thanks me. She starts to walk a little wobbly. I grab her arm and loop it in mine as I hold her hand and walk lara türbanlı escort out.

On the way home she grabs my hand and thanks me over and over all the way home.

We get to my house. I get her out of the car holding her tight. We stumbled into the house heading to the living room. My husband looks at us and says “Looks like you two got drunk. Why did I not get a call to come get you?”

I answered “I am not drunk! She is spending the night with us tonight. She does not need to go home like this. You’re going to sleep on the couch.”

He replied “Yes Master!” With a smile.

She moans out loud and whispers “Master!” As she giggles.

I take her to my bedroom. I get her sitting on the bed as I take her shoes and socks off. I go in the closet and grab one of my hubby’s shirts for her to sleep in. I take her dress off. Then I take her bra off (cause I hate sleeping in mine). Then I slide his shirt over her, and laid her down onto my pillow.

I put my pajamas on. I walked to the living room to give my husband a kiss goodnight. I walk back to the bedroom and slide under the covers. She rolls over grabs my hand and says “Thank you for tonight I really needed that. Tell me what’s this Master stuff your hubby keeps calling you?”

I kissed her forehead and said “Sshhh Go to sleep. I will tell you all about it tomorrow.” Hoping she would forget.

I can tell she is staring at me in the dark room, when she blurts out “I have not had sex in a very long time with my husband.” Then she starts crying.

I hold her tight to my chest while she cries. I knew she was not getting attention at home! What could I do? I don’t have sex with women. I don’t mind touching, holding hands, or a occasional kiss, but damn she is really heart broken. What can I do?

So I say “I would like to help honey but I am not into women?”

She replies “Me either. It’s ok I will get through it!”

She starts to cry really hard on my shoulder. My shoulder is soaked from her tears. Then a idea popped into my head. I whisper to her “Do you trust me?”

She sucks back some tears and said “I have always trusted you.”

I get a little more serious with her and I say “Ok I understand that, but I am going to ask you again. Do you trust me?”

She says “Yes!”

I holler out to the husband “Hubby I need your help for a second. Crawl in here!”

She gasps and says “What are you doing making him crawl in here? I am crying! What are you…!”

I put my finger over her lips and say “Sshhh be quiet and trust me. Remember you said you trusted me!”

He crawls on his hands and knees into the bedroom. Kneeling beside the bed he says “Yes Master what do you need?”

I say “Good boy! Stand up and pull the covers to the foot of the bed!”

There is a little light in the bedroom now coming from the living room. I watch him slide the blankets down to our feet. She is holding my hand very tight not wanting to let go. He is standing at the foot of the bed waiting for another command. I let her hand go. I kneel beside her grabbing her panties and sliding them off. Then I laid back down beside her.

I take my hand and start rubbing the inside of her leg. She spread her legs a little and let out a huge relaxing moan. I reached over to her other leg, as I grazed against her pussy hair. Making her jerk a little. This made her legs spread a little more. I touch her all the way down to her knee and back up, grazing her pussy hair again. She lets out a moan. I grab her leg and put it over the top of mine.

I tell my hubby “She needs to cum! Lick her pussy and pleasure her! Be a good boy!”

He slides between her legs. I watch his face fall into her pussy. I can hear him licking her wet pussy. I look at her face in the dim light. She is biting her lip with her eyes closed. Arching her head back squirming and moaning. Holding her hand she is squeezing it very tight. I give her a kiss on the forehead.

I tell my hubby “Make her cum really hard!”

I watch him move his hand towards her pussy. She lets out a loud moan “Fuck!”

I can tell she is loving it. I sat up on my elbow looking down at her face still holding her hand. She gives me a squeeze and I tell her “Don’t cum yet sweetie! Hold it in as long as you can! Trust me!”

She is staring into my eyes. I can tell she wants to cum. I just keep telling her to wait and hold it in. Hubby is licking her faster and faster. Her pelvis is moving around alot riding his finger hard. Looking at her she is so close. I say to her “When you’re ready to cum I want you to push really hard. Push your cum out!”

