I Call on Lynn

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Lynn is a beautiful, voluptuous young woman whose last boy friend left her for Ally McBeal or someone who looked like Ally. Some people do stupid things even when they have it made. Lynn enjoys living and loving and I enjoy making love with her. The last time I called on her she came to the door completely naked, with her large, beautiful titties pointing at me. I caressed her and hugged her and kissed her passionately on her warm, full lips. We hurried off to the bedroom with me removing my clothing along the way. Seconds after we arrived in her bedroom we were both completely naked and in her four-poster bed.

Lynn lay on her back and I took one luscious titty in my mouth. I kneaded it with both my hands and licked the nipple. I switched back and forth between the beautiful twins, kneading and licking. Lynn purred with contentment at what I was doing. I opened my mouth wide and took as much of one beautiful globe as I could into my mouth, clamping my lips tightly but gently around the soft flesh. I applied gentle suction while licking the nipple and tracing the areola with my tongue. Lynn was purring louder now, and I took the other succulent globe into my mouth, and repeated the sucking, licking and tracing. Lynn’s purring became even louder. I could see her gorgeous pussy squirming on the bed and I could smell the sweet aroma of her pussy juices lubricating her love hole. I alternated between her beautiful titties, licking and sucking on them. I licked the soft channel between her twin towers, with one of the beauties pressed against either of my cheeks. Then I began licking my way down her voluptuous body.

Lynn continued purring and lubricating and then she panted “Lick my pussy.”

I moved to comply with her request.

Lynn’s pussy juices were so abundant that some was almost running out of her adorable love hole. I licked them off the edge and then began to lick up the juices inside. I squirmed my tongue into her delightful hole and devoured all the delicious juices. Lynn was still purring contentedly although a bit raggedly now, as she was moving toward cumming. She still had a long way to go though, and I wanted to delay it until after I had spent a long time eating her pussy. Much as I love feeling and hearing a woman cum, I enjoy eating her pussy so much that I like the climax to take a long time. I slowly licked around the upper edge of her love hole, and then started on one of her outer lips.

I planted butterfly kisses on Lynn’s left outer pussy lip, while my tongue traced the groove between the inner and outer labia. I covered the lip but did not go on to her sweet little clit. I would concentrate on that adorable love button later.

Linn was humping her pussy into my face and her purring was becoming louder and increasingly ragged. She was really enjoying what I was doing, about as much as I enjoyed doing it. I moved my attentions to her right outer pussy lip and planted more nibbly butterfly kisses. My tongue traced the groove on the right side, pausing sometimes to harvest the nectar her pussy was secreting. Lynn’s upper thighs had rotated outward, totally presenting her beautiful pussy to me. She was strongly humping her delightful organ into my face, her ass almost lifting completely off the bed with each thrust of her pussy. Lynn’s purring had changed to moans of pleasure and she was begging me not to stop. I had no intention of stopping but I believed the time had arrived for me to concentrate my attentions on Lynn’s lovely clit.

I clamped my lips around her precious love button and began sucking. My tongue was tracing the canlı bahis contours of her clit, and Lynn’s ass bucked even harder as she started to cum. Her howls of pleasure were music to my ears and the heady aroma of her cum juices were a bouquet to my nose, and I knew they would soon be a treat to my taste buds. I love everything about having a woman cum while I am eating her pussy, especially when she cums as enthusiastically as Lynn. When she climaxed, Lynn grabbed my head and pressed my face tightly against her delectable pussy, which is exactly where my face wanted to be anyhow, with my mouth still tightly holding her clit and my tongue still wrestling with the man in the boat. Lynn’s climax subsided and she released my head. I rewarded myself with the fresh cum juices that were dripping from her adorable love hole.

I know that Lynn gives head as well and as enthusiastically as she gets it.

We lay side by side on the bed while she regained her strength and then she reached down and began to fondle my cock and balls. My cock stiffened at her touch. Lynn got up on hands and knees and began to lick my crotch and my balls. I keep that whole area of my body clean shaven because it is more pleasurable for women to lick me there when the skin is smooth, and shaving makes my skin more sensitive to their tongues. Lynn moved over to kneel between my legs and licked the whole area of my crotch from my balls to my ass, then the underside of my ball sack. She gently took one of my balls, inside its sack, in her mouth and caressed it with her tongue. Then she did the same for the other ball. My cock was stiff as a baseball bat, and was rubbing against Lynn’s cheek and nose while she tongued my entire scrotum.

When she finished with my balls, Lynn moved back to kneel beside me, then leaned forward and took the tip of my cock in her lips.

Lynn nibbled gently, with her lips only, on my cock head, while her tongue toyed with my piss hole. She slowly moved her lips down my cock, taking more of it into her warm, moist mouth. Her tongue caressed the shaft as she slowly enveloped it. She continued to engulf my cock until her tongue and lower lip were rubbing against my pubic hair and her nose was caressing my balls. Then she slowly backed off, pumping my cock with her lips and caressing it with her tongue, until my cock was out of her mouth entirely.

Both Lynn and I enjoy it immensely when I eat her pussy. We both enjoy it immensely when she sucks my cock. However, Lynn prefers taking turns rather than 69ing. She believes that she and I can both derive more pleasure from her sucking my cock if she can concentrate on that, and not be distracted by my tongue in her pussy. Likewise, if I am eating her pussy, we can both concentrate better on deriving pleasure from that if she doesn’t have her mouth full of my cock. I can’t argue with her logic so we don’t 69. She does use the 69 position to suck my cock though, because my upward curve matches the interior contours of her mouth. Besides that, both of us like it when I fondle her ass.

Lynn leaned forward again and engulfed my cock in her magnificently talented mouth. Her lips caressed my shaft as it entered the chamber of pleasure and her tongue caressed it while it was in there. Once her lips reached the base of my cock, her tongue continued its gentle massaging, and squeezed me gently against the inside of first one cheek then the other. When she lifted away from me, her lips once again suctioned the shaft slowly while her tongue pleasured my cock. I believed that one more prolonged stroke like the first two would cause bahis siteleri me to fill her mouth with my cum. I told her this, and she refrained from that last stroke. When I was a younger man, she could have sucked me off, and drunk my cum, and I would have been ready for the next round of pleasure in a matter of minutes. At my current age, however, it would have taken me much longer, and we both preferred to save my cock for what we anticipated would be the next round of pleasure.

I got up, my cock still hard and wet from her saliva. Lynn got onto her hands and knees on the bed. Each of the four posts had a rope fastened to it. I tied the loose ends of those ropes tightly but gently to her ankles and wrists. She would have been able to pull herself loose but only with difficulty. Then I piled all the pillows under Lynn’s waist so her beautiful and voluptuous ass was presented to me for our mutual pleasure. I went to the bathroom for soap and warm water and thoroughly washed and rinsed the cleft of her ass. I left the basin of water handy because I would be needing it later. Her adorable little rosebud seemed to be winking at me in anticipation of what was to happen next.

I spread Lynn’s asscheeks and started licking at the top of her cleft. Her skin was smooth and soft and a pleasure to my tongue. She was starting to purr already and that was a pleasure to my ears. I licked my way slowly down the insides of both asscheeks, anticipating the great pleasure waiting for both of us when my tongue penetrated her adorable rosebud. Lynn was anticipating it also and her purring was getting louder. I licked on one side of her rosebud, then I lifted my tongue over the puckered area to the other side, and licked her there, all the way around and started back up the side again. Lynn started squirming her ass against my face, much as her pussy had been squirming before. One of the reasons she wants me to tie her down before I start pleasuring her ass is so I can control the action. She knows I will stretch out my tonguing so we both get the most pleasure out of it but sometimes she gets impatient, and wants me to hurry and get to the best part.

I wanted to get there too. I pushed her up higher on the pile of pillows and moved my hands to come up from between her legs. I spread her asscheeks from this lower angle and Lynn was positioned perfectly for my probing tongue. I pressed my lips against her delectable rosebud and pressed my tongue forward. This brought a sigh of pleasure from Lynn. I moved my hands closer together and applied more tension to open the sweet hole a bit more, then wedged my tongue inside. This brought a louder sigh of pleasure. I probed in deeper and started pressing my tongue against the sides of her hole. Lynn’s purring had again turned to moaning with pleasure She pushed her ass against my face to get my tongue in as far as it would go. I pushed it in to the maximum and began oscillating my tongue against the sides of her ass.

Pleasurable though it is to eat out her ass, there is one problem. When my face is wedged tightly between her asscheeks it is hard to breathe. I kept my tongue going as long as I could, but I finally had to withdraw it. Lynn gave a slight murmur of disappointment, but she wasn’t really too unhappy.

She knew my tongue wasn’t through yet, and that soon there would be something a lot bigger in her ass. After catching my breath I continued licking Lynn’s rosebud, using broad strokes of my tongue. I licked up and down and sideways across the puckered hole, and sometimes I made brief probes into the hole itself. Lynn continued bahis şirketleri expressing her pleasure through moans and sighs and comments on how much she enjoyed what I was doing. I knew, though, that the time had come for me to use my cock, which was now hard and throbbing. I let go of her asscheeks, pulled on my condom and slathered on the KY Jelly. Then I greased Lynn’s ass, which was now squirming in pleasurable anticipation.

With the fingers of one hand I separated the sides of Lynn’s rosebud. The other hand guided my eager cock into the object of its lust. I made the first penetration and she sighed with pleasure. Then I began rocking slowly back and forth, and with every forward motion I thrust my cock deeper into Lynn’s beautiful ass until I was all the way in, my balls slapping against her pussy with every forward stroke. Lynn was pushing her ass back against me to aid the penetration. She was ecstatic and ready to cum. Lynn likes to cum twice, at least when we are ass-fucking, so I washed off my fingers, which had been in her ass, and reached around her to fondle her lovely clit. As soon as I touched that sweet love button she started to cum, howling again in pleasure while her arms and legs thrashed as well as they could against the ropes. I continued fondling her clit and fucking her ass until Lynn climaxed with one great spasm of her pubic area.

I waited a few minutes until her breathing returned to normal, my cock still all the way in her tight, beautiful ass. I scooped the delicious fresh cum juice out of her pussy and licked it off my fingers. It is so tasty that I never let it go to waste if I can help it. I pulled my cock most of the way out of her, applied more KY Jelly, and thrust it back in, all the way to the maximum. I like to feel my balls slapping against her pussy when I fuck Lynn in the ass. She likes it too, the deeper the better. I continued fucking with slow strokes into Lynn’s lovely ass. She started pushing back to meet my strokes and to get my cock all the way in. Lynn was purring again, building to another climax. I would cum, eventually, also, but at the slow rate I was going, it would be a long time. I was in no hurry because Lynn’s beautiful ass is one of the nicest places I know of to have my cock.

Lynn was purring louder, almost moaning with pleasure. She was thrusting her ass back at me harder now, trying to get me to speed up my strokes. Her legs were pistoning into the bed, giving her ass a variety of sensations, and doing the same for my cock. I increased my speed and now she was moaning. I could feel my own climax approaching and I wanted both of us to cum at the same time. Lynn’s whole body was active, her arms were tugging at the ropes; her head was bouncing in the same rhythm as I was maintaining and her ass was gyrating and thrusting back at my cock. I knew it was time for both of us to cum so I reached around her body and began gently squeezing her darling clit in time to my fucking strokes. After a few squeezes Lynn started to cum, howling with pleasure with her arms and legs thrashing against the ropes again, and her ass bucking wildly against me. I fucked faster into her lovely ass and my cum spurted into my condom. Lynn climaxed with a loud grunt and a leap against all four of her restraints.

After she was through cumming she sprawled, exhausted, on the pile of pillows. I sprawled on top of her, my cock still in her ass but working its way out as it softened. We lay there together for a while, our love-making over for the day. Eventually, I got up and untied her ropes. Her wrists and ankles were not chafed because we always use the softest of ropes. We showered together, punctuating our washing with many affectionate pats and hugs, then I kissed Lynn so long and left. I am already looking forward to the next time we get together.

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I Hate You

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Amerks92hockey rocks for editing another of my grotesque scribblings and turning it into a well read story.

Please Comment and please vote… let me know what you think of my story and how I am make it better for next time…

As we walk into your room from the coffee shop, I push you hard against the wall. Not hard enough to hurt you but hard enough to get my desires across to you. While pinning your body, I reach down and pull your hands above your head, lacing your fingers and holding them high. I begin kissing at the nape of of your neck, biting it lightly and moving along towards your ear. As I kiss your delicious skin I pause to whisper how sexy you are… How much you turn me on… How much I want to make you cum. Your only response to me is “I hate you” which brings a low laugh from me.

Your breathing changes while I am talking, your body thus betraying you as you become more turned on. Your hips swaying, your breathing quickening, your body beginning to give in to your own wanton desires. With my right hand I begin roaming across your sides, back, and ass. Gently, I start massaging you through your clothes and teasing your senses even more.

Nipping and licking my way along your neck to your jaw, I tell you how I am going to taste your body and make you cum. With my free hand I grab a hold of your ass cheeks to emphasize my words. I continue to knead that sexy ass as I tell you how my tongue is going to wiggle and probe your tight-n-sensitive back door. I gently squeeze your fingers, press my body harder into you and caress your sweet cheeks more. I tell you how I will soon be stroking my tongue from your clit to your tight asshole. I tell you how I will soon be tasting every inch of your naked-n-raw flesh that I desire so much.

“Do you want it Michelle… Do you want to squeeze my head between your thighs, squeeze my tongue with your anal muscles as you cum? Do you want to taste the sweetness of your ass on my lips as I passionately kiss you?” As the words roll off my lips I feel your body shake with anticipation and excitement.

I reach around and take your right breast in my hand, caressing it like I did your succulent ass. Your nipple hardening against my touch. Again your body reacts to my touch so I release your hands. I release them just long enough to wrap my palm around your soft throat. Quickly I move my hand from your soft tit and slip it into the front of your PT pants.

My fingers grazing across that sensitive little nub, your deliciously hard clit. Together I use my hands on your throat and crotch to guide you to the empty bed in your room and push you against it roughly. Bending you at the waist I push your face into the mattress, then yank your PTs and panties quickly to the floor.

You begin to protest but I tell you to keep your mouth shut and enjoy the pleasures I am giving you. I drop to my knees behind you, gripping the soft globes of your ass as I slowly pull them open. I stare mystified at your cute little starfish as it winks at me. Starting at the top of your soft crack, I make long licks all the way to your clit. You wiggle, moan and gasp as you feel the warmth of my tongue slither through your crack, across your asshole and deep into the folds of your pussy.

You squeal as my tongue dips inside your soft flesh and then strokes your hard clit. With every scent, every taste, my desire for you grows. You continuously move your hips trying to make my tongue hit your fun spots and also to get away from its assault on your body. Your try and stand back up, only to be forced back across the bed as I cram my tongue deep into your delicious little ass.

While enjoying the sweet tangy flavors of your ass, I lay a hard smack to both of your cheeks. A low moan escapes your mouth in response, so I slap each cheek again. Despite your urge to move away from me, your frustrations get the best of you and you push your ass back harder into my face. With a mouth full of delicious ass I continue my duties as the devils little helper. Again and again I run my tongue from your juicy pussy and clit to your tasty ass. I hear you panting and moaning into the mattress, your fingers clutching the fabric as the sensations begin to overwhelm you.

If you could see me, my face is soaked with your juices… A smile stretching from ear to ear because I know how much pleasure I am giving you. The sweet aroma of your asshole and dripping pussy filling my nostrils, flooding my taste-buds and overpowering my senses completely. Your own emotions now betraying you constantly as you thrust your hips repeatedly against my face. The muscles of your ass cheeks gripping at my head as you attempt to trap my tongue within your anal ring.

As you begin to move too much I give you another quick smack to each cheek. As much as I had hoped it would give you pause it only heightened your eroticism and made you moan louder into the mattress. Since you are so turned on, I decide it’s time for you to take a more active role in your own pleasure.

“Gimme your hands, hold your ass open” I say. You reach back, pulling your sweet cheeks apart and canlı bahis quickly expose yourself completely to me. With my own hands now free, I lick a finger and insert it slowly between the soft lips of your soaked pussy. I bury my finger to the knuckle then pull it free and suck your juices from it. Again I slide my finger in and out of your dripping womanhood but this time reach forward and offer to share your juices with you.

Greedily you suck my finger as though it were a small cock. You lick and suck at it, savoring the sweet deliciousness as I just did. Pulling free from your mouth I repeat the process over and over, each of us enjoying the raw, sweet taste of your juices. Eventually I slip my finger back inside you but keep it there as I grind the rest of my fingers hard against your little clit.

Since you are holding your ass open, I lean in and begin tickling your puckered asshole with the tip of my tongue. I begin by licking just the outer edges of your cinnamon-ring to tease you. Your body responds by arching your ass directly into my face. I then move my tongue a bit as I attempt to lick each ridge of your anal muscle, moving from the outside edges, along the dirty creases, to the delicious center of your sweet, sweet hole.

