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Kelly and Lindsay spend time alone together for the first time.

There are other stories about Kelly and Lindsay, but each one can be read independently. Please read those too if you enjoy this one.

I have started writing a couple of others and will post them as well if readers continue to like reading about their experiences. There was some fun stuff that happened before the end of school and over the summer.

If you want to read the posted ones in chronological order, start with “A Party at Jeni’s, then read “What is There to Do”, and “Dinner for Three”.

Feedback and high ratings are always nice.

Kelly and Lindsay Alone Together

When I woke up, neither Tom nor Lindsay was still in bed. We were at Tom’s house after our second real date. I slipped from under the covers, my body thick with the remains of the sex from the night before. My pubic hair was crusted, my pussy swollen from fucking. Nude, I stole from the bedroom and into the living room. Lindsay was there, wearing one of Tom’s shirts and nothing else, drinking coffee and reading the paper. She looked as disheveled as I, her hair on one side sticking up over her head.

“Hi,” I said softly as I slipped onto the couch beside her and kissed her cheek. “Jay is at work?”

She nodded. Jay was Tom’s housemate.

“Where’s Tom?” I asked.

Lindsay smiled and turned to kiss me more fully. “He is helping Matt move, remember?” she said. Dropping one side of the paper, she put an arm around me and drew me closer. I laid my head on her shoulder and cuddled. Ah, yes, I remembered vaguely. He’d mentioned it on the way to the movie the night before. The movie we had gone to on a date, we three. I felt sexy to think I had been on a date with both a boy and a girl.

There was a wonderful, quiet moment then, Lindsay sharing her coffee with me as we sat together without speaking.

“You’re a mess,” she said finally, putting aside the paper and the empty cup. “Come on, let’s take a shower.”

She led me into the bathroom and shrugged off the shirt as she turned on the water. Turning, she kissed me again, naked this time, arms circling me as our bodies pressed together. She was as big a mess as I was, I thought and smiled. Sex all over her. I trilled at the touch of her. The sensation of her bare breasts on my skin always has that effect on me. Still kissing me, she drew me into the shower and under the hot stream.

“Kelly,” she said as she lathered up the washcloth and began to swab it over my breasts, “I want to make love with you.”

I pressed my shoulders against the stall wall to give her more access to my body. “Mmmmm, I love making love with you, Linds.”

Her hand moved lower, over my tummy, washing away traces of the night’s passion there.

She shook her head. “We haven’t made love yet, Kelly, just you and I.”

I draped an arm over her shoulder and looked into her eyes and listened to her.

“We’ve had sex. We’ve fucked. Five times now. But there was always someone else there, every time. I want to make love to you, just by ourselves.”

She was right. The night we met and first had sex there were a bunch of other girls around. And the second time, we had a foursome with two boys, one of them Tom, because what is there to do when stuck. And then came our dinner for three at which we decided to try being a threesome, followed by two other nights together, one of them only the night before, of sex. Lindsay and I had never just made love with one another.

“You had Tom to yourself last year, when the two of you dated. And I had him last month. But you and I, Kelly, need to just be together. If this is going to work, we need that.”

Her hand was washing me between my legs, but it was a caring, gentle touch, not one meant to arouse just then. She was loving me and washing me. Or was it love? We hadn’t quite gotten around to using the word.

I understood what she meant though. I loved the physical intimacy I had with her. But I had also loved the physical intimacy I had with Jeni that night when I first made love to another girl. And I felt it with the other girls. And I loved the physical intimacy of two boys in my body at the same time, with Lindsay there too. I loved the passion and the closeness and the hot, raw, driving sex. I loved sex. But did I love any person?

I thought I loved Tom. When he stopped calling last year, I felt ever so lonely. But was it just his cock inside me that I was lonesome for? How close had we really become in such a short time? I had let him do me on our first date. I thought I enjoyed spending time with him, being with him, going to movies and out to dinner, but were those only preludes to sex? And what was there between Lindsay and me? In my fantasies, I saw us going on as a trio, making love, spending time together, loving one another, sharing, growing, and being in love. I thought I loved her. But what had we ever done together except have sex?

I wanted to photograph them both nude, practicing my art on subjects casino oyna of my love. I’d never photographed a nude, but now I wanted to do so. I wanted to have my friends accept us, and my mom. I wanted us all to graduate and find good jobs so we could get a nice place together and make a home. I had let my mind run all over the place after only three dates. I must be crazy to be thinking such things. Still, I felt those things.