She lara ucuz escort arches her back. Grabs the back of my head with her other hand and pulls me to her mouth. Kissing me deeply. Her body is shaking as she moans in my mouth and squeezes my hand. Watching her whole body shake from her orgasm. She lets my head go as her body goes limp. I break the kiss while she catches her breath.

She is breathing so hard trying to catch her breath. Looking down at her face seeing the satisfied smile glowing from her face. I look at hubby kneeling between her legs I say “Put your hard cock in her. Make her cum one more time she needs it!” He says “Yes Master.”

He grabs her legs and puts them on his shoulders. I can hear him push his cock into her wet pussy. She sucks in a gasp of air saying “Fuck yes!” As she breaths out.

He starts to fuck her when I say to him “You do NOT get to cum! This is only pleasure for HER do YOU understand!” He says “Yes Master!”

He starts fucking her. Nice long strokes in and out. Hearing their skin slapping each other. I lay back down beside her listening to her moaning and breathing. I kiss her forehead as I touch her belly feeling my hubby’s cock pushing deep inside her. It don’t take her long. She is getting close to cumming again so I tell her “Wrap your arms around his back. Dig your nails in his back and cum!”

She reaches out and wraps her arms around his back. She arches her back and screams out loud “I am fucking cumming!” as her orgasm explodes!

I tell my hubby “Make her cum one more time!” He picks up the pace.

She looks at me shaking her head no. Trying to catch her breath. I kiss her on lips and say “It’s ok one more time!”

Hubby pushes her knees closer to her head. Making his cock go even deeper. Again it don’t take long for her to orgasm again. Digging her nails deep into his back again. She screams out “Holy Fuck I am cumming again!” From another orgasm.

I tell my hubby “Ok stop that’s enough pull out!” He obeys and kneels between her legs.

She is breathing so hard. Her body is shaking. Legs stretched out and shaking too. As I grab her hand, she can’t even squeeze my hand now. She looks at me and says “He did not get to cum yet?”

I smile and say “Sshhh I told him he can not cum! It’s your pleasure not his! Remember I am the Master!” We both giggle.

I look at hubby and say “Lick her pussy clean! She deserves a nice dry pussy for bed. Remember to be gentle it’s very sensitive down there!”

He leans down and licks her pussy very lightly. I even hear him giving her pussy kisses. She is giving me that relaxing moan while squeezing my hand. He gets done and sits up. I tell him “Kiss both her feet and thank her. Then go take a shower and clean up!”

He slides down. Leans over and kisses both her feet and says “Thank you Queen.”

She squeezed my hand. I looked over at her and seen a smile on her face from ear to ear.

I grab her panties and slide them back up her waist. The sheet under her butt is soaked. I grabbed another sheet and put it under her so it’s nice and dry. I cover her up and kiss her forehead. I noticed she fell asleep already. I chuckled a little thinking “Damn she definitely needed that!”

I reached down between my legs and noticed how wet my pussy is. I was paying so much attention to her I didn’t even notice myself being so wet.

I walk to the bathroom and went pee. I flushed the toilet and washed my hands. When I looked in the mirror and fixed my hair and smiled at myself. I walked out to living room. Hubby is sitting in his chair. He smells so fresh from the shower.

I grabbed his hair and yanked him to the floor on to his knees. I pulled his face roughly into my pussy. I close my eyes feeling his warm breath blowing on my pussy.

He starts licking me like a hungry dog. I open my eyes and looked down seeing his eyes looking up at me. I let go of his hair and started petting him and said “Thank you for being respectful tonight! Thank you for obeying me! You made your Master VERY proud! You’re such a good little bitch of mine! I LOVE YOU!”

I let go of him and walked over to the couch and sat down. I spread my legs and motioned him over with my finger. He crawls between my legs and starts kissing my pussy.

He slides his finger up into my pussy curling it up. Starts licking my clit nice and slow and moving his finger in same rhythm as his tongue. I put my hands behind my head. Feeling how proud I am of myself on how the night turned out. Helping a friend in need. Now I am going to get myself pleasured very soon! I close my eyes replaying the event from üniversiteli escort the whole night in my mind.

I feel my orgasm building up. I keep holding it back trying to enjoy his tongue for as long as I can. He seems to notice cause he picks up his pace. I open my eyes looking down at my wonderful hubby. I reach down rubbing the side of his face. I rest my legs over his shoulders rubbing my feet all over his back.

