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She sat at the window, waiting for him to come to her. It had been several weeks since they’d had a chance to be together and she listened eagerly for the sounds that would mark his arrival. The full moon shone through the window, bathing her in its light and making her pale skin glow through the sheer fabric of her robe. She was still sitting there when he came in the door, and the sight of her curves haloed by the shimmering fabric and the silver-kissed blonde hair hiding her face made his jeans begin to grow uncomfortably tight.

She heard the door open, but she stayed where she was, waiting for him…knowing that the moonlight’s effect would intrigue him. She heard him quietly close the door behind him, then listened as his footsteps came closer.

His breath whispered over her skin as he leaned in to kiss the back of her neck, and she sighed as shivers of excitement ran down her spine. She turned her head to him, her blue eyes meeting his dark ones for just a moment before they fluttered closed as their lips met. The chemistry between them was like sparks, every touch igniting a flame beneath her skin. His dark hands slipped into her robe and up over her shoulders, pushing the fabric away so his lips could explore more of her soft skin. As he trailed kisses down her neck and across her shoulder she whispered, “God I’ve missed you!” He leaned back to look her in the eye. “Likewise,” he replied with a grin.

She reached up to meet his lips again, catching the lower lip between her teeth. His hands ran up her sides and cupped her full breasts, the thumbs brushing over the soft, pink nipples…feeling them harden at his touch. He leaned down to take one into his mouth and suckle gently. The sound of her soft moan spurred him marks head bobbers porno on, raising his excitement, and he turned to pay the same attention to the other breast.

She ran her hands over his head, pulling his mouth tighter to her. Wanting to feel his skin against hers, she slipped her hands under his shirt and pushed it up over his head. He let the shirt drop to the floor as she pushed his pants down over his hips. Her breath was coming quicker as she ran her hands over his skin, and he knew that her juices would be flowing by now. He couldn’t wait to taste her, so he lifted her and carried her toward the bed.

He lowered her onto the mattress, then began kissing, licking, and nibbling his way down over her belly. He smiled as his gaze fell on the lacey boy-shorts she was wearing. He loved the way they looked on her curvy hips…nothing boyish there! He leaned in to kiss her inner thigh, feeling her shiver under his lips. He moved a little higher and kissed again at the sensitive spot where leg and body meet.

She could feel his hot breath on her as he teased her. The press of his lips through the rough lace of her panties was torture, and yet she wanted more. She spread her legs wider for him, then gasped as she felt his mouth press over her hot mound, right through the panties, and his tongue brush over her wet slit, sliding the rough lace with it. She rocked her hips to press against him, wanting to feel more. He nibbled softly at the tender lips beneath the material, making her tremble with excitement. His fingers caught the waistband, and she lifted herself so he could pull the panties out of the way. He surprised her though, wrapping them around her ankles to bind massage porno them together. He lifted her feet over his head and bent to dart his tongue into the slick folds of her pussy.

She moaned and squirmed under his mouth as he flicked the tip of his tongue side to side over her throbbing clit. He slid first one, then two fingers inside of her, curling them a little to stroke her g-spot as his tongue continued lashing her hard little nub. She knew it wouldn’t be long before he made her explode, and she could already feel her muscles tightening. He kept up a steady rhythm, licking and stroking, until ripples of pleasure exploded through her. “Oh god, I’m cumming,” she cried out as lights burst behind her closed eyelids and her body shook with the intensity of it.

Before she could even stop trembling he rose over her, her legs still trapped around his neck, and thrust into her fast and deep. Her hips bucked up to meet him and she cried out as she peaked a second time. He bent down to cover her mouth with his, drinking in her moans, as he held himself still inside her, enjoying the feel of her muscles grasping at his cock as she continued to tremble. She opened her eyes to meet his again and he knew she was ready. He began to rock his hips slowly and they moved together, knowing each other’s rhythm and matching thrust for thrust. “Mmmm, yes,” she moaned, “that’s just where I wanted you,” and she grabbed tight to his arms as she arched herself upward, burying him deeper inside of her.

He took his time, wanting to draw out the pleasure for both of them. His long, slow strokes had her begging for more before long though, writhing and squirming under him, trying to draw him deeper, harder, faster

Instead, meet-suck and fuck porno he pulled away from her, causing her to whimper in frustration. He freed her bound ankles and stretched out on the bed next to her, leaned over her for another kiss then, with a teasing grin, whispered, “show me how you want it, then.” He rolled onto his back and took her hand to bring her over him.

“So we’re going to tease, are we?” she said as she straddled his thighs. Her smile told him she was going to give as good as she was getting. She took his hard shaft in her hand and stroked it slowly. He was slick with her juices, and her hand slid easily over his cock, her fingers curling over the head on each pass.

She leaned down to flick her tongue over him, starting at the tip and feathering lightly along the length, down the vein, and back up to where she finally took his now pulsing head between her soft lips. She suckled softly as her tongue continued to play over his swollen member. His quiet moans told her he was thoroughly enjoying being teased, and she began sliding her mouth up and down his length, using her tongue to stimulate his most sensitive spots.

Just as his hips began rocking in rhythm with her, she pulled away, giving him a turn to groan in frustration. “Now I’ll show you how I want it,” she laughed.

She moved over him and took his cock in her hand again, this time to rub it over her tingling clit and guide it into her hot, wet pussy. She slid slowly down until he was buried to the hilt, then began to rock her hips against him. She began moaning and panting as she rode him hard, picking up speed and gyrating her hips. She could feel him growing even harder inside of her and knew he was close.

“That’s it, cum for me,” she told him, “I want you to fill me up.” With a hard thrust he happily obliged, his cock jerking with each spurt as she tightened her muscles around him, milking out every drop. As his breathing slowed and he grew soft inside her, she leaned down to whisper in his ear, “That’s exactly how I wanted it!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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