Lindsay turned me around, ran soap over the cloth once more, and began to scrub my back. It felt so nice. I sighed and just enjoyed her touch. Her fingers moved lower, between the cheeks of my ass, washing me there too. I heard the cloth drop with a heavy wet plop as her fingers continued to touch me. They were slick from soap, and she touched the bar of soap to me, getting me all squeaky clean. No one had ever washed my ass for me before.

Placing my hands on the wall, I braced myself and arched my back, thrusting my bottom to her. I felt her slick, wet hip brush to me as I did. She held herself there, touching my star with one soapy finger. It slipped into me, and I cried out. I hadn’t felt that sort of thing before, a warm soapy finger delving into me, but I had enjoyed anal sex.

It felt strange and good too. Lindsay simply slid her finger in and out of me, slowly, gently. Her body pressed to mine, and I could feel her breasts grazing across my back as she moved her finger inside of me. Her lips found my neck under my wet hair, and the fingers of her other hand cupped one of my boobs. I made little grunting sounds, but I didn’t try to pull away from her.

Her lips moved down my back, kissing me, as she dropped to her knees. I spread my legs wider as I felt her going down. Her tongue was firm and insistent as she moved between my cheeks. I felt a shiver as she touched me there. I flexed my fingers and curled my nails into the tile. The water splashed onto my back as she moved out of the way, running down my skin, cascading over my butt. It was too much. I turned, leaned over and brought her up, kissing her to let her know it was all right as I took the soap from her and began to wash her. I picked up the dropped wash cloth and moved it across the soap, then her body. She looked at me, her eyes big and questioning. She looked so beautiful. I moved in and kissed her, holding her tight to me as the hot water splashed down over us.

My hands drifted down her body, over the curves of her bottom. Running my fingers down, I opened her cheeks and touched a fingertip to her star as she had done me. She murmured around our kiss and came up onto her toes, pressing her full breasts into mine. I rolled my finger over her, pressing to her and wanting her to tell me what to do, but already knowing. As she lifted again onto her toes, I let my soapy finger into her ass. Lindsay pushed back, taking in my finger and settling back onto her feet as she let me do her butt. We kissed, holding one another as the water began to cool.

“Come on,” Lindsay said finally, reaching around and pushing my finger out of her and turning off the water. “Let’s make love now, Kelly.” She took my hand and led me out of the shower, dabbed me dry with one of the towels and then let me do the same for her. Hand in hand, we walked slowly back to the bed, bending together to toss off the blanket and spread. I felt shy and nervous, considering how intimate we had been before, how intimate we had just been in the shower. Sliding one knee onto the mattress, I moved onto it, lying face down and reaching out with arms and legs for the corners of the bed. I didn’t expect Lindsay to tie me up, but I felt the need to let her know she could if she wanted to. I wanted to please her so much, and I hoped I was doing what she wanted of me.

The bed moved as she got on it, between my open legs. Tender hands lay on my thighs and damp hair fell to my ass. Her fingers moved up, spreading my cheeks. Dipping lower, she touched her tongue to me again. I knew she wanted this. It was there in almost every time that we had had sex, this hint, the suggestion of her desire for more. I sucked in a deep breath and let her do what she wanted, even knowing that she would be hoping I would do the same for her.

I had liked it when she licked my ass before, and I had put my tongue to her. It was interesting, kind of sexy because it was also kind of dirty. But I knew this was going to be different. Her tongue was probing me, swabbing my ass. I dug my fingers into the sheets, clawing them as she loved my ass. It felt good. Her fingers pulled my cheeks wider and her tongue curled, flicking over my delicate skin. I remembered what she had done something very like this before, just before putting Tom’s cock into me.

Now, it was her tongue she was pushing in to me. I gasped as I felt her wriggling it, opening me. I lifted my head back, straining against my clawed fingers as I pushed my bottom back at her, trying to tell her to go ahead, to do it. My mouth gaped as I felt her tongue open me.

It was amazing to accept what her tongue was canlı casino doing to me, where it was. This was entirely different: this was the act, not the prelude. Her tongue was in me, wriggling and writhing, unlike a finger or a penis. I released the sheets and drew my arms down, folding them across my back, crossing them and grasping them in my fingers, holding on against the pleasure.

