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Occasionally, one of my lady friends will want to experience a threesome with me and a bisexual woman. Recently, Bianca got me to set up such an arrangement for her. She is a very good-looking, unmarried woman in her late thirties who works in the entertainment industry. Almost all of the single men she meets at work are gay, which is frustrating to her because she hates hanging out at bars trying to meet guys. Usually in this kind of situation I get June, who is my neighbor, to go with me and that had been the plan this time. June is a friend also but we have never had a sexual encounter involving just the two of us.

When I went to pick up June, however, she had the 24-hour flu, and couldn’t make it. She had gotten a friend of hers, a much younger bi-woman named Melissa, to replace her. June is reasonably attractive and I like her, but her friend is gorgeous. In this situation, the bi-woman usually eats the pussy of the other woman first, while I eat out the bisexual. I was really eager to eat Melissa’s pussy. She is only about five feet tall and has a very sexy, hourglass figure with large, firm breasts, and a big, curvaceous ass. She has long red hair, which I thought was probably natural, because she also has clear blue eyes and a beautiful face with very fair skin. I was expected to bring June with me but since the replacement was such a beauty, I was sure that Bianca wouldn’t object.

Bianca was expecting us and she was wearing a bathrobe when she let us in the door. She was very pleasantly surprised at the youth and extreme beauty of the woman who was going to be eating her pussy, and she didn’t want to waste any time getting into the bedroom. I was in a hurry also because I was so eager to suck on Melissa’s lovely breasts and eat her pussy. Before I arrived, June had told Melissa how good I am at oral sex and the young lady was eager to find out for herself, so nobody wanted any delays in getting into the bedroom and getting started on the evening’s fun.

Bianca led the way and when she got there, she stood at the foot of the bed and started unbuttoning Melissa’s blouse. When she was through with the buttons, I pulled it off Melissa and unhooked her bra, while Bianca removed the bathrobe she was wearing and tossed it aside. She was naked underneath it. Bianca pulled off Melissa’s bra and we both stopped to stare at the magnificent breasts that appeared, lusciously big and full, with large erect nipples. I looked on them with eagerness and lust because I expected to be sucking on them and licking her nipples in a few minutes. Bianca looked at them with some envy because, although she is a beautiful and sexy woman, she sometimes feels that she has been shortchanged in that particular department. Compared to Melissa, almost every woman has been shortchanged in that department, but I considered Bianca’s breasts to be very nice and lickable and suckable.

Besides her nice breasts, Bianca has long, wavy blonde hair and a pretty face. Her pussy is gorgeous; it seems to be always wet and always looks inviting, doubly so because she waxes, and had done so that day so her pussy was hairless. Bianca also has a really gorgeous ass, curvy and the color of ivory, especially the inside of her cheeks, and she is justly proud of it. Sometimes when we are making love, one of the things she likes me to do is to lick her ass and she likes me to fuck her there with my finger while I am eating her pussy. I am always glad to pleasure her either way. She hasn’t been daring enough yet to want me to fuck her in the ass but one day she probably will, and I will be even more glad to do that. In fact, I eagerly anticipate that day.

Melissa blushed fetchingly when she noticed us looking at her gorgeous breasts. “They are completely natural,” she said, proudly.

Bianca unfastened Melissa’s tight jeans and I pulled them down, leaving her wearing only silky panties. I could have removed them with the jeans but I did so separately because it gave me a chance to run my hands over Melissa’s absolutely gorgeous ass and her flaring hips. Once she was naked, I was pleased to note that I had been right in believing that her red hair was natural.

Bianca lay down diagonally on her back with her head at one corner of the head of the king-sized bed. Melissa lay down to her right and started licking her nearest nipple. She may have wanted to avoid the ring in Bianca’s left nipple but the ring didn’t bother me. I removed my clothing, lay down on Bianca’s other side and started licking the other nipple. While I held the breast gently in both my hands and licked with short strokes, flicking the ring for additional effect, Melissa used only one hand and licked the nipple and surrounding area with broad strokes. The fingers of her other hand were gently massaging above Bianca’s clit. Personally, I prefer my style but I didn’t want to say anything. Whatever is mutually pleasurable is the right way and Melissa would be the one eating Bianca’s pussy, at least the first time.

