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Adriana Chechik

“Is that an invitation for a ‘sleep-over’?” I asked.

“It certainly IS! My bed is a standard double, but it would still be more comfortable than this couch. Would you like to see my bedroom?”

“I thought you would never ask!” I replied.

I followed the delightful sight of Elaine’s naked buttocks down the hallway, leaving our discarded clothing strewn around the living room. When we reached her bedroom she stopped in the middle of the room, looking a little nervous and shy. “This is the first time I have ever had a boy in my room… What do you think?”

“I am standing here looking at a beautiful, nude woman who has invited me into her bedroom. I think I’m the luckiest man alive!” Then I stepped forward, swept her off her feet and into my arms, and carried her to the side of her bed. Elaine squealed in surprise and delight.

She scooted over and patted the space beside her. As I settled beside her she said, “I love that you are such a romantic!”

“A romantic?” I queried.

“You have both literally and figuratively ‘swept me off my feet’. You made our first date so very special, taking me to a nice restaurant and the theater. You have been considerate of my needs and desires and have been patient with my inexperience. You have made my first real sexual experience so special, and ten times, no maybe a hundred times, better than most girls first experience! I think maybe I’m the luckiest girl alive!” She said with a smile, echoing my comment from moments before.

Then she wrapped her arms around my neck, pressing her breasts against my chest, and initiated a passionate kiss as she pulled me down onto her bed with her. We lay there, arms around each other, kissing deeply, tongues battling. Elaine was moving and rubbing her fantastic breasts against my chest, much to my delight. We feasted on one another, kissing and nibbling on lips, ear lobes, necks… I suckled on first one breast and nipple, then the other, again and again. Then she did the same to me, and to my surprise, it was very erotically stimulating for me as well.

Our hands roamed bare flesh as our passionate kisses and oral stimulation continued. I began to kiss lower, onto her abdomen, Elaine pulled me up to kiss me some more, and my hands found her breasts to caress her beautiful mounds and erect nipples some more. As she kissed me frantically, between kisses she panted, “I’m so hot I think I’m going to spontaneously combust! I want you, I need you, NOW! Please give me your beautiful, hard penis.”

I looked her directly in the eyes and asked, “Are you sure? Earlier you said you were not ready for intercourse yet. I don’t want you to regret a choice made in a moment of passion and have it poison a promising relationship.”

“This isn’t a one night thing, is it?” I shook my head no. “Then we will be ‘doing it’ soon enough. I want to feel your huge penis inside me, I want you to change me from a girl to a woman! I want you to make love to me, I want you to show me how beautiful a relationship can be. I want you now.”

I once again kissed Elaine deeply and passionately. I caressed her breasts, I traced my hand across her flat belly and caressed her pubic bush. She opened her legs wide as I traced my fingers along her outer lips, further inflaming her passionate need. I slipped my fingers between her very wet pussy lips and lightly caressed her clitoris. “Please? Please, NOW! PLEASE!!”

I shifted position and knelt between her knees. I placed the knob of my engorged penis against the wet lips of her pussy, and rubbed it up and down her slit again and again, caressing her clitoris with the head of my cock on each repetition. Her hips lurched upward every time I touched her clit. “Please! I think I’m going to die if you don’t fill me soon! Please!!”

I placed the head of my throbbing erection at the entrance to her tight, virgin pussy. I pressed forward slightly, my cock slipping into the wet, molten recess of her vagina. As I pressed forward, Elaine’s hips jerked up suddenly, impaling nearly half of my cock inside her virginal pussy. Then I stopped. “It’s so BIG! I feel so full! I’ve never felt anything like this!!” she said.

I allowed her a few moments to adjust to my cock having invaded her virgin pussy. Then I withdrew very slightly and pressed forward, embedding another inch within her vagina, and then pausing. “Please! I want ALL of you! I want us truly and totally ‘made one’!”

I withdrew slightly and pressed forward, slipping still more of my cock into her wet, virginal canal. Then I repeated, pulling back a little and pressing forward again. Again and again I repeated, until my hard penis was fully impaled in her virgin pussy. Our bodies were fully, completely, totally joined. Then I paused for a moment. I could feel her tight vaginal muscles gripping my manhood as her body adjusted to the unaccustomed presence. I looked into Elaine’s eyes and she was smiling, then she pumped her hips up against me, encouraging me to begin thrusting into her.

