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Kate closes the term with a new submissive recruit

Author’s note: I have been writing adult stories for about 10 years so have a big backlog to share. But the recent Gothic story challenge brought out this story from me that had to be written. Readers should enjoy each of the four parts. I will publish subsequent sections about every fortnight. Constructive comments are welcome. Otherwise just stay in your mother’s basement and stay off the computer.

Sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old. It is an erotic horror story and includes described scenes of graphic sex including punishment, anal and incest. I wrote this NOT as a BDSM story. It is predominantly girl on girl because our heroine loves women. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. Kate takes until Chapter 4 to vanquish the specters from her past and claim the Estate. But she gets a taste of the erotic horror that is to come throughout at first through dreams.

My name is Kate and I teach English Literature at a prestigious private associate college for women. I am of advanced intelligence and sped through high school and college so I am just a few years older than my students. My sexual orientation is fluid as I have had male and female lovers; mostly my own age or younger but a few mature lovers have graced my bed. Being an all female college with boarding required I’m sure has opened the eyes and thighs of my special eighteen year old students.

My area of expertise is the Romantic Period (1785-1832). I have a concentration in the Gothic Period that concerned itself with elaborate tales of mystery, suspense, and superstition. Most Gothic villains are powerful males who prey on young, virginal women. The stories create tension and appeal deeply to my young women students. They identify particularly with the innocent and helpless heroine being overwhelmed by the evil males and outrageously evil male clergy.

My elective class is very popular as word and whispers get around. However I am very selective of the women I allow to sign up. I require then to be at least eighteen and take a personality test and follow-up private interview with each student. I am somewhat ashamed to say I fill my class with the most attractive students and the most ‘open’ to new experiences. Advance studies for essays and term papers and independent studies are held at my campus residence. Sometimes ‘studying’ goes way into the night where my students have been known to spend the night investigating their professor.

When my students read aloud from the Gothic novels there is a heavy sexual tension in the room. The panic, terror, and other emotions often told through the eyes of the heroine can make the characters and settings seem wild and out of control. Most of my students have led very controlled lives of privilege but loose themselves in the stories, especially when the evil males force themselves on the heroine. I have introduced erotic gothic literature to the second year’s taking independent study. The female scent gets very strong in my den during our book reading circles.

The college requires the young women wear uniforms which I think were chosen by the all male Board of Directors. White blouses, pleated short skirts with suspenders and knee socks are daily wear. When lost in the reading or listening to the adventures of the heroine my students disregard proper seating decorum and I often stare into various colored moist panties or from my special students trimmed or waxed moist labia are on display.

Interested in this time period and my heritage I did one of those ancestry tests. I got my results and had very high Celtic blood percentages going back hundreds of years. I allowed my DNA to be added to the registry especially since I was now an ‘orphan,’ per se, as such as my parents had died and I did not know of any uncles or aunts. The school term was coming to the end when an official letter was delivered by currier to my residence one Saturday. I had to sign for the official document then took it to the kitchen.

It was from a Solicitor in Ireland. He had detailed that my DNA and name had identified me as the only surviving heir to a large estate; manor house, lands and accounts. The property was being maintained but would soon revert to the Interior Ministry if unclaimed. I had to appear in his office in Dublin within a few weeks if I wished to pursue a claim. I checked my personal papers and made sure my passport was valid.

On Monday I called him very early from my college office when I got a moment from grading term papers, finalizing grades and turning in required end of term documents. Eoghan Mac Gabhann told me all of it was quite real and if I could fax then bring my passport, my notarized birth certificate and my father’s death certificate he would finalize the turning over the entire estate.

When I ended my call there was a tiny tap on my office door. I said come in and in walked one of teen porno my first year students. She was very shy and struggled with expressing herself in class and working in teams for class projects. Although she was an eighteen year old freshman, she was very mousy but was one of the hottest looking students in my class. Emma had long black hair and deep blue eyes. Her body could ‘launch a thousand ships’ but she didn’t feel confident enough to use it to her advantage.

She was ‘stacked like a brick shit-house’ as the men would say; Emma was easily a DD and the white uniform blouse had trouble keeping them contained. Her full hips and ass kept the pleated skirt moving when she walked the hall. However like I said she was very mousy. She stood in front of my desk with her eyes downward and waited.

