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This is the “other side” of my story, “The Gift”. It’s written by my husband, Tucker, who (after a GREAT DEAL of ‘wifely encouragement’) decided to comply with my request. As I promised him, I make no claim to this story — it’s in Tucker’s own words, but tells of the event through HIS eyes . I was surprised to see that he remembered the events of that night pretty much as I did and I discovered several things about him through reading the story. If you have not read “The Gift”, I urge you to do so before you read Tucker’s version. To all those who have read my other stories, and are curious about Tucker, this story may shed some insights on the wonderful guy I married, and just why I decided to marry him in the first place! Please feel free to comment on this, either publicly or through direct contact. Your feedback is what keeps me at the terminal!

KattieLynn and Tucker — Tucker’s Story Of “The Gift”

I met KattieLynn when she was 20, in her junior year at college. I was 24 and had been out of the Army for about 3 months and back in school as a senior. I originally dropped out when I was 20, in my junior year, in order to join up. I took several on-line courses in my final year in service and got full credit for them, so I came back in as a senior. It was April when we met, at an off campus party. Phil, my roommate at the time, dragged me out that night. There were about 30 other people there and I remember it was noisy as hell. I was sitting on a beat up couch, nursing a beer.

I saw her when she first entered the room. She was with a girl I dimly remembered from one of my classes, but I couldn’t think of her name. KattieLynn looked the room over, saw me sitting on the couch, and turned to the girl she was with. I saw them talking and glancing back in my direction — very subtle, but that’s how girls are.

Phil, the lecher, managed to get himself between them and started talking to the other girl. KattieLynn walked over and sat down next to me. We started talking. “Jesus, what a knock out!” I said to myself. She introduced herself, and made a few disparaging comments about the guy her roommate (Samantha) was talking to. “That would be my roommate, Phil,” I answered, “and, for what it’s worth, I agree with you.”

Right off the bat, I embarrassed her. “Christ, Tucker, why not just shoot yourself in the foot! Lot less blood that way!” I thought. It turned out alright. She told me that Samantha had dragged her to the party, much as Phil had done to me. Our conversation was getting interesting but, about that time, some clowns turned the volume up several notches on the music and I couldn’t hear her any longer. I motioned her towards the door and she readily agreed. We walked outside and continued our conversation.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was really pretty, in a nice clean sort of way. Big violet eyes, long dark brown hair, great smile, very nice figure. Kind of small on top, but, like we used to say, anything more than a handful is a waste anyway! Very well spoken and a wonderful voice. Nothing like the girls I had come across at school in my 3 months back here. I had come with Phil in his car while she had come with Samantha in her own car. When we went looking for them, both had disappeared.

“Looks like Phil got lucky,” she said. I was wondering if I would get lucky but, in some strange way, I was sort of hoping I wouldn’t. Now, don’t get me wrong. If there was a chance of getting into a girl’s pants, especially this girl’s, I sure was up for it. It’s just that she seemed different from the others I’d met before. Since I was back, I had a few one-night stands. Nothing special. The girls were great in bed, or in the back seat of my car, but there was always something lacking. It was like they were out to prove something, something I couldn’t really comprehend. This one was different.

I hopped a ride back to campus with her. When she went to drop me off at my dorm, we found that we lived right across the quad from each other. When she parked, we got out and she stumbled on a piece of broken pavement, twisting her ankle. I helped her up to her room and got some ice from the fridge. We sat on the couch in the common area of her dorm suite which turned out to be the same as mine, with individual bedroom/studies for the residents, with a common area containing kitchen, living room, and bathroom between them. I put the ice on her ankle and we continued to talk.

It was about one o’clock in the morning and I kept checked her ankle. No swelling, which was a good sign. She was wearing a short skirt and every time she moved, it slipped higher and higher. I was sitting with her feet in my lap, her knees flexed slightly upward so I could check her ankle. I got a clear shot up her skirt. “White panties” I thought. Sure enough, that’s what she was wearing. I figured it was about time to put a move on her, so I started massaging her ankle and moved up to her calf, then her knee. When I got to her thigh, she looked up at me, a look of what I could illegal bahis only assume was disappointment in her eyes, and told me she would have to know me a lot better for that hand to go any higher.