As each pass of my tongue caresses your asshole, I add a little more pressure and a little more lust. As my desires grow, I slide a second between the soft folds of your pussy, stretching your further and pleasuring you more.

With two fingers slipping in and out of your dripping cunt, your ass cheeks open in your own hands and my tongue teasing your sensitive asshole… I start to devour you. I lock my lips around your dark stained hole and suck it hard as I slide my tongue up your sweet ass. Your breath catches a bit and then you squeal as I fully penetrate you. Slowly I begin to fuck your ass with my tongue as though it were a mini cock. Sucking, licking, tonguing and biting… I begin eating your asshole like it is my last meal.

Your moans now sound like half screams as the excitement and sensations begin rocking your body. I feel your juices seeping out of you and dripping down my hand as my fingers continue working on your tight pussy. With my free hand I reach out and smack your ass hard, again. I smile inside as your body jumps a little with each impact. I feel your asshole clamp down momentarily on my tongue as you take the sting of the smacks.

I feel you then relax as my tongue slides completely into your tight-n-tasty backdoor. With my tongue fully buried in your ass I begin wiggling it, twisting it, and thrusting it deep inside you. With complete abandon I attack you with my mouth, in your mind it feels like I am trying to eat your soul through your ass.

Reading your body, I take my fingers from your pussy and remove my mouth from your juicy ass. With another quick smack to each cheek, I slowly slide my pussy soaked finger into your asshole. I love how your body fights my finger at first by clamping down on my intrusion with your anal muscles. I love even more how your desire for ass play right now betrays you. I love how your tight asshole relaxes allowing my finger to easily slide deep into your dirty ass.

Twisting my fingers and sawing it back-n-forth as I slide it into your ass repeatedly. While doing all this I lean in and begin licking at your stretched brown ring of muscle and nerves. The combined stimulation of my finger filling your ass plus my tongue stroking your sensitive anal nerves is obvious by your loud panting and moaning.

I then dip down and suck your clit hard between my lips as I continue finger fucking your hot-n-juicy ass. I graze your clit lightly with my teeth, suck it with my lips and bathe it with my tongue. All this attention to your yummy parts then causes your body to relax, your asshole continues to loosen around my finger till it is gliding through your ring and making you almost cum.

Spitting your clit from my mouth, I slowly stand-up behind you and in doing so pause long enough to slip a fresh finger into your pussy. You wail loudly as I now stretch both your pussy and asshole. Leaning over you as I finger your sweet holes, I begin whispering in your ear.

“Do you want it Michelle, Do you want to cum? Do you want to drown me in your sweet nectars as you cum in my mouth or would you rather cum, shaking on my cock as I pound your beautiful pussy into submission?” I say as I lean back and take in the view. You have no idea how hot-n-sexy you look right now Michelle.

From this angle I see your gorgeous face all flushed and sweaty. I see all your yummy bits on display as you lay there bent over the bed holding yourself wide open. I see your tasty little rosebud shimmering wet with my saliva and your own juices, the folds of your pussy glistening with your wetness and your hard little clit begging to be sucked. I feel your body responding to me, your asshole massaging my finger as it easily slides in and out of you. I see my middle finger gliding effortlessly through the swollen wet lips of your pussy.

It’s almost too much for my senses and I have to force bahis siteleri myself to divert my stare back to your sexy face. I wish I had the willpower to stop what I was doing and kiss you right now but alas I do not. We will both have to “suffer” and deal with the pleasures at hand because I am by no means ready to stop.

As I am looking at you, I bottom out my fingers and again grind my knuckles against you. The smile and moan that light up your face once again tell me your are thoroughly enjoying yourself… even if you hate me for torturing you like this. As before, I drop to my knees behind you but this time I pause to reach down and free my cock from the confines of my pants. With my hardness now free, I begin anew with my worshiping of your body. My lips, fingers, and tongue ready to continue the Devils work at tormenting your orgasmic little body..

Pulling my two fingers from you and reaching up, I quickly force them into your mouth. I have always been the guy to share my good fortune with others so why should this time be different than any other. Your own passion getting the best of you, you release your cheeks and grab hold of my wrist so I can’t take it away. With renewed fever you start sucking hungrily at my fingers, savoring every elicit taste and flavor your pussy and ass has to offer. Suddenly I slap your ass very hard with my left hand. Once, twice, three times, making your body sting and yet almost cum.

While you are distracted by the momentary pain, I yank my hand from you, my fingers making an audible pop. I take my hands, spread your cheeks wide open and slide my tongue as deep into your slightly gaped asshole. I couldn’t help myself, your sweet little asshole looks so tasty, so sexy, so pure… It looks fucking hot winking at me, still gaped open the same size as the finger which was just buried in it. I couldn’t help myself as I ran my tongue from your tongue to your ass over and over again, sucking up your juices as I went.

Eventually I stopped my tongue bath just long enough to slide my tongue once again into your asshole. As deep as humanly possible I slide my tongue into your tight little ring, the sweet tangy flavor of your ass filling my mouth as I go. The delicious taste and my tongue coupled with your pussy juice still wet on my lips is driving me wild. You jump a little as I suck hard on your swollen anal ring and begin to violently fuck your ass with my tongue.

Too much, it’s all too, too much as I reach down and begin to stroke myself. I feel you jump as the heat of my cock comes in contact with your leg. Slowly stroking myself I begin alternating between your pussy and ass with my tongue. Probing, licking, sucking, I pleasure you as my hand is rapidly stroking my cock. I’m now torturing myself as I can’t stop debating whether to continue dining on your soul or simply stand up and push my swollen cock deep inside of your wetness.

Much to my sadness I realize I need to bring things down a notch. Right now, making/letting you cum would be as easy as shooting chickens in a bathtub and I certainly don’t want this to be too easy on you. Releasing my cock, I stand, grab your wrists and hold them back over your head. While holding them there I slap you hard on your ass cheeks again. I stand up behind you now, take my cock and rest it against your wet and swollen clit while grinding myself against you. I hear you moan as my cock teases your hard nub and you moan even louder as I release your hands and grab your hair roughly. Your locks are soft, wet with sweat as I pull hard on your scalp.

“Do you want it Michelle, do you want to finally cum? Do you want me to finally give you that release your body needs so much?” I say as I wrap my free hand around your throat. Squeezing down hard I pull you up to look at me by the neck and hair. I stare into your eyes and see tears. At first I think I have hurt you but before I can asks what is wrong I realize it isn’t physical pain which is making you weep. Those are tears of passion and sexual frustration. I realize you are about to cry because you want and need to cum so, so bad. Too bad I am in charge of this game and there is no way I am letting you cum yet… you are not ready yet.

Still holding you by the throat I lean into you and taste the saltiness of your first tear. It is wet and cool on my lips, which is a stark contrast to how your wetness between your thighs felt a few minutes ago. “Tell me what you want Michelle… use your words and tell me exactly what you want” I say as I twist your hair a bit more. “Do you want this married cock to fuck you till you cum or would you rather taste my cock as it slides into your sweet mouth?” I ask.

With a loud groan you push your ass back at me as your answer. Your voice is raspy as you choke a bit from the pressure of my hand. Finally through a gasping voice you say “I jussst wa-aant t-t-tooo cum!!”

“Say it Michelle, tell me what the fuck you want or I will leave” I say. With that I release your throat and hair only to take a light hold of your sexy face. I bring my lips to yours and kiss you passionately. As our lips mash together, our bahis şirketleri tongues begin to battle each other. As I break our kiss I grind my hardness against your wet pussy and slide my finger into your mouth. “Which will it be, do you want to cum or shall I leave?” I ask.

Your response is quick and catches me off guard as your hand shoots between us and grabs hold of my cock. “Get the fuck off me Winn, get the fuck off me and let me have some of this cock,” you say with a squeeze. The passion in your eyes is almost frightening but says it all while being very hot. I push off of you and stand there waiting, curious as to how you think this will proceed.

Again you surprise me but this time it is with your speed. You are quick like an Emu as you flip your body around so your head is hanging off the edge of the bed and level with my hardness. Without any hesitation you reach and grab hold of my cock. A moan escapes your lips as your grab me and guide me into your mouth. Now it is my turn to moan and groan, the wet heat of your mouth acting like a bolt of lightning through my body as you take my cock in deeply. Reaching up, your hands grab my ass to give you leverage as you begin sucking my cock like you life depends on it. As if I wasn’t turned on enough, your mouth begins to bring me close to the edge of orgasm.

Over and over you pull me by the ass, then push me away… moving my cock in and out of your mouth. Slow then fast, just the tip, then choking on the shaft as you suck my cock with uninhibited passion as though you were a woman possessed. You are working me so well I soon feel my cum beginning to tighten in my balls. To give myself a moment of rest I pull out of your mouth and then feel your wet lips sucking and licking at my balls. To further take my mind off the intense pleasures you are giving me I lean over you and run my tongue roughly against your clit.

Soft fast strokes of my tongue much like you are doing to my balls. I reach up and slap your clit soft then harder. You respond by running your tongue from my balls to my taint, stopping just short of my shaved asshole. Now virtually lying atop you, I spread your lips wide with my left hand. As I expose your dripping hole and hard clit, I slap your pussy hard with my right hand. One, two, three hard slaps I feel your body beginning to shake like before.

You reach under me and slide a finger inside yourself, stirring around in the juices and soaking it with delicious. I try and catch your finger in my mouth as you pull it free but you are Emu quick and begin sucking the finger before I can get to it. I expect you are about savor yourself again but am shocked when I suddenly feel you probing at my tight asshole. Although I clench up at first, you continue to probe me causing my anal muscles to slowly relax. As I suck your clit into my mouth again, I slide my own wet finger deep into your ass.

Together we begin teasing each other’s assholes as we lay there locked together. I feel you pull free from my ass, then slide back into me with a wetter finger. I love how you just tasted my ass as you licked your finger to get it wet again.

As we continue to finger and lick each other, I feel your body continue to tense and shake again. I know how desperate you must be to cum. We’ve been going at it for over an hour now and I still won’t let you release your orgasm. When you take my cock back into your mouth and begin massaging my asshole deeply with your finger, you almost make me cum as you graze my prostate. You feel me jump and begin sucking me harder. My brain is on fire with sensations as your mouth continues to glide along my cock, your finger continues to probe my ass.

Your free hand now wrapped around my hardness, jerking me in your mouth as you suck passionately on my swollen cock. With each thrust of your finger, suck of your mouth and twist of your hand you are pushing me closer and closer to the edge.

While you are feverishly pleasuring me, I continue to slip my finger in and out of your ass while dipping my tongue into your honey flavored petals and sucking your clit. I guess I want to test you, I want to see if your sweet ass can take it. I want to see if in the heat of passion your cute little asshole can take two of my fingers deep into your puckered depths. With that I slide a finger deep into your pussy and pull it out, watching in awe as a string of your sweet nectar drips from the tip. I then slide my other finger out of your ass, take it into my mouth. I suck away at your tangy sweetness, both to savor the sweet flavor and to re-wet it so it will slide back into you smoothly.

I then pair my two fingers and place them against your tight hole. I run my tongue along your clit and then slap it hard as I push my fingers forward and slowly insert them into your ass. Your muscles fight me at first, but begin to relax and allow my two fingers to penetrate you. With the second smack to your clit, your asshole completely relaxes and allows my fingers to slide together deep into your wanton little asshole. As my fingers come to rest fully in your ass I pause to let you get use to the fullness. As I pause, I suddenly feel your teeth grazing along my cock as though you are trying to tell me to continue. Taking my cock from your mouth you moan loudly, “Holy fuuuuck,” you say as I smack your clit again.

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Imogen’s Anus Ch. 02

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NB. This story contains graphic descriptions of a girl’s bowel movement. If you are in any way put off by this please do not read further.



I fell into a deep sleep with Imogen that night only to be awoken at some time in the early hours by Imogen suddenly climbing out of bed.

“I REALLY need to go to the toilet!!” she announced without shame.

My heart thumped into life once again as I realised that Imogen may be about to relieve her constipation.

She promptly moved towards the bathroom and sensing her urgency, I called out after her,

“Will you be OK?”

“Hmmm.” She paused.

“I think I might need some help!”

With this, I followed immediately with a huge amount of anticipation that I might be about to watch Imogen do a huge shit.

We both entered the bathroom naked, at which point Imogen raised the white toilet seat and sat down on it, slightly hunched over and squinting under the garish fluorescent lighting.

Her knees remained together as a look of concentration came over her face, followed not too long after by the familiar hissing sound of her pee jet streaming against the toilet bowl.

She released her breath after she had finished the most of it, following up with a couple of obvious extra squirts to complete the urination.

My cock had now swollen in front of Imogen as she remained seated on the toilet, clearly waiting for what was about to happen next.

“Is there more to come?” I asked, genuinely trying to mask my anticipation.

She paused again as her face engaged the same look of concentration as before.

“I think so!!” she responded.

And at that moment, her body’s intent was revealed as she released a lengthy and quite noisy fart into the toilet.

“I think it’s about to come,” she declared.

“So am I!!’ I thought wickedly.

Her breath held once again as her face now coloured slightly with the accompanying strain.

After some moments she released her breath with still clearly no result.

“Stand up Imogen,” I suggested.

She raised herself off the toilet seat, revealing her beautiful bare buttocks to me once again.

I gazed at the sweet, dark crevice of her buttock crack and then had her bend over slightly but still with her rear passage positioned strategically over the toilet bowl.

Imogen allowed me to intervene at this point as I parted her buttocks to immediately reveal the hairy and brown stained wrinkle of her anus.

My cock hardened even further as Imogen then engaged another strain; this time a clearly more intense and longer strain as she held her breath accordingly.

Suddenly, I noticed her brown anus distend – the bright pink inner sphincter now appearing from within, completely puffing outwards almost instantaneously as a dark brown mass also appeared from within her back passage.

So there it was!

I was now watching intently as Imogen began releasing her faeces – this particular mass had been building up inside of her now for DAYS and now it was about to come out!

No more than an inch of poo had started to poke out of her anus when Imogen let out her breath yet again – it was obviously not going to be so easy.

The head of the stool then disappeared back inside Imogen as her inner sphincter shut off and she began gathering herself for another big effort.

Imogen strained again for the third time as her pink anal sphincter once again puffed out to its maximum, readying itself for the pooing action.

She actually let out a slight moan as the poo appeared once again, this time lengthening out of her body a good six inches, but EVER so slowly.

It appeared illegal bahis to be a very hard mass, dark brown in colour and NOT very moist, which would explain her constipated state very well – lack of water in her stool the most common of symptoms.

I wished I could help her by easing the poo out of her body by hand – but ultimately Imogen had to release this herself – her body was ready to push it out but it was still going to take some effort.

As Imogen paused between strains, I held her buttocks wide apart and bent down to inspect the dark brown stool that was now starting to hang out of her body.

Her bowels were now moving and even though the poo was not coming out of her immediately, I was enjoying immensely Imogen’s slow faecal extraction – it was extremely graphic and exciting to watch a beautiful girl perform such a natural yet intimate activity at such close range!

Another round of straining was soon underway with the dark brown stool inching ever so gradually out of Imogen’s body, her pink anal sphincter wrapped around the mass and slowly pulsing it out of her.

Imogen released an extended groan at the same time as she let go of her breath this time as her anus clenched around the hard brown turd, snapping off a length of approximately 8 or 9 inches almost in slow motion before my eyes as it thundered into the toilet bowl below, glancing the side of the porcelain and leaving a healthy brown streak before sliding into the water and coming to rest.

My penis was completely rock hard as I witnessed this most sacred of acts and the smell began to fill the bathroom.

I could only hope that Imogen had not yet finished her business and if possible, there would be more to come.

Imogen by now had re-positioned herself on the toilet seat and was catching her breath at the completion of her defecation.

The smell of it was hitting our nostrils by now as we both smiled and eventually laughed at the somewhat embarrassing but completely satisfying reality of what had just taken place.

Within 30 seconds, Imogen spontaneously released another lengthy fart which reverberated inside the toilet bowl in an entirely natural but somehow feminine way.

“I think there’s more to come!” she hastily added.

And just at that moment, she stood again with her wide buttocks strategically positioned and pulled apart over the toilet but this time the effects of her constipation were greatly lessened.

Her bowels must have loosened sufficiently that the next movement appeared very quickly.

Once again, her bright pink anus distended and opened as another large stool suddenly emerged from within her.

It was moister and fresher and literally just snaked out of her body effortlessly, as her pretty pink anus dispensed the glistening, smelly package on top of the mass already lying in the toilet beneath.

With nearly 20 inches of Imogen’s faeces piled into the toilet bowl, the smell was now completely filling the bathroom and which we both acknowledged in our own way.