I asked her what she wanted. “I know I didn’t do well in this class and I was wondering if there was anything I could do today to help pull my final grade up.”

“Well Emma I calculated your final grade and it hovers between a C and a B and since you did not engage me in class I’m leaning towards a C,” I challenged her.

“Oh no, Miss Kate I really need that B for my GPA. My daddy will be so mad at me with that C. He will discipline me for not applying my best. I’ll do anything to help my grade!” she started to blubber.

“Anything?” I asked strongly. – “Yes anything,” she whispered drying her tears. “I heard the rumors Mistress Kathrynne,” she said hesitantly keeping her eyes downcast. She used the title certain of my girls are required to call me in private.

“Oh really?” I asked. – “Yes Mistress Kathrynne, your second year girls told me what I would have to do to improve my grade,” Emma said quietly.

“And what is it that you will have to do Emma?” I asked strongly.

“Anything. Anything you tell me to, Mistress Kathrynne,” Emma whispered so low I hardly heard her.

“Emma, go lock the door!” I said strongly and moved my rolling chair out from behind my desk to watch her.

She slowly turned and went to the door. With her back to me she stood there for some time then I heard the door lock click. She stayed facing the door.

“Raise your skirt and show me your panties, Emma,” I ordered.

She slowly moved her hands down to her plaid skirt hem and even slower started raising the hem. Her strong thighs came into view then her firm full ass cheeks. Once the skirt reached her waist I could see baby pink silk trapped between her firm ass cheeks as the tiny panties circled her waist. There was a darker pink stain where the gusset kissed her pussy lips.

“Take off your panties and show me your ass,” I ordered her again.

Emma breathed deeply to settle herself then tucked her back hem into her belt and moved her hands to her waist. S-l-o-w-l-y her panties moved down over her ample ass cheeks. She opened her thighs and her pink panties dropped to her black and white Saddle Oxfords.

“Bend way over and take those naughty panties off your shoes and bring them to me,” I growled.

Emma moved back and bent over and worked her panties off each foot. Her head hit the hard wood door by accident and she moaned. “Stay!” I ordered her. I could easily see her naked labia and the inner lips were shining with her moistness. I opened the desk and took out the eighteen inch ruler that was left over from another teacher. My special girls had tasted its special properties while they negotiated for better grades.

My chair wheels scraped the floor when I stood and Emma flinched. I walked to the side of her and ran the ruler across her ass cheeks. “Whose ass is this Emma?” I asked her as I lightly tapped her ass.

“It belongs to you now Mistress Kathrynne,” Emma said somewhat frightened.

“You’re over eighteen now Emma. Do you give me this ass freely? Do you affirm that I am not forcing you to do this to better your grade?” I asked challenging her.

“Yes, Mistress Kathrynne I am giving you my body freely and I am willingly becoming your submissive, your nasty slut, Mistress,” Emma said with her head against the door. Her long black hair hung down covering her face.

“Count for me slave!” I ordered as one long swing of the ruler swatted her ass.

“OMG!” screamed Emma.

“I told you to count slut, not to talk!” I growled as the ruler found her plump ass cheeks. “ONE!” Emma moaned, “TWO!” she moaned again. Over and over the ruler descended in a wide strong arc striking Emma’s white ass cheeks turning them into ribbons of red. “TEN!” Emma cried out breathing heavily.

I watched as her potent pussy honey dripped down her inner thighs to soak the white sports socks around her knees. I caressed the red welts on her warm ass cheeks. I took two long fingers and ran them up between her pussy lips and coated her waxed asshole. I reversed my fingers and centered them on her swollen clit and pinched it using also my thumb.

Emma moaned and shook against the tricky masseur porno door then sprayed the floor with thick white pussy cum. “Oh daamm, I’m cumming Mistress, I’m ccuummmmiinngg!” she moaned loudly.

I slapped her pussy lips hard with the ruler end and hissed, “Quiet slut! Who gave you permission to cum? You are such a naughty, naughty slave Emma. You are going to have to visit my residence for more training. Now show me your naughty pussy which made all that mess on the floor,” I ordered.