I smiled at her and told her that I was glad she stopped me and, strange to say, I was! We talked more. It seemed like we talked most of the night. Samantha hadn’t come in when I kissed her and left. I crossed the quad and got to my room. Phil’s door was shut, the usual Phil/girl noises coming through. “Yeah, Phil got lucky!” I thought.

I didn’t see KattieLynn for several days after that. What with finals coming up and plans for grad school, I was tied up. About a week later, we ran into each other at the Student Union. We made plans to go out that Saturday. I asked how her ankle was doing and she said just fine, so we decided to double up with Phil and Samantha for dinner and a little bar hopping. I don’t drink much and I found out that she doesn’t either, but the music and company would be fun. This date was better than the initial meeting. She proved out to be a great girl. Always up for something and ready to try stuff that she really didn’t know how to do, but that didn’t stop her.

We got back about 3:00 am and Phil and Samantha went up to her room. That left KattieLynn and me to head up to my room. More talk, a little more kissing and I did finally cop a feel of her breasts. That’s where it ended and I took her back across the quad. Now the noises were coming from Samantha’s room. “Lucky Phil!” I though, again. Kattie was embarrassed. Told her not to be, I was used to it. Phil was one noisy lover and I’d heard it for the past 3 months!

Kattie and I saw each other on and off for the rest of the school year. Each time we were together, we explored the other a little more intimately. Each time, I found myself wanting to know her better before anything serious happened between us. About 2 weeks before the end of the school year, we were on the couch in the common area of her suite. She was sitting on my lap, her arms wrapped around my neck. I had managed to get her jeans and panties down around her ankles and had one finger in her quim and with working on her clit with my thumb. Christ, her sex smelled wonderful! Her body was so sweet, slender, and smooth. She was so wet and I was so hard! I wanted to screw her right there and, I believe I would have, if we hadn’t heard Samantha and her current guy laughing out in the hall! They came bombing in on us as Kattie was pulling her panties up and I was trying to hide my hard-on! Talk about your major turn off!

The summer break was here. I was set to graduate that next week, Kattie was headed back home. After graduation, I had some unfinished Army business to attend to, business that would take me out-country for about 2 months. After that, it would be back to school. I helped her pack and load her car, we kissed, and away she drove. Nothing was said about the coming fall. We were just going to see what happened over the summer. Well, all that time we were apart, I couldn’t get this girl out of my head. I hitched up with a few girls, nothing serious, but fun. Nothing like Kattie. I kept thinking about her, what was she doing? Where was she? Had she met someone else? I was tormented by the time September came around and school started again.

The first day back, I dropped by her dorm to find that she wouldn’t be back for another few days. Samantha was there and we talked. She told me Kattie was really serious about me, at least she was when she last spoke to her in August. I guess she felt the same about me as I felt about her. It sure put a lift in my spirits! I could hardly wait for her to get back on campus!

That evening, I decided to find an off campus apartment. The thought of putting up with Phil, or someone like him, for another year was more than I could handle. I figured that, with my stipend, my savings, and the inheritance I was going to get that autumn, I could get a really nice place. I scanned the papers and found a place. It was available in the price range I could afford, so I signed the lease for the full school year, moved my stuff out of the dorm room and got set up in my new place. I got a refund for the dorm fees, which helped pay for the new apartment. That Sunday, Kattie came back to school.

I made sure to be in the area when she pulled up, not exactly waiting in the parking lot for her, but close enough so that I saw her and, more impotently, she saw me. The next move was up to her. She seemed surprised to see me, but I could tell she was happy I was there. I helped her get her stuff up to her old room. That was really the start of our relationship. We went out that night, had a few beers, back to her room. She told me how she spent the summer with job, working on some home projects, helping out her Aunt Kattie and getting her brother David set for school. I couldn’t tell her too much about my summer, but I did tell her about my apartment. The spring before she left for the summer, Kattie had illegal bahis siteleri told me that she was never with a man. I was nervous about this and, yes, I know it’s supposed to be the girl that’s nervous. It’s just that Kattie was coming to mean more and more to me. In several ways, I was confused about my feelings for her. The summer had proven that there was more than the usual lust associated with how I felt about her, but I couldn’t define exactly how I felt. I think the feelings were mutual. I hoped the feelings were mutual. I didn’t want to hurt her.