“God, that really STINKS!!” Imogen admitted. “But it’s SUCH a relief!!”

“You must have REALLY needed to go!!” I added.

“But I really love the smell of your poo though Imogen – it probably smells even stronger for being locked up inside you for a few days!”

“I can’t believe I had that much poo built up inside of me!” Imogen declared as she looked down into the toilet and observed her own excretion. “It’s been at least 4 or 5 days since I was able to go to the toilet normally. There must have been something wrong with me or something…”

I joined Imogen at that moment in admiring the big pile of her faeces lying in the toilet bowl below.

“You must feel a whole lot better illegal bahis siteleri after that! Are you ready to clean yourself up??” I asked.

“I think so,” she replied.

At this, Imogen began removing some sheets of white toilet paper, folding them into tidy squares in readiness to start wiping herself.

Just as she was about to reach around to begin applying the tissue to her soiled back passage, I intervened, not wanting to miss such a golden opportunity.

“Do you need any help there?” I offered.

“If you like,” she responded to my delight.

I happily took the folded square of toilet paper from her and got her to spread her pale, wide buttocks apart as far as she could, therefore giving me unfettered access to her dirty anus.

Immediately I could see the soiling around her wrinkled anus, the whole area not only permanently stained brown but also now smeared with moist amounts of Imogen’s faeces.

I moved the toilet paper between her buttocks and applied the first wipe of her anus and removed an amount of soft, warm faecal residue.

The soiled toilet tissue was then dropped into the toilet, landing directly on top of her steaming faecal mound.

I was also extremely turned on by the sight of her hairy vagina directly below, of which I could see quite an amount her glistening pink meatus as she spread her buttocks and also managed to spread open her vaginal opening in doing so.

Her feminine pinkness was well highlighted by amounts of surrounding brown pubic hair around both her bodily openings – both her vagina and anus were well supplied with amounts of her curly brown girl growth.

Altogether, it took about 6 or 7 wipes to get Imogen’s anus clean, followed by a final wipe around her vulva and pubic hair to remove any moisture from her urination which had accompanied her bowel movement.

It was immensely enjoyable and exciting seeing her anus soiled with faeces in the first place and then being able to make it clean again – both the anus itself as well as the hairs around her anus which were smeared with poo just after she had defecated.

I also made a point of massaging carefully and sensually around the anal opening and inserting the toilet paper up inside her rectum to remove any faecal matter from inside her pink poop chute.

The smell also was completely enticing – such a sharp and pungent aroma that was unmistakably the smell of Imogen’s faeces that with much commitment and effort she had finally released from her body after a number of days suffering from constipation.

“That feels so much better!!” Imogen said with relief. “I feel like a new person – nice and empty!”

“I really loved watching you go to the toilet Imogen – I feel so privileged to have shared something so intimate with you!” I replied.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s thanks to you I was able to go – those beads up my bum earlier really helped to loosen things up. And it was just as nice to have your cock up my poo chute as well!!”

As we retreated back to the bedroom, I immediately locked in a naked embrace with Imogen – the tip of my wholly erect member now brushing in amongst her pubic hair and her lovely bare breasts pressed against me as we began open tongue kissing.

Imogen grabbed my erection firmly and began gently rubbing away.

“Oh God Imogen, I’d love to 69 you right now!!” I whispered to her in between strokes.

“As you like!” she complied.

At this, we immediately got into position – something I could have only dreamed of prior to this – and it was even better than I could have imagined.

Imogen’s large, pink vagina split open before my eyes as she pushed her hairy undercarriage back onto my face.

I did canlı bahis siteleri not hesitate to thrust my tongue straight up inside her, the taste of her manky girl juice hitting my senses instantly.

Her taste was now stale and funky and more than a little fishy having not showered either before our extensive sexual activity earlier in the evening.

I could only imagine what condition this may have left her underpants in if she had been wearing any!

The bristly feel of her pubic hair on my chin, nose and cheeks was unmistakable although best of all, was the odour emitting from her anus as my nose pressed directly against it.

As my tongue began to slide in and out of Imogen’s vagina, it seemed to barely touch the sides of her oversized feminine orifice.

I could only fantasize about the size of tampons Imogen actually did use inside this pink hairy monster when she was on her period.

“God, I can’t believe how BIG your fanny is Imogen!! And SO pink and wet inside – it’s amazing!!” I gushed.

Just as I was starting to get a wonderful build-up of her girl cream all over my tongue, Imogen decided she wanted something more.

“I really want you to lick my anus now! It’s your reward for helping me to unload myself tonight. Don’t hold back! I want to come with you licking me out” she responded.

I had planned to move my tongue from front to back soon enough, but to now do so at Imogen’s invitation was more than I could have dreamed.

Within moments, my tongue had begun dancing around her dirty back opening, the taste of her poo entering my mouth immediately along with what I hoped were an abundance of nasty germs from her recent bowel movement.

“Oooohhhhh, that tastes INCREDIBLE Imogen…such a sweet, tangy flavour – really sweaty and sharp!!”

“Don’t stop!!” she moaned breathlessly “It feels AMAZING!!”

Imogen pulled her buttocks apart as far as she could to give me access to her sacred brown poo opening.

My tongue swirled sensually around the perimeter of her brown-stained shitter, the sensitive nerve endings around her anus obviously sending waves of pleasure through the rest of her body as her breathlessness increased the more I licked.

The taste in mouth now was unmistakably faecal as I used my tongue to wipe around her anal hairs like a piece of toilet paper.

She began begging for more though as she beckoned me to start driving my tongue as far up her back passage as it would go.

“Keep licking my anus!!” Imogen begged. “Stick your tongue right up inside me, lick up inside my rectum. I want you to taste me. Taste my poo. Keep licking. Get that brown moisture all over your tongue. Taste my shit!! I just wish I had more poop stacked up inside me. I’d love to squeeze it out and dump it into your mouth right now!! Ooohhhhh GOD!!”

My face definitely now felt like a toilet seat and my tongue the toilet paper that was riding up Imogen’s anus and rectum and cleaning it of all its moisture and faecal residue.

All the while, Imogen’s stroke rate on my penis had doubled as the feeling inside her anal cavity had obviously intensified.

We were both clearly heading towards a remarkable orgasm, with Imogen providing an exquisite hand job to the precise rhythm of my tongue poking and swirling.

I could feel Imogen beginning to come above me and as she began to shudder, I left my tongue immersed as far inside her rectum as it would reach, pulsing the tip of it inside of her and within moments, I too began spurting amounts of my ball juice as Imogen managed to extract them from me.

Imogen’s extended orgasm eventually completed as I removed my tongue from her anus, my nose and mouth absolutely full of her faecal flavours and delicious stale scent.

In our post-coital bliss, my finger moved to begin a gentle massage of her swollen moist anal rim as Imogen sensually licked up drops of my come from the tip of my still swollen member.


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3 Day Weekend Ch. 02

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Ch. 2: Saturday morning

Joan snuck out the front entrance when Neal was making his rounds. She walked to the corner, and then down the two blocks to the hotel where she was staying. Even though it was two am, it was a safe neighborhood, and she moved quickly, keeping her eyes open for danger. Darn it, she forgot the bar was closed. Oh well, thank goodness for mini bars. She went up to her room, came in, and went right for the mini bar fridge. She grabbed a 7up and a vodka, and mixed them in a glass. She went to the bathroom, stripped down and started the shower. She still felt tingly all over and still horny. She could still not believe that she had the nerve to go through with this. She was getting herself excited just trying to get clean, think about his rock hard body. She got out, dried off and put on her skimpy negligee. She took a picture with her cell phone and sent it to Neal, with a message “sweet dreams”. She rested in bed with her drink and tried to think sleepy thoughts. It was at least an hour and two more drinks before she fell asleep.

Neal was driving home when he got the text from Joan. He opened it at a red light and his face lit up in a smile when he saw her body. He got home. He too jumped in the shower and got hard just from thinking about her body. It was going to be a long night.

At 6am the alarm clock blared. He hit snooze, and grabbed another twenty minutes of sleep. Beep! Beep! Ugh! Thought Neal, and rolled out of bed. He wanted to get a work out in, and staying in bed was not exercise. Four hours of restless sleep did not make for a good start. He felt crazy getting up at 6am on Saturday morning. He went down to the gym in his building, and somehow made canlı bahis in through his usual morning workout routine. He went back upstairs, drank his protein shake with a light breakfast. After a quick rinse, he dressed in a dago, tshirt and shorts. He left for the hotel, grabbing the cell phone and key that Joan left him.

Meanwhile, Joan was still asleep. The three drinks she had were enough to get her to sleep, but not enough to cause a hangover. Neal got to the hotel, and took the elevator to the room and opened the door. He crept across the floor to the bed. She was half asleep. Neal took off his shoes, and lay down next to her on top of the sheet.

He nuzzled her neck and whispered “good morning”.

She mumbled. He began to caress her body through the sheet rubbing his big warm hands over her arms, following the shape of her hips down to her thighs, then back up over her belly, up to her breasts. He stopped here, pulled the sheet down and began to caress her small firm breasts. His large hands covered them, and began to tease her nipples while nibbling her neck, licking and sucking through her flimsy negligee. Joan began to moan and wiggle under the sheet, moving herself closer against him. Neal shifted a bit and pulled the sheet off. He lay back next to her, pulling her close against him, so her back was against his front. She felt his large cock straining against his shorts. She pushed against him, and in doing so her negligee was creeping up her thighs. Neal took full advantage of this, and continued caressing her, keeping the negligee over her pussy mound and cupping it with his hand. He was running his tongue on her shoulder and neck, caressing her nipples with his other bahis siteleri hand. Joan could feel her pussy getting wet, and her heart was pounding with desire.

Neal could feel her heart beating fast and her breathing was fast. He could feel her wetness through the negligee. This was such a huge turn on. No words had been spoken between them. The desire was building like a slow, sensuous symphony. He slipped down his shorts and off, and let his cock loose.

He moved his bare cock against the soft, silky fabric of her negligee that barely covered her firm, round bottom. Joan moaned and her breath caught in her throat. His penis was moving up and down in the crack of her ass. Neal moved on top of her, and kissed her deeply. His entire body was leaning on her. She grabbed at his strong shoulders and returned the kiss, pressing her body up against him. Her legs seemed to have a mind of their own as they spread open. Neal could feel the moistness of her exposed bare pussy SO close to his cock. Neal stopped kissing Joan, and finally took off his dago, and her negligee.

He began to work his way down her body with his tongue. He made slow circles with his tongue on her nipples. He paused to suck them, alternating between soft and almost a bite. Joan moaned and wriggled beneath him. She felt like she was going to orgasm just from the nipple play. Neal licked her belly, and worked his way in between her legs. He pulled her knees up to open her pussy. He could smell her musky arousal scent. Her outer labia were swollen and puffy with desire. He took her licked in between her labia, teasing her even more.

Joan pleaded “Neal, please lick my pussy!”

Neal then plunged his tongue bahis şirketleri into her wet vagina. “Like that baby?” Neal whispered huskily.

“Yes! Please!” Joan begged.

Neal continued to lick her wet pussy. As much as he worked out, he knew the strongest muscle in your body was your tongue. He proved that by narrowing his tongue and plunging in and out of her hole, as she moaned in delight. Neal could tell she was very close to orgasm. He could feel the juice of her aroused pussy coating his tongue. Now was the time.

Neal thrust his hard cock into her wet and willing pussy. Unlike last nights’ fairly quickness, Neal thrust in slowly, in and out, taking his time. He was rubbing her clit and he could feel her pussy throb and squeeze against his cock. She thrust with him and suddenly Neal felt her pussy explode and throb against him. She called out his name as she came on his cock. Neal slowed down a bit, and took advantage of her wetter pussy by sliding out of her. He rolled her over and pulled her up onto her hands and knees. He entered her again, this time with less restraint and more urgency.

From this angle, Neal was able to feel even more of her pussy. He grabbed her hips as Joan was moaning. She matched his thrusts by pushing back against his cock. She could feel another orgasm building inside her. As she came again she called out his name. She dropped down to her elbows while Neal was still pumping her dripping pussy. He could not hold back much longer and with another few deep thrusts he felt his cock tremble inside of her while his cum was filling her pussy and he called out her name. He slowed down his thrusts, savoring the feel of his cock throbbing inside her pussy. He pulled out of her pussy, and he could see the cum starting to drip out of her. She lay back down, closely followed by Neal next to her.

Joan rolled over and said ” Good morning, Neal, what’s for breakfast.?”

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A Birthday Celebration

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Asian Babe

Sincere thanks to my editor ScarlettKisses making the language more fluent and the story more complete.


We are together for celebrating my sister-in-law eighteenth anniversary. The day took off in the morning with a champagne breakfast in her bedroom. She was embarrassed when we walked in singing “For she is a jolly…”

Oh what nice she was in her little pyjamas. The small maiden tits just viewable through the thin fabric. She tried to hide herself by pulling the quilt higher.

The scheme of the day was that the lunch was to be a family case at her parent’s home. Later in the afternoon a party of young people would get away to a local restaurant for dinner.

During the lunch I made a short speech for the celebration child. She immediately objected and said that her childhood was gone. Now she was a woman!

I reminded her about the first time I met her. “You were a persistent little girl of ten. You were very jealous about your sister and me, always trying to take me away from her, never allowing your sister to be alone with me, often taking place on my lap.”

“You have your own boyfriend now. I am left out of account! But you must know, I am jealous on your boyfriend for having such a charming lady,” I said with a humorous twinkle in my eyes. I looked at my wife and she laughed. Just as everyone else. I called for cheers and wished her all the best for the future.

The family talks went on in the usual manner when being together. By around three o’clock some young callers arrived. It was time for us to go for the restaurant. We had made an arrangement with the owner, a good friend of the family, to have the place for ourselves the whole night.

We were some twenty youngsters. True to say, all of us older than eighteen and friends of my sister-in-law and of my wife. In the whole troop the most celebrated were the young Mary and her boyfriend Arne. Then you have her elder sister, my wife Sarah, who always is the one with the feet on earth. In the troop there is also Mary’s closest female friends Lilly and Carina. Yes of course I myself, Thomas, had to be added. The old man in the party – good for 28 years.

It was a nice summer afternoon apart from that the temperature was somewhat too high. The noisy, thinly dressed troop walked through the streets on our way to the restaurant. Leading the party I looked back to the exhilarated girls and boys. I observed the females. Oh god, what a beautiful collection. Mary and Sarah hand in hand in their colour patterned summer dresses. The dark silhouettes of their bodies could be seen through the thin fabric when the rays of sunshine illuminated them from behind. As far as I got it Mary had no undergarments, and was stark naked besides the thin dress.

Lilly and Carina went on each side of Arne. They – the girls – had bikini fashioned dresses. Their fabric covering their chests was thin and hardly covered their areoles. The nipples pushed hard into the bright fabric. Their shorts were smallest, tightest fitting that could be found anywhere. The pussy was accentuated by the soft crotch fabric shrinking inside between the lips.

Arne and I wore unbuttoned white shirts put inside the waist line of our pants. Arne’s youthfully hairless chest was a sharp contrast to my hair covered, broad one.

Due to the hot weather we choose to take place inside the restaurant. The air-conditioning made it comfortable. The tables were arranged such that the one for guests of honour was close to the dance-floor. It was a table for six. The rest of the tables were small ones for two or four people. They were housed in the small cabinet like spaces along the walls, making the restaurant famous for its intimacy.

As it was I took place between Sarah and Mary at the table of honour facing the dance floor. In front of me Arne sat down between Lilly and Carina.

The restaurant owner, Clement, bid us welcome and explained that we were allowed to the whole establishment. After having ordered the food I stood up and proposed a toast for the birthday girl. Then the ice was broken.

There was a tremendous atmosphere. Even Arne, normally a reserved young man, was more talkative. Obviously he got on well with the two girls. The question is if he already got too far? I understood by Mary’s comments that she did not like her boyfriend to flirt with other girls.

Lilly and Carina giggled and smiled to his friendly advances. I am not sure, but I think his hands were caressing their thighs.

To distract Mary I started to make some comments on her nice summer dress. “It must be pleasant to wear such a light and airy dress a day like this!” Her face turned red. I went on and asked if it was real cotton.

“Yes it is” she answered with a thoughtful mind, “and the fabric is of a good quality.” She raised the lower part of the dress from her thighs. “Feel how thin it is!”

Now it was my face turning red. By raising the dress she, deliberately or not, shown her thighs all the way up to her crotch. True, she had no underwear!

“What are you doing?” shouted Sarah. “Do you kemalpaşa escort want to seduce my husband?” She fixed her eyes on me.

“Don’t be silly,” I said. “I have seen your sister naked before.”

However it was long time ago I thought for myself. It must have been when she spent some summer days at Sarah’s and my new home. We were left alone in the house for an afternoon. Sarah was at her office for an important job. She was to be back home well before dinner.

