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Well to start with Bob had it good. And of course he knew it or at least thought he did. His average day was becoming something special indeed. He had not been to an adult web site in longer than he could recall. What would be the point after all; he certainly had no need of pixel ladies now.

His wife’s behaviour had remained generally as she was; after a fashion. There had been that one evening when she and Julie had both decided they wanted to play at the same moment. Julie had shown up in a coat a nightie and nothing else. Bob had being puttering away on the computer at a minor typing task (completely unaware of events to come). Julie had entered the living room clad only in the nightie only to giggle as she met June part way also clad only in a nightie.

Bob had turned around to see who had arrived, to be greeted by two very horny looking ladies. As he rose from his chair, his cock also sprang to meet the occasion. The ladies both giggled watching it as it rose and lengthened in a pleasing manner. It was only a few comical seconds until it has leapt to full attention proudly.

June and Julie laughingly commented on their mutual dilemma. “Oh darn” commented Julie. “You are naturally going to exercise your prerogative I suppose.”

“Well it’s clear you didn’t come over here to see me tonight” chuckled June. “I suppose we could share him for a while, but I get his cum shot” June smirked. This surprised Julie actually, as June wasn’t really the sharing sort Julie had thought.

“Hey fine with me” Julie remarked out of hand. “I only need a good orgasm at any rate. If you get to be the one wiping yourself off later I don’t have any problem with that. Just couldn’t see any reason to be sitting home alone with my hand, when Bob has a perfectly available cock.”

Bob was played with through most of the evening (he didn’t get much done on the computer that’s for sure). It was a fairly good evening, and he even managed a small load into Julie around 3 in the morning. This was possible, as the two ladies exhausted, had collapsed into sleep in the bed along with Bob. The three had drifted off, and spent had fallen slept as they were. Bob, his cock spent and showing signs of his recent usage still and the ladies equally soiled and disheveled in their nighties.

So here it was a month after the “club” had been inaugurated. The unusual was becoming increasingly “usual” for Bob. The “new arrangement” had made Julie a lot more frequent visitor. She came by on Wednesdays to pick up Bob though, so he could do his special brand of housecleaning.

I guess a typical day would be Bob rising in the morning, seeing to his online interests and chat a bit with a few contacts. Julie was increasingly “helpful” at taking Bob’s son to school heheh. She was “in the area” it seemed a lot more these days. Julie had arranged a reasonable signal for Bob when she visited. If he was given a direct flash of her charms, that was her way of “asking” for his attentions.

Bob can still recall how that one started. He had been wandering about the house doing some clean up. Julie had passed by about mid morning. She was wearing a nice dress and all, nothing otherwise outrageous. He had become quite comfortable with the nudity thing. It was the first week and now 5 days had gone by since it all began. So in he walked from having just collected up some dirty dishes. And there she was in a most obvious pose in front of a shelf of videos. Her dress wasn’t really all that short, but bent over full at the Antalya Escort waist it had rose to expose the fact that Julie was bare under it.

Bob halted and stood in place admiring the view. His cock was clearly admiring the view as well. It began to swell and stiffen and in moments had risen to push its way from under the shirt he had on. A most satisfying opportunity clearly he figured. She held the posture in such a contrived manner. He decided this had to be intentional. He casually approached her clearly offered bare bottom (and all that went with it). He crouched slightly and sighed as his cock met absolutely no resistance as he slid his fully erect self into her warmth. She held her pose in a completely transparent approval. His hands eased her dress up over onto her lower back and he began to produce a steady thrusting into her. June was upstairs and had not had the chance to see any of the show.

Several minutes into his thrusts a steady skin on skin soft slapping began to emerge. Julie had begun a low moaning and was completely taken with the moment. Bob had closed his eyes and was engulfed in the pleasure of feeling his balls repeatedly swat Julie’s moistened pussy.

“Oh god Bob I am almost there” Julie mumbled towards him unable to really see anything but a wall of films that were of no consequence at this moment.