Emma reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart showing me her dripping pussy and her winking asshole as she shook through her orgasm aftershocks. I put two fingers to the entrance of her vagina and pushed them in just a little. I then slid them through her wet pussy lips and circled her darkstar. I pushed against her anal ring and it gave way to accept two fingers to the first knuckle. Emma moaned and pushed her ass backwards trying to capture more of my fingers.

“Are you a virgin Emma?”

“No Mistress. My uncle took it from me while I visited his estate after I turned eighteen. He is extremely handsome and very strong. His eyes burned into me as my daddy introduced me to his brother-in-law. He verbally seduced me with his complements and appreciation of my body. No male had ever shown me such attention. I had gone to religious schools then straight home to Mommy and Daddy. Uncle Laurence took my breath away and I was so embarrassed as I got wet down there. During dinner he let me drink wine while he praised me.”

“That first night his private maid gave me a sensuous bath in an old style bathtub. I was a little tipsy from the wine and I let her wash me as I stood in the tub. She touched me all over my young body, washing private places that made my coochie get very wet. She ran soapy fingers between my ass cheeks and even pushed them into my butt hole. It was so nasty Mistress but it excited me so. She pushed my thighs apart and washed my coochie. Soapy fingers slipped between my lips and touched something that made me shudder. She washed my big breasts with her soapy hands and tweaked my nipples until they got hard.”

“She had me step out of the bathtub and sit on the side. She told me that a pretty young girl like me should never have so much hair down there. She went to the cupboard and returned with a razor and saving cream. She knelt and pushed my thighs apart then tenderly applied the cream all over my coochie. Very carefully she held my coochie lips and shaved off all my black curly hair down there. When my lips were bare she artistically trimmed the hair above into a design.”

“Marie then rinsed my groin of any hair then patted it dry. She then shocked me as she leaned forward and kissed my coochie and that bump at the top. It made my legs shake and I got all moist down there again. Mistress, I’d never had feelings like that and no one ever shaved me there. It looked like I was twelve years old again down there.”

“She dried me and placed a very silky sleeper over me. I tried to tell her she forgot my underwear but she laughed and told me I would not need them that night. She tucked me in then leaned over and kissed me lightly. I didn’t fuss so she kissed me deeper and stronger.”

“She French kissed me, investigating my mouth with her warm tongue. I moaned softly so Marie moved her hand under the sheet and played with my breasts and hardening nipples. She told me softly to pull up my nightgown as she kissed my ear. I was frightened but was getting very excited. The soft nightgown slid up my thighs then my tummy then over my excited breasts.”

“Marie kissed me for several minutes stealing my breath in my excitement. She pushed the sheets down uncovering my large heaving breasts. She kissed her way down and took my nipple into her mouth and sucked it until it got hard and long. She moved to the other one and pulled it out with her teeth. I hissed as her hand moved lower and her fingers ran through my trimmed curly hair down there.”

“She coxed my thighs open as she bit my breasts. I am ashamed to say I pushed my breasts up towards her as I was losing control. Her delicate fingers found that bump at the top of my coochie and began rubbing it in circles. Nerves all around my groin tingled and wetness ran down and wet my ass. She pinched and pulled on that now larger bump and I started breathing heavy. My whole body felt very hot as she played with my very wet coochie even pushed her delicate fingers inside me.”

“I grabbed her arm tightly as my body betrayed me and nerve endings exploded across my body. My coochie expelled a hot liquid as my nipples ached from being bitten. I soaked the bed as I shook through what I realized later was my first ever orgasm. Marie leaned over and kissed me for several minutes. I finally let go of her hand and she smiled.”

“Your Uncle Laurence is really gonna enjoy this young full body. Just be patient and wait for him tonight,” türkçe alt yazı porno Marie whispered and kissed me again.”

“My Uncle snuck into my bedroom and stood by my bed. He slowly pulled the sheet down off my heaving breasts down my body and off my feet. My coochie started to get wet as he leaned over and sucked my nipple through the silk shift. He reached over and gripped my other breast and tweaked my other breast. I was losing my ability to breath Mistress.”