Mary was a curious young girl and asked: “How is it to be married? Tell me how to make love.”

I tried to explain what it is to live together. “It’s wonderful to be close to Sarah. One never need to be shy in front of each other. The time will come when you will discover all the happiness of the marriage. First you must have a boyfriend to be very fond of.”

“Yes I know, but I want you to teach me now,” she insisted.

“You have to wait for your eighteenth birthday.” I was embarrassed to say the least for how this discussion was to wind up. The situation was saved by Sarah who just arrived back home.

“What’s going on here?” she asked with a terrified voice when she saw our serious faces.

I told her that her sister just wanted to know how you and I make love together!


Suddenly I was brought back to present time. Sarah looked at me: “How quiet you are! What are you thinking of?”

I smiled and said that she always had been a saving angel. “Every time something interesting is popping up you are there to bring me in the right way.”

The celebration people got more and more wild. The soft music being played changed to a harder, tougher style. Some of the youths were now active on the dance floor.

Arne seemed to like it and invited Lilly for a dance. He hugged her tight. His hands caught hold of her buttocks forcing her lower part hard against his thighs. To Mary’s consternation he also kissed Lilly, as it appeared, in a hot love inviting way.

I proposed Mary to take the chance for dancing with me. “Sarah, I hope you allow me to get hold of your sister for a while?”

Sarah muttered with some disappointment in her voice: “It is up to you.”

When dancing I whispered in Mary’s ear: “Now, you have reached your eighteenth birthday. If you still want it I will be eager to teach you how it is to be in bed with a man.”

She looked at me: “I have always ached for being yours. But I suppose it will hurt Sarah and destroy your marriage.”

“No problem,” I answered and nodded sideways. Mary followed my eyes and saw that Sarah amused herself with a young dance partner. Obviously she was very interested in him. He led her as if he was a dancing-master. He took every chance to get hold of her apple shaped buttocks. His hands strived to get inside between her thighs. He managed to raise the hem of her dress. The hipsters were in view by everyone. She made no resistance, just followed him in the dance.

He bent her backwards and kissed her in a most passionate way. She seemed to respond in an active way. There was a sting of jealousy going through my body. It had never happened before that Sarah, my lovely wife, kissed a man in front of me.

After a while Mary and I returned to the table. Sarah’s seat was empty. I looked around to find her, but there was no trace of Sarah. I asked Clement if he had seen her. He responded with an arched smile that perhaps she had to visit the ladies room.

Inside me I was rather sure that her young dance partner had abducted her.

I knew that there were some small “conference” rooms upstairs. Some years ago Clement told me that his guests were allowed to make use thereof if needed.

I told Mary to follow me. She was a little bit disappointed too. Nor Arne was to be found. Also her best friends Lilly and Carina had disappeared!

Mary and I went upstairs. I explained to her the aim of the rooms we were to inspect.

She was very upset. “I really didn’t think my boyfriend was to cheat on me! And with my best friends! It’s unbelievable and unforgettable.”

“Oh you think so,” I said with a smile. “What do you think he would say if you went to bed with me?”

She didn’t answer.

Upstairs there was a hallway with doors on each side. Most of the doors were open. Inside the rooms there were a table, a pair of chairs and a twin bed. Just like a small hotel room.

We continued along the hall. A few doors were closed. From behind one of the closed doors we could clearly hear what was going on inside. Words of happiness and satisfaction made its way out through the chinks of the door. From another room laughter and loud voices could be heard. However it was impossible to establish who the people were other than it was girls and boys who made each other lucky.

Almost at the end of the hall we found a door being slightly open. Carefully I slowly opened it. We looked into the room. We stood as petrified of astonishment.

Two nude people were quite engaged of each other. She was lying on her back on the twin bed escort kemalpaşa with the feet next to the door. He straddled her pussy with his back shown to us. It was Sarah and Arne!

They were not aware of being observed. Sarah moaned when Arne penetrated her pussy. Together with Arne’s breathing of exertion it made us hot. I whispered: “Oh god, what a beautiful couple! We have to join them. Aren’t we?”

Mary was doubtful. She stared at the scene taken place in front of her. Her boyfriend satisfying her sister! “I wish he will learn something about sex,” she whispered to me.

“Wouldn’t you learn something too?” I had put myself behind her back and cupped her tits through the thin cotton fabric. Contributed by the sounds from the two lovers the feeling of the B sized breasts gave my cock an incitement to grow hard.

I was aware of a little hand searching down along my trousers. It stopped just over a bulb built up inside. The hand squeezed the trousers. “I want to see your naked body!” I heard Mary’s voice echoed from the past. “And I want you to teach me the love game now!”

I wasn’t late to get rid of my clothes. At the same time I helped Mary out of her dress. There we stood quite nude just in front of our respective partners, who at the moment had no eyes for us. Arne was occupied with licking Sarah’s clit. It was funny that he hadn’t noticed us.

My hands slid down along Mary’s slim body. Passing her flat belly they reached the pubic bone. I turned her to face me. She stared at my hard pointing cock. “What do I do?” she whispered.

I kneeled in front of her, separated her legs a little. I put my tongue inside between her pussy lips just in the height of the clit. She gasped loudly. I went on licking her pussy up and down. Her body shivered of satisfaction. She moaned and sighed. “Please, go on! Do it to me!”

That was the signal announcing our presence to Sarah and Arne. The sudden interruption of their activities was for sure not what they wanted. They looked at us and Sarah asked irritated: “What are you doing here?” But in next second she said: “Welcome on board, hear is room for four!”

Mary and I entered the room.

“Well I’m here to show Mary how you and I make love together. You know, she has always wondered what we are doing at home at night. Now it’s up to you to show her!”

Sarah smiled and said that obviously we already had got a good introduction then observing Arne’s wonderful knowledge in the matter.

Arne stood in front of Mary. His face expressed a look of appeal. It was obvious that he didn’t know how to handle the situation.

“Oh, come on!” I said, hugged Mary and kissed her. She immediately responded by trying to reach my cock. She knelt and got hold of it. Once more it grew in her hand. Her mouth came closer and I forced her head against my crotch. She started to suck it. First very doubtful, then more and more aggressive like a starving child.

Arne watched his girlfriend. “No, you can’t do such a thing to me!” he shouted jealously. “I can’t believe it, you are mine, you can’t suck him off!”

Sarah intervened and asked him why he only a moment ago was eager to eat her pussy if he doesn’t allow Mary to have fun in a corresponding way. “She has the same rights as you to investigate the happiness of the life.”

Arne shook his head: “It feels so unreal to see her do something she never had done to me!”

Mary showed up an astonished face. She immediately stopped her actions. She got on her feet and facing Arne she said that she wouldn’t like to hurt his feelings. “I thought it was ok as you and my sister acted as you made when we found you. Please, forgive me. I love you!”

Arne got close to her and embraced her. “I’m a fool and of course you have nothing to beg for excuse.” They looked at each other. Her hands rested on his buttocks. An unsure smile began to cover their faces.

It was obvious to Sarah and me that Arne was going hot. Mary had spread her legs. Her right hand had left his buttocks and slipped in between their nude bodies. I think she kept hold of his shaft.

He brought Mary to lay down on her back on the twin bed. Straddling her body he cuddled and fondled her tits. Bent forward he kissed her lips. Their tongues met in a whirling dance, just as a battle of whom could reach furthest inside the mouth of one another.

Sarah and I witnessed a real reconciliation between two loving youths. We were infected of their flaming love. We left the room with the door slightly open.

“Sorry for having destroyed your teaching of a young man!”

Sarah looked at me: “Jealous of him?”

“No, but I was very anxious about your dance partner. Obviously he was successful in making you quite hot!”

“Oh, he wasn’t my type. But as I knew that you watched us I just liked to give you an eye-opener! You seemed to prefer Mary!”

I was ashamed, but explained that I wanted to divert Mary’s embarrassment when Arne asked Lily for a dance. “But you got rid of your cavalier?”

“Yes, thanks to Arne! He understood kemalpaşa escort bayan that I didn’t like the attendance when I returned to our table. He knew about the rooms upstairs and proposed me to follow him.”

When I heard Sarah’s explanation a load was off my mind. I embraced her and said that I really had to thank Arne for his rescue action.

Suddenly I was aware that Sarah and I went naked along the hallway. Some doors were still closed. Funny sounds and voices could be caught from inside.

There were also some noisy voices downstairs. I heard them coming closer. It was quite clear that some people were aimed at investigate what to be found upstairs.

In front of Sarah and me appeared a small group of six nude youngsters. I recognized Lilly and Carina in front of the rest of the group. Their faces got reddish when they saw our nude bodies. Lilly found herself and asked if we knew where to find Mary.

I laughed: “You are anxious to know where she was gone? I can tell you that she is very busy for the moment. And I think she doesn’t want to be disturbed!”

Lilly stared unable to understand.

One of the boys shouted: “She isn’t interested in Mary but in Arne!”

Lilly glared at him. “We want to thank Mary for the great birthday party! You know where she is, please, show us.”

I looked at Sarah and she nodded her approval. I made a sign to them to be silent. Returning to the slightly open door I waited until all six expectant nude youths were assembled in front of the door. I brought it full open.

A murmur went through the hallway. In front of our wide opened eyes Mary straddled Arne who lay on his back with the feet facing the door. With her back turned to Arne’s head she was somewhat bent backwards and moved up and down with his hard cock inside her vagina. Her tits bounced in a happy way for each stroke she made. Her wide spread legs gave us a good view of her nice pussy.

I was afraid that she was to pass out of pure fright. She stopped her action but remained straddled above Arne. He raised his head in an attempt to see what had happened.

Sarah struck up the tune: “Happy birthday to you…”. The little group of nude people followed her with top of their voices.

Mary got down from Arne. I whispered to them that they had to finish their heavenly exercise when alone back at home. The youths had invaded the room. Lilly had found her way to Arne and Mary was attended by two boys.

Sarah and I stood in the doorway and the sight of happy teenagers foundling each other reminded us about times not long ago.

Mary said something to the boys who were foundling her. They looked at Sarah and dragged her into the room. She looked surprised at me. But when I nodded my approval she followed them.

I wasn’t late to take care of Mary. “You know I want to be with you,” she whispered in my ear. I took hold of her buttocks and pulled her up such that her legs surrounded my waist. My cock was growing hard and was soon apt for insertion.

Mary hold her arms around my neck and clasped herself to my chest. Our lips found each other in a deep kiss. I let her slide down my body and my erected penis just as searched for her vaginal opening. It found its goal and slipped into a well lubricated channel. I carried her towards the bed and brought her to lie down on her back across the bed, still with my cock inside. Her bottom was in line with the edge of the bed length side in a comfortable height for me to continue. My cock slid in and out. First with a slow speed, but then with an increasingly rate.

My hands had reached Mary’s small breast, lifting them slightly. My fingers teased the tips of her puffed out nipples. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. Her breathing changed to short, shallow gasps. I knew she was about to orgasm.

“Aaaahhhh,” she came. Her pussy contracted on my cock. Her head raised from the bed. Her belly flexed. “Uuuuuhhh,” she contracted again. I felt that her clit was stiff when our crotches were brought together. With a loud exhale she collapsed on the bed.

I looked around to see what was going on. Everybody was in high spirit. I found that Sarah was attended by three of the young boys. I caught her eye and got the impression that she enjoyed the situation. She sat on one of the boys with his cock deep inside her ass hole when another one tried to enter her vagina from behind. The third boy stood behind her head. His hard erection protruded over her hair. I guessed he aimed to bring it in her mouth.

Next to Mary and me, Lilly and Carina were quite busy with Arne, who lay on his back on the bed. His cock was buried in Lilly’s cunt while Carina straddled his head. I caught the glimpse of how his tongue tried to encircle her clit. The girls faced each other and their hands were foundling one another’s breasts.

Mary had recovered from her orgasm. She was aware of Arne’s and her girlfriends’ actions. She looked at me with a smile. “They are tremendous! I think Arne likes such an attention.” We heard Arne’s grunting and how his breathing was more and more exerted. If it wasn’t for that Carina had covered his mouth with her pussy his aroused condition had came to a louder sound expression. However, from his body movements it was obvious that he cum deep inside Lilly. She screamed: “Oh god, that feels great!” All her body quivered when she reached orgasm too.

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A Good Relationship Ch. 6

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The next weekend, Howard decided we would go for a drive. I was at his house, and he said he would like to go for a drive and stop some where for a picnic. He went upstairs for a while. When he came down he had some clothes over his arm, he said he would like me to wear them. He said he was going to get a picnic hamper packed and left the room.

I undressed, I had shaved off my body hair that morning, and started to dress in the clothes Howard had picked out, first a very well padded white bra, lacy white suspender belt, white stockings, white frilly panties, pink little girl style party dress which fitted up under my padded bra then flared out from there, then a pair of white high heels, then a blonde wig with pig tales. I looked like a little girl going to a birthday party. Howard came back into the room carrying a hamper, looked me up and down, he said all I needed was some red lipstick, so I went and put some on. Howard put the hamper in the car, we both got in and we set off, it was a bit cloudy but nice and warm as we drove along almost deserted country roads.

We reached a main road and turned to the north, it wasn’t far to Scotland, we passed a few lorries on a steep hill, then the road went into a forest, a sign said “picnic area & toilets”, Howard pulled in. We drove passed the toilets, which was an old bungalow type building, to an area with set out tables and benches with a big grassy area all around. Howard parked the car and he picked up the hamper and said we would have the table over the back near the edge of the forest were the grassy area ended. Only one other table was in use when we got there, a couple were sat drinking tea from a flask, they hardly noticed us as we reached our table and sat down. Howard unpacked the hamper and poured some tea for us both, it had been a while since breakfast, it was 1:30 in the afternoon now. We tucked into some sandwiches and buns that he had made, we were both hungry.

The couple had finished, packed up and left, a lorry had pulled up a scruffy man thick set with a big black beard jumped out of his cab and looked at us then walked off in the direction of the toilets, glancing back at us a couple of times. We continued our picnic, the lorry driver came back and lay out on the grass near his truck. Another truck pulled in a while later as we were packing up, Howard put the hamper back in the car, he said he was going to the toilet before starting back, I said I would go as well.

I was in a bit of a dilemma as to which toilet to use, as there was no one near I followed Howard into the men’s. He went to one of the urinals, I went to the far end into a cubicle, the place was not very well lit. a couple of bulbs were missing, but the sun shining through the windows helped to light the place. I lifted my dress and pulled down my panties and sat on the toilet seat, I was soon reading some of the messages and looking at the drawings on the door and walls. These toilets. it would seem was used as a meeting place for people for all types of sexual activities. I finished using the toilet pulled up my panties and re-arranged my dress, I flushed the toilet and unbolted the door and walked out of the cubicle, Howard wasn’t there, I assumed he had gone back to the car.

I was part way towards the door when in came the big bearded lorry driver with another man, probably from the other truck that pulled up. I went to walk round them but the big man grabbed me by the arm. Not so fast he said as he pulled me towards the far end. He said he would like to now what I was doing in the mens toilet, he opened the cubicle at the far end, he pulled me in behind him then he shut and bolted the door. There wasn’t much room in there he pushed me up against the bolted door, he was much taller and heavier than me, he took my head in his hands and turned my face towards him his mouth pressed against mine he forced his tongue between my lips and it shot deep into my mouth, flicking over my teeth then probing down my throat. I felt him tugging my dress up and a hand was soon squeezing my balls and cock through my panties. The other man was banging on the door asking what was happening.

He removed his mouth from mine to tell the other man to shut up he could have his turn next, he then shoved his hand down the front of my panties and grabbed hold of my cock and began roughly wanking it, unfortunately it began to respond to him and was soon hardening up. He went back to kissing me some more, his tongue down my throat again, with his free hand he undid his trousers and they fell to the floor, he then pushed his underpants down ha took my hand and placed it on his cock, it was rigid already. He then placed his hands on my head and began pushing downwards I was soon kneeling on the floor his cock just inches from my face. He took great delight in rubbing it all around my face before finally shoving it to my lips and pushing hard he forced my lips open and then on inside, it was soon crammed in as far as it would go, his balls up against my chin, çiğli escort the head was down my throat nearly choking me.

He held my head in his and then began pumping his cock in and out of my mouth, he stopped and pulled me to my feet, I looked up, there was his mate looking over the partition wall from the next cubicle. The man turned me ruond to face the door, he sat down, then reached up under my dress and hooked his fingers into the waist of my panties and tugged them down around my ankles then lifting one foot at a time he took them off and through them up to his mate. He forced me to bend over and spread my legs, he pulled me back towards him, then he began to lick up and down my ass, his rough beard scraping my bum. The tip of his tongue was pushing it’s way into my hole, which was then replaced by a finger, his spit was the only lubrication.

