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Jessica had gone to the ladies room before Ramon left his office to talk privately with Carlos about giving the advertising contract to Barnes & Cunningham. As she stood there looking in the full length mirror her mind wandered back to her naughty afternoon encounter with Ramon.

Ramon had taken Jessica to this nice Mexican restaurant for lunch. As they sat close together in a dark corner of the restaurant Jessica let her hand roam under the tablecloth, letting it come to rest on his knee. Then she slowly and sensuously teased her way up his leg and by the time her long delicate fingers reached his crotch he was fully erect. She tormented the trapped shaft making Ramon squirm in his seat. Eventually she pulled down his zipper and reached inside to caress the thickness of his manhood before liberating it from the tight confines of his slacks. Jessica checked to make sure that no one was looking as her soft silky hand pulled on Ramon’s hard throbbing shaft, making him breath harder as he got closer and closer to blowing his wad. Jessica’s other hand joined in the fun and she pumped him as hard as she could. When she felt his whole body tense and saw the look of ecstasy on his face she cupped her hand around the hot pulsing head and caught all his hot cream in her hand. When he was finally finished squirting Jessica brought her cum filled hand up from underneath the table. She smiled to herself as she remembered the look of surprise in his dark Latin eyes when she wantonly licked his thick cum from her coated hand and fingers.

Ramon told Jessica that he thought they could get the contact finalized after they returned to the office, and that he had a very special celebration planned for her.

Jessica stopped daydreaming and combed her wavy brown shoulder length hair, reapplied her makeup, and added more rose colored lip gloss. The beautiful and sensuous woman reflected in the mirror was wearing a rose colored dress that hugged her curvaceous body like a glove and ended four inches above her knee. Her slightly upturned breasts and hard pointy nipples strained against the confines of her pink lacy bra. Underneath the dress Jessica was wearing rose colored thigh-high stockings and a pink thong that barely covered her smooth shaved pussy. Her nicely shaped legs were accentuated by her three inch glossy pink heels. The crotch of her thong was still damp from her excitement with Ramon in the restaurant, but she decided to leave it on so he could smell how aroused she had been earlier.

Kaitlin beamed with ecstatic glee. It looked like her plan had worked, and she was going to get the contract. She sprang from the chair, her heavy breasts swaying as she hurried to remove the contract from her briefcase. After he signed the contract Kaitlin was so caught up in the moment that she pressed her almost naked body against Carlos and kissed him hard and hotly on the mouth. Then she said, “Thank you Carlos, I’ll make sure that you never regret signing with Anderson Advertising.”

As Kaitlin’s hot body came close enough to give him a kiss Carlos wrapped his strong arms around her petite voluptuous body and kissed her deeply, his tongue instantly probing her eager wet mouth. One of his big strong hands reached between their bodies and toyed with her hard nipples. His cock which had softened after being sucked so expertly started to slowly harden again as it pressed against Kaitlin’s belly. Breaking the hot wet kiss for a second Carlos replied, “Kaitlin I have complete confidence in your ability to handle our account!” Then his other hand traveled down her spine and started tracing slow lazy circles against her derriere.

Kaitlin felt her pussy start to tingle again as his hot manhood quickly hardened against her belly, and his strong hands ignited the fire in her nipples and pussy at the same time. This was the moment of truth that Kaitlin had worried about. Her body kept screaming for Kaitlin to let Carlos do whatever he wanted, and extinguish the fire burning out of control throughout her body. She had never cheated on Brian before, but it was his fault that her body needed to feel a man so badly that it ached. Kaitlin knew that she had already crossed the moral line in the sand with her earlier actions, and she tried to think of a reason why she shouldn’t get the attention she desperately needed and wanted.

When Jessica returned from the ladies room she noticed that the door connecting the two offices was ajar so she decided to take a peek and see what was happening. She opened the door a few inches and saw Ramon standing there frozen like a statue. Jessica was just ready to say something, but the words stuck in her throat when she realized what he had been watching. Jessica’s mouth dropped open as she stared in disbelief when she noticed that it was Kaitlin parading around in front of Carlos with almost no clothing covering her beautiful body.

After seeing Carlos sign the contract Ramon was outraged. He had already told Jessica that the Antalya Escort contract was hers and now Carlos was giving their business to Kaitlin. “Just a minute Carlos,” he yelled, “You know that it takes both of our signatures to make the contract legal.” Ramon started across the room, quickly closing the distance between himself and his brother.

