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“That won’t be necessary, Kim.”


“I know Mistress Kelly just told you to strip as I requested, but she also told you to obey all my orders, right?”

“Yes, ma’am, that is correct.”

“Well, I am ordering you to sit down and relax.” Turning to Sandra she said, “Would you like to sit, too, love?”

“Yes, ma’am, I would.” Melissa extended her hand towards the chair beside me indicating where Sandra should sit.”

The tone in Sandra’s voice couldn’t be mistaken for anything else. “Oh, shit! You’re…”

Melissa laughed and completed my statement, “Sandra’s Mistress? Yes, Kim, I am Sandra’s Mistress. Your Mistress called me this morning and said that she needed

our help tomorrow. I have made it a point never to mix our personal life (with a gesture towards Sandra, she indicated what she meant by ‘our’) with our business life. For the record, you just saw, for the first, and probably the last, that Sandra will ever take the role of my submissive within the walls of this company. You are the only employee that even knows we are an item. As you must realize, it is extremely necessary that we keep our personal life separate from the company’s so that no one will ever be able to bring up an issue of favoritism. I will do the same for you. After you walk out my door, today, I do not plan to discuss the society with you ever again while at work, and you will not bring it up with me. I made this meeting an exception to my rule since the assistance Kelly needs involves you, and I wanted to discuss it with you first because time is of the essence. While I decided to have a little fun at your expense, I did clear that little charade with Kelly.” I was still a little pissed, but at least her explanation made it a little more palatable. “You did quite well, by the way. I would probably have been even more combative. And, also for the record, there is no morals clause in your contract, so you don’t have to go read it again.

“First and foremost, from the conversations Sandra has already had with you, you know that we were at Lisa’s Hideaway when you first agreed to be Kelly’s slave. It is extremely important you know that your selection as our new CIO had absolutely nothing to do with my involvement in the society. Diane’s change of status had been decided about the same time you started the new installation process, which, as you also know, is before you even met Kelly. Once she saw you working, Diane came to me and said we shouldn’t do an expensive search for her replacement. You really impressed her. That was also done before you met Kelly. The only delay in approaching you was in getting the approval of our board and your former employer. I did, for selfish reasons, tell Kelly that you were under consideration for the position. I wanted her help in case there was a chance you wouldn’t want to accept it.” OK, now everything started to make sense. I was pleased I got the position on my own merits.

“And, in case you haven’t figured it all out, I am the person you met when you wore the hood and cat suit. I’m the current president of the society. And, yes, Sandra was there, too. All that being said, we need to discuss Kelly’s request. As I understand it, Kelly told you that Allyson and Sam would be taking you to your Collaring Ceremony tomorrow.”

“That’s right, ma’am,” I replied.

“Seriously, Kim, within these walls you and I have to be on the same personal level. Please call me Mel. Well, to continue, something came up that prevents Allyson and Sam from preparing you for the ceremony I am not at liberty to tell you what came up, just that it’s nothing serious. In fact, I would consider it to be something good. They will both be at your collaring.” “So, I promised Kelly that Sandra and I would help with to your preparations, which means that you will be going to our house before the picnic instead of Allyson’s house. Since you do not know where we live, Sandra will pick you up at Kelly’s in the morning. Is that satisfactory with you?”

“I’m sure that is what Mistress Kelly asked you to do, and anything my Mistress wants is satisfactory with me,” I answered with a grin.

“Good answer! Welcome to Hunter and please complete your paperwork as soon as you can.” Melissa replied. I returned to work wondering what in the world was going on. Sandra phoned me before we left work and said that she would pick me up at 11, in the morning.

Kelly called just before I left work and instructed me to meet her at Lisa’s after I went home to change.

Only casino siteleri a note was waiting for me on the table. “kimmy, dear, I purchased some new clothes for you to wear tonight. They on the bed. Since I am not home, you do not have to undress before going to the bedroom. See you soon at Lisa’s. Love, Mistress Kelly.

My clothes turned out to be a ‘uniform’ that a girl attending a private school might wear: a red plaid, pleated skirt, a white, short-sleeve blouse with collar, and a black tie. Well, that’s not totally true, the skirt was a mini. I guessed it to be no more than twelve inches long from waist to hem and the shirt was only waist length. I was thankful she included white cotton bikini panties. At least my ass would be covered. Additional clothing was a pair of over-the-knee white socks, my black flats.

Another set of instructions said, “Your hair is long enough for two small pigtails. Use the red ribbon to tie them up. Also, put your driver’s license, and nothing else, in your black over-the-shoulder bag.

Rebecca was the receptionist when I walked into Lisa’s. I started walking directly to Kelly’s table, as I had for the past two weeks. Rebecca dashed over to me. Excuse me, miss, but you have to be over 21 or with an adult to come in here after 6. I turned and said, “My adult is waiting for me at her table, Rebecca.”

“Oh, shit, kimmy. I didn’t recognize you. You look fab, like a 14-year-old. Yes, Kelly is at her table.”