After a short while of him fingering me he stood up and pushed me forward, my head was pressed up against the toilet door, his cock was pressing up against the entrance to my hole then with a sudden lunge he was up to the hilt inside me. With the lack of grease his shagging me was a little painful, thankfully it was not long before he emptied his balls inside me. He quickly pulled his cock out and unlocked the door and pushed me out, his mate was waiting his dick already in his hand, he pushed me to my knees and made me suck his cock, then I was made to get on hands and knees and the man knelt behind me and rammed his cock up me, the cum from the last bloke was a good lubricant, at that moment another guy came in from outside and watched for a short time, the man fucking me up the ass.

Then his cock was out and he knelt in front of me and shoved his cock in my mouth, each thrust from the cock up my ass thrust me forward so the cock went deeper into my mouth and down my throat. The guy behind me shot his load of cum up my ass, the other man took his cock out of my mouth and made me lay out on the floor on my back by the urinals, the floor was damp with piss and was soon soaking into the back of my dress. The last bloke took my legs and lifted them up and over on top of me a knee on either side of my head, the first man with the beard knelt down and held my legs there.

The last bloke knelt by my bum and lowered himself down on top of me his cock slipped straight up me to his balls, then he was shagging me long and very deep his balls slapping my ass, his cock making a slurping noise as he thrust in and out. Soon he pulled his cock out just in time to spray my belly, suspenders and my cock and balls with his cum. He stood up his cock still pointing at me, my legs still held firmly, he began to pee, he aimed his piss at my belly and then over my stockinged legs, all the men began to laugh at my plight, I was unable to move as the second man puled out his cock and began to piss on me also. When they had finished they put their cocks away, then the bearded guy finally let go of my legs and I straightened them out and slowly stood up, I noticed Howard standing in the outside door way, how long he had been there and how much he had seen I don’t know, another man was there he had been watching.

The three men left the toilet, I walked towards Howard, he looked me up and down, my dress was soaking wet making it see-through and it clung to me I was trying to pull it down to cover myself up, Howard turned and walked outside, I followed, he said there was no way I was getting into his car like that. The piss was dripping from me as we walked, it had mixed with the cum on my belly and was now running down my legs. Howard just got into his car and without another glance drove off, I shouted after him to stop, but he just kept on going and disappeared down the road. I didn’t know what to do I was in the middle of nowhere, I was going back to the table we were sat at when a man said to wait, it was the man who had been in the doorway with Howard, he caught up to me and said he had seen what had happened, Howard driving off and leaving me as well, He said his name was Dan and he lived quite near he would take me back there to clean up etc. I accepted his offer.

The man with the black beard went by in his lorry and through my panties out of the window and laughed. Dan picked them up and said there didn’t seem any point in putting them on, he put them in his pocket then got an old blanket from the boot rapped it around me and helped me into the passenger seat and put the seatbelt on for me. As we drove along he said he was 61 years old, I commented that he only looked about 45, which was true , he did. He went on to tell me he lived alone and often went to those toilets, to read the writings on the wall and see if he could meet anyone, that was his only sexual excitement. We had gone a few miles when we hit a traffic jam, he said we were very near his house to, he said he wanted me to tell him all about myself and my relationship with the man that abandoned me.

The jam was a long one, I was çiğli escort bayan nearly finished telling him all about the times with Howard, the wedding, the Africans, the horses he kept asking questions and wanting me to go into great detail about what we did, how we did it etc., by the finish he knew everything, he really did seem very interested, he asked me if I enjoyed the dildos and the big cocks up my ass, I nodded in reply. We were moving again, and he told me he found it difficult to get an erection, and that he got most of his enjoyment, from watching, voyeurism, and giving pleasure in any way he could. We pulled up in the road outside his terraced house, he got out and came round and opened the door for me and helped me out then went and opened the front door and we both went inside. He said the first thing was to have a bath while he took my clothes and put them in the washing machine.

He took me to the bath room upstairs and told me to help myself to anything I needed, razor etc., he turned on the taps and told me to get undressed, which I did, he left with all my clothes and my blonde wig. I had a long leisurely bath then shaved all over legs, pubes etc. Dan came back with a dressing gown for me to wear when I had finished. I got out of the bath dried, put on the dressing gown and found Dan in the kitchen, he had made us both a cup of tea, we sat and drank it together then he showed me around his house, the rooms were not big but there was three bedrooms and bathroom upstairs and living room, kitchen and dining room down stairs. He said he had a big basement also, it was his “playroom” and he would show me it another time. He said it was getting late he would show me to my bedroom, we went up stairs, he took me into the single room, he said we would have to think about getting me some clothes, as he took my robe and hung it on the back of the door.

I jumped into bed naked and Dan tucked me in and gave me a long kiss on the lips, then left wishing me a good nights sleep. I slept well woken by Dan coming into the room with my clothes, he said breakfast would be ready soon, he left and I got dressed, all my clothes all spotlessly clean. I put on my wig last then went down to the kitchen, Dan greeted me with another kiss on the lips, I was quite getting used to that by now, he said I looked lovely, the party frock suited me. We sat down and had breakfast, he said he hoped he didn’t sound to forward or anything like that, but would I like to stay a while because he enjoyed my company and wanted to get to know me better, and that he would take me home to get some of my things.

I thought about it over breakfast, I was owed some holiday from work and he was a nice man and I needed a change so I told him yes. I used his phone and found out I had two weeks owing me so I took the lot. Later that morning we left the house Dan gave me a long raincoat to put on, it came down to my ankles, just above my white high heels, he fastened it down the front as far as my waist, we went out and got in the car and began the drive to my house. We had not gone far when he reached over and put his hand on my knee and said he hoped I didn’t mind but he would like to see my legs, I said that was okay and he parted my raincoat, my dress had ridden up a bit, he could see my stocking tops which pleased him so I left them on show for him. We got to my house, I said I would like him to come in and choose the clothes he would like me to take, he went through my wardrobe and picked out mainly girly things, short skirts, tiny panties etc., he was enjoying going through them.

We didn’t stay long and we saw on sign of Howard, I had picked up makeup and toiletries and we loaded the car and went back to Dan’s house. It was lunch time when we got back the conversation was getting quite sexy he asked me about dildos he knew I liked them and would I go into town with him after lunch and choose one or two. I said yes of course he was being good to me and I would like to please him. So, after lunch he got me to put on some lipstick, then he helped me on with the raincoat, again he only buttoned it down to my waist, he said he wanted to see the men’s faces, as it parted occasionally, and they could see my hot skirt and legs and maybe more.

He said we were going on the bus because parking in town was bad, we walked down to the bus stop, we didn’t have to wait long before a bus turned up, there was hardly anyone on board, Dan told me to sit in the side seat just inside the door so every one getting off or on the bus would have to pass me. He said he was really going to enjoy this it was his voyeur thing taking over, I said it sounded fun, he was very pleased that I would do this for him. We got on the bus Dan having paid the fare, I duly sat in the seat as planned, Dan soon made signs for me to push my coat off me knees, I did and it opened out right up to my waist.

A few people got off an on the men were looking at my legs, Dan had a big smile on his face, escort çiğli he then made signs for me to raise my skirt a little and part my legs slightly, I did so showing just a little of my white stocking tops. Dan who was sat directly opposite could see bare thigh in between my legs and a flash of my white panties, he was really enjoying himself and I was too. A middle aged man got on and walked past staring at my legs then turned and walked back and sat next to Dan still staring at the view. Dan winked at me and mouthed the word “more” I smiled back and shifted in my seat making my dress ride up higher, he could now see all of my stocking tops now and a lot of my panties as I opened my legs just a tiny bit more. We soon reached our stop and we had to get off. Dan said he had enjoyed that so much, he loved the expression on the mans face as he sat and stared at the view I was giving him.

We walked a short way and Dan directed us towards a sex shop, the outside looked very plain, but inside was a different thing, everything that had a sexual flavour was here. I spent ages looking round, there was a few men browsing as well, they gave me the occasional glance and the odd stare, it was probably my blonde wig or maybe it was the times when my coat opened to show my short pink dress. Dan beckoned me to him he had found the biggest selection of dildos I had ever imagined, he asked me what size I would like, I picked up one it was about 9 inches long and about 3 inches in diameter, putting my hand round it my index finger and my thumb were nowhere near meeting. It was black and shaped like a cock with a giant head on it, it was rubber and flexible, I got more looks from passers by as I was bending it.

Dan had found another which was a little smaller but had a hose coming out of the base to a blow up bulb, he pumped it a few times and it got really big. So Dan bought those two and we left the shop, we went back to towards the bus stop but he needed to go to the super market for some food. We got a trolley and entered the shop and began going up and down the aisles, we were less than half way round when Dan said we were being followed by the man off the bus. I looked back and saw him pretending not to notice us, but it was definitely him, I said to Dan perhaps he was hoping for another flash, would he like me to give him a good look. Dan had a big grin and nodded enthusiastically, the next aisle was empty I undid all the buttons on my coat, then I reached up behind me and lifted my dress up above my waist at the back then I leaned far over the edge of a freezer pretending to get something from the very bottom and waited for he man to come round the corner.

Dan had positioned himself to watch both me and the voyeur, he came round the corner and saw us and began to walk up towards us, I waited until he was very close and pulled the back of my coat fully round to one side. Both he and Dan had a good view of my undies to above the waist, they could see all of my white suspender belt, my white frilly panties, bare thigh down to the tops of my white stockings. The man stopped and stared making sure he got a very good look, Dan loved it, he was very excited, I stayed like that for a short while until some other people came round the corner into our aisle and I quickly covered myself up, pulling my dress back under my coat. The man went on around the corner, Dan and I finished the shopping and went back to the bus stop still talking about the voyeur. We got on the bus it was very full we had the last couple of seats, so we were unable to get up to any more mischief.

Dan and I got off the bus and went indoors, we sat down and talked about our wonderful day, we had tea then watched a bit of tv then Dan said he would like to show me his basement. He unlocked the door under the stairs and we went down a flight of stairs, he turned on the light, there was two biggish rooms one was a workshop with many tools and gadgets on the wall and the bench. He took me into the other room, it was like a living room with carpet on the floor, a low doctors type couch was across the middle, one end up against the wall, he sat down on it and I sat along side him, the black leather was cold on the backs of my thighs, he turned to me and began kissing me, soon his tongue was probing my mouth, then his hand was sliding up my leg, over my stocking top and up to my panties.

He pushed his hand between my thighs and cupped my balls and was squeezing them gently, then his hand went higher and slid inside the top of my panties then down onto my cock then was slowly wanking it. I responded to his touch and my cock was soon hard, he stood up and gently turned me round so I was lying out my head at the wall end. he reached behind him and picked up a pillow and placed it under my head, then he lifted my dress up over my padded bra. His hands went to my panties, he pushed one back under the waist and was playing with my cock the other was tugging them out from under my bum, I lifted my self a little so he could take my panties down. He was soon sliding them down my legs and right off, he looked down at me then reached under the bed on both sides and brought up some heavy leather straps which he fastened at my waist, I began to ask him what was happening, but he told me to lay back and enjoy, so I did.

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A Japanese Adventure Ch. 08

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214 Tomi

At the bottom of the stairs, I stood at the partition which divided the hall into two and thought about Meiko’s warning about never going to the right. The cage doors to the male-slaves were still open. On a whim, I decided to act. Quickly, I walked on the women’s side. The doors were open! The girls were inside.

I heard gasps of surprise. Yokubo was in the next to the last cage. Her eyes widened in surprise when seeing me.

“What? She asked.

“Come! Come now. Now is the time!”

Without the slightest hesitation, she scampered through the door to her cubby and together we walked quietly up the stairs. The house was silent No one was in the hallway or even on the first floor. I hoped Meiko and Mistress weren’t going to leave their rooms so late in the evening. Slipping out through the back door I took hold of her hand and together we ran to the garage.

“We leave now! We leave now!” I said in a panicked whisper.

Why I decided to put my plan without giving thought to a night escape, I couldn’t say. Things just happened. In my mind, I thought about leaving after breakfast – just after being dismissed to complete our morning chores. A morning departure would mean the streets would be crowded. I thought we might be able to vanish into the masses of people and make our way to safety more easily. But we had time and the night had its benefits. Besides, Mistress Meiko and Mistress Su were hopefully in bed for the night.

I tossed her the plastic garments. “Put this on – top and bottom. Be quick!”

We donned our outfits and hustled to the back shed. Quickly I carried the ladder to the wall while Yokubo watched. I extended it as far as I could. The ‘click, click, click’ of the safety brackets engaging as they snapped over each rung sounded like fireworks going off in the silent night. I cringed when realizing I hadn’t thought about this potential giveaway.

The latter reached far above the wall. “You must climb to the top and jump. Be careful. Don’t hurt your ankle or foot. I will follow.”

Yokubo darted to the top of the wall and paused. The white of her plastic outfit shown in the moonlight. She stood out as a sole bright spot in an otherwise dark field of view. This was another flaw in my plan.

“Jump!” I hissed. “People will see you.” I saw her hesitate. “Jump!”

Finally, she did. I went up next and after getting to the top I carefully transferred my weight from feet to hands. As I did, the latter pivoted on the brick barrier and inverted. With a crash, the top came to rest on the far side. Quickly, I made my way to the bottom and pulled the ladder down. Hiding it behind a few bushes to hide our method of escape, we made our dash to freedom.

In my mind, I kept repeating “214 Tomi, apartment K.” Remembering the directions Akiyo provided, I pictured in my head our route and where we needed to go. Making our way from tree to tree, we neared the street opposite that on which Mistress Su lived. The sidewalks were only lightly traveled now that the hour was late and the traffic only sporadic. By no means were the streets desolate. We were in the middle of Kyoto, one of Japan’s major metropolitan regions.

Once we made it to the adjacent street I took Yokubo by the hand and held on tightly. I felt her grip tighten.

“We are free! We are free!” She said directly.

“Not yet. Not yet. We walk, Yokubo. We do not run. We do not make eye contact with anyone. We talk to one another the entire time. Even if we have nothing to say, we talk. We don’t make it easy for others to talk to us.”

“Yes, my slave.”

I only hoped her comment came automatically and was not said in jest. Yes, the worst had passed but the unknown lay ahead. I didn’t know anything about the neighborhood. I had to trust Akiyo’s directions to be true and accurate. “214 Tomi” I repeated and thought of the three blocks west we would need to travel before turning north on Tomi.

We made our way barefoot and in trash bags. During our half-mile walk, we passed two different police officers. None paid us even the slightest attention. Yokubo’s hand had become sweaty and I knew it wasn’t due to being overly hot. She, too, was struggling with maintaining a sense of self-composure.

I pointed to the right. “We go this way. White building – 214 on the address. Once we get there it’s apartment K. It’s on the fourth floor.”

“We’re at 112,” Yokubo noted and pointed to the building nearest us. “It must be on the next block,” she surmised.

“Yes, Akiyo said it was just after the bank or maybe she said it was just before the bank. Damn, I can’t remember now.”

“No worries, my slave. 214 is all we need to remember,” Yokubo reassured.

Our pace quickened as we neared Akiyo’s apartment complex. It took only a few more minutes. When seeing the address, we both let loose a sigh of relief. We were only yards away from safety. Finding the fire-escape stairs we walked silently up the stairs on the near side of the building. Apartment K was the third in a line of tire escort seven apartments accessed by a common hallway. We stood before the door that would prove to be our salvation. An overwhelming sense of relief came over me.

Yokubo rested her head against my chest and looked up. “We are here. You saved me.”

Her voice was barely audible and yet her thankfulness remained so profound. Tears filled her eyes. I rang the doorbell. No one came. I knocked again. Still no one. I tried a third time; this time banging a little louder. We waited. No one answered our call.

“Dammit! Come on! Open the door!”

I knocked and rang the bell again. Still no answer. We waited for several minutes but no one came. It was late – probably close to midnight.

“She is either asleep or not here. I told her we wouldn’t be here until tomorrow.”

“What do we do? Where do we go? Yokubo asked. Her voice declared the frantic state of her thoughts.

I looked around. We can’t stay here. Anyone coming out from any of these doors will see us. Let’s go back down. We can look for a place to hide around back.

A small back alley ran behind the buildings. Nothing was back here except asphalt pavement used for parking and trash containers. I spotted a large dumpster behind the apartment complex.

“In there,” I pointed. “We spend the night in there.”

“I hoisted Yokubo overhead with little effort.

“It stinks!” She said squirreling up her nose. “I’m not going in there!”

Not wanting to argue, I climbed up and braced myself on the upper rim of the massive dumpster. It was mostly full. Garbage and rotting food lay scattered everywhere. I climbed down and caught Yokubo when she jumped.

“Then we hide in that corner. Come.”

We spent the night with my back against the metal wall of the steel container. Yokubo snuggled between my legs and curled herself tight against my chest.

