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Everyone involved is over 18.


It was Friday afternoon at the office. Samantha or Sam to her friends sat across the cubicle lane from her work friend Meredith. “It is getting to be around that time,” she thought to herself as she glanced up at the wall clock. Meredith was focused on verifying time sheets and did not notice when Gary strolled in.

Gary was mid height and, Sam had noticed, actually a little cut underneath his poorly-selected work clothes. His brown curly hair was cut just short enough to minimize being a hassle in the morning, and his glasses were about ten years out of date. He is a diamond in the rough, Sam observed.

Clearly by the attention he paid to Meredith he was straight. A little, no scratch that, very geeky. But then so was Meredith with her frumpy blouse and whatever scifi-themed skirt she was wearing today. Her black and coincidentally also curly hair was in a ponytail to keep it out of her fifteen year out of date glasses.

Gary walked up cautiously, not wanting to interrupt Meredith. The two visited often enough that he was comfortable with coming by, but their body language hadn’t yet crossed over to the comfort that people who are intimate have with each other. He waited until she had reached the page and spoke up, “Uh hey Meredith-how’s it going?” Meredith put down her pencil and turned to face him, a small smile slipped onto her face, “Oh hi Gary. Did you catch Dr. Space last night?”

Gary smiled back, nervousness gone, “I did! Can’t wait to see how he gets out of this one!”

Meredith nodded, “Totally! But I bet blah blah blah…”, Sam tuned out as they spouted technogeek babble to one another for five minutes before Gary reached the end of acceptable “away from your desk” time. He turned to go then seemed to find courage for a second and turned back, “Hey uh Meredith. We had talked about you watching Captain Fluffy if I had to go out of town for the tech convention.” Captain Fluffy was his oversize Maine Coon. Meredith had loved him at first sight and had come very close to putting him in her purse and taking him home with her if he wasn’t so big.

Meredith paused for a second then remembered, “Oh yes! Next month right?”

Gary nodded back, “Yeah you can bring a guest but right now I’m stag.” He paused, nervous again, “But I wanted to give you a key to my apartment so you could stop by, uh, you know whenever.”

He held out a house key on some sort of robot-shaped keychain. Meredith looked at it for a moment as if it was some foreign thing then grabbed it, slipping it into her purse. Gary’s hand went up to his head and he scratched nervously, both seemingly relieved yet in some way, even more nervous. “Okay well back to the code! Catch you later-Oh hi Sam! Sorry I didn’t see you.”

Sam smiled and subtly pulled down slightly on her blouse giving him a decent look at her ladies. She did love to tease him so! “Hi Gary-I’ll catch you later!”

He swallowed and waved as he headed back to his floor.

Meredith smiled as he left then turned back to her records. Sam frowned then slid over across the aisle. Meredith looked up surprised. Sam gave her a mildly stern look, “How long are you going to drag him along?”

Meredith frowned then looked down. “What do you mean?” she asked, not wanting to make eye contact. Sam would have none of it.

“You know what I mean. He clearly likes you. You have your geek nonsense in common. I’ve known him two years and he is not one of the macho pigs that usually flow through here. You two would be adorable together.” She paused, her look getting sterner the leaned in slightly, “Are you ‘Friend Zoning’ him?”

Meredith bit her lip then took a deep breath, “It’s not that I don’t like him. I mean we have fun doing stuff together and everything. It’s just…”

“Just what?” Sam demanded.

“It’s just that, well, I just don’t see him as a, uh you know, sexual being.”

Sam stared at her, trying to process what she just heard. “What like you think of him as a brother or some crap because I know a website full of hot incest stories if that is what it takes!’

Meredith’s eyes opened wide, “Really? Where-I mean no! Not like a brother!” She paused for a second and stared off into space, trying to congeal her thoughts into rational words. “It’s like I can’t see him even having sex. With me, with anyone. I know it’s not fair but I see him as a non-sexual being for some reason.”

Same crossed her arms and leaned back, “That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard about why someone does not like a man.”

Meredith shrugged and laughed nervously, “I know right? I don’t get it myself. Maybe if I saw him having sex or something it’s just that you now-most of the guys Antalya Escort around here run around in a state of half arousal most of the time.”