I am getting so close. It is taking me all I got to hold it in. He notices and starts to curl his finger faster and hard pushing on my spot. His tongue picks up pace and he moans into my pussy. I dig my nails in his head. My body stiffens up as I scream “Fuck yes!”

I squirt all over his face and chest. He flicks my pussy with his tongue, damn it is so sensitive. I push him to his back with my feet. I am trying to catch my breath. I rub his cock with my feet. He is rock hard. I stand up and pulled his shorts off. I straddled his legs. I leaned down and kissed his cock looking into his eyes and said “I love my cock!” As I stroke it.

I slide up his body kissing his chest. I get to his nipple and gave it suck then a bite. He jerks and moans, then I do the other nipple with the same attention. I work my pussy back and forth on his cock getting it nice and wet. He springs his cock up and in it slides right into my pussy. I gasp for some air and moan out “YES!”

I ride his cock hard and fast. It don’t take me long as I start to cum. I dig my nails into his chest. I close my eyes and arch my back. I let out a scream “I am fucking cumming!”

I stop to catch my breath and look down at him with a smile. He grabs my hips and starts fucking me harder and faster. I was going to tell him he wasn’t allowed to cum, but it felt so fucking good I was ready to orgasm again.

I let out another fucking scream so loud that it probably made the neighborhood dogs howl. Right at that same time I feel his cock throbbing. Then loads of warm cum filling my pussy. He bucks a few more times pushing deep inside me. I lean down and kiss him on the lips. He wraps his arms tight around me giving me a big hug. We kiss and peck while telling each other “I Love You!” Over and over.

I slide up onto his face, knees beside his ears looking down at him with a smile and say “Clean my pussy too! I can’t go to bed with it dirty!” As I giggle.

He smiles at me and starts licking very lightly. Oh my it is so sensitive, but I have trained him very well on being careful. I stand up and look down seeing him below me between my legs. Our juices covering his face. I put my toe on his lips as he kissed it and then the other. I smile at him and say “Just marking my territory!” As I giggle.

I start to walk towards the bedroom but I stopped looked over my shoulder and said “Goodnight! I love you! See you in the morning my little bitch!”

He smiles at me and says “Love you too! Goodnight Master!”

I climb in bed and pulled the covers up. She rolls over and puts her arm over me. Kissed me on the lips. She says “I was worried you was going to sleep with your hubby. Thank you for coming back to bed! Thank you for everything! You’re my best friend! I am so glad you got to cum tonight too, because you deserved it!”

I held her hand and asked her “You heard us?”

She smiles at me and said “Yes I did and I fingered my pussy. I cum in my panties hearing you cum!”

I smiled kiss her on the lips and said “Sshhh it’s bedtime let’s go to sleep. By the way you are very welcome and thank you too! Goodnight beautiful!”

I wake up smelling breakfast cooking. I look over to see if she is still sleeping. She was curled up sleeping. I get up and walk to the kitchen. My hubby is making us breakfast and coffee. I walked up and gave him a big hug and kiss. He smiles and says “Good morning Master!”

I stick my finger over his lips and said “Sshhh I am hoping she won’t remember none of this. She was pretty drunk last night!” He smiles and replies “Yes Dear! If you say so.” As he giggled.

We both fix our plates and sat down to eat. She walks to kitchen still wearing my hubby’s shirt. Grabs a cup of coffee and a piece of bacon and sat down with us. Feet on the chair knees by her face showing us her panties. She says her good mornings to us. We both replied back to her. After her sip of coffee. She sits the cup down and says “Boy you two I had one of the most sexiest dreams I have ever had! Wow I woke up with my pussy was tingling and my panties are wet!”

Me and the hubby look at each other trying to keep our composure. We both look at her and I say “Well must of been a good dream if your pussy is wet. You seem to have a smile on your face still too!”

She smiled at me grabbing her cup of coffee and kept smiling behind her cup as she takes a drink. She sets her cup down on the table and says “Yes Master it sure was!” Followed with a wink.

I am sitting here thinking “I will tell her the truth later! Unless she already knows?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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