After a few minutes of licking, I clamped my lips around Bianca’s luscious breast and casino siteleri sucked on it while my tongue continued to caress her nipple and trace the areola. When Melissa saw what I was doing, she started sucking on the other lovely globe. Bianca showed her pleasure in what we were doing by purring and saying “That feels great, guys. Keep it up.”

We kept it up until Melissa looked down and saw Bianca’s pussy squirming on the bed. She looked at me, pointed, and raised her eyebrows quizzically, continuing to pleasure the lovely globe in her mouth. When I saw how active Bianca’s pussy had become, and smelled the fresh juices, I nodded my head to say yes, also not letting go of the breast I was sucking.

Melissa licked and kissed her way down Bianca’s soft belly, making a point of kissing the two tattoos there. One is a pink star on the front of her right hip and the other is a moon, which looks like some kind of occult symbol and is on the front of her left hip. Melissa licked all the way down to Bianca’s mons before she stopped, got up and knelt between her outstretched legs. On the drive over, I had mentioned how Bianca waxes her pussy so it is hairless, and Melissa had been looking forward to eating her. She told me she likes the feel of a smooth pussy on her tongue as much as I do.

I started sucking the same lovely globe that Melissa had been sucking while I watched what she was doing. There was the possibility that I might learn something and I am enough of a voyeur that I like to watch a beautiful woman eat a pussy. Melissa had placed her shoulders against Bianca’s thighs so the legs were draped over her shoulders and slipped a pillow under Bianca’s ass, with her pussy just hanging over. She started by licking out all the juices and continued by licking the edge of an outer pussy lip. The outer lips are the least sensitive part but Melissa apparently believes like I do, that it is better to build someone up slowly until she climaxes. We had all night to pleasure one another. I switched back to where I had first started, and when Melissa reached the end of the first pussy lip, she looked at me quizzically, probably wondering why I wasn’t sucking on her instead of on Bianca.

I had to wonder also because Melissa has one of the most gorgeous bodies I have ever seen, and I had been eager to caress her with my tongue. I got up and went to the corner opposite Bianca’s head and slid on my back between Melissa’s legs until my mouth was even with her gorgeous breasts and I held one of those beauties in either hand. On my way there, I slid right under her pussy and her aroma was so tempting that I considered stopping and staying there, but I didn’t. Eating her pussy would be more fun than sucking her breasts, but eating her pussy would be even better after licking and sucking that gorgeous pair.

I was in marvelously close quarters under Melissa. Her legs were straddling me and I could feel her pussy, already wet, on my belly and even feel and smell some of her fragrant juices as they ran out of her and down my body. Her adorable nipples were right against my face so I had to turn my head to lick one nipple, and when I did, I could rub the other against my cheek. By no means should my comments about close quarters be regarded as a complaint.

The top of my head was just in front of the pillow under Bianca’s ass, and I could also smell the delightful aroma of her pussy, besides hearing the soft lapping of Melissa’s tongue as she relished the taste and texture. I could hear her soft murmurings of pleasure too, because she was thoroughly enjoying herself. My tongue and lips concentrated on the rigid nipples against my face but when I tipped my head back a bit and rolled my eyes upward, I could see her mouth pleasuring both herself and Bianca. There was really no need for me to look at Melissa’s breasts as I licked or sucked them, and I was enjoying the sight of what she was doing with her mouth. As I watched, her clever tongue probed between a pair of Bianca’s inner and outer labia, and I could see that Bianca’s pussy was just starting to fuck upward into Melissa’s beautiful face.

I took one of Melissa’s lovely twins into my mouth and started sucking on it while my tongue caressed the nipple. Just then, I heard Melissa’s voice. “George, my pussy is awfully hot and wet and it needs your mouth. I love what you’re doing to my boobs but my pussy needs you more.”

I took the other gorgeous breast into my mouth and sucked on it and licked the nipple for a few seconds, then went to where my mouth was needed more. As I glanced back, I could see that Melissa’s mouth had gone back to licking between the same inner and outer labia. When I reached the point where I would be comfortable while eating Melissa’s pussy, I was at the corner of the bed and one leg was hanging over the side and one leg was hanging over the foot. My neck was between her legs and I curled my arms around her thighs and prepared to enjoy the feast.