Sam knew and Meredith was irritated by the situation. Sam had not gotten any in a long time herself but would not touch any of the men she worked with without rubber gloves and a mask. Gary was different though.

“Yeah but did you see him at the company picnic last year doing the tug of war? He’s pretty cut under those Wal-Mart reject dress shirts.”

Meredith bit her lip again, “I guess I just can’t see that for some reason. Maybe if I could…but I don’t.” Again she shrugged and went back to her reports.

“You are going to lose him as a potential boyfriend if you don’t snap him up,” Sam warned.

Meredith replied not looking up from her paperwork, “I don’t mind as long as we can be friends I guess.”

Sam slid back to her cubicle, her mind processing. Maybe there was a way to fix Meredith’s problem. And take care of hers as well. We’ll see if you mind Meredith.

Right at quitting time, Sam stood up. “You headed home?” she asked Meredith.

“Yeah-I need to run a couple errands but pretty much.”

Sam smiled. Good. “Okay then, I’ll catch you on Monday,” or so you think.

She made her way to the elevator and up to Gary’s floor. Gary was still at his deck, brow furrowed as he struggled with a problem. Damn he’s cute, Sam thought to herself. Meredith, you may get him but I am going to borrow him for a while. A look of realization came over his face and he typed away madly for a moment. He paused, looked over his work, made a few corrections, then leaned back, satisfied. It was time.

Sam glided over as slow and sensuously as she could without being blatantly obvious. She tucked her blouse in tighter and undid a top button. Let’s see if I still have it, she thought to herself. She touched him on the shoulder with her full hand, maximizing contact and rubbing slightly. “Hey Gary!”

He looked up pleasantly surprised. “Uh S-Samantha! Hey, er, what can I do for you?” She smiled sweetly and leaned into him. “Did I hear you say you took a copy of the company report home with you?”

He nodded dumbly.

She bit her lip and lowered her head to look needy, “Could I follow you home and borrow yours? I loaned mine out and need to go over it this weekend for a report due on Monday.” Please don’t use common sense to examine that question she begged mentally.

He shook his head as if coming out of a daze, “Oh sure. Yeah! Let me just grab my backpack and you can follow me out!” As he leaned over for his backpack, she snatched his phone off of the desk. Turning away so he could not see her, she sent out a quick text then leaned over. “You dropped your phone,” she said, acting as if she was picking it up.

“Oh thanks!” he replied, oblivious.

Sam smiled, genuinely pleased. Gotcha!

His apartment was about what you would consider for a twenty-something who was just starting out. Not great but not in a bad part of town either. They had gotten home a little late so the spots in front of his door were full, giving them a short walk. The apartment had a decent sized living room with a large couch that faced the rear. Anyone who sat on the couch would have a front row seat to the bed. Perfect Sam thought to herself. All coming together.

Meredith felt her phone buzz and looked down. The text was from Gary and read, “Surprise thing came up-need you to swing by around six and feed Captain Fluffy.” Anyone else and she would have gotten suspicious but coming from Gary she did not think twice. She put a note in her phone calendar and set off for home.

Gary traced the apartment, looking for the report as Sam leaned on the kitchen counter, admiring the view. “I’m not seeing it around here,” he said, a little nervously. It has been a while he had had a woman back to his apartment. Other than Meredith of course-but that was only as friends right?

Sam raised an eyebrow, “Have you tried the bedroom?”

Gary stopped and looked at her, “I don’t usually do any work back there.”

Sam smirked, “What a shame.”

Gary turned, confused, “You think so?”

“Totally,” she replied flatly.

He wandered back and she followed him, half closing the door behind her. She then came up close behind him as he stood next to the bed and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned awkwardly, suddenly face to face with Sam. He had never been this close to her. He felt a flush go through his face and down his chest to his groin as he realized for the first time just how beautiful Sam was.

She gently put her hand on his chest, looking down demurely. “Gary, I have something to confess.”

He Antalya Escort Bayan swallowed nervously, “Uh, okay.”

She looked him in the eyes and he felt his mouth go dry. “I didn’t come here for the report-you can get it on line.”