Kaitlin almost jumped out of her skin when she heard Ramon shout at Carlos. Embarrassed she quickly backed away from Carlos and used her hands to try and hide her naked breasts from Ramon’s leering dark eyes. As she turned sideways, trying to retrieve her clothing from the floor Kaitlin’s eyes noticed Jessica standing in the doorway, still with a shocked look on her face. Not knowing exactly what to say, or do, Kaitlin just stood there looking at Jessica with a tear rolling down her cheek.

Carlos was livid with rage. He quickly retrieved his slacks and hurriedly put them back on. Then he turned to squarely face the approaching Ramon. The two men got into each others face and argued heatedly back in forth in Spanish.

They were speaking so loud and fast that Kaitlin was not able to understand more than a few words. Kaitlin’s stomach was suddenly filled with butterflies, and she felt absolutely helpless. Her planned seduction of Carlos had almost worked, but now she was very apprehensive about how the two brothers were going to work out their differences and decide which advertising agency would get the contract.

Jessica knew that she had to quickly do something to help Kaitlin, and herself at the same time. She crossed the room while Ramon and Carlos were arguing vehemently, and put her arms around Kaitlin, holding her tight against her body. As their eyes met Jessica leaned closer and whispered, “Just follow my lead,” into Kaitlin’s ear. Then without warning Jessica kissed Kaitlin hotly on the mouth, forcing her tongue deeply between Kaitlin’s lips. Jessica could feel the weight of Kaitlin’s large breasts mashed against her own upturned breasts. Jessica’s hands traced a pattern down Kaitlin’s neck, across her shoulders, and then slowly crisscrossed down her back until they passed over the garter belt and ended up with Jessica cupping Kaitlin’s cheeks with both hands. Jessica urged, “Kaitlin help me out of this dress so I can feel your hot body against mine.”

Kaitlin was taken by surprise at Jessica’s boldness considering that they were standing less than ten feet from Carlos and Ramon. Kaitlin felt a surge of electricity course through her body as Jessica’s soft fingers danced across her skin. Temporarily forgetting her problem Kaitlin’s mouth and tongue eagerly responded to Jessica’s, and soft moans issued from both of them as their hot bodies pressed against each other. Kaitlin’s fingers found the concealed zipper at the back of Jessica’s dress and she slowly worked it downwards, making sure that she ran her fingernails down Jessica’s spine as she went. Then her fingers retraced their path and slipped the dress over Jessica’s shoulders. Kaitlin stepped back a little and Jessica’s beautiful rose colored dress fell to the floor in a heap, leaving Jessica standing there in her pink thong, thigh-high stockings, and heels. Then Kaitlin moved back into Jessica’s waiting arms and unhooked her lacy pink bra, and quickly removed it as they resumed kissing each other passionately. Kaitlin’s large round breasts were pressed tightly against Jessica’s firm breasts as the two women embraced, their hands roaming over each other as the hunger surged through both their bodies.

Carlos and Ramon finally stopped yelling, and calmed down enough to notice that Jessica and Kaitlin were eagerly touching and kissing each other. Both men stood there with mouths agape at the erotic scene that was unfolding before them.

Jessica finally broke the kiss and stepped back. Taking Kaitlin’s hand she led her over to the large wooden desk and instructed Kaitlin to sit on the edge. Then Jessica moved between Kaitlin’s dangling legs, their mounds almost pressing against each other as she used her hands to softly stroke the underside of Kaitlin’s large breasts. Jessica’s sensuous mouth kissed and licked Kaitlin’s neck and collarbone causing her to moan.

Kaitlin’s body was on fire again. The combination of wanting Carlos to fuck her earlier, and now Jessica teasing and tormenting her was causing her pussy to tingle with need again.

Carlos and Ramon temporarily put their argument aside as they watched the two hot women sensuously pleasuring each other. Both men quickly sprouted an erection as they enjoyed the show taking place before their eyes. They looked at each other trying to decide whether they should stand back and watch, or join in. Ramon wanted to get in on the action right away, but Carlos talked him into waiting for a few minutes to see how this scenario was going to unfold.

“Just lie down on the desk and let me take care of you,” Jessica instructed as she grasped Kaitlin’s Antalya Escort Bayan shoulders and eased her upper body down onto the desk. Jessica peeled her skimpy pink thong down over her hips, exposing her bare pussy, and then quickly peeled it down her long legs and stepped out of it. She moved between Kaitlin’s legs until her wet tingling pussy was pressed tightly against Kaitlin’s pussy that was still covered by the black thong. Bending forward at the waist Jessica started French kissing Kaitlin again, as their wet mounds sensuously rubbed against each other. Then Jessica’s mouth softly kissed its way down Kaitlin’s neck, across her collarbone, and down into the cleavage of her large round breasts.