“He is so strong he grabbed my legs and pulled them to the edge of the bed. He pulled my legs up and my shift slid to my tummy. He watched as my labia became flushed and wet. He knelt and just like the maid he placed his lips on me and licked me all over. He took that bump between his lips and licked and sucked it until my body shook and I screamed out his name. He drank the fluids that were running out wetting my ass and the sheets.”

“He stood and I looked down over my breasts and he had his penis in his hand. It was the first real one I had seen and it was twice the size of his hand. The tip was big and was dripping a clear liquid. He moved his penis up and down between my labia and I just wet myself all over it. He pushed his penis between my wet labia then shoved it in me. I shot up off the bed as the pain spread throughout my groin. He reached down and pulled on my nipples. He caused pain to my breast to distract me from his penis going in and out of me.”

“I fell back on the bed as the pain quickly turned to pleasure. He took my virginity during that night. He pushed his fat penis into me and broke my cherry. He pushed and pulled his fat long penis in and out of my aching vagina and didn’t stop until he shot his hot thick juice inside me. He made me do such naughty things. He used everywhere on my body for his own pleasure. I cried and cried until he pulled out and wiped his penis off on my ‘big tits’, as he called them. The maids found the bloody sheets that morning. I was so embarrassed.”

“Since I wasn’t on protection he used his penis in my back hole and took my butt over and over. He made me start using naughty words for body parts. His man thing was a ‘dick or a cock’. My girl parts were ‘tits and pussy and ass’. He once called my vagina a ‘cunt’ as he shot his hot cum in there. Once he made me ride naked on his horse. He pushed me against his horse’s neck and my clit at the top of my pussy rubbed on the saddle horn while we trotted through the woods. He wet his fat cock in my dripping pussy then pushed his fat dickhead against my asshole and one jump by the horse and his cock entered my ass.”

“I screamed for him to stop but he just laughed as his long cock slid up my ass. All too soon I came on his fat cock by my clit rubbing on the saddle horn. His stud horse was bucking and snorting from the smell of my dripping cunt. I moaned and moaned as his hot cum shot up my ass. I feel so embarrassed Mistress but I came again and sprayed girl cum all over his leather riding saddle.”

“Just like your slutty mother, Emma,” he laughed, “Your mother and I are twins and the summer we both turned eighteen I took her virginity in the same bed you slept in. She loved to cum with my cock up her ass as we rode my horse. She came again and again all over my saddle, just like the slut you are. And when we stopped by the stream she cleaned my cock with her wet drippy mouth, just like you will Emma!” he said laughing loudly.

“By the time I went home to Daddy and Mommy I was his sex slut taking his cum up my ass or down my throat. He’d fuck my pussy hard and deep on my safe days. He made me beg for his cock and I did, over and over. He fucked me in every room of his manor house and even made the women servants watch and participate. I ate my first pussy from his private maid while he fucked my ass. I found I loved eating pussy Mistress. I’m very popular with the second years,” Emma said somewhat emboldened.

“Emma kneel down and wipe up your cum with your panties!” I ordered.

Emma turned and knelt and soaked up the puddle of pussy juice that she had sprayed on the floor. When she finished she assumed the submissive pose and held the wet panties on her thighs and waited for her next command.

“Emma stand up and strip off all your clothes,” I growled.

She stood and unzipped her skirt and pushed the suspenders off her breasts and the skirt fell to her shoes. She had her black pussy hair trimmed into a downward facing crescent moon but her labia was waxed or shaved bare. I could see the moistness leaking from her pussy lips. She then slowly unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it off her shoulders. Reaching behind her she undid her bra and dropped it to the floor. Her marvelous DD breasts pushed out from her young chest. Her nipples hardened and pushed out from her dark aureoles as she stood waiting.

“Put those panties in your mouth and crawl over to my desk,” I ordered her.

I stood and moved my ass to the desk and flipped my skirt up behind me. Emma crawled towards my desk and stopped between my legs. I ordered her to stand and suck my tits. She slowly unbuttoned my blouse and pushed it open. I told her my bra clip was in front so she popped it and my C cups slipped off my tits. My nipples were hard waiting for some attention.

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