Realization hit him, “Oh yeah-that’s why I can’t find a copy-.”

She put her finger on his lips to stop him. “Focus Gary, you are going to want to pay close attention to what I am about to say.”

Her finger still on his lips he nodded.

She took a deep breath and continued, “I know you like Meredith. I like her too.” Gary’s eyes went wider. She smirked again “Not like that! Although maybe if we were drunk…” She shook her head and looked back in Gary’s eyes. “The thing is Gary I don’t see you getting in her pants any time soon.”

His eyes went droopy sad. “Look if she changes her mind I will gladly give you up to her.” His eyes brightened back up a little. “But right now I want you. Now.” His eyes went wide. She stared directly into them and took her hand off of his lips. “What do you say Gary and think really hard before answering.”

He stared at her disbelieving and he felt like his heart was going to leap out of his chest. “Um. Okay?” her replied, shrugging a little in anticipation of a slap.

Sam smiled a giddy and maybe a little wicked smile. “Right answer!” She leaned forward and their lips met for just a moment, then she slipped her tongue into his mouth. He quickly reciprocated and their arms slid around each other. They stopped kissing and she leaned back. “Still good?” she asked.

Gary nodded. “I feel a little bad about Meredith.”

Sam gave him a sober look, “Has she shown any sign of being interested in you, you know, sexually?”

He looked down, disappointment pulling on his face. “No.”

She kissed him again, then backed off. “Then there is nothing to feel bad about. Like I said, if she comes to her senses, you are all hers.” She leaned back in and he responded with gusto. After a few moments she started to unbutton her blouse. His head leaned down and followed her, kissing each new area of exposed chest. She giggled and undid the last button, slipping free of her top. On the way over she had deftly removed her bra so her pert breast stood out from her chest. Gary gasped in appreciation. One hand cupped her left breast, his thumb tenderly tracing the outline of her tiny pink nipples. His mouth slipped up and down her throat, kissing, liking, sucking. His other hand slipped behind him and grabbed her ass cheek and gave a healthy squeeze. She felt tingles go up her spine and she shivered lightly. For a guy out of practice he was really good at this!

Her hands were not idle either. The deftly unbuckled his belt then his button and zipper and tugged sharply down. His tighty whities barely restrained his cock as it pointed excitedly at her like a puppy getting to go play. She shoved up on his shirt and bit his nipple gently. Gary cried out, then pulled his shirt over his head as she continued to lick his chest. He let go of her and yanked her underwear down. Sam undid her skirt and it slipped seductively down her narrow thighs, pooling at her feet. She was not wearing any underwear. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed in the shape of a heart, but shaved smooth everywhere else.

Sam leaned back against the bed. Their bodies rejoined, his mouth feasting on her breasts again-he could not get enough of them! She rubbed her pelvis against his abdomen, her engorged vulva leaving a wet streak. He penis, dripping precum strained to reach. Reluctantly, she pushed him back and hopped fully on to the bed on her hands and knees, her butt facing him. She looked back at him, the message clear: come and get me.

Meredith pulled into the parking lot, grabbing a last minute spot that opened right as she pulled up. She was excited about seeing Captain Fluffy. She looked forward to cuddling up with him and stroking his long fur. She still wore her skirt from work, having just had time to grab a snack then run back out to the car. She made her way up to the second floor and pulled out the shiny new key that Gary had given her. She slowly slipped it into the waiting lock and turned it, opening the door. She thought she heard a rustling noise, no doubt that rascally cat running around. Without a second thought, she walked in, closing the door carefully behind her so as not to scare him. On his couch she saw him, the biggest housecat she had ever encountered curled up into a ball. Captain Fluffy opened one eye, looked at her disapprovingly, then shifted position and went back to sleep. Squeee! she thought to herself.

Gary crawled onto the bed and approached Samantha from behind. Slowly, carefully Escort Antalya he eased himself towards her until at last his cock touched her vaginal lips. Sam shuddered then nodded at him encouragingly. His last bit of self restraint removed, he thrust his wet penis into her throbbing vagina. Sam’s eyes went wide as he filled her-she had expected him to be adequate, but filled her completely. “Ohhhhhh gaaaawdd!” she cried as he reared back and thrust into her again. Gary cried out in ecstasy as she her body welcomed him. Slowly he began sliding back and forth in her, and she gripped the bedcovers.