I held her small form close. We said little but I knew she was thinking much. She was free and so was I. We had escaped and no one would know we were gone until sometime in the early morning hours. Even then, they would have no idea where to look. The city was huge! They would have no idea what direction we headed once free of the compound. Mistress wouldn’t know if we had traveled a half-mile or 10 miles. I closed my eyes and fell asleep thinking that at least for now, we were safe.

The city of Kyoto awoke when the sun rose. As it did, so did our feelings of vulnerability. The darkness that had cloaked our escape to freedom was no longer our friend. We could hear the sound of traffic coming from the street nearby. Yokubo Snuggled in tighter when hearing two men talking from somewhere behind.

Fortunately, we had found a good place to hide. We were out of sight from anyone entering or leaving the apartments. The only way someone could spot us would be from the alley. Even then, we looked more like a white trash bag then two vagrants waiting for a free handout.

I kept telling Yokubo to be patient. We needed to wait. We need it to give Akiyo time to either wake or come home from wherever she had spent the night. It was close to noon when I agreed to go.

“Let’s hope she answers when we knock this time,” she said.

We stood. Our outfits looked grossly out of place. All we could do was pray we would make it to the fourth floor without anyone alerting anyone’s suspicion. Using the fire escape we again ascended the stairs. This time when we knocked, Akiyo answered almost immediately.

She looked as surprised as we were. “Come in! Come in! You made it!” Once inside Yokubo burst into tears.

Akiyo dropped to her knees and embraced the sobbing Yokubo. She cried uncontrollably for many minutes. I knelt and placed one arm on the backs of both women, one old and one young. Yokubo was so emotional. It felt as if she were crying tears of joy and sorrow.

“Let it out, girl. Let it all out,” Akiyo encouraged. “Nameru, get me some tissues. They are on the table in the other room.”

She dabbed her eyes and cried some more. “I’m so sorry. I don’t know why am so emotional.” She giggled and looked at Akiyo. “I am forever in your debt. Forever.”

“Hush now! I will hear none of this. I’m glad you are here, safe and sound. Are you OK? What can I get you?”

“Some water, Akiyo. Could you get us each some water?” I asked more to give her something to do than anything.

“Yes, and then she will take a long bath. She can rest and soak in warm water and let her mind let go of all her worries and trouble thoughts.”

“Thank you, ma’am. Thank you.” Yokubo hugged Akiyo tightly and kissed her cheek several times.

An hour later my darling slave girl finally opened the bathroom door. Wrapped in towels, one encapsulating her hair and the other circling her body, she smiled and looked refreshed.

“I like seeing that smile,” I said with a grin just as big as hers.

“That felt so good! I can’t remember the last time I lay in the tub soaking escort tire in bubbles. I felt like a little girl all over again.”

“You mean, he won’t miss our nightly showers? Weren’t they the best?”

Yokubo shook her head. “Not a chance. I don’t know if I will ever take a shower again.”

“Sure you will,” I countered. “Next time, you’ll be able to stand and you won’t have to endure the jet engines blasting you dry.” I chuckled at my remark and watched Yokubo smile. She was slowly coming around.

She stood in front of us and looked at the towel wrapped around her. “I don’t want to put that plastic back on me. Do you have anything I can wear?”

Feeling embarrassed for not having something for her to wear, she exclaimed, “Oh, of course, sweetheart, let me get you something. Come.”

Just as Akiyo took Yokubo by the arm, I stood. “I’m going to get a shower,”

The three of us sat around the table enjoying a late lunch. Akiyo gave me a pair of her husbands’ underwear and shirt to wear and Yokubo wore a long pajama gown that I could tell she loved. It wasn’t much but it was something. Our conversation moved from one topic to the next but eventually, we came back to the reality of where we were and what we needed to do. We were only a half-mile from Mistress Su and Meiko. We couldn’t stay and Akiyo’s place served only as a temporary reprieve. Our decision as to what to do next came when Akiyo informed us of her husband’s return. He would be home before dark tomorrow.

“He leaves for work on Sunday and doesn’t come home until everything there is finished on Friday afternoon. I can’t have you here when he gets back. I wouldn’t want to take a chance of him knowing what I did and who you are. There’s no telling what he might do.”

“Can we impose and ask you to run a few errands for us? We don’t need much, just enough to help us to get started and on our way.”

Of course. What do you need?”

I’d like to transfer money from my bank account in the US to yours. If I can do that, can you withdraw that same amount?” I could see Yokubo’s eyes sparkle when hearing I had resources to draw from.

“Yes! That will be easy. The bank is right there,” she replied and pointed.

I forgot she lived adjacent to one. Akiyo retrieved her laptop and typed in the password. I logged into my account and transferred a hefty sum of money into hers.

Next on our list of essentials was clothes. Yokubo and I wrote down all we wanted her to get. Before leaving, she encouraged us to rest which we happily obliged.

“Can I hold you?” I asked my beautiful friend.

“I would love that.”

Into my arms, she flew. We hugged and kissed and hugged some more. Yokubo cuddled tight and I wrapped my arms and legs around. I wanted her to know she was safe and secure.

“I know I told you this before but, thank you for saving me.”

“You’re welcome. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

“I know you would. Your that kind of a guy. But was it hard?”

“Was what hard?” I asked.

“Deciding to leave. Taking the risk? Giving up Mistress Su?”

“No, Yokubo, it wasn’t. The hard part wasn’t knowing what to do. The hard part was figuring out how to do it. If I hadn’t been assigned to the garage, I would’ve never seen that ladder. The only real dilemma was getting over the wall. I knew we couldn’t go out through the front gate.”

“But what about her? Wasn’t it hard leaving her?”

“Do you mean Mistress Su?”

I felt her shake her head against my chest. “Yes,” she answered softly.

“So you knew what was going on with us?” I asked without answering her question.

“Everyone knew. The slaves know everything.”

“In all honesty, it was a little hard. I liked her. I think she had the potential to be a good woman but I think her loneliness and fear of her husband allowed her to make some bad decisions. Meiko didn’t help matters. She’s not a nice lady,” I added.

“So you have feelings for her?”

“I had some feelings but not all were good ones. I hardly knew her.” I paused and thought about the question I needed to ask. “Yokubo, can I ask you a question? It’s something Su would not answer.”


“Mistress told me the reason I became one of her slaves was because she had recently gotten rid of another someone. Is that true?”

“It is. You replaced the old . There were only four guys for maybe a month – maybe six weeks before you came.”

“So what happened to the old ? When I asked Mistress, she wouldn’t tell me. Did something bad happen to him?”

“I don’t know, Nameru, but if it helps, many slaves came and went during the time I was there. The ones who she got rid of were the ones who she always seemed to have an affection for. Had she not taken a liking to you, you might have met the old .”

I was shocked to learn there were so many. Many might have meant five or 15. I didn’t know but Yokubo confirmed what I feared. Mistress discarded slaves and wherever tire escort bayan they went it probably wasn’t for their benefit. I felt so sad.

“Yokubo,” I began, “Can I tell you something?”

She looked at me with those beautiful large eyes. I cupped her cheek and held her face between my hand and chest. “I think the question you are really asking has nothing to do with how I feel about Mistress Su. I think you want to know if my heart belongs to her or not. I can tell you this. I don’t want to be with her. Since coming to Japan I’ve only had one true friend but that friend broke my heart. I cried for days after a beautiful slave-girl spent two weeks with me and then suddenly left. She never came back. I cried because that person became my best friend. That person filled my day with laughter. That person gave me hope. I saw in that person, a slave who I thought succeeded in her slavery and one who had so many incredible qualities about her.”

Yokubo reached up and pushed aside a lock of hair that had fallen on my forehead. She smiled, pursed her lips, and then blew me a kiss.

“I don’t want you to ever think that my allegiance or love or devotion is with her. Yes, I spent time with her. Yes, we had sex, and for a short while and I even thought she might be a really good woman. Everything changed the night Kaito arrived. It wasn’t even because of the terrible things he did to you and the girls. It was seeing Meiko and her watching it all and letting them hurt you. From that point on, I knew there was something very wrong with Su and Meiko.

“Maybe someday we can free the other girls.”

Yes, Yokubo, we need to do that. They deserve to have what you have.”

She smiled and twisted her body to face mine. Wrapping her arms around my neck she brought her lips to mine. We kissed. That one kiss led to another and in the quietness and safety of Akiyo’s small apartment, her kisses became more loving, more passionate, and more caring.

“Don’t leave me, Nameru. Promise me you won’t.”

“You won’t ever have to worry about that. You might leave me but I will never leave you. You have my word.”

Slowly and beautifully, I watched as a smile graced her lovely face. “You won’t have to worry about me either.” She kissed me again and snuggled tight against my body. We said no more and soon fell asleep with her enveloped in my arms.

Yokubo woke and got up while I continued to sleep. I don’t know how much longer I did, but by the time I opened my eyes, she was dressed and wearing a white scoop-neck top and dark capri pants. She even had on makeup! She looked spectacular! Everything about her looked yummy. The white of her top contrasted with her dark eyes and bright lipstick. Her breasts jutted out seductively and pulled the silky top away from her flat tummy. She was a picture of perfection!

“Wow! What beauty contest are you about to enter?” I said grinning. “You look beautiful!”

Yokubo giggled. Akiyo joined in and broke into a hearty laugh.

“She is a beauty and don’t you ever forget it!” Akiyo announced and came to her side. She gave her a motherly hug. The two stood grinning and giggling.

“Wow,” I said again. “She sure is! Yokubo, you look stunning! I mean you’re really gorgeous!”

I watched her face flush slightly. “I’ve always been this way. You’ve seen a lot more of me than you can see now.” She ran her hands loosely over her body to draw my attention to it. “It was because I had to wear that stupid head covering that you never got to see my pretty smile.”

“You forget that when we were at Meiko’s flat, I did see you. I saw all of you, but even then, I never saw you free of all the burden you carried.” I stood and came to her. Poking my finger in the hollow between her lovely breasts I added. “But even then, you let me see inside there. That’s where your real beauty lies.”

“Oh, you are a precious slave,” Akiyo gasped. “If you aren’t the sweetest,” she added. “Kiss me.”

I did and Akayo kept two arms wrapped around my waist while turning her attention to Yokubo.

“You better snatch this man right now. If he’s not a treasure, I don’t know who is.”

Yokubo joined us. Hugging my arm with her body pulled tight against me she answered. “I’m not going to let him go anytime soon. He’s my savior.”

On the table lay a thick envelope and a few bags. Akiyo pointed to the envelope. “Your cash is in there. Take care of it. That’s a lot of money.”

“I will and thanks for getting all of this.” I went to the bag, “What’s in here?”

Akiyo smiled. “It’s your clothes. You can’t go leaving here like that. I need to wash and get those back where I got them. If my husband sees anything out of place he will know something is awry.”

I looked to see what she got. It was what I wanted. “Thank you, my good friend. Yokubo and I appreciate you doing this for us. Just allowing us to stay for this long is more than we could have imagined.”

Yokubo nodded in agreement. “Yes, it is. And I thank you as well.”

“Well,” she said looking at the time. “The day is moving forward and I am getting hungry. You two can thank me for my generosity by allowing me to take you to dinner. My treat.” she added. “Do not worry about being seen. We are not going anywhere near here. No one will see us. I can promise you that.”

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Hairysole Can

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It all began innocently. I was at the supermarket buying some groceries for home. Across the aisle I saw a few items toppling to the floor. A girl in her mid twenties in a short skirt bent down to pick up the fallen cans when my eyes turned and I saw her naked ass. Lots of crinkly black hair was visible growing up her hairy asshole. I was turned on by her big buns with all that hair growing up her crack as I moved over to pick up the Aerosol Cans” or may be I should call it “The Hairy Arse hole”.

She looked up and smiled and mouthed a thanks. She was a beauty. Tall statuesque the brunette must have been older than me but she was a knock out beauty. She left soon after and I then noticed that in the confusion and the dropped cans she had left behind her mobile phone. I picked it up knowing that she would call and soon enough she did. I told her I was the same guy who had helped her in the supermarket and I would drop it by. Her name was Juanita and she was Spanish and I was at her apartment in a flash.

She gave me her winning smile and she called me in for a cup of coffee. She seemed to live alone and I pressed on. I told her she was beautiful and she turned me on. I wanted to put my cock into her hairy asshole – simple as that.

I asked her straight. She looked amused and I moved over next to her on the couch. “I saw your hairy asshole at the supermarket” Not a great opening line but the best I could muster up. “Come here, baby”, she said as she led me over to the bed. She put her hands on my shoulders and urged me to sit down on the edge of the bed.

“I am hairy all over do you like that” Juanita said. “Yes Yes” I answered quickly taking in her hairy armpits as she removed her tank top over her head. She then removed her skirt and as I knew already she had no panties on. I had seen her ass and canlı bahis now I saw her bushy pussy. “Sooooo much hair on your body. I love the hairy look Why don’t you shave your bushy underarms. I can understand your having such a hairy pubic triangle but so much hair in the armpits makes you a little different.” was my response.

She gave me a quizzical look and I didn’t know whether I had pleased her or that I had annoyed her but all I wanted was to fuck her hirsute asshole. I was willing to beg her not that I needed to, as she was ready for some action. She swiftly grabbed me and started touching the tufts of hair on my chest, which were not hidden by the open collar of my shirt. Maybe that’s what had aroused her. I have a very hairy chest, which runs down to my groin, and she played with the hair in my chest.

She started to remove my shirt and unzipped my trousers. Leaning over me she started kissing me, drawing my tongue into her mouth and sucking on it. Juanita kissed me all the way down my body and then she reached for my cock. She took it in one hand and my balls in her other hand. Starting at the base of my raging cock she licked up it until she got to the head. She slowly sucked the head of my cock into her mouth getting it good and wet. She ran her tongue all around the head of my shaft several times then made her tongue very hard and rubbed the underside of my sensitive cock head.

I was keen on fucking her anally but she was sucking my bulging prick and I was not complaining. I put my hands into the long bushy hair in her dense armpit forest. I marveled at the luxuriant lush armpits and its texture was very sexy. It felt a little coarse but I guess the Spaniard was very hirsute as even her eyebrows were very bushy. Juanita started moving her head up and down taking a little more of my big cock bahis siteleri in her mouth each time until she had the whole 10 inches was buried in her throat. I knew I wouldn’t last long and when she started humming and moaning causing her throat to vibrate around my shaft

I grabbed her head in both hands and started thrusting up into her mouth like it was her wet, hot hairy pussy. She was loving my cock as I face fucked her. Her lips were wrapped around my shaft as she blew me like it was the easiest thing to do to a stranger she had met an hour ago at a super market.

I was having the time of my life, as I pulled at the long hair in her coarse underarms. I never knew a girl could have so much hair in their underarms and not bother to shave it off. I guess that’s the difference between a hot Spaniard and an American. She took in more of my penis as she kneaded my balls and then I shot my load straight down her throat. She swallowed every drop and as I flopped back down on the bed she continued to suck my still semi-hard cock and massage my balls. Within a few minutes she had my massive tool as hard as ever.

I asked her to get on her hands and knees, as I looked at the jet-black crinkly hair in her puckered asshole. It was a gorgeous sight as I stroked my hardening organ. I reached over and pulled at the shag of hair in her dense armpits and I slowly pushed my dick into her anal cavity.

She bent over it, and stuck her ass out in the air. “Do it!” she said, and she pushed her ass back, forcing my cock into her. I went as slow as possible, sliding it in only a tiny bit at a time. The head finally popped in, and it seemed to go in smoother after that. “That feels so good.” she said, moaning quietly. I glanced down and watched as half went in, now only a quarter still visible. I continued to bahis şirketleri push softly until my entire cock was embedded in her tight anus, and I could feel my balls touching her bushy pussy.

I slowly pulled back, until just the head remained inside her sphincter. Then I began to push back in, slightly faster. I repeated this, several times, and gaining more speed with each thrust. My hands were in her sweaty armpits as her armpit hair became wet with her exertions. A musky smell pervaded the area as I was ramming my cock into her anus as hard and fast as I could.

“Aaaaahhhhhhh god.. yes your big cock feels.. so.. fucking.. good up my ass ooohh!!!” she said, speaking between thrusts as I slammed my raging hard on into her tight little hairy anal entry. It felt incredible. “Yes keep your cock right there don’t you dare cum as yet. Don’t stop! Keep fucking me harder Harder! Fuck my tight little hairy ass as hard as you can!” she purred. “Aaaahhhhhhh Oooooooh God.. I’m cumming!!! I’m cuuummmiinnnggg!!!!!” she yelled out, clearly audible through her hand as I continued to vigorously shaft her anally.