School started. For her, senior studies. For me, the first year of graduate work. We continued to see each other, just about every few days, in fact. Our level of intimate contact also continued, but it was almost impossible with her in a dorm setting, to get any privacy or alone time. There was always someone coming or going. She didn’t seem ready to visit my apartment and I didn’t want to pressure her. “When she’s ready, she’ll let me know” I kept thinking, as each date ended about the same way — me going home sexually frustrated, her kissing me good night out on the quad.

About a month after the start of school, we went out on a regular Saturday night. At the end of the evening, Kattie asked to see my place. I don’t remember exactly what my reaction was, but I’m glad I had stocked the place with candles and wine! If this was going where I hoped it was, I wanted her first time to be special. We left the place, a bar I think, and drove to my apartment. I don’t drink much and neither does she. I showed her around and she seemed to like it. “Needs a woman’s touch” was her comment, as she chuckled over my taste in furniture, which is mostly modern. She needed to use the bathroom and I took the opportunity to light the candles in the living room and bedroom, put on some soft music, and open a bottle of wine.

When she came out, she looked around and smiled. “Tucker, are you trying to seduce me?” she asked. “Well, the thought had crossed my mind.” We laughed as we sat on the couch, talking about something or other. The sight of her here, sitting with her legs drawn up and folded so her feet were under her, the look on her face as I just gazed into those bottomless eyes of hers, her laugh at my lame jokes was about as close as I can come to telling you what having her here was like. After a awhile, we both recognized the time for talk was over. I ran out of things to say and, quite frankly, I was having a hard time not staring at her. “God,” I thought, “she’s so beautiful!” We just sat there in silence., looking into each others eyes. I felt something different for this girl, something unlike anything I had ever felt for a girl. I felt , I don’t know, I guess the best word for it was ‘protective’. I wanted to do whatever it took to protect her from the world. I did something every guy I ever knew says not to do. I told her how I felt.

Kattie came into my arms. We kissed, softly at first, our kisses becoming deeper, and more demanding. “Not here, Tucker” she whispered in my ear. My face was buried in her hair, her clean, wonderful hair. I took her hand, we stood, and I led her to the bedroom. Her eyes swept the room, noting the candles, the soft music playing in the background. We stood at the side of the bed. “Are you sure?” I asked, watching her face, looking into her eyes.

“Yes, I’m sure” she replied. We sat, I held her, my hands seeking and finding her breasts. I cupped them, kissing her and stoking her through the material of her blouse and bra. I wanted to see her naked, I wanted this girl to want me in the same way. I wanted her first time to be special and would do whatever it took to make it so. I unbuttoned her blouse, slipping it over her shoulders, off her arms. I unhooked her bra, letting her breasts spring free. I gently lowered her to the bed, setting her blouse and bra aside. I kissed and stroked her breasts, sucking gently at the nipples, teasing them with my tongue. They grew and became hard as small pebbles as she arched her back, her hands tangled in my hair.

I placed a hand on her leg, slowly moving up under her skirt, seeking the treasure of her panty covered pussy. My fingers came to rest on the mound above her quim as her legs opened, inviting me to explore her body. I lowered my face to her belly, gently kissing and nibbling the smooth skin, my hands stroking the slit of her sex through the thin material of her panties. She was very wet, the smell of her arousal filling my nostrils, raising my own excitement. “Tucker, please be gentle. I’ve never done this before.” She said. I sensed nervousness in her, nervous and excited. I undid her skirt, leaving her in only her panties. I stood up, taking off my shirt and pants, my cock springing free and standing straight out from my body. I was naked in front of her. I saw her eyes widen when she looked at my cock, standing there proudly. “God, I want this girl!” was all I could think of, but I knew I had to move slowly. This wasn’t some one-night canlı bahis siteleri stand, it was the start of something special, and I wanted her to know that.