The first thing I did was to breathe deeply the delectable smell of Melissa’s pussy. There was no hint of canlı casino any kind of commercial perfume or other junk, and that was great because there should be a law against spoiling that wonderful natural pussy aroma. I sucked the freely-flowing juices out of her and they tasted even better than they smelled. With her tight lips and big clit and delightfully fine, soft pubic hair, Melissa may have the most enticing pussy I have ever eaten. I started licking on an outer lip and the downy hair felt even better to my tongue than a clean-shaven pussy.

When I reached the end of the first lip, I continued licking on to Melissa’s mons, paused, and started on the other outer lip. Again I licked all the way to the mons, and I stopped there to see how Melissa was doing with Bianca. Right then, the most important thing to me was eating the marvelous pussy above me, but I was also fascinated by the worm’s eye view I had, of a face as beautiful as Melissa’s eating a pussy as lovely as Bianca’s. When I looked, I saw Melissa’s tongue probing the lower edge of Bianca’s love hole, which was making her fuck more strongly into the beautiful face. I also had a pussy to eat, just as lovely as Bianca’s, and I resumed doing just that.

I devoured all the delicious juices that had collected and began thrusting my tongue between a pair of Melissa’s inner and outer lips, starting just below her love hole and slowly licking toward her clit hood. The texture, the taste and the aroma of Melissa’s pussy were intensely enjoyable but I knew from experience that Bianca’s would be almost as good when I started eating her out. In that bed with me were two of the most wonderful pussies in my very lengthy experience. I licked my way to her clit hood where my tongue concentrated on stroking that delightful place, but I avoided making any contact yet with the adorable clit that was protected there. Even so, Melissa started fucking her pussy down against my face, producing one of the most delightful experiences I have ever had.

When I left her clit hood, intending to first lick out her love hole and between her other inner and outer labia, I hear Melissa’s voice. “Hold on, George. I have to move up.”

She moved upward on Bianca’s body. Not wanting to miss out on even a few seconds of eating her incredible pussy, I scooted along under her. When she stopped, I looked up again and saw that she was doing something I had never done and would never be able to do. Melissa was holding one of her gorgeous breasts in her hand and was rubbing the nipple against Bianca’s swollen clit. The contact with the rigid nipple, combined with everything that had happened before, caused Bianca’s purring to change to moans of pleasure and her pussy was fucking, even more strongly, now against Melissa’s beautiful breast. I could smell more fragrant juices flowing from Bianca and that reminded me to get back to what was most important, feasting on Melissa’s pussy. Contact between her nipple and Bianca’s clit and what I had been doing with my mouth were causing her pussy to flow freely too, and I relished all the delicious juices available. Melissa was also cooing happily and this and Bianca’s moans made an erotic duet.

After I sucked the nectar out of Melissa’s love hole, I squirmed my tongue in to be sure I had gotten it all and because I like the feel of her hole so much. I started licking between the other outer and inner pussy lips. My mouth was pressed so closely against Melissa’s pussy, especially with the way she was trying to fuck my face, that I couldn’t see what my tongue was doing, so I looked up to see what else was happening. Melissa was rubbing her other nipple against Bianca’s clit and the bottoms of both of her magnificent globes were so covered that pussy juices were dripping onto the bed. Bianca’s thighs had turned outward, presenting her pussy completely to Melissa’s nipples or mouth, and she was almost ready to cum. The best sequence would be for Bianca to cum, then Melissa, because if Melissa started cumming first, she would not be properly able to concentrate on bringing Bianca to a good orgasm.

I finished licking Melissa’s pussy lips and started running my tongue over her clit hood again, and I could tell she wasn’t all that far from cumming herself. Her pussy juices were running all over my face and her cooing had turned to moaning. Melissa interrupted my thoughts and my licking by announcing, in a very unsteady voice, that she had to move again, followed by moving back down to where she had been before. I hurriedly scooted back under her because I knew there would be a pool of nectar waiting for me in her pussy and some of it had already dribbled out onto my chest.

After I had sucked all the juices out of Melissa’s love hole, I ran my tongue in to lick up any residue and to enjoy the feel of the silky interior. I could hear Bianca saying she wanted to cum and begging Melissa to suck on her clit. My tongue was caressing the upper side of Melissa’s love hole, indirectly stimulating her clit, and I knew she was ready to cum. Her hips were swiveling above me and kaçak casino her thighs, like Bianca’s, had rotated outward. Melissa’s pussy, which was now fully presented to my mouth, was jammed against my face so firmly that I was almost pinned to the bed. However, I was able to look up, and I could see that Bianca’s clit had the full attention of Melissa’s mouth. Her tongue was firmly massaging it, which wasn’t easy because of the frenzied way Bianca’s pussy was moving, and I knew she would start cumming any second.