In some dim way he must have heard her comment. Firmly gripping her sides he intentionally intensified each thrust. Julie gasped after about the 10th thrust and began to surrender to her orgasm.

“Ooooooooohhhhh god Bob” Julie cried as her pussy clenched down upon his shaft.

“Ohh shit that feels great Julie” Bob grunted.

He grabbed her suddenly and thrust deeply into her still pulsating channel. He let loose a torrent of his seed. Julie closed her eyes as she felt the slight warm wetness she knew would be his offering deep inside of her.

Today was Wednesday. As agreed June had let her have Bob first thing so she could have the full treatment. He had gone to her place generally around 10 the previous mornings. Today was no exception. Julie wasn’t using him just for housework predictably enough. But he had told her that he still felt it was reasonably fair if he actually DID do housework. She could have abused this opportunity as well by not doing housework Monday or Tuesday. But that would be such a waste of a good swinging dick.

As would be expected, Bob walked in the house, whereupon Julie promptly undressed him before he began his work. This was possible weekdays as her daughter would be safely in school. Her daughter Tina had as yet no idea why her mother had become sooo suddenly “happy” all the time. She had noticed the house always looked unusually tidy on Wednesday evenings though.

Still it was bound to happen. It’s a wonder that Julie had made absolutely no preparations for a sudden revelation. Her daughter was 17 and just about done with high school. She was a normal teen, well perhaps a bit odd in her studious devotion to her school work. But her mother should have known that it would be easy enough for Tina to appear home mid day even on a school day. That is exactly what happened.

A further twist, Julie had run out of garbage bags. A minor thing, she would scoot to the hardware store down the street and get some. Bob was doing a wonderful job of reducing the household clutter each time he was over (among other things). But with Julie out of the house, it was just Bob there. Just Bob a duster Antalya Escort Bayan and at the moment just an apron. This was truly a sight to be experienced unawares.

Bob heard the screen door open and figured naturally that Julie had returned. So he went to meet her and police up all the trash that today’s effort had produced. But it wasn’t Julie in the kitchen it was Tina.

“What the fuck!” a most startled Tina exclaimed.

Bob stopped dead in his tracks. Well not completely. While Tina was at a loss for words, and Bob unsure just how to explain his being there like that, his cock took over. Standing there, just an apron (which did NOT conceal him) and Bob’s cock went and did what it always did when it met a woman. Tina’s eyes were unable to avoid looking as his cock rapidly inflated swelling and showing her what he looked like erect.

“Ahhh I can explain oddly enough” Bob said but somehow it didn’t sound all that genuine to her ears.

“Yeah right” Tina commented. “Ya know this could be a problem for a married man.”

It appeared as if Tina was of the opinion she had caught him in some activity that was tangible blackmail. This wasn’t the case of course but Tina was not aware of that.

“This could be useful to me” Tina muttered as she closed the distance with Bob and brazenly let her hand fondle his balls.

“In what way?” Bob stammered.

After all he was of course standing there generally butt naked with a young lady who just happened to be holding his freely hanging balls.

“Well the weak link in being a nerd is being not all that popular. I have like had two guys in my life, and they were not men that’s for sure. But here you stand all nice and open eh. I would be stupid to let this chance go by. And if you say no I will tell your wife you are here and like this.”

Of course he could always tell Tina that his wife knew exactly where he was right now. And he could always tell her that she was fully aware of what he was up to. But that didn’t seem to be important to him right now. What was important was Tina had started to use her other hand to pump along his cock. Now that was most definitely important. Tina did this several minutes till he was fully into producing fluids out of his cock.

“God my mouth is dry, I need a drink” she said in a way that reeked of intent.