Slowly I withdrew until only my cock head ankara eryaman escort remained within her, and then I slowly pressed forward until I was once again fully entombed within her. As I pressed forward, she pivoted her hips to allow my full penetration. I kissed her lips, I caressed her breasts as I pumped slowly and deeply into her virgin pussy. Soon, Elaine was thrusting up against me, entreating me, “More! Faster! Deeper! Love me like I’ve only imagined! Make me your woman!”

I began to thrust slightly faster and slightly faster, thrusting my engorged cock as deeply into Elaine as humanly possible. I pumped into her a little faster, a little harder. She was flexed her hips to meet my every thrust, pulling me into her with her arms, encouraging me further and further. She was in a near frenzy when I lifted her breast, tucked my head and sucked her nipple into my mouth, grasping her nipple with my teeth lightly.

Elaine exploded! Her hips thrashed wildly beneath me as I pumped my cock faster and harder into her convulsing pussy. Since I had climaxed earlier, my own climax was not yet imminent. I thrust into her again and again and again. I lifted her knees to my shoulders, giving me freedom to plunge even deeper into her virgin pussy. Her orgasm continued to rip through her with ever increasing intensity as I pounded my engorged cock into her again and again until my balls began to tighten and tingle. My own climax was imminent. My thrusts became ferocious as my tempo increased to a blur. Then, as if I had not recently cum, I exploded with a torrent of semen blasting load after load after load of my essence into her still climaxing vagina.

Eventually the urgency of my thrusting waned and my thrusts became gentle, caressing strokes within her. When I finally stopped, I shifted to lie beside Elaine. She shifted to wrap herself around me, draping an arm and a leg over me. She looked into my eyes with a beatific smile and said, “Thank you so much! Sex with you is far beyond my wildest dreams. It was so warm and affirming. It was far better than Christmas and Birthday, and even the Fourth of July, wrapped into one. If I live to be 120, I will never be able to thank you enough!”

“That was indeed beautiful and moving. And I’ll give you many more chances to ‘thank’ me, just not quite yet.”

I reached to the bedside lamp and turned it off, and pulled the sheets over us. Elaine nestled onto my shoulder, wrapped around me, and quickly drifted into a contented sleep.

We awoke to sounds in the living room. Elaine was still wrapped around me, her nude body pressed against mine, her lush breasts surrounding my chest. The exclamation of “What the …!” resounded in the living room.

Elaine tensed, and then bounded out of bed and to her closet. “That’s my roommate! She wasn’t supposed to be back until after noon!” She wrapped a terry cloth robe around herself and headed to the living room.

“Hi, Monica. You’re back early!” Elaine said, blushing fiercely.

“What the Hell happened here??? Your blouse is over here, your panties thrown over there, and some man’s pants in a wad on the floor? I’m gone less than two days and you are having an orgy in my apartment???”


“Is he still here?? Of course he’s still here, his clothes are all over the living room! He can’t have left! Is this that grad student you had coffee with on Friday? It IS, isn’t it? I can see it in your face! I can’t believe you moved so fast, bedding him just like that!”

These comments irritated Elaine. “I didn’t ‘bed’ him ‘just like that’ but what concern is that of yours? And what are you doing here so early?”

Now it was Monica’s turn to blush. “Well, I had a fight with my old boyfriend from high school, and we broke up. Then I had a fight with my parents about breaking up with Todd. It was all too ugly and I just had to get out of there!” Then she continued a little contritely, “Sorry if I intruded on your little ‘love nest’.”

“Well, we did have a wonderful time. Let me gather these clothes and you could meet him, if you would like. We did leave things in a bit of disarray, didn’t we?”

“‘A bit of disarray? I should say so! But if he would like to meet the ‘queen bitch’, I would be OK with that. I’m sorry, I over reacted.”

Elaine had been picking up clothing that had been flung here and there in the living room. “Let us get ourselves together, and we will be out in a little bit.”

“I assume you heard all of that,” Elaine commented as she returned to the bedroom.

“Yes, it would have been hard to miss. I’m sorry if I have caused you a problem between you and your roommate.” I said sincerely.

“I wouldn’t trade last night for anything… certainly not to avoid a little disagreement with her. She’s usually not like that, it must have been quite some fight that she had at home!”