One of her hands left my cheek and slipped between my legs. As my hips bobbed to welcome Lindsay’s licking, I rose up and came down to feel her crossed fingers touching gently to my pussy. I was wet, I knew. The tips of her fingers grazed between my lips, exciting me further as her tongue moved. Slowly, very gently, she pushed her fingers inside of my cunt. Her other hand raised, and, as she pushed her fingers all the way into me, she brought her hand down sharply on my ass. I cried out, gripping my arms tighter under my fingers, but not moving away from her.

“Yes,” I murmured, knowing what that little smack had done inside of me. I wanted more.

Lindsay’s tongue seemed to speed up, her fingers curled inside of me, dancing across that rough spot up and inside of me. I cried out again, and felt her hand come down on my flesh again.

Suddenly, her tongue was gone from my butt. I turned to look back at her, the desire and frustration hanging heavily on my face.

“You love this, don’t you?” she asked, licking her lips while looking up at me.

“Yes,” I told her. “Please.”

“Please what, Kelly?”

My heart fluttered. I wasn’t sure what she expected me to say. “Please, keep spanking me.”

Her hand smacked on me again, catching my left cheek this time, the one she hadn’t spanked yet.

“Please what, Kelly,” she repeated. Her hand snapped down again, stinging my bare skin.

“Please keep licking my ass.”

Her tongue swept across me again, even as her hand landed on me once more. There was fire under her hand, spreading across the plump flesh of my bottom, searing into me. My pussy gushed.

“Please what, Kelly?”

“Please keep fucking me.” I bobbed my hips again, moving on her fingers still inside of me. I wanted to cum so.

A rain of spanks fell on me, first one cheek and then the other. They were hard and sharp, but they excited me. I could feel my bottom flushing. I wriggled on her fingers, knowing she could make me cum so easily now.

“Please, Lindsay, make love with me…”

Her mouth was back on me once again, her tongue burrowing into my ass, her fingers churning in my pussy. The spanking had heated me, made me even wetter than before, I held fast to my arms behind my back as I cried out again and again.

“Make love with me, Lindsay,” I gasped again. My orgasm fired up. I bent my knees and raised my legs, my muscles taut and on edge. I held tight to my own arms behind my back, holding on as pleasure rushed through my tense body, until I let go of everything and cried out loudly with the intensity of my cum. It rolled through my body, curling my toes as I writhed and thrashed my legs. Drawing in a deep breath, I calmed slowly and let my arms fall to my sides as I lay gasping beneath my lover.

Her fingers inside of me brought me up again. I pushed up onto my hands, arching my back and pushing toward her, my hair dangling down onto my back, fingers tearing at the sheets as she licked at me and moved her tongue. I cried out again, coming for her again, the delicious sensation of lust and love mingling the physical with the emotional. I said I loved her. Out loud.

Barely giving me time to breathe, Lindsay took me over yet again, spanking me more softly now, but continuously. My ass rose up as I half knelt on the bed, legs apart and my sex thrust to her mouth and fingers. Her lips left my star and softly sucked in my clit, pressing to it and gently running her tongue around and around. I was calling her name, telling her I loved her, lost in sensation as I came again.

Oh, it was magical. I eased my body back onto the mattress, lifting the now untucked sheet under my fingers simply for something to hold onto with the pent up energy that ran out of me. I breathed, deeply, slowly, recovering myself after the heights she had taken me to, gentling down again, and being soft. I simply lay there for a moment.

Twisting around, I struggled to get my arms around her. Lindsay came up to me as we lay together, her warm skin skimming over mine. I felt a sheen coating me, feeling slightly slippery as we moved together. We kissed, long and deeply, our tongues running over one another as I laid one hand over her breast and fondled her. Her breasts are bigger than mine, not huge, but plump and round. Her nipples are different too, and my fingertips curled around each one as I moved from breast to breast as she rolled over onto her back.

Lindsay got up on her elbows and reached for the water on the night table. She took a long drink, then gave it to me. I sipped, glad of it after coming so. Our eyes met over the brim of the bottle.