I lowered myself back to the bed, gathering her into my arms, cradling her, wrapping her against my body. We lay there side by side, facing each other. Her hair was sprayed across the bed, her hands on my back. I whispered, “Kattie, I love you,” not sure she would hear me. She tilted her face up to me, kissing me deeply. “Tucker, I love you,” she whispered back. I felt for and found the waistband of her panties, pulling them down and over her abdomen. She lifted her hips so I could remove them completely. I continued to kiss and suck at her nipples, one hand lightly brushing her mound, my fingers slipping through the gash of her pussy, finding her clit, sending waves of pure pleasure through her body. My middle finger slipped into the tight opening below her clit, separating the folds of her lower lips, finding the passage between them. I felt her hands move to my cock, clasping it, running her fingers over the long hard length of it. “Christ, if she keeps that up, I’m going to cum!” I thought. Her hips were rising and falling to meet the thrust of my finger buried in her cunt, my thumb rolling her clit around and around. Her sexual juices were drenching my palm, which was pressed flat against her pussy lips.

I needed to taste her, to fulfill the vision I had of giving her that special gift. I moved, kneeling between her legs, lifting her knees back and upward, lowering my face to the wetness of her aroused vagina. The smell of her was sending me to new heights of arousal, her hips rolling up to meet my face. I lightly kissed the lips, letting my tongue find the length of her slit, moving upward slowly, uncovering the pearl of her clit, licking it and teasing it with my tongue. My finger continued to slip into her passage, her hips bucking and riding the combination of my tongue and my finger. I felt her start to cum, her breathing growing deeper and deeper, as she gasped out a climax. She ground her pussy into my face, seeking to drive more of me into her willing depths.

I let her climax pass, moving back only when her breathing returned to a more normal pace. I ran my tongue once more over her lower lips, tweaking the clit, evoking a shudder from her. My face was smeared with her sexual juices, and I could taste her sex on my tongue. I came up to a kneeling position between her legs, grasping and lifting her knees to spread her wider. I leaned forward, letting my chest lightly press on her breasts, kissing her and whispering, “Are you ready?”

I gazed into her face and eyes as a mixture of excitement, anticipation, sexual arousal and, yes, fear chased each other over her features. I knew she wanted this, knew I wanted it, but something made me hold back. I wanted nothing more than to plunge my cock into her, to ravish her, but I knew that would be a major mistake both for her and for me. This time was special for her, special for me as well. I knew she was giving me the most treasured gift a girl like her can give, herself.

“Yes, oh, yes! Please, Tucker, take me!” she whispered back. I moved back, taking her hips and pulling her towards me. The length of my cock was resting along the groove of her sex, the underside of the head resting on her clit. I grasped myself and slid the head down, parting the lightly hair covered lips of her pussy, resting it against the opening to her channel. Slowly, I eased the head past the tight ring of the opening, feeling her virgin channel expanding to accept me. God, she was so tight! The urge to ram myself into her was almost overwhelming! I held back, knowing she wasn’t ready for that, knowing that the act would be painful, and would hurt her in more ways than physically.

I eased the length of my cock into her, slowly pushing forward, retreating, only to push forward again, seeking the resistance of her cherry. Her hips were rising to meet me now, as she felt herself invaded for the first time. I was about halfway into her when the head of my cock bumped up against what I could only assume was her hymen. I looked into her face; her eyes were wide as she felt the pressure internally of my cock resting against the membrane of her virginity. I withdrew slightly, pushing forward again, feeling the resistance again, but continuing my thrust, tearing her open.

Her hands, which had been resting on my back, balled themselves into fists; her head snapped to the side, her face contorted into a rictus of pain. I froze, neither moving forward or back. Her legs were wrapped around my waist, her hands balled into fists at my shoulders, her hair spread above her head. She gasped and cried out, tears forming and squeezing past her tightly shut eyes. I moved my knees forward, careful not to move my cock which was still buried inside her, trying not to press forward on her abdomen. I reached forward and gently wiped the tears away, kissing the ones that pooled in the hollows of her eyes, whispering my love for her, how I was sorry I had hurt her, how I knew it would be better from this time on. Anything that came into my head, I spoke to her, trying not to move inside her, letting her body deal with the pain.

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