I straightened my clothes and put them on, and then prepared to slip into the hallway to go to the bathroom. “Which toothbrush is yours?” I asked. When Elaine looked puzzled, I continued, escort elvankent “We have shared nearly every bodily fluid known to man, so we have also shared any germs either of us may be harboring. Before I meet your roommate, I’d like to brush my teeth, and I’d rather use your toothbrush than accidentally use hers.”

As understanding dawned, she said, “The green one on the right. My toothpaste is in the cabinet behind the mirror, also on the right. Is it OK if I join you?”

“That would be wonderful. But it ‘might’ delay our coming out to meet your friend, Monica.”

“She’ll wait.” Elaine said firmly.

She watched me urinate, somewhat fascinated. Then I listened to her as I brushed my teeth. After she had finished and brushed her teeth, we shared a passionate kiss before heading out to the living room.

We all sat around the living room like civilized adults. I knew that Elaine was still nude beneath her robe, which was somewhat distracting for me. I learned that Monica is also a second year undergraduate student in the Business School, majoring in human resources. She also hailed from a small rural town about three hours away from the university.

Then I was surprised as Elaine asked, “What happened at home?”

Monica looked toward me for a moment, bit her lip, and then she began, “Well, you know that I have dated Todd since our junior year of High School. We have kissed and petted some, but nothing else. I had been thinking about my relationship with Todd for weeks, and just didn’t see where it could go anywhere. He’s working in a factory, making an OK wage, and not looking to do anything else; while I don’t want to be stuck in a small town rut. We were out Saturday night and Todd once again was pressing me for sex. I told him ‘No’ several times, but he kept pressing. I told him that I wasn’t on the pill (although I really am) and I didn’t want an accident. He said, ‘Would that be so bad? You could drop out of school, we could get married, and raise a family right here at home!’ I blew up! I called him a selfish pig who didn’t care anything about me or my hopes and dreams. I said that we would never be married and I would never return to that godforsaken little town. Our futures would never be joined. Well, surprisingly, he didn’t take that very well. He adjusted the seat, started the car, and drove me straight home without another word. As soon as I was out of the car, he revved the engine and took off down the driveway, spewing gravel as the tires spun.

“My parents saw him leave, and that he was obviously angry. When they asked about it, I told them that Todd and I had broken up, that I didn’t see any potential future between us, that he didn’t understand my aspirations and he just wanted me to come back home and be a ‘good little wifey’. Well, my parents had always hoped that I would return to my hometown, get married, and raise a family there. It didn’t sit very well with them that I didn’t envision that for my future. They liked Todd, liked the future my relationship with him promised, and now I had broken up with him. So they were angry, and so was I. I had to get out of there!”

There was a pause, and then I commented, “It sounds to me like you did the right thing for you. There would always be a dissonance between your aspirations and Todd’s. One of you would have to subjugate your desires, hopes and dreams for the other, and it was clear that Todd expected you to do just that. You will be better off without him in the long run. I would expect that your parents, while temporarily disappointed, will come to see that you will be happier by fulfilling your own destiny.”

Both girls looked at me, amazed. Then each of them smiled. Elaine joked, “It looks like all of those psychology courses you have taken are maybe worth something after all!”

Then we talked about some serious logistics. Monica said, “If you intend to hang around Elaine for a while, and by the look on her face, I’d say you had better… Then we need a few ground rules: I am here to study and get my degree, not my MRS. I love Elaine like a sister, so you better treat her right. I have early morning classes, so too much late night headboard thumping will be a problem. Oh, and when I am home relaxing or studying, I like to wear my nightie or sometimes just my panties, and I won’t be expected to change my habits to suit you.”

I looked at Elaine then replied, “I believe that we all have substantial class loads that will require lots of studying. We can study together sometimes if you like, or separately as circumstances warrant. Second, I plan to treat Elaine VERY WELL for as long as she will allow it. I believe that we all have early morning classes, so late night activities will be reserved for the weekends … although it may be motivation for Elaine and me to complete our studies early enough in the evening for there to be time for other activities. I live in Grad Student housing, so I live alone in a co-ed efficiency apartment building. So if our activities become distracting, etimesgut escort bayan we can relocate to my place as needed. And your choice of attire will not be an issue for me as long as you don’t mind if I admire from a distance, and Elaine doesn’t mind. Of course, I assume the dress code applies to us all.”