“I’m going to cum you hairy horny baby..” I warned her as I felt my cum rushing and my head spinning. Do it you bastard I want your cock to fill up my ass. I want to feel your cum deep in my ass..” she said, removing her hand from her mouth as she continued to buck her hips back against me. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I took out my hands from her bushy underarms and wrapped my hands around her hips, and pushed my cock into her ass all the way one last time. As I filled her hairy asshole, it set her off again. “Oh my god.. I can feel your cum in my ass.. It’s incredible. I’m cumming again!! Yeesss!!”

After I filled her up, I slowly pulled out and stepped away. She stood up, got dressed, and eventually, I picked up my clothes and got dressed. I said my goodbyes to her and kissed her on the cheek and gave a quick kiss to the long bushy hair in her underarms touched her hairy ass filled with my cum juice and left.

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Her Ass is Up For Grabs

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His eyes caressed her legs. She drove a popping red PT Cruiser. Her knees were angled high in the car too small for the 5’11” woman. Her face was leaning forward. She held the top of the steering wheel with both hands. Her forearms rested against the steering wheel.

He stole more glances onto the slender, pokey knees. The knees were parted to work the paddles leaving a big gap in between her thighs. The colorful dress reached her mid-thigh. The skin was smooth from youth and clean waxing. The skin color was a very rich brown, deep in color and little gray tone or black tone to it. Her feet were long and skinny, just as her hands had the longest fingers. The feet were in red shiny high heels with many parallel red straps. The side of her feet, where the soles begin was dark. Her palms were dark.

She bopped her shoulders to Fugees music. Her speech was clear and well enunciated. She dressed sharp. Yet, she had a head of an African mask hanging from the review mirror. It was pale gray, had circles for a neck. The hair were big squares standing out far. “I got that, when I stayed in Africa,” she said. And, she flipped the idol head with her index finger and giggled. “It was my getting back to my roots time, when I spend a few months in Africa.”

He nodded. He was dressed in a brand new Hawaiian shirt and pressed black pants with shiny leather shoes. A smirk crawled over his face, “So, did you get any over there? Are they really that big over there?”

“Hey, you don’t ask that on a date! I had a special romance there. And, yes it was the best sex in my life.”

“Hey, we are all grownups. And now, that you are about to meet my friends, we are maybe a little further ahead.”

She smiled and looked him up and down for a moment before looking back at the traffic on the freeway. “Aw, you know that I like to make fun of you. You are a good kisser.”

He smiled victoriously. His fingers played with the locking mechanism for the glove compartment. “We’ll see, if you are cool enough to hang with us.” He put his hand friendly on her shoulder, careful to not restrict her from driving.

A few minutes later, the car pulled into the parking lot of a restaurant. The brand new car’s shocks easily took the bump of the sidewalk. The parking lot was mostly empty, because Inland Empire of Los Angeles is simply pretty slow. The Southern California sun shone drenched everything. The restaurant was made from dark brown wood. There was ample shade from awnings and walkways. Black shadows hid the windows and entrance. A couple token bushes stood in otherwise hard baked, dead dirt.

Two men were standing in the partial shade and waved. The left one was a hefty figure in a black suit jacket with a t-shirt that had a deep v-cutout that showed a smooth white chest. The glasses were black aviators that gave a cool look. The right one was short and extremely meager. His hair was cut short and choppy. He wore no glasses. His eyes were small black holes. He blushed slightly and wore squarish, plain clothes.

The couple got out of the car. She rose high over the car, standing on her heels and with her height. He stood with his feet wide apart and hands in his back pocket taking his time. “The dirty Mexican guy is Ramy. We call him hippie, because he hates hippies so much. The light weight is Sawyer. We call him thrills, because he doesn’t have any. He is a total geek.”

Making her first step, her ankle buckled. The high heel slipped sideways. Her mouth corners twitched. She struggled to her feet like bambi and let out an accidental hiccup. “You hiccup, when you trip???” he shook his head. “I don’t know. My parents must have crossed some wires wrong.” She smiled trying to be smooth again.

“Nice to meet you Ramy and Sawyer.” She reached out her hand with the palm down and fingers bent down in a ninety degree angle. Ramy immediately took the opportunity and spun her in a circle. She tripsied around and laughed. Sawyer gallantly took a knee bow and kissed her gently on the hand. “My beautiful flower, it is a pleasure to meet you.

“Kim, why don’t you be our tour guide? It’s your favorite place.”

Kim turned around and walked backward. She pointed at a lantern like light at the ceiling. “This light was a gift from president Obama for being the most authentic fake restaurant. Over there, at that table is where Al Capone had his first date.” She stepped backward onto the barstool of the hostess. She smiled and redoubled her effort by holding an imaginary microphone to her evenly shaped lips. Everyone slowly trotted behind her gazing around like tourists. The hostess hugged the menus to her chest and suppressed a smile with her lips.

“And, now you are in for a special treat. This is the room, where national history was made.” She bumped her behind in the sheer fabric dress against the heavy oak door to walk in backward. She took a look around and pointed to the mirror. “This is the famous mirror room. The mirrors have been assembled by monks in the canlı bahis Himalayas. Follow in, don’t be shy.” She waved the group to follow her energetically. Yet, they stood at the swell of the door.

“Yo goofball, you stepped into the women’s restroom.”

Despite having a brown skin, the bright red blood shot into her face. She jumped out of the restroom, as quickly as she could. The air was sucked out of her lungs. Ramy smiled warm with a wink in his right eye, “You’re alright.”

The hostess took over. They were seated at the edge of the court yard in comfortable cool shade, while the beautiful flower garden with a pond and bridge was simmering in the unrelenting sun. The menus were printouts from the manager’s office stuffed into clear pockets. Ramy was just kind of sitting there, starring into nowhere. Sawyer was intently studying the menu. His lips were so red that they almost seemed painted. Yet, his whole dress suggested that he had no clue about fashion. So, it was unlikely that he painted them.

“What do you do for a living, Kim?”

“Oh, I sell vacuum cleaners whole sale. It’s a little flat building next to the factory. I push the merchandise to Best Buy and other stores. What do you do, Sawyer?”

“I’m a software engineer at a local medical insurance company.”

“Sawyer is some super scientist. He invented regular expressions.”

“No, no, I wrote a regular expression evaluation library. It’s pretty well documented on how to that.”

“Ramy, let me guess what you do? You look like a lawyer or a doctor.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Well, you dress really well. Your face looks very studied. You have this pensive movement about you, like you are often thinking very deep. I could imagine that you drive a Porsche or something. That costs a lot of money.”

“I sell produce at the local super market. But, don’t worry. I get that a lot.”


Everyone had their phones and car keys on the table. They had iPhones and Android phones. Her phone had a little Japanese character glued to it. Ramy’s Toyota car keys had a BMW key ring around them. The napkins were unfolded and thrown back on the table in a mess. The water glasses had big sweat pearls running down from the heat.

“Kim let me see your phone. Unlock it, too.”

Kim curiously looked at Ramy and handed her phone. Upon holding it in his hands, he smiled big and started typing around in it. He drew his body away from the table and leaned the chair back on the hind legs. A shock flashed over Kim’s face. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, I’m just sending Louise a text message.”

“What! That’s not okay. Give me that phone.”

She reached over the table. The table was so wide that she could only bang on the other side of the table. Her face drew anger. Ramy leaned back as far as he could. He slowly spelled out. “I have yeast infection again.” Kim ran around the table and pulled his ear until he dropped the phone into her palm. Everyone laughed at her temper outburst.

Ramy excused himself to go to the bathroom. Kim swiftly got his cell phone and typed at the lock. She mumbled to herself: “1234 gotta be his password.” And, the phone unlocked. A blue veil was lifted. A naked glamor girl was the background of the phone. She opened the address book and pulled the first girl with a sexy name out: “Laurel.” She typed, “can I tap that?” She quickly put the phone down.

Everyone was trying to look cool. Yet, their eyes shifted to the men’s restroom. “Why did you do what you forbade him to do?” “I did not forbade him. He simply didn’t get away with it. I did. So, that’s different.” The waitress brought the burgers and salad out.

Ramy sauntered back to his chair. On cue, the cell phone vibrated. He casually lifted it up and looked at it under the table. His eyes blinked and then his calm body was calm like before. He typed something. Then he looked each friend into the eye. Kim couldn’t hold his gaze and burst out laughing. She slapped the table hard. With tears from laughter running down her face, she asked, “What did she say?”

“Wait! What? I’m your cousin! We are blood relatives.”


“Now, you owe me one.”

Sawyer curled up in his chair and looked down. He pulled his arms in front of him. The left palm held the right elbow. The right hand was on his cheek. His teeth were pressed together. He whispered, “Tina alert.” Everyone, except for Sawyer, craned their neck to see the blond next-door-type girl with workout shorts and sneakers sit down at the counter to seemingly wait for a pickup order.

Ramy grabbed Sawyer’s knee firmly, locked eyes with him and sad with the warm charm of a father: “Man up and walk over there. It’s the foot eye reflex. Your eyes see it; your feet should immediately start walking. Don’t think. Just go.”

Sawyer was frozen. Ramy added, “You made a deal with me. You said that I could have Suzie, if you freeze up one more time.” “No, not Suzie,” stammered Sawyer and slowly bahis siteleri got up to walk to the blond girl.

Kim raised her eye brows, “you trade girlfriends just like that?”

Her new boyfriend explained, “Suzie is the name of a real medieval morning star. He keeps it in his bedroom in an expensive glass display. He collects medieval weapons. And, Suzie is his prized possession, because some king went to battle with it and won.”

Sawyer was standing at attention like a cell phone sale man in front of Tina. There were six empty bar stools next to her. He kept standing and smiling. She played with her hair and starred into every which direction. Everyone on the table was feeling uncomfortable looking at it. They heard Tina say overly loud, “yeah, right,” while starring at her shoes. He tried to make funny movements with his hand like pretending to be a monkey.

Her boyfriend added, “The girl over there is Tina. She’s his prom date. He is horrible with girls. However, he got lucky with her. And, he even pulled her home. He told her that he wanted to show her his medieval weapons collection, like a player. Then, they were sitting on his bed. Her pussy must have been wet as the Colorado River. However, he kept explaining to her how to tell a replica medieval weapon from a real one. At some point, he felt her head on his shoulder. He thought she was ready to make out with him. However, she had fallen asleep and didn’t wake until the next morning, when she left really quickly. He still has a crush on her.”

The bartender returned from the kitchen with a white plastic bag that said ‘thank you.’ Tina jumped up, grabbed the loops of the bag and ran out without bothering to say bye to Sawyer. Sawyer walked back with a puzzled face. “Ramy, I did well, right? You saw that she played with her hair. That means that she is attracted to me.”

Kim burst out, “Dude, what is that monkey hand thing. Did you learn that in the zoo?” She laughed loud.

Her boyfriend waved his hand in front of his throat for her to cut it out. Kim sensed the energy at the table and grew pale. She looked around. Nobody said anything. Sawyer slowly turned saying that he was going to fresh up at the restaurant.

Kim leaned over to her boyfriend and whispered in his ear, “What kind of guy goes to the restroom to freshen up?” Her face was distorted from the question. Her boyfriend said nothing.

When the restroom door closed, he leaned forward and said, “boy, Sawyer is really sensitive about being awkward. When he was in high school, they put him in a trash can for his ears sticking out. You can’t even make fun of him. And, don’t apologize. He hates it even more, when he seems like a wimp. Just ignore that it ever happened. And, don’t ever do it again.”

The waitress arrived with another round of blond Corona bottles. The mood mellowed out with the alcohol. Ramy laid out a cigarette and a lighter on the table. He carefully arranged them and then moved them. Smoking is not allowed in restaurants. So, he had his ritual of playing with the addiction stick before going outside to light it up. He looked up at Kim.

“So, goofball, you really wanna be part of your boyfriend’s wolf pack? There is an initiation rite. It’s like Hell’s Angel, where you have to drink champagne out of your boot or something like that.”

Her boyfriend gazed up her body. Her breasts were covered by triangles of her dress. It gave a good idea of the shape of her small to medium sized boobs. They were slightly hanging, yet the skin was young and taut. An underbra left the top and sides exposed. “Yeah, I like my friends doing something kinky to you.”

“Oh, my god, you are pimping me out! I’m not your ho!”

Ramy leaned in, “have you ever done something wild in your life?” His eyes sparkled with suggestion.

“Okay, you are all well manner gentlemen.” She paused and her eyes looked at the sky. All three men held up two fingers and placed a hand on their chest. “You know how black women are proud of their bootie. You’ll get to do with my bootie whatever you like. But, we have to do it in private, not here.”

Everyone cheered their bottles together. Her boyfriend made himself bigger and stated, “pinky swear.” She held up her pinky, cringed it, and giggled with her whole body.

Ramy called out, “more drinks!” “No, no,” protested Kim, “I’ve had enough. And, you don’t get to do it now. Next weekend!” Ramy ordered her another drink anyway. Kim hit him to insist that she didn’t want another drink. The waitress arrived with the drink. Kim crossed her arms. The waitress put the beer down. Once the waitress had left she smiled and said, “Okay, one more.” The conversation deteriorated into incoherent slurs.

A week later, Kim’s slender, long, brown index finger pushed down on the doorbell. The doorbell was an elaborate circle that flowed out like a wave. A deep single gong rung inside of the house. The grass in front of the house was lush green. Black irrigation houses snaked bahis şirketleri through it. The houses on this street stood well separated. This was Ontario, CA, where $100,000 bought anyone a palace of a house. There was plenty of space. Every house had a big yard and circular drive way.

Her boyfriend opened the door in his board shorts without a t-shirt. He was barefoot. He held a box of pool chlorine tablets in his hand. They hugged and kissed. She was wearing another silky dress that fluttered lightly in the breeze. Her face was neatly prepared with a subtle lip stick and makeup. Her hair was neatly weaved into small braids. She held her new purse with green leather and big buckles in her hand. She carefully stepped into the big living room with the hardwood floor, white washed walls and big ceiling fangs blowing down the stale heat. It was cool inside. The sweat pearls on her forehead were casually wiped away.

He took her by the hand. She softly let her hand rest in his firm grip. Her eyes looked at the painting of dramatic farm and dance scenes on the wall. There was a big counter island in front of the kitchen with high bar stools. He pushed open the floor to ceiling glass sliding door. A concrete backyard with a pool opened. Sawyer and Ramy were sitting up on the white lounge chairs with the royal blue upholstering. They starred a little confused from the heat out there. Soft ripples ran over the blue pool water.

“We are really going to do this,” stated Ramy. His hair was wet and slicked together into a pony tail. His facial hair was only trimmed to make his face look dirty.

“I don’t know,” she said. She seized up the three guys in the backyard. There was a high wall all around the property that gave them privacy from the neighbor’s houses.

Sawyer was skinnier than he had seemed with his close on. Where muscles should have been only bone poked out. His chest was a little concave with his shoulder rolling forward. He was pale white, almost shining.

“Totally, we are going to do it,” said her boyfriend with a firm voice. “I got all the material here. He pointed to a red and black colored rock climbing rope that lay on the floor. He pointed to a wall that hid the pool utilities. The white wall had soft lines, where the bricks where meet each other. There were all kind of little hooks on the wall. One held an empty plant pot. Another hook held a garden hose. There were empty hooks at different heights. The highest hook had a carbiner put through it.

Her hand shook a little bit. She kicked off her shoes. The bare black feet walked over the hot tiles. Every step was a mixture of burning pain, soothing heat, and relief a second later, when her foot had sucked the heat out of the surface.

“I was kind of kidding. It was something that I agreed to in the moment,” said she. She held her arms out for him to wrap the rope around it. Her boyfriend’s hair was wet with sweet and excitement. “It’ll be so much fun. For us, of course.” “Yeah, right, you white boys have been dreaming all your life about some black bootie.” She smiled with a feisty stance.

Without acknowledging her flair, he stepped onto a chair to reach the carabiner. The rope looped through. The rope tightened and pulled her forward until she stood under the carabiner in the shade of the wall. The rope kept taking up relentlessly. Her arms raised over her head. Thick strands of rope had been wrapped around her wrists in many, neat loops.

Ramy and Sawyer had watched breathlessly with their sun glasses down. Their legs were straddling the lounge chairs wide. You never know what goes down in the suburbs. Sawyer nervously got to his legs. “This is not a proper way to treat a lady. I mean, a lady is supposed to get flowers and candy. Tying her up in a backyard is depraved. I will have no part in it.”

“Sawyer, don’t you have stories like this from your medieval studies?”

“Yeah, I mean, I studied a lot about torture and public trials of humiliation.”

“Don’t you have an interest to play it out? You always try to make us join your friends with cosplay.”

“Okay, I guess, this is kind of like cosplay. We are only playing something out.”

Kim started wiggling her butt. She swayed her hips side to side. The curve of her butt was so clear through the sheer dress fabric. She quickly squeezed her butt cheeks alternatingly. Then, she bounced up and down. That had the effect of making her butt cheeks lift and bounce together at the bottom of her bounce. “Yo mama, got the bounce. Have a look fellas,” she said with a playful ghetto accent.