Kelly jumped up as I approached and exclaimed, “Damn, you look so beautiful, kimmy. I could almost throw you on the table and eat you up, but I’d probably be accused of sex with a minor.

I was surprised that my collar was not on the table. Kelly looked at me, smiled, and said, “Kimberly, in about twenty hours, you will begin ‘the first day of the rest of your life. I have decided I want to suspend the terms of your contract and make tonight one in which you are a free woman. I intend to spend the evening with you as friend and lover. Let’s have a nice dinner, see a good movie then go home and make love. May I continue to wear my chain collar, Kelly?”

“You may, dear; for the time being.”

Kelly tiptoed out of the bedroom in the morning without disturbing me. She returned later with a lap tray and my breakfast. “Time to eat, love. Sandra will be here in an hour.” She sat on the side of the bed and we talked as I devoured the food she had placed in front of me. I had to admit that there were a few moments on Friday when I lost a little of the trust I was supposed to have. Kelly understood and admitted that my reaction is exactly what they had expected. My reaction was honest, and she had promised she would never punish me for honesty. That’s why I didn’t really punish you after the Faire, even though I set you up to think you would be caned. In fact, I love that you were you, if that makes sense.

I asked what I was to wear. “The choice is yours for the last time, Kimberly. Whatever you choose, you need to know that you will be wearing something special for your collaring.”

“I think I will wear my stretch jeans, then,”

“I would recommend a skirt and blouse,” I knew that would be her reaction, and laughed because I had no intention of wearing jeans.

She watched as I put on soft cup bra, a white turtle neck sweater, white cotton, bikini panties, a white pleated skirt, white ankle socks, and black penny loafers.

“All white, pet?”

“My collaring is similar to wedding, isn’t it, Mistress?”

“Ergo, the bride wears white. The major difference kimmy, is that a wedding is validated by law. The similarity is that like, the two parties in a wedding who dedicate their lives to one another, we are dedicating our lives to one another,” Kelly replied.

Sandra was prompt. As we walked to the car, she told me how pleased she was to be helping me prepare for my collaring ceremony. However, she wouldn’t tell me what to expect, simply saying, “Mistress Melissa will explain.”

During the ride I revealed that I was scared shitless for a few minutes after entering Melissa’s office, thinking that I really had been “discovered.” I even started second guessing my decision to continue as Kelly’s slave, but only for a moment. Sandy told me that she, too, was surprised when Melissa called and explained what she wanted to do.

When we entered her house, Sandy advised me that her first duty was to give me a shower, so we went directly to their bedroom where we both stripped. Sandy opened a drawer canlı casino in the lingerie chest and handed me a key that was inside. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she spread her legs and said, “I need your help in removing this.” I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. Her labia had been pierced on either side of her vagina. Small diameter eyelet tubes, like one might see in earlobes, had been inserted in the piercings. The yoke of a small brass padlock had been slipped through the two tubes. I realized that, when this was locked in place, it became the ultimate chastity device.

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “Doesn’t wearing it all day bother you?”

“Actually, I like it. Its presence is a constant reminder of my status as Melissa’s sub. It’s a real turn on when I am wearing a skirt without panties.”

“Should I be the one removing it?”

“I am not allowed to do it myself. I can have someone remove it, with Melissa’s express permission, when she is not present to do it herself. She instructed me to have you remove it when she told me to start preparing you for your collaring.”

Once Sandy’s lock was removed, she took me to the bathroom where I was shaved again to insure there would be no stubble. I was surprised by the size of their shower. It was probably eight feet square, with a large overhead “European” style head in the center. Sandy took her time washing my body first with a pouf. Next, she stood behind me and washed my back using only her hands and liquid soap. It felt great having her slippery hands caress my skin, especially when she pressed herself against my back and reached around me to do my front. I moaned when she reached between my legs and slowly worked on my pussy lips, each receiving individual attention. Finally, she washed my hair. I wasn’t permitted to do anything.

She dried herself and then dried me. I had to replace her lock, after which she led me to a massage table in another room. There she spent more than an hour working scented oil into every square inch of my skin from the neck down. My breasts and pussy received special attention, of course. She even apologized when she said that she was not permitted to let me orgasm. Overall, I felt like a queen and was reminded of the massage that Sam had given me. When I commented on her expertise, she said that Melissa had paid for her to attend massage therapy school. She gave Melissa massages several times a week. I mentioned that Sam used to give Mistress Kelly massages, but I had a feeling I would be doing it in the near future.

Sandy left me alone for a few moments and returned holding something in her hand. “It has become a tradition in the Society for the preparation slave to give the newbie a small gift. This was the first birthday present Melissa ever gave me and is one of my favorite items of nipple jewelry. When I commented that I couldn’t possibly accept something that she must cherish a lot, she said, “You don’t understand. The gift must be a personal item that has great sentimental value to the slave. The gift is meant to be something that binds the two together as lifelong friends and sisters. Besides, I really want you to have it.”