Lindsay kaçak casino took the bottle back and set it down before lying on her back once again, one arm draped over her forehead. I rose above her as she did, dipping my head to use my lips and tongue on her nipples. I smiled to myself. I really liked sucking on her boobs. Six months ago, I would never have imagined how much this simple, endearing thing could make me so happy. Even in my most secret, forbidden bi-curious fantasies, and there weren’t many, licking nipples had not played a very big part. I love having my own teased and played with, and, I had recently discovered, hurt, but I hadn’t focused on playing with another girl’s ever. While self-conscious in some ways, being small-breasted does have advantages: I rarely wear a bra; I can get away with wearing lots of styles that more endowed girls would not look good in. (Okay, so I don’t fill out a tight top. I wish I did, but I don’t.) Tom told me he really liked my breasts and would fondle me under my clothes in public when we were dating. One of the nicer things about not needing a bra.

I adored Lindsay’s breasts. I eased over her body and between her legs, which she opened for me and let me slide between. I felt the closeness of her thighs around my ribs as I dipped my head to her boobs and ran my tongue around and around each stiff nipple, closing my lips over them to suck, pressing with my lips. I ran the tip of my tongue around the edge of each wide areola. Oooo la la, I was sucking another girl’s nipples. I wanted to shout out with glee and let everyone know how much I loved it. Kelly McGillycuddy likes boobs.

Lindsay’s fingers played in my drying hair. She lifted a tress here and there and let it fall, gently massaging my scalp as I just licked and sucked on her breasts. Soft mews filled the air. She is not nearly as noisy as I am when excited. Or she hadn’t been. As I loved her breasts, she seemed to let go a little. I wondered if groups intimidated her. So far, they hadn’t seemed to inhibit me at all. Funny about that.

Sighing happily, I finally left her breasts and moved down her body. The soft curve of her tummy came up, and I kissed her navel, trailing my lips lower. My hands fluttered over her body, touching here and there. I moved them over the swell of her hips, around her ribs. I just touched her. Pursing my lips, I laid kisses across her mound, her short hair there almost prickling. It reminded me of the suggestion they both had made that I should take away all of my hair down there. I wondered how I would look.

Lindsay’s pussy is also very different from mine. Her labia minora are more pronounced, extending lower and showing even when she is not aroused. She was aroused right then though, and, as I lowered my mouth to her, she sighed even more loudly and laid her hand on my head once more. I knew I was going to use my tongue on her ass. I just had to work up to it, and sweet Lindsay was not hurrying me. She cooed and whimpered softly as I loved her with my lips and tongue, taking my time.

I had not done a lot of pussy licking up to that point. Okay, so I had gone down on the fabulous Jeni, another girl named Caitlin, and one named Heather, as well as Lindsay, at that party back in the fall. I think that was all. The details are kind of fuzzy. Jeni’s pussy was entirely different from Lindsay’s, I remembered as I lapped. Absolutely the most gorgeous in the world, probably. But, for all of having licked four other girls, I was not exactly an expert. I thought I was pleasing Lindsay when I touched her with my mouth, but I was sure there was more I could do. I wanted to do more. I wanted to be really good at this and for her to like what I did.

Thinking of Jeni reminded me of something she had done to me. I slid my hands under Lindsay’s ass, pulling her closer, and furrowed my way up between her lips, tasting the heavy, musty womanliness of her. I love that taste. My tongue coated with her cream, I laved it over her clit, listening as she cried out more loudly than before and her fingers tightened in my hair. Circling her clit with just the pointed tip of my tongue, I pushed and pulled at her skin there, the folds of her moving under me. I wasn’t sure if I would do this right or not, or if she would like it, but I went ahead. I opened my teeth just a little, closed my lips over her clit and inhaled. The suction drew her clit up and into me, past my teeth so that they grazed over her skin. I hoped I was doing it right, because when Jeni had done it to me I nearly lost it.

I guess Lindsay loved it. With a cry of abandon, she came, raising her ass up off the bed and pulling my hair as her orgasm rolled through her.

I smiled happily into her sex as she came. I had done this, with my lips and tongue. Kelly, you are getting better.

Lindsay sat up, leaning to me as I came up onto my hands, and we kissed. This time, it was flavored with the creaminess of her pussy. I quite liked having her all over my face. It made me feel sexy to know she had drenched my face because she was so wet and excited. We kissed deeply, sharing, touching, then she drew away, looking me in the eye, questioningly. Didn’t she know I would do anything for her? I wanted to take the questions away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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