I was right. She didn’t announce it but Bianca’s thighs suddenly squeezed Melissa’s head while her hands were pushing the redhead’s face into her pussy. Almost in a fetal position, she had her legs around Melissa and she was leaning forward with her hands also holding on, rocking from side to side and jerking the younger woman around with her. I took my tongue out of Melissa and started thrusting the tip against the small area between her charming love hole and her clit. As soon as Bianca finished cumming, I would start sucking on Melissa’s precious love button, and she would cum also. She was no longer on her knees; Melissa’s whole lower body was thrashing about on top of me while I held her tightly against my face, and I knew she very much wanted to cum.

With a last thrust of her hips, Bianca climaxed, and I clamped my lips on Melissa’s clit and started caressing her swollen love button with my tongue. Almost immediately, she started cumming with her feet kicking the bed on either side of my legs and her hips grinding her pussy even more tightly into my face. I had my arms around her and my hands were holding her gorgeous ass, which was fun in itself, and I kept my lips and my tongue on her clit for as long as she was cumming. Melissa continued for what seemed to be a long and extremely enjoyable time until she finally climaxed, arching her back and thrusting her pussy into my face one last time. She finally lay still on top of me and I greedily sucked all the delicious cum juices out of her pussy.

I knew Bianca would want more and I knew she was ready for more about this time, so I carefully rolled Melissa off me and took her place between Bianca’s legs. Cum juices were oozing from her pussy; apparently Melissa had been too distracted to devour them, but her loss was my gain. I licked up everything, finding them almost as delicious as Melissa’s juices had been.

Bianca said to me “George, even though you’re not as pretty as Melissa, I hope you can eat my pussy as well as she did. You don’t have nipples to rub on my clit, though.”

That was true, of course, both about the lack of nipples and not being as pretty. However, I hoped I could make up for it in other ways. I started licking her crotch, just in front of her ass and up to her pussy. After being highly aroused and cumming like she had, Bianca’s crotch and pussy had the delectable, musky, womanly aroma that I love so much and that some women foolishly try to wash away or cover up. My tongue traveled happily to the bottom and side edges, licking everything over and over again. When I eat her pussy, I usually fuck Bianca’s ass with my finger, but not until she asks me to do so by spreading her cheeks for me, and she usually doesn’t do that right away.

Melissa interrupted us. “Bianca, you have such a beautiful ass. I would really love to lick it while George is eating your pussy, but first, would you mind if I wash it. I didn’t smell anything bad but there’s no such thing as being too careful.”

Bianca had no objection at all, and thought it was a great idea. While she went for a basin of warm water and a wash cloth, she told me to lie down on my back with a pillow under my head. Bianca bent over the bed and spread her ass cheeks while Melissa washed everywhere she would be licking. She got back on the bed in a 69 position over me, which was surprising to me because Bianca prefers fucking to sucking my cock and when she does suck me off, it is never in the 69 position. We both find it to be much more pleasurable to take turns. I soon found out what she had in mind.

As usual, I started by licking all around Bianca’s sweet love hole to get any pussy juices that I had missed earlier. She told me to spread her ass cheeks so Melissa could lick her ass most thoroughly. That, of course, was why she wanted the 69 position, and I had no objection at all. My mouth knows Bianca’s pussy intimately, and I can’t usually see what I’m doing anyhow, so I would have a close-up view of Melissa’s very beautiful face and her agile tongue as she licked one of the most beautiful asses I have ever seen.

Like Melissa had, I started by licking one of Bianca’s outer pussy lips, applying my tongue with considerable pressure. The waxed skin felt great and, as I reached the mons, Melissa’s face came into view. She winked and smiled at me and started licking the top of Bianca’s anal cleft. Her tongue used broad strokes, covering the same area over and over. I was determined to concentrate on what I was doing with my mouth and not be distracted by what I saw. My tongue started caressing the other outer pussy lip, again using quite a bit of pressure, all the way to her mons. As I licked the smooth skin, of Bianca’s pussy, I could see Melissa’s tongue stroking the beautiful ivory inside of one ass cheek.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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