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I stood outside staring up at the sign, some random diner chosen between point A and point B. I felt so nervous. “Just Breathe” I whispered to myself before reaching for the handle to walk in. The smell of brewing coffee filled my nostrils as I entered.

This place was quaint with a little bustle but not overly crowded. I was a half hour early, making sure I had enough time to survey the place and decide where I should wait for him. I asked for a back booth tucked away in its own little corner sanctuary.

The server asked for my drink order. “Coffee please, and a water.”

She left menus on the table as she walked off. When she returned, I put my straw in my water glass and nervously twirled its wrapper around my index finger.

I settled in and pulled out my phone.

I typed him a message, “When you get here, I’m in the back booth to the right.”

I slightly hesitated as I pressed ‘send’, a reflex nagged by my nervousness. We had been messaging for some time, becoming intimate through sharing ourselves with each other. Details about our lives, sharing erotic fantasies, and sexting all the things we wanted to do to each other.

So why was I so nervous? I thought as I recalled all the long chats. The comfort that had been built in this time we’ve shared should make me at ease, as if I’m just meeting an old friend.

Truth be told, I had come to crave this man. The curiosity of meeting him had been building for some time after learning when I’d be in his area. I made sure to wear the description I had given him, as if he wouldn’t recognize me from my photo anyway. Snug faded blue college t-shirt which made my eyes appear grey, long grey and blue striped skirt with slits up both sides to the knee, and my Chucks. I felt comfortable, not sexy, although I assumed, he would disagree.

I see my inbox bubble light up… “Ok, I’m almost there.” My body felt a jolt of exhilaration, an excited anxiousness I knew would take me over as this day drew closer.

When he arrived, he surveyed the area in search of her. She couldn’t wait for him to find her, so she got up to go greet him.

“Mark?” Her smile is infectious, “I’m Charlotte.”

They drew near güvenilir bahis going in for an embrace, a handshake was too formal for them at this point. When they broke, she turned to lead him back to their booth. As she walked in front of him, he watched her ass sway, as was her intention. His desire at an all time peak, thinking about the ‘surprise’ she said she had planned for him in a previous message when they discussed this day coming to fruition. His anticipation was sweet torture.

She sat back down in her seat and motioned for him to take the seat a crossed from her at the table. They both knew this seating arrangement would not keep but was appropriate for now until the nervousness passed. Getting comfortable was necessary for this beginning part.

They stared at each other chatting nervously, occasionally looking away around the room. As the smiles and laughter took their rightful place, the comfort set in. She felt it was time to reveal her surprise she had planned.

As I watched this woman sit a crossed from me, looking into her eyes, we settled into a familiar feeling of comfort. I had been yearning for her as my feelings built over the course of our online relationship flourishing. She smiled a sly little smirk and reached into her bag. As she rummaged around, I took in her form. Her breasts full and perky in her snug fitting t shirt, her hair resting on her shoulders. I watched her lips as she spoke, pausing in her search talking with her hands. I adored this creature; I couldn’t stop smiling watching her try to seem at ease in our situation.

She finds what she was searching for and draws it from the abyss of her chaotic hobo bag. A small remote control, about the size of a key fob with four buttons. Pressed on the top, a tiny green bow. She sits it on the table in front of her and playfully slides it across so it’s sitting in front me.

I asked, “What do we have here?” through my smile.

She looks down to her nether region inviting me to join her gaze. I take a peek under the table in time to see her uncross her legs, the slit in her skirt allowed for that famous ‘Basic Instinct’ view. Her panties, soft pink. My cock started to swell immediately. güvenilir bahis siteleri I realized what she has done. She is wearing clit stimulating underwear, and she’s given me the remote. I could barely contain my excitement at such a gift. A way for us to experience our sexual intimacy without breaking some huge boundaries. Her smile is mischievous and her eyes full of lust.

As I pick up the remote and examine it further, I see the power button, and three speed settings. This is perfect for teasing her at will. I want to get started right away.

She looks dead into my eyes and says, “Come on Mark, take it for a spin.”

“I came all this way, and I’m not leaving until you make me cum.”

My cock is so hard I feel the pressure my pants are creating holding it back, it wants to be released so fucking badly. I press the power button and select the first setting; I see its effect on her face immediately. Her mouth opens slightly at its contact. She reaches down to touch it, positioning it to the right spot for optimum pleasure. She breathes in deeply as she stares into my eyes, I can see her hunger for me, and I have been waiting for it for so long.

She sighs and breathes out soft whimpers, I see her sink her pelvis deeper into it and close her eyes as she grips the edge of the table. I am so aroused at the sight of her in this pleasure. I turn it up to level two and watch it take its effect on her. She grips the table tighter and her face contorts as she looks at me.

Just at that moment, the server arrives to check on us.

“Are we doing ok over here?”

I quickly hit button three and she jumps

“YES!” “Everything is perfect…thank you!”

She can barely function. The server looks at her oddly unsure what just happened. “Ok, well let me know if I can get you anything else besides the coffees.”

I reply smiling from ear to ear amused by my cruel trick, “Thank you, we will.”

The server turns to leave, a look of slight confusion still on her face.

I can see Charlotte is so very close to reaching her orgasm, I leave the setting on it’s highest to get her there. Her body tenses up, her tightest grip on the table edge. iddaa siteleri She looks in my eyes, bites her bottom lip and as she surrenders her pleasure to me. Her mouth opens to release a breathy moan saying my name as she cums for me. My arousal is at its peak watching her being consumed by this erotic moment.

What a beautifully sly man, I thought, that little tease basking in every second I’ve given him with this new toy. I say thought, as if I could even fucking think right now. My pleasure is at an all time high! This man is the only thing I can think of in this moment. I’ve desired him so deeply for so long to this point. Being here with him, like this right now, is the only thing I care about. I have to touch him, NOW!

I fight my urge to just sit and let him keep pleasuring me, but I stumble out of my seat and move around to his side of the table sliding into the booth next to him. My cum is so plentiful and juicy, dripping into these wonderful panties I was wearing.

“Excellent investment” I think to myself.

I position the device so it’s in its proper place against my clit, still buzzing away. He’s lowered it back down to level one, allowing my tender clit a reprieve from his little tease at three. He put his arm around my shoulders and pulls me closer into him. I look up into his gorgeous eyes I’ve come to love, and we lean in to kiss. It’s soft, gentle. We let it linger as if we can’t leave it. I cross my legs trapping the vibrations in the spot it’s at, so it won’t shift around. I lay my head on his shoulder and trail my hand down his inner thigh.

We have decent cover in this comfy hidden booth. I shimmy my hand through his waistline searching for his throbbing cock. He looks around nervously concerned with someone seeing. I sense he’s a little uncomfortable but do it anyway. At last, contact, he breathes out a quiet gasp as I grip him. I’ve wanted to touch it for so long. I just sit there, light stroking him inside his pants, my head on his shoulder. He seems to relax allowing himself to enjoy it. Occasionally I lift my head up to feel his lips on mine again. The experience was so sensual and intimate. In the back of my head I know we will have to part ways soon back to our respective realities, but I push it aside as we soak up this short-lived happiness. All the times we’ve typed “you’re mine” to each other, right now, it’s actually true. This shared bliss feels like fucking magic.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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