The jewelry consisted of two small circles shaped like handcuffs that were meant to be slipped over one’s nipples. These were connected by a chain shaped like the chain one would find on a pair of handcuffs, only longer.

She removed my captive ball rings and worked the ‘handcuffs’ over my hard buds. I was permitted to stand and look at my new jewelry in the mirror “They look beautiful, Sandy. Thank you.”

“You need something to insure they stay on in case your nipples soften. The captive ball rings will work, but I recommend something else. She opened her jewelry chest and held up two bar bells. “They will look better than the rings. I watched as she slipped them through my nipple piercings. They held the cuffs in place in the same manner that bar bells held the nipple shields on. The next thing I knew she was kissing me deeply and passionately. When we finally broke, she said, “I wish we could do more, but our Mistresses wouldn’t permit it.” Just then we heard the garage door opening. “Wow, our timing was perfect. There’s Mistress Melissa.”

Melissa said we should help her dress after her shower. Normally Sandy would bathe her as she did me, but Melissa told her to keep me company instead. She then called us to the bedroom when she was ready. We dressed her in lacy lingerie, lace top thigh highs, a white blouse, leather skirt and suede booties. kaçak casino Sandy was ordered to dress next. I stayed with her and watched while she put on a Polo top, a short skirt and penny loafers. Still naked I followed her to their den where Melissa was waiting. Following her instructions, we both knelt in front of her.

“Kimmy,” she began, “part of your preparation is to inform you about some of the rules the governing board and members of the society adopted when we started to expand. I am sure Kelly has discussed most of the society rules with you. Most of what I say now will be new, however, because it wasn’t necessary for you to know these details before you agreed to be Kelly’s permanent slave.

“The society was originally organized by a small group of women who were interested in BDSM. At the beginning, it was, more or less, a discussion and sharing group. As we matured, we discovered, through the internet and otherwise, that, as a whole, people involved in the scene were representative of society. Some were pillars and a few were, for lack of a better word, ‘trash.” In case you don’t know it, some dominants have no consideration for their subs. They inflict pain for the sake of pain and even draw blood, or worse. That is really an illegal relationship. It is pure and simple abuse. We decided to limit the membership of our group and go to extremes to insure each and every Mistress will be kind and loving towards her sub. When joining, each member pledges to be extremely protective of those in our care, and to do nothing that would permanently harm them.

“I am sure you realize that no matter how careful we might be, there is always the possibility an undesirable person could become a member, or a relationship could turn sour. This can be seen happening in the highest professions. A relationship souring is one reason you are permitted to consult with us to break a compact. Therefore, a very important thing we do is assign someone to be a “sister” to a new sub. This person is to be a contact whether her ‘sister’ just needs someone to talk to or needs help with a Mistress who might be losing control. Every member has pledged not to interfere with this right of a sub to contact her sister at any time. In fact, we encourage subs to contact her ‘sister’ every day in some manner, to simply say hello, if nothing else. If contact is not made for two consecutive days, the ‘sister’ will inform her Mistress who then will visit the sub to insure everything is OK. She must physically see and talk to the sub, and not in the presence of her own Mistress. This may seem unnecessary, but the members unanimously reconfirm this protection point annually. We believe in it so much that we insist that each of our subs give her ‘sister’ a secret code word or phrase that she can use to indicate everything might not be OK. That way, if I were with Sandy during her daily call to her sister, I would not know she is asking for help. I won’t even know the code word you will give Sandra.

“I know you would like Samantha could be your ‘sister,’ but Allyson and Kelly discussed that possibility and decided that it should be someone who isn’t as personally close to Kelly. Don’t worry, they decided that we will let you confide in Sam, too, but you must still maintain daily contact with Sandra.”

“A secondary reason for Sandra being designated as your ‘sister’ is because you can easily contact her while at work. And, just for the record, you have permission to talk directly with me in an emergency, even though I indicated that we would not refer to our D/s roles while at the office.

“Another strict requirement of our society is to ensure that you have not been coerced into being or remaining as Kelly’s sub. I need a positive affirmation from you without Kelly being present.

“I do want that, ma’am, and have made this decision on my own. In fact, I know of nothing else I want in my life right now.”

“Excellent, my dear. We can leave as soon as Sandy finishes dressing you.”

Sandy left the room and soon returned with a bondage belt and wrist cuffs. The belt was locked around my waist. A strap, attached to the back of the belt. was pulled through my legs and slipped into a buckle attached to the front of the belt and pulled tight into my crotch. I put all my clothes back on, except for the bra. Sandra locked the cuffs around my wrists and to D-ring at the sides of the belt. From a distance, I would look fully clothed. With the preparations finished, we headed to the garage. I realized that I was not wearing a collar, my submissive status symbol. Sandy was wearing hers. I was still wearing my chain collar, but it wasn’t the same as my full, leather collar. It felt strange being in bondage and not wearing mine.

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