Elaine disentangled her fingers from mine, and punched me lightly in the arm. “Admire from a DISTANCE, and NO TOUCHING!” she added, smiling.

Heavy conversation completed, Monica said, “I left the house before breakfast and I’m really hungry. How about breakfast, or brunch, or something?”

“I could mix up some OJ and make some coffee, but we’re out of eggs and bacon, so no pancakes or such.” Elaine commented.

“Why don’t I run down and get some bagels while you two get juice and coffee going? What do you like, or should I just get an assortment?” I asked.

When I had their orders I headed first to my apartment to pick up some books, a t-shirt and shorts, then the bagel shop for a dozen bagels. When I returned, I was pleasantly surprised to find Monica wearing a cut-off t-shirt and bikini panties, and Elaine was dressed similarly. Studying was going to be a real test of concentration!

Monica was a ‘corn fed’ country girl with red hair and a strongly built frame that nicely supported her muscled body. I would guess that she weighed 140 or 150 pounds, but showed no signs of soft fat. And to say that her breasts were huge would only be an understatement! I would guess her bra had to be at least a 38 DD, maybe even an F cup, if she were wearing one. And the way her nipples poked into her t-shirt they had to be at least a half inch long.

Elaine looked delicate in comparison, although her perfectly proportioned body with her ample breasts was far more to my taste. I sat the bagels on the table and headed to Elaine’s bedroom to change into shorts and t-shirt.

When I returned, Monica commented, blushing as she said it, “While this is the way I like to dress when I’m studying or just hanging around, it is far more erotic with a man around.”

“I certainly don’t want to disrupt your normal habits. But I am enjoying the erotic effect it has on you,” I said as I looked directly at her nipples.

She looked down at her chest, seeing her nipples attempting to poke right through her shirt. “Oh, my! Look at that!” She said.

Elaine nudged me gently and laughingly said, “I think he already is!” Then to me she said smiling, “Remember, no touching!”

“I remember,” I said. Changing the subject, with a slight double entendre is said, “Didn’t someone say something about eating?”

Elaine blushed but said, “You have to study first! Then you can eat. But you can have a bagel if you want.”

Monica paused, finally comprehending what Elaine had meant, and then she blushed the brightest crimson I have ever seen on a person. But I noticed that her nipples were even longer and harder as she thought about that comment.

After coffee, juice and bagels, Monica returned to her room to study, as apparently was her habit. Elaine and I sat on the couch with our feet and legs touching, working through our respective text books. Periodically, when I needed a pause to let a concept sink in or I just needed a change in position, I would get up and walk around the room. As I did so I would kiss her on the top of her head, her cheek, or occasionally gently on the lips; and sometimes I would momentarily caress her breast, slipping my hand under the crop-top to enjoy the skin-to-skin comfort of my hand against her full breast. While Elaine continued to study, her nipples were clearly hard and visible poking into her shirt.

After about three hours of studying, Elaine said, “I think I’ve covered all I need to for today.” With that she reached down and pulled her t-shirt over her head, exposing her delightful breasts to my view as they bounced from the action of pulling the shirt over her head. “Are you still hungry?” She cooed, arching her back and forcing those feminine globes higher and more prominently.

My mouth was watering as I looked at them. I closed my book, dropping it onto the floor as I leaned toward her to take one breast into my mouth while I caressed the other with my fingers. “Oh, yes! That’s so good! I’ve been thinking about this all day!”

I suckled and caressed her breasts again and again, switching from one to the other periodically. She was humping her crotch against me as I feasted on her bounteous mounds. Soon she was whimpering and holding my head tightly against her. Then I began my torturous journey down her body. I kissed and sucked on her flat abdomen, thrusting my tongue into her navel, moving down her body. She lifted her hips as I reached the waistband of her panties, and I quickly pulled them completely off her sensuous body. I placed kisses and oral caresses along her lower abdomen from side to side until I reached her sumptuous bush. I ran my face back and forth through the soft, fragrant tangle of her pubic hair. Then I extended my tongue to lap at her pussy slit that was already glistening with moisture from her arousal. I spread her lips with my fingers as I caressed first one side, then the other, of her distended labia. Then I lapped right up the middle of her slit, ending with a circle around her clitoris.

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