Slowly she knelt in front of Bob. He closed his eyes willing to accept that this was really happening. He felt her breathe initially a moment before her mouth engulfed his shaft. Her mouth plunged down on him and swallowed his complete erect cock in one casual moment. His legs almost buckled to think this young lady had the capacity to so easily accept his entire shaft so whimsically. He rolled as if on a ship as her mouth effortlessly slid along his entire shaft not showing any sign of distress. The sheer enormity of it made him yearn so intently. His heart raced and the head of his cock swelled to it most rigid capacity. His breathing became rapid and he was almost light headed. Then it stopped.

He must have momentarily gotten lost in the haze of the sensations. His eyes opened to witness Tina’s top leaving her as she lifted it off over her head. Her skirt unzipped to fall at her feet forgotten the moment gravity claimed it. Her bra was no obstacle and he watched her young breasts dangle freely. She bent and plucked off her panties with absolutely no concern. His cock twitched at seeing her youthful form especially that small mound Escort Antalya of fur that concealed her charms at this angle. Tina closed the gap with an amazing speed that he was not ready for. It happened in a second. One moment he was admiring her fine form, and then suddenly he was groaning loudly as his cock was suddenly encased by her. His hand reactively moved to her soft bottom as she proceeded to take him with or without his assent.

Unknown to Tina, her mother had arrived to witness how her daughter so deftly outperformed her best efforts swallowing Bob’s equipment. She was stunned, and then recovered in the needed instant to avoid revealing her presence. She was taken aback by her daughter’s casual abandon, at how easily she had lost her clothes for Bob. She was curious to know how her daughter had mastered these skills in general. It had not yet occurred to her that it was odd that she was watching her daughter get impaled on a man old enough to be her father. Then it happened, Tina orgasmed. Her body danced upon Bob’s shaft as it went through the convulsions of ecstasy. This was almost immediately followed by Bob’s sudden grunts as he let himself cum while holding her close to him. Julie was able to see it all. She had the best possible angle. Her daughters cleft of her bottom spread wide as Bobs shaft drove into her young charms. And the sight of his seed as it flowed out of her and down her thigh.

A strange reflective thought went through Julie’s head, “glad I have my girl on birth control” she thought to herself. The two stood there linked still. Julie decided it was time and casually walked into the kitchen with the box of garbage bags.

“Damn and I wanted his load young lady. I was a good girl and was waiting till we got the chores done.”

Sheer panic coursed through Tina as the fact her mother was standing there and she was butt naked impaled on Bob with cum currently running down her leg. Then her mother’s comments registered on her terrified brain.

“Mother! What’s Bob doing here butt naked in our house!?.

“Ah I guess I would have to say, doing what you are presently doing to him right now dear.”

Tina then became once again fully aware of her absolute nudity and the fact she had still not removed his cock from her.

“Ah yes, hmmm well I errr, I thought, well you know, he shouldn’t be here and well I wanted him and you know like he would have said no under any other circumstances and see well I forced him cause I would have told his wife if he didn’t.” She was completely flustered. “I gotta get back to school mom.” She grabbed her clothes and headed straight for the bathroom.

“Sorry about that Julie” Bob mentioned kinda silly like. “Yes I know I just fucked your daughter, but I was trapped honest.”

“Hehehehee oh fuck Bob relax, I saw how she completely deep throated you, and I guess she isn’t a virgin. Besides if I had two functional brain cells I wouldn’t have let this ever happen. I have myself to blame putting a naked man in my home like this heheheh.”

Bob chuckled and the laughing made his stomach vibrate. This made his cock twitch which caused sperm to fly around as it drained off his recently operational cock.

“Ah Bob , I just washed the floor eh, try not to get cum all over it hehe”

So it went that, that day was particularly memorable for Bob. His first go at a genuine teenager. Some would be offended. Ok a lot would be offended he figured. So what, Tina was as mature a female as Mother Nature had ever needed. Wednesdays became particularly fun. Bob remained faithful to his Wednesday routine. Now he also had the option of pleasing Tina if she was interested. Although her mother was not ready to make her a full member of the “club” just as yet. But a little training was not impossible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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