Her boyfriend still didn’t acknowledge her tease. He bit of a strip of duct tape from a gray role. He swiftly lifted the back of her dress up and taped it down. Her butt was fully exposed. The luxurious brown of her skin reflected the light even in the shade. Her butt muscles were elongated like her whole body. Yet, the butt was well exercised from hiking and biking. She shrieked and jump up at the sensation of fresh air on her ass.

“What the fuck! Put down my dress!”

Her boyfriend responded coolly, “You told us that we’d have a free go at your ass. It’s the initiation rite. You said that you were up for something wild.”

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Holiday Breakdown

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It was 4:37 AM when Brandon crossed the street and arrived at the shopping center. The sky was dark, and the weather was bitingly cold, but nearly every parking space he passed was occupied. Thanksgiving had only just passed the day before, but as he ventured closer to the plaza, eerie Christmas music could be heard echoing up from the sidewalk from some well intentioned landscape speakers. The trees, as well as a few shrubs, were covered in warm white lights that cut through the early morning gloom, and various holiday decorations hung from the lightposts above.

Brandon tried not to groan. The lights and decorations had been up for weeks, but he’d been hoping that the holiday music would be postponed until at least the first of December.

To anyone passing by, Brandon would have looked like a disgruntled college sophomore with a decidedly scrooge-like expression. They wouldn’t have been wrong in assuming that he was unimpressed with the decorations or the music, but neither were the reason he was feeling so grumpy.

The sun hadn’t even risen and Brandon was already having a terrible day. He’d driven three hours to have Thanksgiving with his family the day before, only to be lectured by nearly everyone about what he was doing wrong with his life. Nothing was ever good enough for his family; his mother gave him a hard time for not having a girlfriend while his dad hassled him about getting a better job. He’d been forced to stay late, even though they knew he had to work early the following day, then he had to make the drive back, and by the time he got home and settled in he’d had maybe two hours of sleep.

On top of that, he’d received an automated email an hour before that had informed him that he needed to be reevaluated for his student loans. He’d skimmed it on his phone, and as far as he could tell, they were saying something about him needing to pay more. As it was, he was barely getting by, and the thought of having to pay even a little more made him want to vomit.

So, he trudged staunchly forward and tried to push it all to the back of his head as he turned a corner.

His eyes were met with the sight of hundreds of people waiting in line. Nearly every storefront in the square had at least a dozen people waiting in front of it. Most of them were chattering away and laughing while others were obviously trying not to fall asleep or freeze to death.

Brandon grunted as he came closer to the building he needed to get into. At least fifty people or so were lined up in front of it, and Brandon sighed heavily as he stared at the weather worn sign hanging over the door. The sign read: Menley’s Toys and games.

He gave a forlorn glance at the front door, and decided that it would better if he used the side door. Moving further to the back of the line, he attempted to charge through the line when he heard someone shout to his right.

“Hey man, you can’t just cut in line!”

Brandon grit his teeth as as he did his best to quell a wave of agitation. He turned toward the voice and saw an overly concerned thirty something man with a large bald spot, “I’m not cutting in line, I’m trying to get into the building; I work here.”

The thirty something man gave him a suspicious look before grinning, “Oh yeah? You gonna open the doors early so we can get in?”

“Nope,” Brandon said apathetically as he fumbled for his keys. His hands were beginning to feel numb from the cold, and it took far longer for him to produce them than he would have liked.

“Why don’t you ask your manager to let us in early, it’s freezing out here,” the balding man whined as Brandon slipped the key into the lock.

“I am the manager, and he says no. We open at seven,” Brandon said in irritation as he unlocked the door. The key stuck in the lock, and he grimaced as he pulled on it hard. The key gave way after he wiggled it several times, and as it he pulled it out, it scraped against his cuticle and cut him slightly.

“Aw, c’mon, why can’t you…”

Brandon ignored the man as he slipped inside and slammed the door behind him.

He flipped the light switch and looked down at his finger, “Freaking hell,” he muttered as he opened and closed his hands to alleviate some of the stiffness. Afterwards, he looked up and immediately wished that he hadn’t. Several rows of boxes were stacked high and wide in the middle of the back room. All of them were full of Black Friday merchandise, and nearly all of them would need to be put out in less than two hours. He was just about to wonder how he would possibly get it all done in time when his phone buzzed.

He fished it out of his pocket and looked down at it. It was his co-worker, Yolanda, Hey, I’m really really sorry, the bus is super late, I probably won’t be there until five fifteen. I’ll try to get there as soon as I can!

Brandon scowled at the text message and tried not to break his phone screen as he pecked hard at the touch screen, ok.

As soon as he hit canlı bahis send, he felt a twinge of guilt at having given her such a short reply, but he shoved his feelings aside and went straight to the coffee machine. He dug through the supply of drink pods in the drawer beside the sink and was astounded to find that the only coffee to be found we decaf.

“You’ve gotta be shitting me!” He said loudly as he looked again. The second time yielded the same result; there was a plethora of tea, hot chocolate and cider, but not a single coffee pod that wasn’t decaf. Angrily, he snatched up a hot chocolate pod and crammed it into the machine, hoping that the sugar might help wake him up a bit.

Several minutes later, Brandon was tearing through the boxes and haphazardly throwing packing material everywhere. The merchandise inside of the boxes was nothing to get excited about, most of it was cheap garbage that Mr. Menley had ordered specifically for the fateful shopping day, but as the young man unboxed the generic toys he began to feel more and more irate.

His thoughts turned to the old man that owned the toy story. The whole reason that he was even in his current mess was because Mr. Menley didn’t want to pay him extra to come in overnight. It would have given him a perfect excuse to miss Thanksgiving with his family, as well as a bit of extra pocket change, but the old shop owner was far too greedy. He’d insisted that Brandon could get the work done the morning of, but for every box that Brandon opened, there seemed to be two more that he hadn’t.

What was more, is that Menley was on an extended vacation, so he wouldn’t even be around for the busiest time of the season. Since the week of Thanksgiving was already a paid holiday week, the miserly store owner hadn’t scheduled enough hours to cover black Friday, and Brandon would be alone with Yolanda until another of their co-workers showed up at nine.

By the time Brandon had opened half the boxes, his irritation had turned to a venomous bitterness. He glanced out the back room door toward the front windows and was upset (though not surprised) that even more people were waiting in line.

His phone buzzed again, and he wrestled it out of his pocket. It was Mr. Menley.

Good morning, my boy, I hope everything is well and that you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Is everything going alright?

Brandon’s eyebrow twitched, “Go to hell, Menley,” he said as he replied, everything is fine, sir, thanks. I can’t really talk right now, got tons of work to do, have a good vacation. “Asshole,” he added to the end of the sentence, not in text, of course, before he hit send.

A few seconds later, his phone buzzed again, “The fuck do you want, old man!?” Brandon snapped at his phone as he pulled up the fresh text.

Yes of course, apologies. Don’t forget to wear the uniform I gave you. It’s a Menley tradition! 🙂

Brandon clenched his jaw as he stared at the smiley face, “I’ll tell you where you can put your uniform and your fucking emojis…” he says through clenched teeth as he replied, yup, I’ve already got it on.

He didn’t, but he knew that the old man would find out one way or another if he failed to don the ridiculous outfit. There were many lifelong residents in the town, the majority of whom were friends with the shop owner. Some gossiping, chain smoking, bridge playing old lady was bound to see him without it, and would no doubt go out of her way to tell Mr. Menley in lavished detail.

Brandon grabbed his backpack and headed for the restroom, “Of all the goddamn stupid, idiot things…” his mumbling was cut off as he slammed the door.

It was ten after five when Brandon stepped out in his holiday uniform. Over his plain white t-shirt, he wore a light green vest with bright red buttons. The vest ended at his waist and was cut in deep V’s at the bottom to accentuate the matching shoes, which were the same color and comically curved upwards at the the toes. Over his hair, Brandon wore a headband that covered his ears slightly and made them appear pointed, and overall he looked like a very convincing, albeit oversized, elf.

Brandon, however, did not feel like an elf. In that moment, he hated himself and he hated everyone who was lined up at the door. In reality, he didn’t really hate anyone, but his sour mood was beginning to ferment into something that he was having a difficult time keeping at bay.

Before he could commiserate on how ridiculous his outfit was, his phone buzzed.

It was Yolanda, Hey, should I come in through the side door? I’m five minutes away.

Yeah, I’ll open it for you, He replied with a sigh.

Afterwards, he glanced up at all trash that was strewn about the floor and went about the task of gathering it up. Within a minute, he finished stuffing it in the trash can and proceeded to carry the new merchandise out to the sales floor.

As he stacked the merchandise, he try tried to ignore the people that were staring bahis siteleri at him through the window. As he began to build a pyramid out of board games, he heard so someone knocking on the window. He winced and kept working, but the knocking became louder. He inhaled deeply and looked up to see a woman with puffy blue lips and bags under her eyes. She beckoned him over, and he hesitantly stood and approached the window, all the while thinking that he should have continued to ignore her.

“Hey, are you guys opening early?” She shouted through the thick glass.

Brandon did little to hide his look of distaste for the question. He shook his head.

“Why not?! It’s cold out here!” She pleaded with him.

“No one is making you wait in line, you stupid bitch,” he murmured under his breath as he turned away.

His phone buzzed in his pocket then and he went wide eyed, “Aw, shit,” he said as he made a beeline for the back door. He’d forgotten all about Yolanda, and she was probably waiting for him at the door.

Sure enough, as he skittered into the back room, someone was pounding on the door. He opened it quickly and stepped aside as his co worker pushed through.

“Geez, Brandon, I’ve been out there for like six minutes!” The girl huffed as she slammed the door behind her with her rump. Her face was bundled tightly with a thick scarf, and in her hand she held a paper cup.

Brandon was nearing his limit, and hearing her her yell at him nearly pushed him over the edge. He glanced at the cup in her hand and scowled angrily, “So you’re late but you had time to get yourself a drink,” he said coldly.

The young woman was in the process of peeling the scarf off her face, and she ripped the second half of the material away from her neck as she flashed a look up at him, “This is for you!” She shoved the drink toward him, “The bus was late and I had to kill some time anyway, asshole,” she charged past him after letting go of the drink. Brandon barely caught it as he turned to see her kick the bathroom door open.

A stab of guilt shot through him, but he clenched his fist as he looked down at the coffee. His relationship with Yolanda was confusing enough for him, but he was in no mood to deal with any of that. Secretly, Brandon had always thought that Yolanda was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen, and she was both the sweetest and most caring person he’d ever known. Despite that, he’d always treated her coldly, if only to distance himself from her. She had a boyfriend, and he was technically her boss, so he told himself regularly that it was in his best interest to keep it professional with her.

None of that, however, did anything to alleviate his guilt. He knew he was acting like an asshole, but the realization only made him angrier. More than anything he wanted the day to be over, and if that meant that he had to be the biggest douchebag he could possibly be, then he was willing to accept that.

He took a slow, careful sip of the now lukewarm coffee and set in on the counter before continuing his work.

It was 5:39 when Yolanda came out of the restroom. Brandon glanced at her as she entered the sales room. She was wearing a plain white sweater and jeans, and hadn’t changed into her uniform, but he thought that she looked amazing. Her eyes were red and puffy, and it was obvious that she’d been crying, but he said nothing as she stoically grabbed stacks of toys and carried them out to merchandise.

The two worked in silence for nearly an hour. Sooner than he’d thought, most all of the special merchandise was out, and only a few extra boxes of product remained in the back. In that time, Brandon’s emotions hadn’t stabilized at all, if anything, he was feeling even more erratic.

He knew that he needed to apologize to Yolanda, but he didn’t know how, so instead, he approached her and quietly muttered, “Hey… you should change into your uniform… Mr. Menley has already asked about it.”

The young woman didn’t make eye contact with him as she grabbed her backpack and headed back into the bathroom.

Brandon checked the time and sighed heavily. They’d managed to get everything important done in time, and though there were still a few finishing touching he could have made, he had zero motivation to do anything but the minimum. Soon, he would have to unlock the doors and allow himself to be stampeded with frozen shoppers who allegedly thought that getting in early would be worth the wait. He took up a remote that was sitting on the break room table and clicked on the receiver that was sitting on top of one of the cabinets. A second later, Jingle Bell Rock emanated from the small speakers that were set up into the ceiling throughout the store.

He meandered over to the counter and took up the beverage that Yolanda had brought him. It was cold, but it still tasted wonderful, and his hands began to shake as he sipped it slowly. He stood there for several minutes, knowing full well that bahis şirketleri he could warm the drink if he wanted, but feeling as if he deserved to drink it cold.

Then, behind him, the door clicked open.

He turned and watched Yolanda step out of the restroom. A queasy feeling came over him, followed by confusion, then several seconds of excited nausea. Yolanda looked incredible. The outfit looked as amazing on her as it did absurd on him, and his mouth fell open before he even knew what was happening. Her brown skin glowed in the stark fluorescent light overhead, and for a moment he saw spots around her. She was a short girl, and she was teased for being slightly overweight, but Brandon thought she was perfect. Her generous bustline strained against the tight green vest, the red buttons barely holding together. At her waist, she wore a pleated green mini skirt that had tiny bells sewn onto each frill. Beneath the skirt she wore white leggings, and of course, the token curled shoes. Like him, she was also wearing the ears, but they only seemed to add to her current mystique.

A single, terrible, selfish thought came over Brandon as he stared at her. It was the culmination of many emotions that he’d been struggling with, and the last twenty four hours were bearing down on him like an insurmountable weight.

I will never have her, He heard himself say inwardly as he took a deep breath. It was a pathetic, pitiable realization, but it felt epiphanic. He wanted to hold her and to apologize to her; he wanted to make her scream and bring her more pleasure than she’d ever felt in her life, and he wanted to do all of it at the same time. But none of those things would happen, and none of them ever would.

“Brandon…” The young woman stared back at him with a look of concern on her face, “Are you okay?”

Brandon felt hot tears rolling down his cheeks. He blinked several times as he furrowed his brow. He shook his head once as he balled his fists, “No… I’m not okay, Yolie.”

Yolanda’s concern turned to a mixture of fear and confusion, “Brandon… what’s wrong?”

There was nothing he could do to stop himself. never in his life had he experienced what was happening to him, and in that moment he understood exactly what a nervous breakdown felt like. “Everything is wrong,” he said slowly as he threw his head back and laughed. He allowed his tears to flow freely as he squeezed his eyes tightly, “I might not be able to afford college anymore, I’m working a shitty job and eating ramen every night, and my family thinks I’m a failure!” He gestured to her with another laugh as he opened his eyes and chuckled, “I have to work with you almost everyday and pretend that I don’t think you’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever met and I’m so tired when I go home at night that I don’t even have energy to masturbate!” He shook his head and wiped his eyes as he laughed. He didn’t care what Yolanda thought, because it wouldn’t matter either way. “My co workers hate me because they think I’m getting paid more than they are for being a manager,” he crossed his arms and grinned sardonically, “You know how much more I make than you, Yolie? Fifty fucking cents more an hour. You know how I got the job? It’s because Mr. Menley is an old school misogynistic bastard who doesn’t want to entrust a key to the store to a woman! I can’t get another job because this was the only place I could find that would work with my schedule, and even if I wanted to, I’m not qualified to do shit!”

Yolanda stared at her supervisor with wide eyes. After Brandon had finished, the corners of her mouth turned down and her face darkened, “You think you’re the only one who’s got it bad?” She asked flatly as her eyes began to well with fresh tears.

The question caught Brandon off guard and sobered him considerably as he swallowed hard.

“At least you’re passing your classes, I’ll be lucky if skate by in most of them with a C,” her voice wavered as she grit her teeth. “My grandma died a week ago and the only thing my family cares about is who gets her shit!” Yolanda screamed suddenly as her eyes filled with rage. “I just found out that my boyfriend has been cheating on me for weeks with my sister and I’m so sick about it that I haven’t eaten in three fucking days, Brandon!” She screamed once more as she took a step toward him. “Do you think I want to be here, dressed like this, selling shit toys from China to these morons who have literally nothing better to do?!” She pointed at the doorway that led to the sales floor as she walked forward. “I’m sorry that you’re having a shitty morning, Brandon, but that doesn’t give you the right to treat me like shit! I’m not your damn punching bag!” She gestured to herself, “I haven’t slept in a week and I haven’t been laid in over a month! You think you’re the only one who’s stressed out?! Well?!” She stepped up to him and shouted in his face.

Brandon wheeled backwards, both because of her shouting and because he’d never been that close to her before, “No… I’m sorry,” he croaked hollowly as he wiped his face once more. “You didn’t deserve that… I’m sorry.”

She took a step back and wiped her own face, “Did you mean what you said about me?”

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