Kaitlin’s hands were cupping Jessica’s ass, trying to pull the other woman even tighter against her pussy which felt like it was on fire. When Jessica’s hot pink tongue swirled around the large coral colored circles of her aureole Kaitlin moaned loudly and dug her fingernails into Jessica’s firm ass. “Oh.. please.. Jess.., suck my tits,” Kaitlin implored.

Ramon and Carlos moved a little closer so they could get a better view. While still somewhat shocked that these two beautiful women were making love right there in front of them Ramon and Carlos were both enjoying the event and stood there rubbing the outline of their stiff cocks through the thin material of their slacks.

Jessica’s talented tongue kept circling closer and closer to Kaitlin’s hard pointy nubs, teasing and tormenting them, and making them ache for attention. One of Jessica’s hands had slipped between their two mounds and pulled Kaitlin’s thong aside exposing the folds of Kaitlin’s labia, letting her fingers explore as they searched for Kaitlin’s engorged love button. When Jessica’s finger finally made contact with the hard little nub Kaitlin whimpered letting Jessica know that she was right on target. Jessica’s tongue had finally made its way across the large round aureole and now it was flicking the engorged fleshy nubs from side to side.

A sudden warmth spread throughout Kaitlin’s whole body, and the need burning in her loins grew rapidly as Jessica continued to knowingly tease and torment her tits and pussy. Kaitlin begged again, “Please Jess, suck my tits harder.” Kaitlin’s fingernails danced across Jessica’s back and then slipped between their bodies and found Jessica’s stiff upturned nipples.

Jessica looked up into Kaitlin’s eyes and smiled wickedly as her lips closed around the stiff coral points. Then Jessica pulled upwards with her lips pulling the nipple causing Kaitlin to moan loudly as she pinched Jessica’s nipples harder. Jessica was concentrating on giving Kaitlin exquisite pleasure, when out of the corner of her eye she noticed that Carlos and Ramon were standing less than ten feet away, both rubbing their cocks, and obviously enjoying watching the show that her and Kaitlin were giving them. She smiled wantonly knowing that soon both men would be using their nice hard cocks to pleasure herself and Kaitlin, but first she wanted to eat Kaitlin’s pussy and make her scream with pleasure.

Ramon was getting impatient just standing there watching the two hot women moaning and pleasuring each other. His cock was throbbing in his pants and he wanted to sample what the hot blond had to offer. He unzipped his pants and liberated his stiff shaft.

Carlos was also uncomfortable standing there with his manhood painfully tenting the front of his slacks. He followed Ramon’s lead and also unzipped his slacks and removed his engorged cock from the tight confines of his slacks.

Kaitlin’s body responded eagerly to Jessica’s mouth enflaming her nipples, and her fingers stroking her hard love button. “Oh Jess, you’re making me so damn hot”, Kaitlin moaned.

Jessica’s hot pink tongue stopped tormenting Kaitlin’s hard throbbing nipples and slowly moved down the side of her large breast and licked through the crease between her round breasts before sliding across the sensitive underside. Jessica had to temporarily stop grinding her pussy against Kaitlin’s as she slid her body downward. After eliciting a few more moans from Kaitlin the slithering tongue zigzagged languidly across Kaitlin’s stomach. Taking her time Jessica’s tongue crossed over the black lace of the garter belt and headed towards Kaitlin’s pussy. The silky black thong covering her mound was soaked with her juices and the scent of her arousal filled the air. Wanting to taunt Kaitlin a little Jessica let her tongue trace along the outline of the thong without trying to slip underneath. Jessica watched Kaitlin’s face for a reaction as she placed her mouth over the thong and used her lips and tongue to nibble Kaitlin’s throbbing pussy causing her to whimper with need.

Jessica’s hot slippery tongue dancing across her stomach left a trail of heat and desire wherever it touched Kaitlin’s skin, and now Jessica munching on her pussy through the thin material of the Escort Antalya soaked black thong was driving her wild. Kaitlin impatiently moaned, “Oh Jess, please eat my pussy.”

Both Carlos and Ramon had removed all their clothing, and changed their position so they could get a closer view. As they stood only five feet away from the desk eagerly anticipating that Jessica was going to grant Kaitlin’s wish and eat her pussy, they both started to stroke their stiff rods.