Meredith heard the odd sounds coming from the bedroom and stood up, setting the cat down gently. Slowly, as if hypnotized, she opened the door. There before her, she saw Sam, screaming out in pleasure as Gary worker her from behind, his muscles flexed and taught. His skin was covered in a light sheen. Meredith obviously could not see his package, but the look on Sam’s face told her that whatever he was armed with, it was enough to take care of her and more! As for Samantha, Meredith really saw her for the first time; her taught body, her pert tits swinging back and forth as Gary worked. His eyes were closed but Sam, noticing the movement, looked up at Meredith and smiled, her face saying, “What do you think now?” Overcome by lust she fell back on the couch. She slid her skirt up, pulled down her panties, and began to rub her rapidly moistening slit.

Gary felt himself build towards his climax and cried out, “I’m coming!” Sam, almost there herself cried back, “Not yet!” He grunted and thrust harder, bringing her over the edge. Sam buried her face in the bed sheets and groaned as Gary shuddered, slowing as cum shot into Sam. As she milked him, he leaned over, his arms resting on either side of her as he tried not to collapse on her. He slipped out of her and fell back onto the bed. Sam fell forward, letting out an, “Mmmmmmmm.” She looked up at Meredith and winked, “Enjoy the show?”

Meredith, her hand working her slit furiously, nodded distractedly.

Sam turned towards Gary, whose head shot up. He saw Meredith on the couch and took a deep breath. “Meredith?” he asked.

She gasped, and her free hand slid up her abdomen and grabbed her breast through her blouse.

Gary’s spend penis, inched back to life. Sam smiled, her plan coming together, “Go get her tiger.”

Gary stood and walked over to the couch. He looked at her longingly, “D-do you…”

Meredith nodded, “Yes! Fuck me Gary!”

Where Sam was slim, Meredith was curved. Her pubic hair was untrimmed, her nipple, peaking out of her bra was a chocolate brown but larger. Needing no other encouragement and still slick from Sam, he entered her. Samantha had been great-gorgeous. Tight. Athletic. But Meredith was his heart’s desire. They both gasped as their bodies merged. His mouth crushed hers as he began to work his hips, their bodies shifting to make space on the couch for both of them.

Samantha shifted around on the bed so she could lay on her back and watch the show. Gary’s seed dripped out of her. She reached down and touched it-it had been so long since she had lain with a man she had trusted enough to come insider her and she relished the feeling of it. Condoms were fine but her bare flash touching his had been almost enough by itself to push her over the edge.

Gary and Meredith stared into each others eyes. With Sam his immediate need had been sated, so he was able to work slower to build. He pulled her bra down, exposing both of her ample breasts to him. His hands wrapped around them, squeezing them gently. Sam’s sounds had been higher, her voice lighter. Meredith’s was deeper, almost bestial. She grabbed his ass with both hands and forced him to thrust harder, deeper into her. Responding to her guidance, he rose to the task, second wind starting to hit. He picked up the pace and her groans were matched by his. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she began to cry and they both began to shudder as once again Gary’s semen shot from his cock into a woman.

Exhausted, he collapsed onto him as they both gasped for breath. Meredith reached her hand to his face and turned it to hers. She looked into his eyes for a moment smiling, then kissed him tenderly.

Samantha stood and stretched, savoring the feeling of Gary’s souvenir dripping down her leg. She slipped her blouse and skirt back, wiggled her feet back into her shoes, and walked into the living room. She sidled over the lovers on the couch and dragged her fingers gently across Gary’s exposed ass. Gary and Meredith turned to face her. She leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. “Thank you very much Gary.” She faced Meredith and kissed her on the forehead. “And you can thank me on Monday.” She put her hands on her hips and looked them up and down. “Then again, feel free to invite me along some time,” she made eye contact with Meredith, “I wouldn’t even need to be drunk.” She winked, scratched behind the ears of a large and mildly annoyed cat, and went home.

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