Jessica noticed that Ramon and Carlos had moved closer to the desk so they would not miss any of the hot slurping action that she would soon be bestowing on Kaitlin’s needy pussy. She looked at them and smiled devilishly and said, “Looks like we have the full attention of both of you. You’ll get what you both deserve in a few minutes, but until I tell you that it’s okay you just stand there stroking yourself while I feast on Kaitlin’s sweet pussy.” Jessica pulled the thong aside and let her slithering tongue slide up and down the weeping slit, making sure that she lightly touched the hard clit on each pass.

Both men grumbled a little about having to wait, but an evil look from Jessica’s fiery eyes stopped them in mid sentence. Jessica had made it crystal clear that she was in control of this whole situation, and if they wanted to partake in what was to come later they had no choice but to obey her orders.

Kaitlin’s hands were tightly wrapped in Jessica’s long wavy brown hair, trying to guide Jessica to the spot between her legs that was begging for attention. “Please Jess, don’t make me wait,” Kaitlin implored.

Jessica used her fingers to spread Kaitlin’s lips wide open, and then used just the very tip of her hot tongue to dive in and run it up and down Kaitlin’s crease.

Kaitlin looked at Ramon and Carlos standing almost side by side slowly stroking their erect cocks. Kaitlin thought that Carlos had a nice size prick, but after seeing Ramon’s for the first time she had to admit that it appeared to be a little longer and thicker than his brothers. Kaitlin had always had a fantasy about being with two men at one time. As she stared at their nice equipment she thought about how great it would feel to have both men doing her at the same time. Kaitlin’s whole body was on fire, and when she felt the first contact of Jessica’s probing tongue sliding through her crease and hitting her clit her whole body trembled as ripples of pleasure pulsed through her body.

One of Jessica’s hands roamed upwards and went back to work gently pinching, twisting, and pulling Kaitlin’s erect coral nipples. Her other hand moved lower and she easily slipped a finger into Kaitlin’s juicy opening. The combination of fingers pulling on the hard nipples, the finger fucking Kaitlin’s pussy, and Jessica’s hot tongue flicking against Kaitlin’s clit became a synchronized form of torture as they tormented Kaitlin’s body in concert.

Kaitlin was oblivious to everything in the room. Her head was turning from side to side moaning out her chorus of pleasure as Jessica drove her need higher and higher. Kaitlin whimpered, “Oh yes… Jess… that feels so fucking good! Don’t stop!”

Carlos and Ramon stood there enthralled by the sounds and scent of the two beautiful women filling the air. Their stiff cocks were throbbing with anticipation, hardly able to wait any longer to bury themselves in Kaitlin’s or Jessica’s hot wet pussy or mouth.

Jessica looked up into Kaitlin’s lust filled blue eyes that kept opening and closing as the throbbing within her loins gained momentum. Jessica knew that Kaitlin was getting closer and closer to the edge of her orgasmic plateau. Jessica pulled and twisted the twin pointy nubs of coral flesh, squeezed a second finger into the tight confines of the slick tunnel, and used her tongue to rapidly flick Kaitlin’s clit back and forth wildly.

Kaitlin’s breathing was coming in short gasps, and her hips bucked upwards off the desk. Kaitlin’s hands were buried in Jessica’s long wavy brown hair pulling her mouth tighter against her bucking center of need. Kaitlin’s whole body started to tremble as she screamed loudly, “Oh yes Jess…, I’m…. coming…. ” The words had barely escaped Kaitlin’s lips when her orgasm erupted with great force sending a burning warmth throughout her whole body. Kaitlin’s body went rigid as she felt the strong orgasm peak and barely start to fade before the next one struck. After the third strong climax she was temporarily satiated and laid there a vision of beauty as her large round breasts rose and fell rapidly.

Jessica continued to stimulate Kaitlin’s nipples, pussy, and clit until she was sure that Kaitlin was temporarily satisfied. Then she moved her mouth back up Kaitlin’s body and kissed her mouth lightly letting Kaitlin savor the taste of her own climax, as their two bodies pressed against each other. Eventually Kaitlin’s breathing returned to normal and she opened her eyes and smiled up at Jessica. Jessica softly whispered in Kaitlin’s ear, “I think we should talk Carlos and Ramon into splitting their business equally between our two agencies.”

Kaitlin thought about Jessica’s suggestion for almost thirty seconds before she looked into the other woman’s eyes and nodded her agreement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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